Hanging Bikes From Ceiling In Garage

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Always Use A Stabilizing Bar

Organize Garage – How to Hang Bikes from the Ceiling

When hanging two bikes or more in your garage, using stabilizing bars is also recommended. These will prevent the bikes from bumping into each other if they are attached too closely together on the wall or ceiling mount. Some people even use chains between two consecutive bikes to avoid damage.

Using stabilizing bars is also a good way to prevent your bike from swinging if the mount or hooks are not very sturdy.

Bike Storage Bike Hoist

Forget getting a boring black hoist system! Bike Lane manufactures a hoist system that will bring color to your home.

This is one of the better hoist systems on the market being able to lift 100 lbs. of bicycle up to ceilings 12 feet high. Doesnt matter what kind of bicycle is it. This hoist can lift a mountain bike, singlespeed, cruiser bike, road bike, e-bike, kids bike, and even a fat bike.

These Easy Solutions Will Keep Your Bike Safe And Protected From The Elements

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If youve recently discovered the joy of owning a bicycle, youve probably also discovered how frustrating it can be to store. Even if you have a garage in which to keep your bike safe, finding the best garage bike storage option brings up issues of wall space, durability and cost. Its tempting to simply lean your bike against a wall, but that can cause scuff marks and crowd your garage space.

Luckily, there are tons of options for garage bike storage suitable to every level of garage storage DIY expertise, from bike hangers to hoists and hooks to stands made from scratch. They all have very different aesthetics, storage styles and installation processes, so youre absolutely guaranteed to find the option that works best for your space. Below, check out the best garage bike storage products available on the market right now, and get ready to pick your favorite.

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The Right Hook For Bike Hanging

The best hook for hanging bicycles are these heavy duty storage hooks by Impresa . I like them, because they have a wider mouth than others. This makes it easy to use on any bike regardless if they have a wider or narrow tire.You can easily install them into a wall or ceiling as long as there is a stud or wood wall to screw them into. Theyre made of heavy duty galvanized steel so theyre going to last, and they have a soft coating on the outside to protect your bike.

You wont need to worry about your precious bicycle getting scratched! According to the manufacturer Impresa, each individual hook can hold 100 lbs so you wont need to fret about the bike ripping them out of the wall.

If you want some guidance on installing bike hooks for storage watch the video below. It will show how easy it really is.

The 5 Top Questions When Hanging A Bike Vertically

  • Why would I want to store a bike on the wall or hanging from the ceiling?

  • How can I hang a heavy electric bike on the wall? Its too heavy to lift.

  • Will hanging a bike by its front wheel damage the wheel?

  • Will hydraulic brakes still work if I store a bike vertically?

  • Will suspension forks be OK if the bike is stored in an upright position?

  • Some other things worth considering, depending on the kind of bike you have are:

  • What’s the best way to store a road bike on the wall?
  • How to mount 2,3,4 or even 5 road bikes on the wall?
  • How can I store a mountain bike vertically
  • What’s the best way to store an ebike
  • Lets deal with each of these in turn:

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    Try Shelves Or Bike Hooks

    It is a blessing if you have a family that loves riding bikes as much as you do, and if you have a really big family then you would want to try installing hooks or some shelves on your ceiling. What makes these storage options really interesting is that can be stretched to the whole length of the garage and this way you can also store a lot of bikes.

    We stored up to 12 bikes this way and on top of the bikes we were also able to store helmets and some other bike gear, how fun!

    Another thing that makes this option really good is that you can store any kind of bike you want. It does not matter if you have fat bikes, electronic bikes, mountain bikes, or road bikes, all can be hung on these hooks without any kind of problems. This way you save floor space and can even store kids bikes easily.

    Go for the hook options if that well suits you. If you cant construct the shelves or hooks yourself then you can always buy them from shops and have professional help come install them. This really works, you need to try them out!

    Rad Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist

    The Rad Cycle Bike Hoist is one of the more popular bike lifts. The hooks are created with rubber coating to prevent your bike from getting scratches while they hold your bike.

    This bike lift system can handle heavy bikes, because the system is designed with a 100 lb capacity. This is one of the exceptional features, because most lifts cap at a 50 lb. capacity. This lift has no problem lifting a heavier electric bike or a commuter bike that is rigged with bags.

    In addition, this product offers a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong with the product you can contact the company to get a repair/replacement.

    This bike lift can work for ceilings as tall at 12 feet, and has a safe locking mechanism that will prevent the lift from releasing the bike.

    If the bikes supposed to be lifted at the ceiling its not going to come down. This is a comforting feature, because no one wants to see their precious bicycle crash to the ground.

    With this mount and depending on the size of your bicycle and ceiling height, youll be able to free up 6 to 8 feet of space underneath it. Lastly, it can hold a variety of bicycles as long as theyre within the weight limit. This includes tandem bikes.

    A couple tips for this product

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    Racor Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift

    Another great option is this pulley system sold by Racor. While a solid product, one of the downsides is that it can only lift 50 lbs.

    For most bicycles this is not an issue, but if youve got a fat bike or an e-bike you may be pushing it. Built with durable materials this bike lift is made to last.

    This system can be installed on ceilings up to 14 feet high, and also has a locking system that keeps the rope in place when its not being used.

    One of the benefits is the ease of installation. The manufacturer Racor boasts that it will only take minutes to install. Id wager if you have all the tools ready you could have it done within 10 to 15 minutes.

    Installation is Easy

  • Make sure to plan out where youre going to put the cleat before you install the lift. The cleat is where you can tie off any extra rope. You dont want to have a lot of extra rope hanging from where you mount to the cleat.
  • Measure out the distance between your handlebars and the seat of the bike. This is the distance youll want between your two ceiling mounts.
  • Put the rope through the pulleys.
  • Use 2 wood screws to mount the cleat on the side of the wall. This is where the extra rope will be stored when the lift is not in use.
  • Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist Or Racor Bike Lift Pulley System

    How to Hang Bikes in a Garage | Ask This Old House

    The only option for families without enough space for typical garage bike racks is ceiling bike storage! Even while we adore and favor the Saris Cycle Glides simplicity and adaptability, bike pulley systems are a more cost-effective alternative if you simply need to store a few bikes.

    Additionally, bear in mind that you shouldnt store your bike upside down if it has hydraulic disc brakes. Because of this, the Racor and Delta bike pulley system is especially well suited for expensive bikes.

    Any size bike can fit on a bike pulley, but it must be placed in accordance with the wheelbase length of the bike. When your youngster progresses to larger bikes, you will need to modify the system if it was installed to fit a 12 bike.

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    Which Products Can Be Returned Or Exchanged

    Most products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, provided it is returned in original packaging and the items are in new and unused condition. We reserve the right to charge up to the full value of the product for items not received in this condition.

    Products that cannot be returned or exchanged:

    • Some products, including, but not limited to, custom patterned and custom, and painted items are not returnable
    • Products that shipped via freight, typically oversized and heavy items.
    • Products that have been installed on your vehicle
    • Products that have been modified

    Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand

    Style:Number of Bikes:REASONS TO BUY

    The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand is a good option for storing/organizing up to 5 bikes. This freestanding floor rack has wheel cradles for 5 bikes, with an easily convertible design to adjust its capacity anywhere between 5 and 1. Since this rack sits on the floor, there is no need to drill into your walls, and loading bikes is as easy as rolling them into position in the wheel cradles/supports. This versatile rack can handle just about any size and style of bike and tires up to 3-inches wide. It’s also reasonably priced, and an affordable solution for storing all of the bikes in your household.

    The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand works, but it is not without its faults. Our biggest gripe was that the wheel supports conflicted with the disc brake rotors on our mountain and gravel bikes, and they made contact with the drivetrain components and the frames/forks of most of the bikes we loaded into it. Bikes with very skinny tires also tended to tip to one side due to the 3-inch width of the supports. The side by side storage method may also result in some bike to bike contact in the rack. We found it to work best with strategic positioning and bikes of varying sizes. Lastly, this rack certainly helps to organize bikes, but they still take up a significant amount of floor space. Beyond those concerns, we feel this is certainly an affordable way to store every bike in your fleet.

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    Bicycle Storage Systems: Wrapping Up

    When you’re deciding on a bike storage idea it’s important to balance security with practicality. If the solution you choose makes it more difficult to access your bike, you’ll use it less, which is the worst!

    But equally, if you choose a solution that compromises the way you use the space where the bike’s stored then you’ve failed as well.

    The perfect solution for you will depend on how many bikes you have, how many people use them, how often they’re used, what sort of spaces you have available and how safe your area is in terms of bike theft.

    I’d say that , it’s worth spending a little more than you’d ideally like to spend, just to make sure you get something that’s decent quality and that won’t be incredibly frustrating to use!

    I’ve tried to find the best options available, but if you have any other bike storage ideas that you think I should include, let me know below…

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    More Good Stuff:

    Way : Hanging Bike On Bike Rack


    This is a different way to hang the bike in the garage. You will find several bike racks to place the bike on them. The way of installation process is very easy and the same for all of them. All the bike racks come with the same mechanized feature. To install and use a bike rack for hanging your bike you need to follow these simple steps bellow-

    Step 1: Select your desired bike rack

    First, you need to select your desired rack for bike hanging. You will find them from a cycle repair shop. All you need to consider is the strength of the rack.

    Step 2: Take the measurement

    In this step, you need to be very careful about the measure. During taking measurement, you should find the exact place of the wall where you can place your rack by drilling.

    Step 3: Drilling

    Now, take your drill machine in your hand and start drilling at your marked place in the wall. The drilled holes should have the perfect length so that you can place your rack easily.

    Step 4: Hanging the bike

    Its time to hang your bike on the rack. A bike rack is pre-prepared for holding the bike, and so you need not worry about the rack face distance from the wall. Hang your bike into the bike rack in your garage.

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    Stashed Storage Ceiling Rail

    MSRP: $185 $1,000

    Fits Wheels: 12 and up

    Capacity: 1 12 bikes

    **Ships from UK. Prices on site are in British Pounds**

    For families with a lot of bikes, but very little room, the Stashed Storage system is a game-changer. The Stashed system is simple in concept but brilliantly executed to bring additional functionality to the simple bike hook. With the Stashed system, bike hooks are given a new life as they can slide left to right, twist 360°, and lock into place along a sturdy aluminum rail.

    Like moving library shelves, the Stashed system lets you store more bikes in a smaller space by allowing you to shift bikes to the right or left to easily access any bike in the middle of the fleet. With the ability to hang bikes via the rear or front wheel, as well as rotate bikes so that the handlebars can face the wall, nesting bikes together has never been easier.

    To help make the loading process even easier, the Stashed hooks lock into place along the rail when empty, so they wont run away from you if you accidentally hit the hook with your bikes tire when loading it up. For extra room, Stashed also sells a double hook to allow you to vertically stack one bike on top of another, allowing two shorter bikes to share one hook!

    Hiplok Airlok: A Bike Storage Hanger With Built In Security

    My favorite is obviously the Hiplok Airlok , since it has a built in lock and is the only bicycle storage solution that’s rated Sold Secure Gold!

    Hiplok Airlok

    You’ll only get the full security benefits of the Airlok if you install it on a brick or concrete wall. This makes it good for garage bike storage.

    And if that option is available to you then I’d highly recommend this device. You can even get it colour matched to your decor!

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    Zero Gravity Racks Bike Rack

    The Zero Gravity Racks system allows your to lift a bike off the ground easily and securely. Its designed with a gas strut system that makes lifting and lowering heavy bikes a breeze.

    This is a perfect way to save space for those of you who just need to save ground space. Installing it takes less than 20 minutes, and will be able to hang bikes up to 50 lbs. The Zero Gravity Racks system can store womens and mens bike regardless if they are mountain, road, or a cruiser.

    To top it off this product has a thirty day money back guarantee. If you get this product and it doesnt meet your needs than you can send it back with no questions asked.

    The rack has a white powder finish thats a nice aesthetic for modern homes. This could be the perfect storage system for your home if youre looking for one that wont be an eyesore.

    How Can I Store A Mountain Bike Vertically

    How to Install Bike Hooks in Garage Drywall Ceiling Made Easy…Part 1

    You can store mountain bikes in a similar way to road bikes but, because the handlebars are wider, you cannot fit as many on a rack. We recommend a maximum of 3 mountain bikes on a rack. That would still leave space for a couple of road bikes in between them.

    There are plenty of ways you can increase the number of bikes on a 1 meter long rail. Firstly you can swing bikes sideways to open up the space. Alternatively, you can install 2 racks for 3 bikes next to each other or one above the other. We also make a unique inverted V shaped rack, that will take up to 6 bikes, where the handlebars naturally overlap.

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    Indoor Bike Storage Buyers Guide

    There arent any hard and fast rules describing how indoor bike racks should or shouldnt look, so ideally, people look for something that complements their décor.

    If you want indoor bike storage ideas to hang the bicycle on your living room wall, its best that you look into something elegant that doesnt clash with the theme of your living space. However, if you want any other rack to hold the bikes in your garage, you wouldnt need to sweat as much over the looks.

    There are a few criteria to consider before committing to any of the eight indoor bike storage ideas suggested above:

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