Golf Bag Holder For Garage

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Double Golf Bag Storage Rack

4 Golf Bag Essential Garage Rack

Does the love of golfing run in the family? If so, youll probably need a golf bag organizer that can hold more than one bag.

In this section well look at some popular golf bag storage racks that hold 2 golf bags.

6) Millard Golf Bag Organizer

This golf bag storage rack by Milliard is designed to fit up to two large golf bags side-by-side in the 26-inch wide main section.

Plus there are 3 open shelves along the right side, and the top shelf on the right side is enclosedso it is like a dump bin for golf ball storage, tees or other small golfing items.

It has a steel frame, and adjustable feet. This is a cool feature so you can level it if your garage or storage room floor is wonky.

This is a with lots of reviews.

7) Morvat Golf Bag Organizer

This is similar to the 2-bag organizer by Milliard, but this golf bag organizer features the bag storage spots on opposite ends of the unit.

When two bags are stored right next to each other you can knock one over while trying to get the other golf bag out.

This unit avoids that problem by giving a separate storage spot for each golf bag. The width of each bag storage area is about 12-inches.

What this one doesnt have is an enclosed shelf like the one from Milliard has.

Will this work for you?

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Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack

The Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack is very similar to the Millard but slightly smaller. Ive personally used this one for years and can say it has plenty of storage for my backup set and my significant others set of starter clubs. The dimensions of this organizer are slightly smaller at 32 W x 16 D x 37 H.


  • Too small if you have oversized cart bags or Tour style bags.

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Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Golf Organizer

There are a few things to consider when deciding which organizer is best for you:

Access: Where in your house will the organizer live? Many golf storage trays are only accessible from the front. So, if you opt for such an organizer, make sure you have enough space to pull your bag out and put it in.

Size: A pretty obvious one. Youll need your organizer to fit all of your bags and gear without taking up too much space in your home.

Maneuverability: Many golf bag storage rack systems have wheels so you can move them around your home or garage. But, youll also need to ensure they still work while stacked heavy with your gear. You may also want to get a stationary garage golf bag organizer if its in a spot where it may get knocked and move accidentally.

What Are The Best Golf Bag Organizers For Garages

StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer, Garage Storage Rack, Adjustable ...
  • Available in single or double
  • Foam edges at the top to prevent scratches to your clubs
  • Suitable for all ground surfaces and has adjustable feet for leveling
  • Made of durable anti-rust carbon steel
  • Cons:

    • Some might have problems assembling the organizer
    • Some felt it was a tough to fit 2 larger cart bags
    • Some users said the organizer had some damage to it upon arrival

    The roomy, durable golf organizer from Milliard is the perfect place to store all your gear comfortably, safely, and compactly.

    Capable of holding two standard size golf bags, the organizer also has four separate compartments for all of your gear, including golf shoes, clothes, golf balls, and more. Made of anti-rust carbon steel, youll get years and years usage, while the foam edge at the top of the storage unit will help prevent nicks and scratches to your golf clubs.

    The organizer measures 37 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. The area for the two golf golf bags is 22 inches long, while the four equipment compartments measure 10 inches wide apiece. The feet at the bottom are adjustable so it can be placed on any floor surface. There is some assembly required, but it isnt very demanding.

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    Is It Bad To Leave Golf Clubs In Trunk

    It is not a good idea to store your golf clubs in the trunk of your car or anywhere where it is exposed to heat or wildly fluctuating temperatures.When exposed to heat the epoxy used to glue your shaft to the grip and club head can break down causing the head to separate when you hit a golf ball or the grip to slide around leaving you with little control over the club.

    Do Golf Bag Organizers Fit Cart Bags

    Before you choose the bag organizer for your garage, you may want to take some measurements. These golf bag organizers are built to work with most bags, but some are built more for stand or carry bags.

    If you have a rather large bag, you should purchase an organizer with a large storage space or adjustable shelving. This way, you can move the bag around accordingly.

    Some of the organizers that have a shelf in the middle will not be the best choice for the larger golf bags. If the fit is tight, you may damage your bag, putting it in and out.

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    Alternative: Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer/locker

    While technically not a bag organizer, Samsonite Golf Trunk Locker is a trunk designed to house everything but your clubs. If you have an apartment or not a ton of room to work with, this is a great option instead.


    • Small and easy to transport or store in your car trunk.
    • Movable dividers let you customize your storage requirements to fit your golfing needs.
    • Holds up to three pairs of golf shoes and keeps them protected and separate compartment.
    • Made of durable ripstop polyester and a waterproof backing. This will help keep the trunk of your car or garage clean and organized.
    • The ventilated mesh front door provides quick visibility, easy access and maximum aeration for drying and airing out shoes.
    • The top lid organizer has a ton of pockets and large mesh sections. This is a great spot to store your cigars, gloves, tees, snacks or sunscreen.


    • None here reviewers are loving this trunk organizer and Samsonite has a strong history of making quality products for travel and storage.

    Reduce The Golf Clutter In Your Life

    Build a Golf Bag Holder! Organize Your Golf Gear

    A golf bag organizer is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce the golf clutter in your garage and home while helping you elevate your game. Keep all of your golf accessories in one place, so theyre easy to find and last longer. Are you ever panicked before a round trying to find your golf glove or your favorite hat? This wont be a problem once you assemble and start using your golf bag organizer.

    Get organized. Protect your golf gear and accessories. Enjoy your next round and play well!

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    Plkow Golf Bag Storage Garage Organizer

    PLKOW has built a golf bag organizer for your garage, basement, or office. It has room for two large golf bags to sit next to each other and four shelves off to the side. The top shelf is a basket design, allowing you to store loose golf balls and gloves. The other three shelves are perfect for shoes, hats, and golf clothes.

    With adjustable feet, this golf bag storage rack is guaranteed to be level on any surface. Built with steel metal and 37.6*15.8*34.3 dimensions. Turn a small space into a large amount of storage. The PLKOW will cost you $99.99.

    A Simple And Easy Way To Store Your Golf Bags Safely

    The Koova Golf Bag Wall Mount is the most unique golf bag rack on the market. Simple to use, it keeps your golf bags off the floor and out of the corner. Made in the USA with heavy-duty powder-coated steel, it will not collapse over time. It can be used to organized all types of golf bags.

    • GET YOUR CLUBS OFF THE FLOOR AND EASILY STORED – The Koova Golf Club Storage Rack securely stores any size golf bag. The easy to use wall mount design gets your clubs neatly stored off the floor
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN MAKES GOLF BAG STORAGE EASY – Your bag will feel snug and secure in the arms of this wall rack. The clamp system gently but firmly holds your bag while still letting you access its pockets and storage compartments.
    • EASY TO INSTALL, FITS ANY SIZED BAG – Clean up that messy garage, shed, or locker in minutes. All the necessary hardware and instructions are included. The Koova Golf Bag Storage Rack adjusts to fit any size or type of golf bag including mens, ladies, and youth.
    • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – We manufacture the Koova Golf Organization solutions in our Charleston, SC factory!
    • LIFETIME NO HASSLE GUARANTEE – As the manufacturer, we stand behind the Golf Bag Storage Rack for as long as you own it.

    SHIPPING TIMESOur objective is to ship your order the same business day as it is received. For orders placed after 3 pm Est., on national holidays, and on weekends, your products will ship the next 2 business days.

    Returns are easy, simply email us at

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    Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

    The Mythinglogic golf bag organizer will reduce your clutter in minutes and provides you with plenty of storage for all of your golf gear. Its designed to hold two standard-size golf bags or one large cart bag. You have three medium-size shelves that are perfect for your golf shoes, golf hats, or rain gear. Plus a basket designed to hold your golf balls and golf gloves.

    This golf bag organizer has been engineered with high performance in mind. The feet of the rack are adjustable, so youre guaranteed for it to be level in your garage or office. The dimensions are 37.60*15.75*34.25, making it the perfect way to store a large amount of golf gear in a small location. Do you consider yourself Bo Jackson? The Mythinglogic was designed for golf, but works well with other sports equipment.

    This golf storage solution will cost you $99.99.

    How Do I Store My Golf Bag In My Garage

    Proman Products Double Golf Bag Caddy

    Simply putting your golf bag up against the wall in your garage is not a great idea. The bag will be subject to lots of dirt, dust, and potentially water should there be an issue in your garage.

    It is better to keep your bag in your garage than in your car, but golf bag organizer can help to make sure everything stays in good shape.

    Make sure your clubs are dry, and your shoes are dry before putting them into your organizer. Anything that is wet has a chance of getting rusty.

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    Best Golf Bag Organizer

    Many people keep golf bags in their rooms or garages. They have their hats potentially in their closet, their shoes on a shoe rack and their other golfing items such as sunscreen or extra balls in another location. Having the best golf bag organizer can help someone be more orderly and maintain everything in one place, making it easier to find things and easier to access.

    Short On Time Heres A Quick Product Synopsis

    Editors Choice
    Rating: 9.5/10

    Large compartment allows it to store normal or large golf bags

    Features anti-rust carbon steel so the organizer stays looking new for many years.

    Has soft edges so clubs dont get damaged or scratched.

    Best Golf Storage Equipment On A Budget
    Rating: 8.7/10

    Built with an epoxy finish so it stays looking new and shiny.

    Made from steel so it remains sturdy and reliable.

    Is compact in size so it can fit in tight spaces such as a closet or in the corner of a room.

    Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

    Includes three medium shelves to store shoes, hats and other equipment.

    Contains a golf ball basket at the top so you can easily choose with balls to take to the course.

    Extremely large and spacious allowing for two bags to be stored.

    Best Single Golf Bag Holder For Garage
    Rating: 9.0/10

    Has padded claws that help keep the bag steady and snug.

    Wall mount allows the bag to be above the ground and look fancy.

    Editors Choice

    Rating: 9.5 /10

    • Durable anti-rust build ensures it will be long-lasting and appear new.
    • Spaciousness allows for two staff bags.
    • Adjustability lets it look good in different rooms and locations.


    • Very large, so if youre looking for a single bag organizer this might not be the best choice.
    • Some users had trouble putting on the feet.

    Our selection for best golf bag organizer and our editors choice pick is the Milliard Golf Organizer. It fits a variety of needs thanks to its space, durability and simplicity.

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    Monkey Bars Storage Golf Racks

    The Monkey Bars Storage Golf Racks is different than others and is ideal if you have more than two sets of clubs. If youre a family of golfers or cant get rid of your clubs, this is a great way to keep them off the garage floor. The rack is 48 and holds up to 200 lbs. when installed correctly into studs.


    • Installs quickly in just 15 minutes or less.
    • Hold four to six golf bags .
    • Made with steel components and powder coated to stay rust free.


    • Doesnt have any storage shelves for rain gear, balls or golf gadgets.
    • Has to be drilled to studs which might require more work or not possible depending on your living situation.

    Versatile Monkey Bar Rack System

    BLAT 2 Golf Bag Rack | Wall Storage Mount

    Monkey Bars have developed a 15 minute installation golf bag holder for garages that will securely store 4 Golf Bags off the floor. Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48″ apart and you’re finished. No longer do you have to store golf bags on the floor, in the corner or in your trunk. Take back the valuable floor space in the garage. This golf bag garage storage rack does not limit you on the weight or size of the bags.

    The hooks on the rack can slide side to side, so changing and adding more to the rack is easy. It is comparable to moving and changing the clothes in your closet. This kit can also be used to hang snowboards or other sports equipment.

    Additional Features:

    • Easy installs in 15 minutes
    • Steel components all powder coated
    • Capable of hanging up to four golf bags and extra golf equipment
    • Rated at 120 lbs
    • Dimensions: Rack is 51″ long and protrudes approximately 3″ from the wall

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    Racor Golf Storage Rack

    The Racor golf storage rack screws into a wall stud and will help hold up to 2 golf bags off the floor.

    Below is a picture showing 2 golf bags and shoes on the rack. It is a little tricky to tell by the photo, but the bags are held up by their carrying handle on the top hooks.

    One of the benefits of this golf bag organizer is that it is easy to install.

    You just need to find one stud in your wall, and then screw in the two screws into the stud to secure this metal rack to the wall.

    If you want an easy to install option, check this out.

    Koova Golf Bag Storage Rack

    Best Single Golf Bag Holder For Garage

    Rating: 9.0 /10

    • Doesnt take up much space.
    • Can be mounted at any height.
    • Easily assembled and quickly installed.


    • Doesnt have hooks to hold golf shoes.
    • Appears cheaper looking than other storage racks.
    • Doesnt have a sealed compartment to store golf balls.

    The Koova storage rack is designed to use as a wall mount to simply store your golf bag.

    A clamp system keeps your bag snug and lets you reach in the side pockets.

    The rack itself is skinny and works like a crab claw similar to the straps on the back of a golf cart.

    Koova designed it so it can support any bag type including standard sized and staff bags.

    It is made from sturdy powder coated metal in the companys factory in Charleston, South Carolina.

    The device comes in black and with so few pieces it is simple to install and quickly ready to use.

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    Protect Your Golf Clubs: The Top 5 Golf Bag Organizers

    Is your wife getting tired of all the clutter in your garage thanks to your addictive golf habit?

    If so, its time to go get the best golf bag organizer you can find and get that garage cleaned up! While I love golf as much as my readers, I understand that the hobby can get expensive and take up space around the house.

    If you want to stay on your wifes good side and keep your house organized, check out the best golf bag organizers for 2019. Ive broken down my top picks that will help you store your clubs, shoes, ball, practice gear, and other golf accessories in one place.

    Are Golf Bag Organizers Good

    Monkey Bar Storage Hanger Garage Wall Organizer Six Golf Bag Clubs Rack ...

    Golf bag organizers help golfers store items and stay neat. Does everyone need one? No. Would it help them save time on their way out with everything in one place? Yes. Our editors choice selection, the Milliard Golf Organizer, is large enough to store golf balls, two golf bags and other items.

    It is easily transportable and ideal for someone who wants to stay organized. Make sure to comment in the queries if you have any golf storage rack ideas.

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