High Lift Garage Door Track

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Remove The Torsion Hardware

High Lift Garage Door Track System Demo

If you have an existing garage door opener, begin by removing it.Using winding bars unwind the existing spring, take your time, and have safety in mind when carrying out this step. Then remove the spring anchor bracket any carriage bolts, remove the end bearing plate, and the lag that protects it and the cable from both the cable drums.

Next, detach the shaft from the door and set it on the floor. Remove the bolts that fix the cone to the spring anchor bracket. The spring anchor bracket can be kept for reuse later. Loosen the set-screws, slide the end bearing plate, cable drum, and torsion spring from the shaft. You can also reuse the end bearing plate if it isnt showing signs of wear. If it hasnt come out already, remove the bushing inside the stationary cone for reuse. After loosening the set screws, remove the other cable drum and the end bearing plate.

Hammer a nail in the head slightly above the garage door and using a vise grip, bend it over the garage doors top. This will prevent the top section of the door from falling when the horizontal track is removed.

Loosen the bolts on either side of the garage door that fixes the horizontal track to the angle iron. Remove the bolts that connect it to the flag bracket and keep hold of the track, so it doesnt fall when the bolt is removed. Remove the bolt that secures it to the angle iron and then lower the track to the floor, repeat the same process on the other side of the garage door and remove the track hangs.

Garage Door Standard Opening Heights

Typical garage doors arch open into the garage at a standard height of approximately 7-8 feet. Garage interiors can be as high as 12-15 feet. This is a significant amount of space that can be better utilized. Garage Living can take this extra space and create enough clearance to accommodate a car lift.

How To Measure For High Lift Garage Doors

If youve decided to go ahead and convert your existing garage door, the first thing you will need to do is take some measurements.

Height and width of your garage door This is self-explanatory use a tape measure to determine your garage doors dimensions.Track-to-jamb dimensions Using your tape measure, find out the distance from the garage door jamb to the rear of the top of the vertical track.

Measure the radius of the horizontal track This can be achieved by positioning a level at the junction where the vertical and horizontal track meets and then with your tape measure, determine the measurement between the level and the base of the horizontal track typically, this is 12 or 15.

Measure the floor-to-ceiling dimensions At either end of the garage door opening, measure the floor to ceiling distance. If you find that they vary in height, then use the side with the shorter distance as your measurement. Any space that will be required above the door, such as lights, needs to be subtracted.

Measure from the floor to the top of the horizontal track Use your tape measure to get the measurement from the floor to slightly after the end of the tracks curved section.

Determine the weight of your garage door The final step is to weigh your garage door for best results, use analog scales. Digital scales can show inaccurate information as they typically dont change the weight displayed after it is initially calculated.

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Commercial Uses For A High Lift Garage Door System

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial garage door, you have several reasons to choose a high lift system. Maximizing your commercial space is the key to optimizing productivity and efficiency. With a high lift garage door system, you can look forward to

  • Increased storage
  • More space for product inventory
  • Easy accessibility for large vehicles
  • Easy pickup and drop off of supplies
  • Reduced risk of accidents and resulting repair costs

For these reasons and more, high lift garage door can give you optimal space and save you money in the long run.

We Provide High Lift Garage Door Repairs

Image result for garage door track high lift

Experiencing issues with your high lift garage door? Contact our team at Good Guys Garage Door Solutions! Our technicians are adept at both installing and repairing high lift garage doors. In situations where your garage door wont open or close, is reversing, or is making abnormal grinding noises, dont hesitate to schedule high lift garage repair. We understand just how frustrating these issues can be, which is why weve worked hard to perfect our methods of efficient, professional high lift repairs. Well ensure your high lift garage door is operating properly and safely, for your peace of mind and comfort.

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Residential Uses For A High Lift Garage Door System

With a high lift garage door system, youll be able to turn your garage into a livable addition to your home. You might choose to create

  • Additional storage space

Your newly renovated garage will be the perfect space to pursue your favorite hobbies or store bulky sporting and camping equipment. The best part is that you wont have to worry about an old garage door track inhibiting your space!

Garage Door High Lift & Vertical Lift Inquiry

Please note: If you have already raised your garage door tracks, or if you raised the tracks and your door doesn’t work properly, please contact us. Filling out the inquiry form will not be necessary as we process these with different software.

The following form will walk you through the measurements and other information that is needed in order for us to quote a high lift conversion kit for your garage door. High lift kits increase the vertical rise of the garage door so that the door reaches the horizontal track closer to the ceiling than with a standard lift garage door. This form will follow the first two sections of our High Lift Garage Door Conversion tutorial.

Custom High-Lift Kit Includes:

  • Angle extension piece
  • All of the necessary fasteners
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The kits do not include the track extensions nor assembly unless you special-order them as an option on the third page ahead where we ask if you want to reuse your horizontal track. Typically, entire new track is not required, but if you are interested in replacing your entire vertical or horizontal tracks, you can browse the parts on our tracks page. Please specify special requirements in the comment section.

If your ceiling height allows for more than 54 inches of high lift, you will have the option to convert over to commercial hardware for your high lift kit. If your ceiling height is at least twice your door height, you will have the opportunity to receive a quote for a vertical lift conversion kit.

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Special Garage Door Openers For High Lift Applications: Liftmaster Wall

The LiftMaster model 8500 jackshaft operator turns a torsion spring shaft to lift the door with cables. This allows for any size or shape garage to have a traditional garage door opener. Mounted on the wall beside the garage door, it allows you to free up extra space for maximum storage. This system also offers a unique feature that allows you in and out of your garage, even when the power has gone out!

For more information on installing a Liftmaster into your garage, please call us at 459-3467 or fill out our contact form and we will get back with you shortly.

Maintaining Your High Lift Garage Door

Sectional Door High-Lift Track—High Lifting Your Garage Door

Now you have your high lift garage door installed you need to maintain it properly. Garage door mechanisms are made up of numerous moving parts if they fail, you could end up with a door that cant open or close. Weve discussed the dangers of garage door springs, and if they wear down, it could damage property or injury to yourself or a loved one.

Routine lubrication is important for the smooth running of regular or high lift garage doors. It will prevent friction, which is the primary cause of wear on garage doors. Metal scraping against metal is a pretty distinct sound, so youll soon be alerted when your high lift garage door needs lubricating!

These are the important areas you should be focusing on when performing regular maintenance for your high lift garage door.

Tracks Your garage door tracks need minimal maintenance you just need to keep them free of any debris that could hinder the rollers movement. All you need to do is wipe the length of the tracks with a damp cloth from time to time.

Rollers and hinges maintenance of your rollers and garage door hinges will depend on what material they are constructed from. If you have nylon rollers, you only need to lubricate the inner bearings, being sure to wipe off any excess oil from the nylon material. You can lubricate all the components for high lift garage doors with metal rollers, but again, youll want to wipe away any excess, so it doesnt drip on your garage floor or vehicle.

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Maintenance For A High Lift Garage Door

If you have a high lift garage door, you should know how crucial it is to maintain it properly. After all, the mechanism consists of many moving parts, and if any one of them fails, youre stuck with a garage door that wont open or close. Moreover, if a garage door spring wears down, it could create a dangerous situation if it gives out.

The most responsible way to ensure your high lift garage door is always in good working order is to schedule regular maintenance from your garage door pro. By having your garage door serviced once a year, youll be notified promptly if any parts are wearing out or if any additional work needs to be done. This process will keep your garage door in good working order for years to come.

Since 1982, Quality Overhead Door has been providing homeowners and business owners in the Toledo area with top-quality garage doors and high lift garage door conversions. Were a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and a winner of the Angies List Super Service Award 2016, so you can rely on us to give you the best advice and top-notch service. Contact us today for more information and a free estimate on high lift garage door conversions, installation and maintenance.

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Whats Included In A High

A high-lift garage door conversion involves replacing your garage doors existing tracks, drums, cables, and springs to accommodate the new door trajectory. For example, the tracks will need to be extended, the torsion springs will need to be swapped out for heavier duty models and the cables will need to wind differently around the drum to maintain consistent tension.

After converting to a high-lift door, you may also need to replace your ceiling-mounted garage door opener as it may no longer fit in the space above the door. For example, jackshaft openers are mounted on the wall of your garage as opposed to the ceiling, allowing you to free up headroom by eliminating the need for an opener rail. Genie’s 2128 Connected Pro garage door opener is a great option as it offers speed, strength, and maximum lifting power in one compact package. This model even has wifi and the Aladdin® Connect smart system built into the powerhead.

What Does A High Lift Garage Door Conversion Cost

Jack shaft garage door opener with high lift tracks.

If youre the DIY type, you might be tempted to cheap out here and just buy an extra piece of track and splice it in yourself.


Its going to cost a bit more to do it right, but itll be worth it in the end.

An extra piece of track will cost you maybe $20 total. A high lift garage door kit should cost between $300 and $500 for the parts and an additional $300-$400 for the labor to install it.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Just install the track and call it a day?

Remember earlier when I talked about how different a high-lift garage door works than a standard garage door?

If you cheap out when installing it, its only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

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Do You Need A New Garage Door Or Door Opener

Good news\bad news.

The good news is that any garage door can be converted into a high-lift garage door.

Youre changing the track and some mechanics and not the door itself. Some doors will be easier to convert than others, of course.

Usually, the lighter the door, the better, so aluminum, fiberglass, and steel doors will be fine. If youve got an all-wood carriage door that weighs several hundred pounds, that could cause some problems.

The bad news is that youll probably need a new garage door opener.

At the very least, youll want a new garage door opener.

Because garage door openers have a track running down the center of the ceiling, most garage door openers have low horsepower motors because they pull the door horizontally more than vertically.

Were changing that, remember?

Depending on the weight of the door and the opener itself, you may be able to use your existing garage door opener.

In my case, Im looking for more headroom for overhead storage, and I want to get rid of that center rail entirely.

So Im looking at a jackshaft garage door opener, which is common in commercial applications.

The great part is that the opener mounts on the wall, next to the door itself, completely eliminating the center track.

Specifically, Im looking at the LiftMaster 8500 Elite. Its quieter than a regular chain-drive system, has an automatic locking mechanism for extra security, and has enough horsepower for high-lift and vertical door applications.

Installation Of The High Lift Hardware

Now we need to do a little prep. With a pen, make a mark on the inside of the flag bracket at the bottom, continue this line up the brackets length, and up to the ceiling using a level to ensure that its plumb. Repeat on the other side and remove the flag brackets.

If you didnt purchase a pre-assembled high lift garage door conversion kit, youd need to assemble the tracks. Position the high lift track extension over the roller and use the line you drew before to line it up. Ensure that there are studs behind the drywall of your garage if not, you might need to add some to secure the hardware: Mark and pre-drill the areas where the new section of the high lift track will be secured.

Secure the lower section of the high lift track to the vertical track, the high lift angle iron to the garage wall, and the bottom bracket to the jamb. Secure the conversion kit to the vertical track, adjust and tighten the bolts on the top roller carrier, so its secured to the top fixture. Then repeat on the other side.

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What A Garage Door Pro Can Do For You

When youre thinking of converting your existing garage door to a high lift one or having a high lift garage door installed, then youre best advised to call a garage door pro. While there are DIY kits available, neither a conversion nor an installation is a simple job.

Moreover, since garage door mechanisms contain either extension springs or torque springs, the risk of injury is relatively high if youre not an experienced garage door mechanic. Thats why its always best to call a pro to ensure that your high lift garage door is properly and safely installed.

A garage door pro will first ask questions to determine whether theres sufficient clearance to install a high lift garage door, so make sure that you have the dimensions of your garage and the measurements of your current garage door on hand. Next, the pro will ask how high you need the high lift door to be in order to check whether a conversion or installation is feasible.

If its feasible, then the pro will go on to explain what parts will need to be replaced. In the event of a high lift garage door conversion, you can usually keep the same garage door. For a new installation, youll need to purchase both the garage door and the lift mechanism. Note that your garage door pro should not only give you an estimate for all materials, parts and labor but also explain what type of warranty youll receive.

Installing The Torsion Spring

Installing A High Lift Garage Door PT 1

Insert bolts in the stationery cones and in the slots on the spring anchor brackets and secure them. Remove the existing cable from the base fixture and install the new on both sides of the garage door. Slide the cable drum to the bearing race and tighten the set screws. Once the cable is inserted into the drum, twist the shaft so the cable wraps around the drum. Repeat with the other cable drum.

The final step is to wind the torsion spring, which is the reverse of the process for the first step. When you order a high door garage kit, it should provide you with how many times you need to wind the spring.

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