Hanging Bike Rack For Garage

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Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

Hanging Bike Rack for Garage. Cheap and Easy DIY Storage

This storage option is a great space saver for garages and even small spaces in your home or apartment. Assembly is a breeze as this rack is designed to lean against the wall with just a small chain that attaches at the top for added stability. The Delta Michelangelo bike rack is sturdy and the stand holds up well on a variety of surfaces, including carpet. The cradles are coated to protect your bike from scuffs and scratches and are adjustable to fit a variety of bikes. The whole thing can hold up to one hundred pounds, making it a simple and straight forward option for your bike storage needs.

Hiplok Airlok: A Bike Storage Hanger With Built In Security

My favorite is obviously the Hiplok Airlok , since it has a built in lock and is the only bicycle storage solution that’s rated Sold Secure Gold!

Hiplok Airlok

You’ll only get the full security benefits of the Airlok if you install it on a brick or concrete wall. This makes it good for garage bike storage.

And if that option is available to you then I’d highly recommend this device. You can even get it colour matched to your decor!

Simple Housewares 5 Bike Floor Parking Rack

MSRP: $50

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Bike Capacity: 5 Bikes

This is another bike storage system thats gained a permanent spot in our garage. Young kids dont need mom or dad to lift their bike off the ceiling or wall hooks.

No more bikes in a tangled heap on the garage floor. Your kids can take responsibility for getting their own bikes out of the garage, and hopefully you can train them to put them away as well. Its super easy, so they have no excuses!

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Storing Bikes On The Ceiling

Ceiling bike racks allow you to store your bikes above your head. Usually they involve a pulley system that allows you to hoist your bike up by the handlebars and seat. However they can also be tracks that hang your bike upside down.

Ceiling Bike Storage

  • Usually involve little physical effort
  • Work with all bike and wheel sizes
  • Takes most time to use
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Needs high ceilings

Ceiling racks have several advantages. Your bikes won’t take any floor or wall space at all, so they’re great in small areas.

It won’t cost much physical effort to get your bike up there. And they’re usually compatible with lots of different types and sizes of bikes.

However there are disadvantages too. Installing racks on the ceiling is more difficult than on the walls. And of course you need some spare ceiling space!

While it won’t cost much physical effort, it will take longer to get the bikes up and take them down. It’s more of a hassle. And the kids won’t be able to use them.

This type of bike storage is usually best in really tight spaces where there aren’t really any other options. And specifically for bikes that are not used regularly!

Cafe Wisdom: Roadcc Readers On Bike Storage Systems

Garage storage and garage organizing hanging bike rack and golf bag ...

Biggus-Dickkus: The best and cheapest solution I found was to buy and screw them into the ceiling joists in your garage and hang the bikes from the ceiling. I’ve got 4 bikes hanging this way in my garage and it gets them up and out of the way. You just have to watch your head if you are working near them

horrovac: I made my own out of some scrap wood I had laying around. Two bars bolted to the wall for bike to stand on and a simple hook to hold it, just long enough so that the pedal does not touch the wall when in highest position. If I were building it now I would make the hook ever so slightly longer and hinged .

dst: I want something like this, but can’t find anything like it online. The pic is a product from a company called Stowaway, which as far as I can tell is now defunct. Anyone know of anything similar where you can hang your bike on the ceiling horizontally?

DaSy: I only have one of these at the moment, I’m just trying to justify double the price for the copper and leather version for the next one

I got it from here: Trophy Bike Racks

Simontuck: After seeing them at 2016 Excel bike show, I got these Hangman racks. They sent me one to review, then I liked it so much I actually bought another one so I could hang both bikes. It’s meant the family’s town bikes live in the alleyway, but not only are they a good hanging solution that support the frame well. They also secure your bike.

caw35ride: +1 for SteadyRack.

I’m very pleased with them.

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How Can I Store A Mountain Bike Vertically

You can store mountain bikes in a similar way to road bikes but, because the handlebars are wider, you cannot fit as many on a rack. We recommend a maximum of 3 mountain bikes on a rack. That would still leave space for a couple of road bikes in between them.

There are plenty of ways you can increase the number of bikes on a 1 meter long rail. Firstly you can swing bikes sideways to open up the space. Alternatively, you can install 2 racks for 3 bikes next to each other or one above the other. We also make a unique inverted V shaped rack, that will take up to 6 bikes, where the handlebars naturally overlap.

Other Methods Of Storing Your Bike Indoors

Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

Gear Ups Off the Door rack is just like a permanent vertical hook, but simply slips over the top of a door and uses the bikes weight to hold it in place.

Opening the door could be an issue in some locations, though.

Latest deals

Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

If you have a suitably large garden or secure outside space, you can also consider a dedicated bike shed/box. These are usually smaller and harder to break into than a regular shed.

If you already have a shed, be sure to check out our article on how to improve your shed security to deter thieves.

Latest deals

Its a good idea to consider insuring your bike if youre going to be storing it inside, outside or away from home.

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Steadyrack: The Vertical Bike Storage Rule Breaker

The most popular vertical storage solution is the Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack . Why do so many people like it? Because it fixes many of the disadvantages that I talk about above!

Steadyrack Vertical Bike Rack

So while lifting and maneuvering your bike onto most vertical racks can be quite tricky , with the Steadyrack it’s super easy …

You simply wheel the bike forwards until the front wheel is cupped by the metal cradle, which then supports the wheel in place. The cradle fits wheels from 20 – 29″ and tires up to 2.4″ wide.

Also, while most vertical racks leave the bike sticking out into the room and taking up a huge amount of space, with the Steadyrack you have the option of swiveling it towards the wall so it’s much less intrusive.

The Steadyrack works well inside small homes

You can get the bike pretty close to the wall which is a massive bonus in small rooms. And if you’ve got multiple bikes it’s easy to stagger them, much like a vertical version of the Gootus Pedal Rack.

There is also a rear wheel stabilizer that cradles the back tire, keeping the bike straight and the wall clean and mark free!

When it’s not in use the Steadyrack folds up so that it’s almost flat to the wall, which is also really helpful in small spaces.

And while fat tires and bikes with mudguards won’t fit the the classic Steadyrack, they produce one specially for tires up to 5″ and another one for bikes with fenders !

Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

Awesome Garage Bike Rack/Storage – Build it for $20

This long-term storage solution is excellent for getting your bikes untangled and off the floor. The Monkey Bars bike rack holds up to six bicycles, using coated hooks that wont damage the rims. For daily use, this rack best stores a maximum of four bikes so that you can easily access your bike and get on your way. The industrial steel frame mounts onto the wall and is incredibly durableholding a total of up to 200 pounds.

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What Types Of Bikes Do You Have

The frame shapes, sizes, and tire widths of the bikes you have are another factor to consider. Most bike storage racks are relatively versatile and can accommodate a variety of bike styles and a range of wheel and tire sizes. Many of the racks we tested can fit super skinny road bike tires up to around 2.5-inch wide mountain bike tires, and wheel sizes ranging from 20-29 inches in diameter. Some racks also come in multiple versions to work with varying tire widths. Other racks support the bike horizontally by the frame and will work with most bike frames, although oddly shaped mountain bike frames may present some fit issues.

Analysis And Test Results

To analyze the bike storage racks, hooks, and hangers in this review we compared them across several performance metrics. Each model was rated for its ease of assembly/installation, ease of loading/unloading of bikes, versatility, and compatibility with various frame styles/shapes and wheel/tire sizes, as well as the space the bikes took up in the storage space. The number of bikes each model could support, as well as the aesthetics of each rack, were also considered in our assessment.

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Delta Cycle Michelangelo: No Installation Bike Storage

The most popular horizontal bike stand is the Delta Cycle Michelangelo . And there’s a lot to like about it!

The best thing that you don’t have to “install” anything! You just put the pieces together and lean it against the wall.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Stand

Max number of bikes:

So it’s great for renters who don’t want to damage their walls, for those that dislike any form of DIY and for homes with walls that aren’t strong enough to support the weight of a couple of bicycles!The arms that support the bike frames aren’t fixed in place with screws so they can be moved up or down and twisted around to make an infinite number of configurations. This means you should be able to position them to support any bike geometry.The basic model is for two bikes. But they also make a free standing model that can support up to four bikes!

Infinitely adjustable

Hornit Clug Pro Buy Now For 2599

Compact Vertical Bike Rack

The Hornit Clug Pro is an enhanced version of the original lightweight, simple bike storage solution, above, now with added Fidlock magnetic winch for additional security. It is simple to install and easy to use.

The original Clug does a great job of holding a tyre, but it’s not foolproof if a bike gets knocked the wheel could be pulled out, or if a tubeless tyre or latex tube loses air the wheel could end up falling out. The Pro essentially ties the wheel in place, using a fabric cord held in place by Fidlock’s magnetic winch. It works incredibly well, with the magnet that feels like a ratchet in use being strong enough to hold fast , but very easy to pull open to release when you want to remove your bike.

Whether the Pro is worth the extra £11 over the standard version without a Fidlock is more difficult, but it does add extra security, especially useful if you are at the lower end of the tyre width range and also in the event of a tyre deflation. If simplicity and looks aren’t important, there are much cheaper options for storing your bike, but where space is at a premium, or looks matter, the Clug Pro is a brilliant solution, with little to fault. The Fidlock function adds cost on top of the standard Clug, but for many, the extra security and reassurance this provides will be worth it.

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Number Of Bikes That Can Be Stored

Without a doubt, the most important thing to consider as you choose a bike rack is the number of bikes that it can store. This is important because each person has a different number of bikes they need to store.

There are options that just store a single bike, and this allows you to easily buy the correct number that you need.

However, options that hold more tend to be best for those with 3 or more bikes that need to be stored. It is just a decision you will need to make based off of your own number of bikes and personal preference.

Cyclingdeal Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

A bike rack for big families

For those cyclists with a bike for every situation, this 5-slot floor bike rack from CyclingDeal is the perfect solution. Slot in your road bike, MTB, gravel bike, hybrid, BMX, eBike, or whatever else you can fit. It takes 12 to 29 wheel sizes with tires up to 2.5 thick.

The stand is quite long so youll need a fair bit of wall space and enough room for the bikes, making it ideal for garage or outdoor use. Its a strong, steel, free-standing rack with no installation required.

  • Capacity: 5 bikes

Wall-lean system no drilling needed

A free-standing bike rack

This free-standing horizontal bike rack can hold up to four bikes, with two on each side hanging above each other. It stands freely on a large base that remains balanced and stable, no matter how many bikes are racked.

  • Max weight of up to 80lbs

The industrial-grade steel arms use rubberized hooks to protect the bike frames and can hold all styles of bikes up to 80 lbs . Includes all parts and can be easily assembled at home with just a screwdriver.

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Way : Hanging Bike On Bike Rack

This is a different way to hang the bike in the garage. You will find several bike racks to place the bike on them. The way of installation process is very easy and the same for all of them. All the bike racks come with the same mechanized feature. To install and use a bike rack for hanging your bike you need to follow these simple steps bellow-

Step 1: Select your desired bike rack

First, you need to select your desired rack for bike hanging. You will find them from a cycle repair shop. All you need to consider is the strength of the rack.

Step 2: Take the measurement

In this step, you need to be very careful about the measure. During taking measurement, you should find the exact place of the wall where you can place your rack by drilling.

Step 3: Drilling

Now, take your drill machine in your hand and start drilling at your marked place in the wall. The drilled holes should have the perfect length so that you can place your rack easily.

Step 4: Hanging the bike

Its time to hang your bike on the rack. A bike rack is pre-prepared for holding the bike, and so you need not worry about the rack face distance from the wall. Hang your bike into the bike rack in your garage.

Features To Consider With Bike Wall Mounts

Easy way to hang your bike in a garage without a rack or pulley system
  • Capacity. This depends on whether you need a rack for multiple bikes or just a hook for one. 50lbs is a good capacity for single racks, while 200lbs mounting hardware is good for multiple ones.
  • Build. A bike rack should be sturdy and durable. Most racks are made of either tough steel or treated/reinforced special material.
  • Orientation. Bike storage close to the wall is the perfect way to organize your garage. Determine whether the type of storage you choose fits inside the layout of your garage. Some are oriented horizontally, others vertically.
  • Size. Garage bike racks, even for multiple bikes, are never overly large. A decent-sized rack is one that is compact and does not obscure anything once installed.

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If You Have To Go Vertical: Steadyrack Classic Rack


If you only have enough wall space to store a bike verticallythat is, not much more space than the width of your bikes handlebarsyour best bet is a wall-mounted rack that allows you to hang your bike from its front wheel, which, as our experts reminded us over and over again, will do your bike no harm whatsoever. Those delicate-looking spokes withstand a lot more tension and compression during even the briefest ride to the store than they do hanging on your wall.

Our pick for the best vertical rack for most people is the Steadyrack Classic Rack. In fact, if the Michelangelo, our main pick, is out of stock, this is a nearly-as-good alternative. Although its not as stylishly minimalist as the hook-type vertical racks we tested, the design is far superior. The rack essentially cups the bottom of the front tire, a design that has three major advantages: A wide range of tire sizes can fit into it the rack swivels, so you can push the bike all the way to the wall to get it out of your way and it takes very little strength or maneuvering to get the bike onto the rack.

If you can tip your bike back onto its rear wheel , you can roll the front wheel into place. You can also fold the Steadyrack almost flat to the wall when youre not using it, which is a major advantage for small apartments. If you are going to make use of the racks swivel-ability, definitely install the rear-wheel stabilizeritll keep the bike vertical and the rear wheel from sliding sideways.

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