Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener

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Jackshaft Or Wall Mount Drive:

Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener and Features

The position/place of installation will differentiate this jackshaft garage door opener type and other drive types. We find most garage door opener types have mounted on the ceiling but this jackshaft opener is mounted on the wall next to the garage door.

Attach this opener to the torsion bar of the door, then it uses springs to pull/push the door to open or close it. If you want to maximize the ceiling space having a small or irregular shaped garage, then this jackshaft garage door opener will be your perfect option. They are suitable to use on all types of doors but a bit expensive.

Budget Pick: Skylink Atoms Atr

Homeowners working with a budget will get the best value for this garage door opener. The Skylink Atoms features a chain drive system with smooth operation. You get a 12-watt LED built-into the opener, with a soft start, and stop to preserve the working parts of the machine. This model includes a battery backup and infrared safety sensors. You get a powerful motor thats compatible with single or double doors and quiet operation. The Skylink comes with a push-button pad and controller included with your purchase.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain is one of the popular choices among consumers for locking, opening and smart solutions for garages. Their garage door opener has made to out list because of its next generation smart connectivity feature.

Because of built-in Wi-Fi, this garage door opener is compatible with several home networks. This helps you set the recurring schedule for closing the door, turning on of off the lights. It also lets you receive alerts regarding the closing and opening of the garage door.

With in-built safety sensors, it will stop from closing the door when it senses any obstruction. This prevent any hard to vehicle or people when they are accidently in the way. Once the door is closed, the deadbolts will automatically lock down. These locks are assured to the user with a clicking sound signal.

It has a sleek and slim design so you can install it on either side of the garage door. Even the battery is down, you can open and close the garage door without any issues.

Being a wall-mount design, it will free up the space to install light fixtures or ceiling fans. Its working mechanism doesnt generate any noise or vibration.

The chamberlain brand provides 1-year warranty duration on accessories, drive and parts. And for motor, they provide 6-month warranty.

What is included in the kit?

  • Smart garage door opener

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What Features Should I Look For In A Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers traditionally have been simple devices. They still are, for the most part. But as with a lot of household items, technological advances are finding their way into garage door opener hardware.

There are quite a few useful features in modern garage door openers that are becoming standard offerings instead of expensive perks.

Innovative Features And Reliable Performance Come Standard

Genie Chain Drive 750 HPc Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener

A commercial sectional or rolling door is an essential component of your business, so its failure to open or close properly can be frustrating, as well as prove costly for time and production. By installing a commercial garage door operator from Genie®, you get an operating system that comes with our reputation for reliable performance when you need it most every day. Built with convenience in mind, our automatic door operators also make it safer and easier to perform daily job duties so you can improve efficiency and close the door on your competition.

Genie’s automatic door operators are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of most commercial and industrial doors, offering precise control of your door system for years of trouble-free operation. We offer a broad line of electric door operators which suit new construction or retrofit applications, as well as unusual or special requirements. Genie commercial operators are UL 325-2010 compliant.

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Garage Door Opener Reviews

Now that you have an idea of the top models in this review lets unpack them in detail. Well look at each models pros and cons and make recommendations on a few other systems we think make great garage door openers.

If you need help choosing the right garage door opener to suit your needs, check out our buyers guide section after the reviews. Well give you everything you need to know about choosing the right model for your home or business.

Quiet Garage Door Openers:

Consider buying either a belt-drive direct-drive models while living in urban or suburban areas for quiet operation of opening/closing the doors. The belt-driven models are the quietest garage opening systems, which make them an ideal option for people who worry about noise and has a concern about their neighbours.

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Quietest Garage Door Opener 2022 Best Of The Best

Although all of these openers are either quiet, or very quiet, and many offer much the same type of product, choosing the best of the best was fairly easy for me. The beamUP Volta BU850 Garage Door Opener will provide everything a person could want, or need, when buying a new opener. There is really nothing I can find for the Not so Good list. Manufactured by a company that has made and supplied openers and parts to the overhead door industry for over 30 years, here is what you get.

  • 1 1/4 horsepower-equivalent DC motor.
  • Steel reinforced belt drive.
  • Comes with two 3-button remotes, wireless keypad, wall mount control.
  • Fits 7 high door out of the box.
  • Mast extensions available for 8 and 10 high doors.
  • Will lift most any residential door.
  • Lithium Polymer battery back up.
  • Included controller allows access to Alexa, Apple Watch, IFTTT, HomeLink, and more. Absolutely NO subscription fees.
  • Great warranties Lifetime on motor, lifetime on belt, 5 years on parts, 2 years on accessories.

Liftmaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator Factory Direct

Chamberlain 1/2HP Heavy Duty Chain Drive Smart Garage Door Opener

This smart garage door opener is precisely engineered to convey the most demanding outcomes. I think its not the first time you have across this brand called LiftMaster. It has been there for years producing the most reliable appliances. This unique garage door opener has several features that add up to bring about an accessible entrance to your garage.

Firstly, it is fitted with powerful P3 motors with the energy required to lift the heaviest doors. These motors are further designed to work quietly by emitting oscillations and sounds through the ceiling.

As soon as you enter the garage, the motion detector turns on lights to illuminate the whole garage. This feature helps you to avoid getting stuck and injured in the dark. It is also equipped with a protector system that senses any movement across the beam. In case anything crosses the beams, the doors reverse, meaning you and your family will remain safe.

Even better, keep away unwanted persons from reaching your garage by the use of a power lock deadbolt. With this feature, nobody else can reach your valuables without seeking your permission. The interesting bit about this device is that anyone can install it. Simple instructions will guide you through the whole process, plus all that is needed to set up is included.

However, you cant use it with all roll up doors.


  • It comes with the newest features.


  • It does not work with all roll up doors.

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Is It Possible To Have Too Much Power In My Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener has a powerful motor, its not going to cause any problems if you have a lighter door. In fact, your door opener might have a longer service life thanks to less weight on the mechanical components.

However, if you have an underpowered motor, thats a problem. Underpowered models on heavy or double-door garage doors can stress the mechanical components, resulting in your garage door openers early failure.

Safety And Security Features

Safety features vary from one garage door opener to the next. For instance, most modern openers have an automatic reverse feature designed to prevent the door from causing injuries to people or property.

In most places, government regulations require such safety features as the automatic reversing mechanism when the door senses an obstruction in its way to avoid workplace safety threats. So, the chances are that most models you find in the market will have these basic safety features.

Still, it is best to compare what various models offer and see which one best appeals to you.

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Liftmaster Myq Mobile App

Now comes the real fun. When you incorporate an 828LM Internet Gateway into your Liftmaster opener network, you greatly expand the control capabilities. MyQ Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener and lighting with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Alerts can be received as email or pop-up notifications on your mobile device so that you always know the status of your garage door and lighting. The MyQ mobile app is a free download requiring no annual activation fee. The MyQ app definitely makes it easy to open my shop doors while Im walking or driving up to the shop.

Best Garage Door Openers For Heavy Doors

Garage Door Opener Heavy Duty Steel Belt Durable Weather Resistant ...

If youre a homeowner in the market for an automatic garage door opener, There is likely a question in your mind about which garage door opener will work best with heavy doors. You might have heard that some openers are better suited to opening heavy doors than others. Or you might know that some brands produce stronger openers than others.

To find the right garage door opener, it is important to look for one that will work with your specific needs. For example, if you have a very heavy door, you need to ensure that the opener can handle the weight of your door.

In this article, When choosing a garage door opener, consider the following factors and how to find the best options available. We will give you a full breakdown of everything you need to know about garage door openers including options for purchasing one and how to choose between them.


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Best Garage Door Opener For Heavy Doors 2022

During the last few decades, technological progress has been massive in various fields of life. You can say a lot of things have changed their working mechanism just because of technological development. In this way, humanity is exploring enlarged limits to perform even simple everyday tasks.

This complex phrase can be understood easily if you take the example of a thing as simple as the garage door openers. They are turning automated from the manual procedure to open the door for entry and exit of your car.

Its a fact that your forefathers have never thought that there would be a machine-operated door that would open or close just with a press of a button. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers for heavy doors in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on your analysis.

Modern smart garage door openers are becoming increasingly trendy these days. You have to press the button on the remote that stays in your car, and the garage opens to welcome you.

These doors are even more advanced now as you can also operate them using voice commands or by the sensors that detect your car and open the door for you.

While knowing that these smart garage opening devices are so popular these days, we will highlight some of the interesting things that you can enjoy by installing these garage openers in your house.

With so many features that it takes into your house, you must desire to have one of these garage door openers.

Types Of Garage Door Openers

Most openers hang from the garage ceiling. A rail runs from the opener and a chain, belt or long steel screw moves the trolley and the arm that attaches to the door.

  • Chain drive is the most affordable and least quiet. Its a bad choice if bedrooms or a work-from-home office are over the garage. The chain needs to be lubricated twice a year.
  • Screw drive uses a threaded rod to move the traveler, arm and door. The unit is compact and delivers a lot of power to open doors quickly. Its quieter than a chain-drive opener. The screw needs regular lubrication. Market share is modest.
  • Belt drive is quiet. The belt doesnt need maintenance. Replacing a broken belt is easier than a broken chain. Chain- and belt-drive openers are the vast majority of the market with belt-drive gaining share as the price delta closes.
  • Wall mount installs to the left or right of the garage door. Its very quiet. It needs about 12 inches between the garage-door edge and the side wall.

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Best Budget Garage Door Opener

Because it doesn’t have advanced features, the Genie 7035-TKV Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is perfect for those on a tight budget.

  • Light Source: 2 LED bulbs
  • Smartphone control: No
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime for motor, 5 years for chain and parts

Pros: Very low price, easy to install, lightweight design, works well for standard garage door designs

Cons: Includes inexpensive parts, doesn’t have a lot of high-end features, not as bright as other options

Most garage door openers are fairly expensive, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the Genie 7035-TKV could be a great choice. Despite the low price, this opener has several valuable features found on higher-end options.

It comes with two pre-programmed remotes and is also compatible with existing HomeLink systems. A wireless keypad for mounting outside the door is also a nice perk not always found on budget-friendly models.

The straightforward installation of the Genie 7035-TKV is another reason it beat out other competitors. It uses a five-piece rail system that you snap together and includes everything else you need to mount to your ceiling, such as angle brackets and lag bolts.

Although it will likely take some time , the interactive instructions make it easy to understand. I walked through the entire process and was very impressed with how helpful the instructions were.

We would have preferred that the recommended Genie LED bulbs were included, but you can find them at your local hardware store or online.

What Will Be A Reliable Opener For Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Door

Liftmaster Logic 5 Elite Model GH | High Cycle/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Operator

What will be a reliable opener for heavy duty commercial garage door?

All of the major garage door opener manufacturers produce residential and commercial

grade garage door opener systems. There are a few others out there but not many. I would

rate a manufactures commercial grade equipment pretty much as I would grade their residential

equipment because it seems to be the same in my 15 years of experience.

Commercial grade

garage door openers obviously are made to last longer and absorb more punishment than

residential garage door openers. They are made of higher quality parts for a longer life and

stability when lifting very heavy garage doors on a daily basis. Commercial garage door openers

Come in light duty medium duty and heavy duty grade this all depends on the size and weight of

the commercial garage door it will be lifting they also come with either a chain rail trolley system

or a jack shaft design which attaches to The pole or torsion pole that turns and opens and

closes the garage door.

They also come in three different horse power ratings half horsepower

three quarter horsepower and 1 hp.

You will also need to know what voltage phase that your

property is using, it would be either phase 1 or phase 3. Phase 3 electricity or power applications

are only found in commercial properties such as warehouse and factory type property. phase 3

is of higher voltage and is needed for a heavy machinery that a factory would use. As far as light

This can be critical for a

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Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Door Openers

Most industrial or commercial businesses have one or many garage doors that they rely on on a daily basis. Nothing compares to the Liftmaster heavy-duty commercial garage door openers. Customizable to any workplace, these are the must-have heavyweight garage door openers for the toughest workplace.

  • For use on standard-lift sectional overhead doors
  • Rated duty cycle: 25 per hour Up to 90 cycles per day
  • Suspends from the ceiling. Directly attached to drive and control the door


  • For use on high cycle, sectional overhead apartment doors
  • Rated duty cycle: Over 10 cycles per day
  • Rental & Retail environments. Resilient-mount motor ensures quit operation
  • Quick disconnect trolley with auto-reconnects saves time and eases re-connection


  • Optimal for industrial applications with larger sectional overhead doors
  • Rated duty cycle: 25 per hour: Up to 90 cycles per day
  • Side mounts to the wall for vertical or high lift doors
  • Rolling doors and grilles. Wall or hood mounts


  • For use on industrial applications with smaller sectional doors
  • Rated duty cycle: 25 per hour: Up to 90 cycles per day
  • Side mounts to the wall for vertical or high-lift doors
  • Smaller rolling doors and grilles. Wall or hood mounts

Do You Need A Garage Door Opener For Heavy Doors

Definitely, you need a heavy-duty garage door opener because it is very essential to open or close the door for a vehicle easily, especially when you are going out of the house.

If you need to open a garage door that is too heavy to lift by hand, an opener is required. The average weight of most garage doors is close to 600 pounds.

This means you will need the strength of an engine or motorized device in order to open your garage door easily in which case this amazing gadget i.e., the garage door opener comes in handy.

There are many types of garage door openers available in the market which are very helpful to open and close your heavy garage doors. You can choose your favorite garage door opener for your garage door based on your needs from the list provided below.

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