Hanging Bikes In The Garage

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Best Garage Bike Storage Ideas To Try Today

How to Hang Bikes in a Garage | Ask This Old House

Modified: April 20, 2022

Save precious garage space with these garage bike storage ideas! These are guaranteed to provide the storage and convenience you need.

Bikes are awkward things to store. If you dont have a shed or garage and dont want to leave your bikes outside, youll need some way of storing them in the house. With pedals and handlebars sticking out, just propping them up in your hallways is a bad idea. They may get snagged on something or be knocked over. Thankfully, with the ideas discussed below, youll never have to worry about bike storage again!

Why Would I Want To Store A Bike On The Wall Or Hanging From The Ceiling

Having bikes all stacked horizontally on the floor, leaning on each other is not a good way to store them.

  • they will take up loads of floor space
  • you wont be able to get to the bikes at the back
  • the bikes will touch each other and get scratched or damaged
  • suspension forks dry out

Even if you have a floor mounted bike rack, where you push the front wheel into a slot or pair of hoops, you are likely to have problems with narrow tyres or wide tyres . Sometimes the brake disc or rear mech gets in the way too. And they use a huge amount of floor space.

Hanging your bikes on the wall will save loads of space in your shed or garage. If the bikes are light enough to lift off the ground then you can hang them high enough up on the wall to keep the floor clear.

Even if they are touching the floor, 4 or 5 bikes will only take up the same amount of floor space as 1 bike leaning against the wall.

Storing bikes vertically on the wall means

  • They take up much less floor space
  • they utilise un-used wall space
  • you can get to each bike without moving the others
  • each bike is held apart from the next so they dont get scratched or damaged
  • its better to store a bike with front suspension this way

Pick Your Favorite Garage Bike Storage

Most of the items recommended in this list arent complicated to use or install. Unless youre particularly pressed for space or have a bike of unique construction and prodigious weight, picking the right one for you is often just a matter of preference.

Many out there involve some sort of anchor, stud, or truss to attach, while a couple others just need the space to be set up. Having the right storage for your bike will not only keep it out of the way but also keep the rest of your garage well organized and clean.

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Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Bike Rack

MSRP: $245

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Capacity: 4 bikes, or 6 with add-on kit

Weve tested a lot of different bike storage solutions, and the Saris Cycle Glide wins the prize for impressing us the most. Its so cleverly designed and incredibly easy to use, it has earned a permanent spot on our garage ceiling.

With sliding rails and sliding hooks, the Saris Cycle Glide effortlessly accommodates any size bike. Which bikes you store can be changed at any time by simply sliding the hooks along the rails to match the wheelbase of your bike. Basically, this ceiling bike storage solution is the ultimate choice for flexibility!

Because the four bike rails can move horizontally across the base, its easy to access and remove a single bike by simply moving the other bikes out of the way. The Saris Cycle Glide also allows you to remove or store bikes while your car is parked underneath the rack!

Delta Cycle Shop Rack

How To Hang Bikes In Garage From Ceiling

Fits Wheels: 20 and larger

Capacity: 1 bike

This floor bike rack was made to take a beating on your garage floor. Deltas The Shop bike stand is super sturdy and durable, with rubber feet to help keep that stand in place while getting your bike in and out.

The Shops standout feature is that the rack arms are adjustable in width. Make that spacing more narrow for tiny kids bikes, or widen them for mountain bikes with plus size tires.

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Will Suspension Forks Be Ok If The Bike Is Stored In An Upright Position

Yes. Undoubtedly. In fact this is the best way to store any bike with suspension forks.

All suspension forks have stanchions that slide in and out of the fork legs . To make these movements super smooth, the fork legs are full of oil. To stop the oil spraying everywhere every time you compress the forks there is a rubber seal fitted at the top of the fork legs. This will have a foam seal fitted behind it to hold the oil against the stanchions.

When a bike is stored horizontally on the floor, the oil drains out of the foam seals. If left for a long time the seals dry out and shrink. This stops the forks working properly and can damage the stanchions. That can be expensive, especially with mountain bike forks that can cost £800 or more.

If the bike is stored vertically on the wall, the forks are tilted backwards. This means that the oil in the forks runs backwards and pools against the foam seals. This keeps the seals properly lubricated and stops them drying out.

Another benefit of some wall mounting bike racks is that there is space between the bikes to store lots of other gear. That’s a bit like even more ‘free space’ because it would otherwise be wasted, hidden behind the handlebars. GearHooks have a range of separate hooks for bike stands, track pumps, tools, spare wheels and other parts.

Waterluu Heavy Duty Storage Hooks

Cheapest bike rack idea for garage ceiling

Another cheap and simple alternative to use as a hanging bike rack system in your garage. This type of hanging hooks for the garage is a perfect way to hang the bikes upon. Make sure to drill the holes in a concrete/wooden ceiling and use two plugs for the best fitment. Also, make sure to measure the distance between two bikes to get the best fitment idea.

  • Two hooks for the ceiling
  • One hook for the wall
  • Although those hooks might look that theyd bend through under heavy loads, Waterluu advertises those for heavy-duty use, suitable for bicycles. In addition those hooks have a rubberized coating to prevent any scratches to the wheel.

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    What Were Looking For

    Wall-mounted versus freestanding: According to Andrew Crooks of NYC Velo , the best bike racks are one of three kinds: wall mounts, floor stands, or tension poles that reach from floor to ceiling, with the two latter styles requiring no wall drilling to install and better suiting those who move a lot or like to change up their décor. Weve included expert recommendations for all three types, including minimalist and maximalist options because while some may wish to make their vintage Schwinn a living-room focal point, others may wish to simply save as much space as possible between rides. We also included options that hang bikes by both their wheels and their frames.

    If you think you want to store your bike on a hook or wall mount, all of our experts remind us that the higher you put it, the more effort it will take to hang up your bike and take it down. So if your bike is superheavy, it may be better to position the hook or mount lower. Crooks adds that any mount or hook designed to hold a bike is only as safe as the wall youre mounting it to, so its worth double-checking that your walls have studs, beams, or something beyond drywall as an anchor.

    Portland Design Works Hooptie Bike Hook


    This wall-mounting, vertical hanging hook from Portland Design Works is an ideal rack for those living in small apartments.

    There are two ways to store the bike with this rack:

  • Simply stand your bike up on the rear wheel, clip in the front wheel, and its neatly stored out of the way.
  • Use the additional rear-wheel tray to hang the bike higher from the ground and save some more ground space
  • The curvy bike hook is built from hardened steel with a rubberized arm to protect against scratches and requires two holes for mounting. The small, discreet rack can hold a bike up to 33 lbs with tires as thick as 2.5.

    • Holds up to 35 lb
    • Up to 2.5 wide

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    Hanging A Bike With A Hook

    If youve chosen a storage hook, heres how to install it.

    1. Find the Right Spot

    Pick the place in your garage for your bike rack, hook or pulley. Make sure the spot has enough space to hang a bike.

    Especially if youre using ceiling hooks, pick the spot where you have a beam or a joist. Youll recognize it by tapping on the ceiling. Spots with drywall sound hollow, while a beam feels and sounds firm. If youre not sure, you can also use a stud sensor to find the right place.

    Another option for drywall is using toggle lock anchors that keep your screws in place.

    2. Drill a Hole

    Find your electric drill and pick a drill bit thats slightly smaller than the screws or hooks youre going to use. Drill a hole in the ceiling or wall, keeping the drill as straight as possible.

    3. Insert the Hook

    You can screw on the bike hook with your hands by twisting it clockwise and pushing toward the wall. Youll need to use a bit of force, but it likely just means the hole is tight enough. Twist the hook until it doesnt move anymore.

    You can hang your bike from just one hook or repeat the process for extra support. If you need to hang multiple bikes, make sure to leave enough distance between the hooks.

    Pro tip: Pick vinyl-covered storage hooks instead of metal ones to avoid scratching your rims.

    What To Consider For Garage Bike Storage

    Before you can invest in bike storage you need to understand how much space you have to work with. The purpose of efficient storage is to organize your goods in a way that takes up the smallest amount of space, like a bike. Since its often used many times a week it needs to be positioned so that its easy to get to when needed.

    You also need to pinpoint the areas that will work best for you. While hanging your bike from the ceiling is an intelligent way to put it up, it might not be viable if you lack the upper body strength to do it effectively.

    You should keep in mind your particular bike when picking storage for it. A heavier bike on a weak wall is a recipe for disaster, causing plaster and insulation to burst into your garage when the bike inevitably falls down.

    Wheel size is also an issue as racks cant always accommodate what you need if you have an extra-large wheel size. Other basic factors to consider are things like protection for the floors and walls. This is especially pertinent if you use your garage for more than just storage such as a recreation room.

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    So To Summarise Why Storing Bikes On The Wall Is A Great Idea:

    • storing bikes vertically on the wall takes up much less floor space
    • a bike hook isn’t expensive and can cost less than £10
    • you dont have to lift heavy bikes off the floor
    • you can get to individual bikes without moving others
    • bikes are held apart so they wont get damaged
    • the front wheel can easily support a bike hanging from it
    • hydraulic brakes may feel spongy at first but soon passes
    • suspension forks benefit from being stored like this

    However you decide to store your bikes have fun riding!If you found this article useful and have any other gear to store or space that you’d like to save, then why not check out our other storage systems, like our garden tool storage hooks or golf club organiser racks.

    Thanks for reading. Hope it explained a few things. Feel free to contact us for more help and advice about storing all kinds of sports and leisure gear.


    Best Ways To Hang Bike In Garage

    Re: Hanging bikes in garage

    In this portion, Ill instruct you to hang your bike in the garage. There are some best ways available to do so. All you need to do is that you can pick one method and follow the entire steps to hang your bike in the garage. Here are the main three options for hanging bike in the garage:

  • Hanging Bike on Garage Ceiling
  • Hanging Bike On Garage Wall
  • Hanging Bike on Bike Rack
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    How To Hang Bikes In Garage

    When youre a big bike enthusiast or have family, you might find yourself with more than one set of wheels. You might also need to make room for kids stuff, garden equipment, tools, and cars. How can you fit in a bike, or several, among all the rest of your necessary equipment?

    Knowing how to hang bikes in garage is useful for cramped spaces. You can free up floor space, while having your ride at hand for everyday use. It also works wonders when temperatures drop and you need to store your bike for the winter.

    But whats the best way to do it? Well go through these questions.

    • What to consider before hanging your bike.
    • Types of systems to store your bike.
    • Hanging a bike with a hook.
    • Hanging a bike with a pulley.
    • What is the best way to hang a bike?
    • Is it OK to hang a bike from the wheel?
    • How do I store multiple bikes in my garage?

    Hanging With Ceiling Hooks

  • 1Locate a ceiling joist. Standing on a ladder or other stable, raised surface, knock on your garages ceiling to find a ceiling joist. If you knock and hear a hollow sound, there is no joist there. If you hear a solid sound, however, youve found a joist. You can also use a stud finder to find a ceiling joist.XResearch source
  • If youre unsure whether youve found a ceiling joist, you can nail a small nail into what you think is a joist. If the nail encounters a lot of resistance, youve found a joist.
  • Always use caution when standing on something.
  • 2Drill a small pilot hole where you want the first hook. The pilot hole should be slightly smaller than the threads on the screw hooks. You should drill the pilot hole where you want one of the wheel centers to be.XResearch source
  • Use a cordless electric drill fitted with a drill bit to drill the pilot hole.
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    How To Hang Bike In A Garage

    Every bike lover wants to keep his bike in the garage. Its necessary also to keep a bike in the garage. There are a few people who know about how to hang a bike in a garage.

    A bike needs less space to store, and if you hang it perfectly then, it will save your garage space. Again if you have multiple bikes, then hanging the bikes is the best option to manage more space.

    In this content, youll get an idea about the best way to hang bikes in the garage. You will also know about the ways by which you can hang your bike in the garage by yourself. So, lets start with the necessity of hanging a bike.

    Will Hanging A Bike By Its Front Wheel Damage The Wheel

    Easy way to hang your bike in a garage without a rack or pulley system

    Unlikely. Assuming the hook has a nice rubber coating it shouldnt scratch the rim. What most people seem to worry about is deforming the wheel but this is never going to happen.

    Consider that your road bike weighs around 5 to 10Kg. A mountain bike might weigh 10 to 15Kg. A downhill or an electric bike might be as heavy as 25Kg. If the bike is hanging by the front wheel then one wheel is going to have to support the entire weight of the bike. It doesnt matter that the weight is being applied to the inside of the rim.

    Normally the wheels have to support the weight of the bike plus the rider. Even 25Kg is a tiny load compared to what the wheels on a bike are designed to cope with. Even a race ready, skinny biker will weigh around 70Kg. Youve probably noticed lots of riders who are a bit bigger than that, perhaps 120Kgs or more. In this case each wheel is supporting a static load of 60Kg.

    If its a mountain bike or a bike being ridden through a pothole or up a kerb then the loads will be multiplied many times. On a downhill bike that could be 10 times or more. Unless something very extreme happens, all wheels including road bike wheels, are designed to cope with huge loads.

    Hanging a bike up by its wheel is no problem at all. The wheel is designed to take loads far in excess of the weight of the bike. The only potential problem will be if the bike is held upright by the tyre and the tyre goes flat!

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    The 5 Top Questions When Hanging A Bike Vertically

  • Why would I want to store a bike on the wall or hanging from the ceiling?

  • How can I hang a heavy electric bike on the wall? Its too heavy to lift.

  • Will hanging a bike by its front wheel damage the wheel?

  • Will hydraulic brakes still work if I store a bike vertically?

  • Will suspension forks be OK if the bike is stored in an upright position?

  • Some other things worth considering, depending on the kind of bike you have are:

  • What’s the best way to store a road bike on the wall?
  • How to mount 2,3,4 or even 5 road bikes on the wall?
  • How can I store a mountain bike vertically
  • What’s the best way to store an ebike
  • Lets deal with each of these in turn:

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