Hanging Bikes On Garage Wall

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If You Have To Go Vertical: Steadyrack Classic Rack

Easy way to hang your bike in a garage without a rack or pulley system


If you only have enough wall space to store a bike verticallythat is, not much more space than the width of your bikes handlebarsyour best bet is a wall-mounted rack that allows you to hang your bike from its front wheel, which, as our experts reminded us over and over again, will do your bike no harm whatsoever. Those delicate-looking spokes withstand a lot more tension and compression during even the briefest ride to the store than they do hanging on your wall.

Our pick for the best vertical rack for most people is the Steadyrack Classic Rack. In fact, if the Michelangelo, our main pick, is out of stock, this is a nearly-as-good alternative. Although its not as stylishly minimalist as the hook-type vertical racks we tested, the design is far superior. The rack essentially cups the bottom of the front tire, a design that has three major advantages: A wide range of tire sizes can fit into it the rack swivels, so you can push the bike all the way to the wall to get it out of your way and it takes very little strength or maneuvering to get the bike onto the rack.

If you can tip your bike back onto its rear wheel , you can roll the front wheel into place. You can also fold the Steadyrack almost flat to the wall when youre not using it, which is a major advantage for small apartments. If you are going to make use of the racks swivel-ability, definitely install the rear-wheel stabilizeritll keep the bike vertical and the rear wheel from sliding sideways.

Key Considerations For Storing Bicycles Indoors

The size of your garage

Garages come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to find the bike storage choice that best suits you. Even after a good spring clean, you can only work with what storage space you have, so understanding how big your garage area is will help you weigh up your bicycle storage options. Keep in mind everything else you need to achieve with your garage, including storing your cars, tools and other gear. With a little thought and careful planning, youll be able to find bike storage for your garage space.

Your garages level of security

The most space-efficient bike storage solutions are only going to be so helpful if your garage isnt secure. The garage door is one of the first places potential intruders check when trying to get into your home. The first and best line of defence is to have a strong, quality garage door. Weve also got some more advice for enhancing the security of your garage door if youre interested.

Luckily, there are a variety of options for improving your garage door security including installing a Secura-Lock SD, having an automated door, a sensor light or an alarm system, just to name a few.

The size and number of your bikes

Rad Cycle Six Bike Garage Bike Stand

MSRP: $98

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Bike Capacity: 6 Bikes

The RAD Cycle six bike floor stand is unique for two reasons. First, you can store bikes in two different directions three on each side, facing each other. If you dont have enough room in your garage for that, it can be used as a 3-bike stand with bikes in just one direction.

The second unique feature is that it has hooks for helmet storage. Ever have helmets strewn all over the floor? Or cant find your kids helmet because it doesnt have its own spot? This is a simple solution to that problem.

While this floor bike stand isnt the best for storing 12 and 16 bikes, it can be done. For small bikes, we added a 2×4 block on the floor of the rack to make the tire fit more snuggly in its parking spot.

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What’s The Best Way To Store A Road Bike On The Wall

The best way to mount a single road bike on the wall is to hang it by the front wheel in your house, garage or shed. This is the cheapest and most convenient solution and should save space and keep your pride and joy safe from knocks and dings.

The Best Overall Garage Bike Rack Is The Bikehand Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

Premium Garage Bike Wall Mount Hook Hanger Rack

No lifting, no pulleys, no hanging, no balancing act. Simply roll your bike into its place. This design is preferred by bike owners who cant drill into walls or ceilings. The independent stands allow this rack to be moved and repositioned as required. Floor stands are without a doubt the easiest garage bike rack to use and the most accessible of all bike storage stand systems. Along with the quality, build, and functionality the BIKEHAND storage rack offers, this is without a doubt my favorite pick.

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A Question Of Technique

The weight of the ebike is not so important when it comes to hitching it up. Contrary to what you might think, you dont need to lift it at all. While you pull the rear brake, you place the bike on its rear wheel and roll it towards the wall bracket. The front wheel slides into a rail. While you continue to push the bike slightly towards the wall, it will finally roll into the correct position.

The rail for the front wheel
The eBike Rack folded up

If you release the rear wheel from this mount, the entire ebike can even be swivelled so far towards the wall until the handlebars put an end to it. The rail for the front wheel is equipped with a pivot that you can turn by a maximum of 160 degrees. Depending on where the bike is hanging, it can quickly get out of the way in this way. At the same time, you can mount several bicycles relatively close to each other on a wall and still get to each individual bicycle by swivelling the others aside. Remotely, this is reminiscent of turning the pages of a book.

Mounted at different heights, several bikes fit comfortably next to each other in the smallest space.

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Practical Bike Storage Ideas

From garage bike racks to wall bike racks, there are plenty of bike storage ideas and diy options out there. With thousands of bikes on the market, finding the right garage bike rack for your needs can be challenging. There isnt one bike storage rack that works for everyone.

Indoor bike racks can be even more difficult! Depending on how many bikes you need to store, how easy it needs to be to access them, and how much space you have for bike storage, you need a custom bike storage idea that works for your unique circumstances.

As a bike testing review site, weve literally owned hundreds of bikes over the years and have certainly had plenty of experience of trying to store bikes in just about every place possible!

Of the 20 different systems weve used over the last couple of years, weve compiled our favorite bike storage solutions of all types. This article focuses on storage options at home, but if youre looking for ways to transport bikes on your vehicle, be sure to check out our favorite car hitch bike racks.

Weve broken our favorites bike storage options down into 5 groups based on how they store the bike. More detailed information about each storage type, as well as a brief review of our favorites in that category are provided down below.

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Gladiator Geartrack Bike Pack Wall Mount

If youre lacking horizontal space and are looking for a way to hang up your bike with ease, the Gladiator GearTrack Bike Mount Kit comes with a track and four hooksone for a kids bike, one quick-release hook for an adult bike and two hooks for helmetsmaking it ideal for the whole family.

The 48-inch GearTrack kit installs easily on drywall over wood studs, bare studs or masonry walls, providing a the right fit no matter your setup. Color-matched screws and a compatible drill bit come with the package for quick and easy installation.

How Many Bikes Do You Have

Hanging BMX Bike on Garage Wall as Decor

It may seem super obvious, but the number of bikes you need to store is among the most important things to consider when searching for bike storage. If you have just one bike, there are loads of single bike options to choose from. If you have multiple bikes, you can purchase and combine several single bike hooks, hangers, or stands, or choose from a variety of multi-bike racks. Many of the models we tested are sold as singles or in pairs, and some come in several configurations to accommodate different numbers of bikes.

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Hang A Bike On Your Garage Wall

If you are looking for a way to hang your bike on your garage wall to conserve space, proceed with caution. If you fail to securely fasten your bike to the garage wall or ceiling, it can tumble on out and not only become damaged itself, but also damage your vehicle or even your child.

Those whod like to hang a childs bike in the garage should opt to place it on the wall or a bike stand rather than the ceiling so that the child can access it with ease.

An adults bike can be placed on either the wall or the ceiling. Be sure to use heavy-duty hooks with a plastic coating that you can hook right onto the tire and turn the bike upside down. These types of hooks will function as a solid means of support and theyll also prevent your bike from accumulating scratches.

Take a moment to measure the bike so that you can accommodate it with the proper spacing before you actually get to work. When you go to install the hooks, dont place them in any old place.

Indoor Bike Racks Freestanding

Best For: Rooms with walls you dont want to damage, or are difficult to attach hardware to

If you have two or more bikes to store and you dont want to attach any hardware to the wall, a bike storage column or telescoping rack our favorite indoor bike rack idea. Pressure set between floor and ceiling, bike storage columns take up the same amount of space as horizontal wall storage but are constrained to areas of the home where the ceiling is low enough to accommodate the column.


  • Limited to rooms within the columns height range
  • Generally cant store too many bikes this way
  • Usually only fit larger kids bikes
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own

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Delta Cycle Michelangelo Free Standing Bike Rack

MSRP: $80/$110

Fits Wheels: 20 and larger

Capacity: 1 bike

Deltas freestanding bike rack has several advantages. It can store two bikes horizontally, without any damage to the walls. It can easily be moved at any time.

The frame cradles can be adjusted up or down, and angled in or out to accommodate virtually any frame design. We were able to store everything from balance bikes to kids bikes and adult bikes.

While this standing bike rack can be used indoors or in the garage, we prefer it for indoor bike storage, so it could easily be included in the section below as well.

Get More From Your Garage

AmazonSmile: Qualward Bike Wall Mount Storage Rack for Garage, Bicycle ...

If youre looking to get the most use from your space, you may be considering renovating the garage. A new garage door should be at the top of your list.

Browse through our variety of residential garage doors, or even design your own online with our handy tool. Then, get a free quote, and upgrade your garage!

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Ceiling Bike Storage Pulley Systems And Ceiling Tracks

Best For: The tightest spaces bikes dont take up any wall or floor space!

If you have a tight garage, no wall space, and no floor space, you better look up! Ceiling bike storage racks store bikes up and out of the way so that they only use that pesky extra air space above your head. Most of these systems are for single bikes, but the Saris system holds up to six bikes, and the Stashed vertical system can hold up to 12!


  • Out of sight, out of mind?
  • Kids cant access bikes by themselves
  • Ceiling installation is more difficult
  • Bike hoists are better for only large kids and adult bikes

Is It Ok To Store A Bike Vertically On The Wall Can I Hang A Bike By The Front Wheel

It is generally considered OK to store a bike vertically on the wall. This is because it evenly distributes the bikes weight and prevents the frame from being damaged.

Also, hanging a bike by the front wheel is generally considered acceptable. This is because it prevents the bike from falling over and getting damaged.

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Rubbermaid Fasttrack Garage Organization System

MSRP: $80 $120, depending on size of system

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Capacity: Completely customizable

Storing more than just bikes? From ladders to hoses, cords, shovels, and shelving, Rubbermaid FastTrack can hang everything! On our FastTrack, we hang child bike seats, scooters, and bikes, but it can be customized to hold just about anything you can think of.

The Rubbermaid system can be purchased in two different lengths, 48 or 84. Once this wall mounted bike rack has been installed on the garage wall, you have a vast array of bike hook styles that can be interchanged as needed. They easily snap on and off and slide across the rails for quick changes to your chosen configuration. All hooks are purchased a la carte, so you only pay for exactly what you need.

Saris Parking Cycle Glide Buy Now For Us$24999 From Bikepartscom

How to Hang Bikes in a Garage | Ask This Old House

If you’ve got high ceilings and fairly light bikes this space-saving storage unit is worth a look. You hoik the bikes upside-down into the hooks and can then slide them together on the rails.

If you want a bike thats deep in the pile, you can just slide the others out of the way. Out of the box it will take four bikes, and there’s and add-on to accommodate another two.

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Hornit Clug Pro Buy Now For 2599

The Hornit Clug Pro is an enhanced version of the original lightweight, simple bike storage solution, above, now with added Fidlock magnetic winch for additional security. It is simple to install and easy to use.

The original Clug does a great job of holding a tyre, but it’s not foolproof if a bike gets knocked the wheel could be pulled out, or if a tubeless tyre or latex tube loses air the wheel could end up falling out. The Pro essentially ties the wheel in place, using a fabric cord held in place by Fidlock’s magnetic winch. It works incredibly well, with the magnet that feels like a ratchet in use being strong enough to hold fast , but very easy to pull open to release when you want to remove your bike.

Whether the Pro is worth the extra £11 over the standard version without a Fidlock is more difficult, but it does add extra security, especially useful if you are at the lower end of the tyre width range and also in the event of a tyre deflation. If simplicity and looks aren’t important, there are much cheaper options for storing your bike, but where space is at a premium, or looks matter, the Clug Pro is a brilliant solution, with little to fault. The Fidlock function adds cost on top of the standard Clug, but for many, the extra security and reassurance this provides will be worth it.

Garage Bike Racks For The Floor

Best For:Organizing vs. saving space, larger garages, easy access

While most home bike storage systems aim to save floor space, bike parking racks use it right up! Floor bike racks are commonly used for the bikes that get the most use and need the easiest access. Theyre often part of a larger system of garage bike storage where some bikes are stored up and away to save space, leaving just enough room for a few bikes on the ground.


  • Many dont fit kids bikes under 20
  • Take up precious floor space
  • Some are not disc brake compatible

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Best Overall Bike Storage: Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Buy Now For 2500 From Torvelo

The secret sauce of the Velo Hinge is its ability to hinge your velo . The plastic-covered hook folds out from the wall plate, your front tyre rests on the plate, and the whole thing swings from perpendicular to as far over left or right as your handlebar will allow. The resultant bike or pile of bikes then only protrudes as far as the widest handlebar you have in your fleet.

If you need to store multiple bikes, whatever the size, type or number, up to 22.7kg in weight, the Velo Hinge has you sorted. As your fleet grows/changes, simply remount the hook and bumpers to suit. It’s probably the last bike wall hook you’ll ever have to buy.

The 8 Best Bike Storage Systems Of 2022


Are you looking for a bike storage solution for your garage or indoor storage space? After researching the top models on the market, we bought 11 of the best for side-by-side testing and comparison. Our diverse selection includes freestanding and wall-mounted models of various styles. After assembling and installing them, we tested these racks for weeks while loading and unloading a wide array of bikes countless times. Whether you own one bike or several, chances are that you could benefit from the organization or space savings of a quality storage rack or bike hanger. Read on to find the right bike storage for your needs and budget.

We’ve got hundreds ofbike reviews. We’ve purchased and tested everything from the best bike locks to budget bike helmets in our quest to kit out the bike enthusiast. Whether you want a mountain bike, the best gravel bike, or some other awesome ride, you’ll find what you need to know in our comprehensive review.

Editor’s Note: This bike storage review was updated on July 5, 2022, with related links of interest and ensuring the availability of products. Style:Number of Bikes:REASONS TO BUYREASONS TO AVOIDStyle:Number of Bikes:REASONS TO BUYREASONS TO AVOID

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