High Lift Garage Door Opener

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Installing The Torsion Spring

Highlift Garage Door with Opener Liftmaster

Insert bolts in the stationery cones and in the slots on the spring anchor brackets and secure them. Remove the existing cable from the base fixture and install the new on both sides of the garage door. Slide the cable drum to the bearing race and tighten the set screws. Once the cable is inserted into the drum, twist the shaft so the cable wraps around the drum. Repeat with the other cable drum.

The final step is to wind the torsion spring, which is the reverse of the process for the first step. When you order a high door garage kit, it should provide you with how many times you need to wind the spring.

Top 5 High Lift Ceiling Garage Door Openers In 2022 Reviews

Do you have a garage door higher than 7ft and looking for a door opener?

You can find a couple of high lift ceiling garage door openers in this review. There you can read about all features that high ceiling garage door openers have, like size, price, additional kit, Wi-Fi options and more. Compare those models and find the best one for your requirements.

High Lift Garage Door Conversion In Granite Bay Ca

by Samantha Avneri | Aug 26, 2018 | Blog, Garage Door Repair, Project |

Our customer, Brian, wanted to install some shelves and a car lift so he could work on his bikes in his garage.

The solution for these needs is to raise the tracks up to give more clearance, and accompany the raised tracks with a jack shaft opener. The LiftMaster 8500 jack shaft opener installs on the wall, not on the roof of the garage. This allows for the clearance Brian needs to work on his bikes and add some shelving.

We got to work installing new steel back insulated garage doors with dual pane glass on the upper panel. The steel back doors are sturdy, resist rust and help keep the garage insulated against extreme weather. With Brians attached garage, he will see a lower energy bill as well due to the insulated garage doors!

The dual pane glass window panels will also keep the heat and cold out of the garage and offer some great natural light to boot! Below you can see the difference between single and dual pane.

The last step in the high lift conversion was lifting the tracks 33. This gives the clearance Brian needs, and as you can see in the picture, brings the tracks pretty much as high as they can go.

Brian is very happy with his new garage set up and we are too!

Others like Brian want to install a car lift and need clearance. Some others have weird garage setups and need high lift tracks in order to access the entrance to the house.

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Why Do You Need A High

There are a couple of obvious use-cases for a high lift garage door.

If you want to put a car lift in your garage, youll need as much clearance as possible.

Most garages have 10 ceilings, usually enough to accommodate two cars stacked vertically.

Obviously, you cant do this with an SUV or pickup truck. However, youll be able to park a sports car and most sedans together like this.

Im not planning on getting a lift, but I dont want my garage door blocking my valuable ceiling space. I want to get as much stuff off the floor as possible.

The more ceiling space I have in my garage, the more overhead storage I can use.

Even if you dont want a lift or more overhead storage, you may want additional headroom for a garage gym or extra lounge space for your mancave.

Why Choose A High Lift Door

Genie 2042

There are certainly many reasons why you may want to install high lift tracks at your home. One of the most popular causes is due to car lift installation. If youre trying to make room in the garage for a car lift, youll most likely need a high lift garage door. With a car lift, youll be able to drive the car onto the lift and move it higher. This allows you to work on the car with the garage door open or closed. Itll also give you room to store one car above the other, which may be beneficial if you dont have other space. In addition to car lifts, here are other reasons why you may choose a high lift garage door:

  • Additional storage

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Best Quiet High Ceiling Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

High Price

This high ceiling garage door opener has a high price, but there are two devices in the package. The Liftmaster 8500 uses a DC motor of 24 V, which is a much better option than AC motor. It operates very quietly because it doesnt use belt, chain or other additional equipment.

Wall-mounted Device

This garage door opener is adjusted to mounting on the wall, you can mount it on the left or right side of your garage door. That is great because you dont have to bother about ceiling mounting. The Liftmaster doesn require batteries. It has 24 x 12 x 20 inches and about 30 pounds.

Safety Sensors

The Liftmaster has integrated safety sensors. If you want to close your garage door and sensors notice something, like a vehicle, people, objects, the safety sensors will automatically reverse the garage door. This garage door opener isnt intended for roll-up garage doors and low headroom track.

Torsion Bar Mechanism

This device can automatically adjust the force depends on floor height. Also, you need to install the front torsion bar system. The Liftmaster comes with a cord of 6ft, you dont have to buy it separately. There are also, remote lights of 220 watts. They will automatically turn on when you entering into the garage.

Adjustable Speed


Install High Lift Hardware

6.1 Secure the bottom portion of the high lift track to the top of the vertical track as shown. Make sure that the roller is in the track. This will keep the portion of high lift track from sliding down too low when you go to secure the angle iron to the wall.
6.2 If you are securing the high lift track to a surface with drywall, you will want to have extra long 3-inch lag screws.
6.3 Secure the high lift angle iron to the wall with the lag screws.
6.4 Adjust the screws connecting the angle iron to the high lift plate as shown. This is only necessary if the angle iron does not sit flush against the wall.
6.5 Secure the bottom bracket of the high lift conversion kit to the jamb.
6.6 If necessary, drill a hole for a second track bolt to connect the vertical track to the high lift conversion kit.
6.7 Secure the high lift conversion kit to the top of the vertical track.
6.8 Adjust the top roller carrier and tighten the bolts to secure it to the top fixture.
6.9 Repeat this process on the other side of the garage door.

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High Lift Commercial Use

High lift doors can also be used for commercial use. Its common for businesses to require extra space in warehouses or industrial facilities. The use of high lift tracks can easily create more room for products or vehicles. Here are the most common reasons to install high lift commercial doors:

  • Increased storage

Do You Need A New Garage Door Or Door Opener

Liftmaster Residential High Lift Opener

Good news\bad news.

The good news is that any garage door can be converted into a high-lift garage door.

Youre changing the track and some mechanics and not the door itself. Some doors will be easier to convert than others, of course.

Usually, the lighter the door, the better, so aluminum, fiberglass, and steel doors will be fine. If youve got an all-wood carriage door that weighs several hundred pounds, that could cause some problems.

The bad news is that youll probably need a new garage door opener.

At the very least, youll want a new garage door opener.

Because garage door openers have a track running down the center of the ceiling, most garage door openers have low horsepower motors because they pull the door horizontally more than vertically.

Were changing that, remember?

Depending on the weight of the door and the opener itself, you may be able to use your existing garage door opener.

In my case, Im looking for more headroom for overhead storage, and I want to get rid of that center rail entirely.

So Im looking at a jackshaft garage door opener, which is common in commercial applications.

The great part is that the opener mounts on the wall, next to the door itself, completely eliminating the center track.

Specifically, Im looking at the LiftMaster 8500 Elite. Its quieter than a regular chain-drive system, has an automatic locking mechanism for extra security, and has enough horsepower for high-lift and vertical door applications.

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What Is A High Lift Garage Door Conversion

A high lift garage door conversion is a modification to an existing garage doors operating components to open at a higher level within the garage space. This conversion is accomplished by adding new tracks, new springs, new drums, and new cables, all while utilizing your existing garage door. A side-mounted LiftMaster garage door opener keeps operations off the ceiling and onto the wall to free up the space. The conversion essentially means that the garage door opens up arching at a higher level closer to the ceiling.

Maintaining Your High Lift Garage Door

Now you have your high lift garage door installed you need to maintain it properly. Garage door mechanisms are made up of numerous moving parts if they fail, you could end up with a door that cant open or close. Weve discussed the dangers of garage door springs, and if they wear down, it could damage property or injury to yourself or a loved one.

Routine lubrication is important for the smooth running of regular or high lift garage doors. It will prevent friction, which is the primary cause of wear on garage doors. Metal scraping against metal is a pretty distinct sound, so youll soon be alerted when your high lift garage door needs lubricating!

These are the important areas you should be focusing on when performing regular maintenance for your high lift garage door.

Tracks Your garage door tracks need minimal maintenance you just need to keep them free of any debris that could hinder the rollers movement. All you need to do is wipe the length of the tracks with a damp cloth from time to time.

Rollers and hinges maintenance of your rollers and garage door hinges will depend on what material they are constructed from. If you have nylon rollers, you only need to lubricate the inner bearings, being sure to wipe off any excess oil from the nylon material. You can lubricate all the components for high lift garage doors with metal rollers, but again, youll want to wipe away any excess, so it doesnt drip on your garage floor or vehicle.

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High Lift Garage Door Conversion

In this guide, we are going to look at high lift garage door conversions. Well discuss the benefits, how to measure, and how to perform a DIY conversion yourself. You might be undecided if a high lift garage door conversion is right for you. Maybe you are unsure if you should carry out the task or get the job done by a professional service. Hopefully, all your questions will be answered after reading the information provided below.

Installing The Spring Anchor Bracket

LiftMaster Model GH Garage Door Opener

This step is fairly brief the shaft needs to be slid into the end bearing plates, line up the spring anchor bracket, so it is in the shafts center and pre-drill the holes where you will secure it. In the top hole, install one lag screw and secure the bracket to the header, remove the shaft and place it on the garage floor.

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Why Might You Need A High Lift Garage Door

The ceiling space in your garage is a valuable real estate and can be put to good use.The primary reason for converting a standard garage door to a high lift is installing a two or four-post car lift. Youve probably seen these at the repair shop, the car is driven onto a platform and is lifted into the air.

Installing a car lift allows you to perform maintenance tasks on your vehicle with ease. But more importantly, it will hold two cars on top of each other, getting a car off the driveway and better protecting it in the winter months. One car is elevated on the platform while the other one is parked underneath.

You might not necessarily need the extra vertical space in your garage for additional cars but instead want to make use of it for storage purposes.

High Lift Garage Door Conversions

Home | Blog | High Lift Garage Door Conversions

Do you have a high garage ceiling but a garage door thats much lower? Does this limit how many or what type of vehicles you can park in your garage?

If youve answered, Yes! to either of these questions, then you might be frustrated by your inability to use all of that extra clearance in your garage. The good news is that using a high lift garage door conversion, you can start taking advantage of that extra head clearance!

Lets say you have a medium or high-clearance van, and you want to park it inside your garage but your regular seven-foot door doesnt give you enough clearance. Or perhaps you have a one-car garage with a high ceiling, and you want to install a four-post car lift so that you can add an extra layer of parking space but your garage door doesnt give you sufficient clearance for the top car. Or maybe youve bought a property for commercial purposes and need more clearance so that you can park large, commercial vehicles inside the garage.

In instances like these, a high lift garage door conversion can remove the limitations of a low garage door, leaving you free to use your garage to its full capacity.

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Install The Spring Anchor Bracket

8.1 Slide the shaft into the end bearing plates.
8.2 Look for studs around the center of the shaft. You will need to install your spring anchor bracket on a stud.
8.3 Align the spring anchor bracket in the center of the shaft. Mark the holes you will use to secure the bracket.
8.4 Pre-drill the holes.
8.5 Install one lag screw on the top hole. If you do not have a slotted spring anchor bracket, wait to do the next few steps until you have the rest of the hardware on the shaft.
8.6 Plumb the spring anchor bracket. If it is not level, it can cause the stationary cone of the torsion spring to crack or cause the bearing to cut into the shaft.
8.7 Adjust the position of the spring anchor bracket as necessary.
8.8 Secure the spring anchor bracket to the header.
8.9 Remove the shaft from the end bearing plates. Set the shaft on the floor or workbench.

Introduction To High Lift Conversions

High Lift Garage Door Track System Demo

The following instructions for converting your garage door to a high lift system are written for only the confident mechanic. The task is more complex than installing a garage door from start to finish. “Can I do it?” you may be asking. These instructions should help you answer that question for yourself.

At the bottom of this page is a link for submitting an inquiry for a high lift quote. Before filling out the form we recommend you read our blog on High Lift Kit FAQs.

These instructions apply only to the standard type of garage door pictured below. Your cable drums and cables should look similar to these. The next part beyond the end of the spring assembly is the cable drum. The drum is cast aluminum alloy 4″ in diameter and 13″ in circumference around the flat portion. Just beyond the cable drum is the end bearing plate. The cable unwraps off the back of the drum between the drum and the wall and travels down beside the door, inside the track brackets and behind the roller stems as shown.

When converting from standard lift tracks to a high lift system, you will need:

  • New high lift drums
  • A new torsion spring or springs
  • Additional vertical track
  • Support brackets
  • Assembly of the high lift tracks is best done on a bench. As you can see the track extension is pitched on the left to prevent the door from binding on the header as the door opens and closes.

    On certain types of garage doors, you will need additional parts.

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    Where To Buy It

    If you have that kind of store in your nearness, you can buy a high lift garage door opener there. Also, on the internet, you can find more products from more manufacturers. One of the best web sites for selling is Amazon. There are a lot of products and customer reviews, so you can read useful information there.

    Ideal Situations For High Lift Garage Doors

    • High Garage Door Ceilings
    • Use of Car Lifts
    • Need Additional Garage Door Space

    To recognize the ideal situation for installing high lift garage doors, you need to first understand how they work. Most residential garages have an eight-foot ceiling and a seven-foot garage door that opens and closes along tracks that have a gentle curve between the horizontal and vertical planes.

    The tracks of a high-lift garage door, however, first extend up vertically past the door opening to provide more space. Then, they curve back into the garage. Because of this process, they can only be installed in garages that will allow an additional foot of clearance between the tracks and the garage ceiling. This extra foot of clearance also allows for the installation of the spring bar, springs, end bearing plates and drums.

    In other words, if you want a high lift garage door installation, you need to make sure that you have at least a foot of clearance on top of your desired clearance height. Anything less than 12 inches will make it impossible to accommodate the necessary equipment.

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