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Overhead Doors Are In Walls Are Out How Overhead Doors Are Taking Over Home Design

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Gone are the days of boring overhead doors used to simply protect our cars and homes from the outside world.

Transitional spaces are all the rage and homeowners, architects, and designers are transforming traditional homes with non-traditional uses of overhead doors to do just that.

Using overhead doors as a way to seamlessly transition a living room to a deck, a kitchen to the backyard, or a bedroom to a balcony is the modern way of letting the outdoors in.

Weve seen it used in restaurants for many years, but now, homeowners are jumping on the trend. But what does this mean for homeowners?

Before demolishing a wall, homeowners should take some things into consideration.

Pros And Cons Of Overhead Door Installs In Your Home

While using an overhead door as a transitional wall in your home sounds like a great idea it is important to consider all aspects of such an installation. There are many benefits such as natural light exposure, improved home value, and the ability to easily connect to the outdoors, but homeowners should consider the potential increase in energy consumption. For that reason, homeowners must consider well-insulated overhead doors for this application.

Roll Up Garage Door Model 1000

Roll Up Doors Direct has once again raised the bar with the Model 1000 commercial door. The Pre-Assembled Industrial Door features the traditional dependability and sturdiness of a commercial door, while significantly saving time and money during installation. How? The pushup operation comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled.

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Powder Coat Color Options

PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finish options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification. PowderGuard® Textured finish, a thicker, more scratch resistant coat, is available in 11 colors providing enhanced scratch resistance as well as aiding in hiding the dirt and blemishes that often occur in commercial environments.

Do Glass Garage Doors Have Lasting Investment Value

Gaoming Electric Roll Up Garage Doors Glass Garage Door Prices

In 2021, upscale garage door replacements, such as glass models, rose to the top of the list of home renovations and their value. Depending on the market, upscale garage doors added more than their purchase price to the value of the home, averaging 93.2% in the region in return on investment. This value was an increase from 2020 of 91.1%.

Compared to other exterior renovations, high-end garage doors cost less and had a more significant impact on the homes value. Exterior projects helped raise curb appeal, which explained why most exterior projects ranked higher than interior ones. Among projects ranking in the top 13, 10 were exterior renovations, with a new garage door at the top of the list. Yes, new garage doors show an increase in the return on investment youll experience, and if history shows correctly, that ROI will continue to rise over the years.

Besides the financial aspect and ROI of glass garage doors, your new garage door will add value to your home because of the other benefits it provides:

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How Can Aluminum Glass Doors Be Used

A versatile option, aluminum glass doors are the perfect choice for those looking for the perfect balance between architectural beauty and user practicality. The glass provides visibility and light, making it an ideal selection for those wishing to draw attention to their business or individuals seeking an au natural view of the outdoors. Meanwhile, insulated windows help maintain effective climate control. Aluminum glass doors can be used in a wide variety of applications. There are examples of different spaces where aluminum glass doors can be employed.

  • Exterior Garage Doors. A durable and low maintenance option for everyday homeowners wishing for an easy to clean, strong, and aesthetically pleasing solution. A sturdy material, aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, even after being exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. All the while, the glass paneling is easy to maintain and can simply be wiped down with soapy water and a rag.
  • Patio Doors. Aluminum glass doors can help merge your homes indoor and outdoor spaces by providing you with a beautiful panoramic view of the outdoor scenery.
  • Auto Dealerships. With aluminum glass doors, the aesthetics of the vehicles on display will be beautifully showcased for those who are passing by. Additionally, because the doors are resistant to even the most intense weather conditions and are easy to clean, they are virtually hassle-free.

Roll Up Doors: Pros And Cons

Roll-up doors have wonderful benefits but, there are also issues with this option that make them problematic for some situations.


  • Sunlight If glass doors are chosen, these let in more natural light than other door options.
  • Access to the outdoors These doors are the perfect choice for indoor/outdoor entertaining as you can create a wall-sized opening between them.
  • Style These doors create a unique look that is contemporary and industrial. This style is desirable to many potential homebuyers.
  • Price If you compare the prices for these doors to other doors/windows of a similar size, roll up doors are less expensive.
  • Space savings These doors recess to the ceiling, so their opening and closing will not cause a limitation in space use.


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The History Of The Glass Garage Door

Aluminum and glass garage doors took the overhead door industry by storm starting in the late 1950s. The new aluminum and glass garage doors were lighter, stronger, and more visually appealing than what had been on the market in the past. The first applications to embrace the new trend were service and gas station chains. At the forefront of the surge was Jack Dourney Jr., the founder of a thriving garage door manufacturing company that would pioneer the use of his exclusive welded aluminum and glass garage doors on some of the most iconic applications such as Shell, Gulf, Texaco, and Jiffy Lube service stations.

Learn More About Glass And Other Houston Garage Doors

ArmRLite Glass Garage Doors at Arrington Vineyards

You may already be thinking about replacing your garage door. At Halo Overhead Doors, we sell glass garage doors in Houston, TX. Our professionals can get you the doors you want to create a modern, upgraded look. If youre still not sure whether glass doors are for you, see our other offerings. Browse through all our residential garage doors or commercial overhead doors.

Whether or not you want glass, we can help you get the perfect garage doors for your home. Were the only Master Clopay Dealer in the Houston area. Through us, you can have a glass door from the coveted AVANTE® collection installed on your garage, giving you access to numerous customizable features.

Give us a call at 224-3667 or use our contact page when youre ready to get started on changing the look of your home or business with new garage doors. Our experts can help you customize your door for the look and attributes you need. Weve been offering tough doors, loyal service to all our customers since 1991. Make us your choice for long-lasting, beautiful Houston glass garage doors, and well do the same for you.

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What Is The Best Garage Door Opener For Glass Garage Doors

We recommend the LiftMaster 8500W. The 8500w is a side mount opener that uses a torsion tube to raise and lower the door. This motor comes with a backup battery, Wi-Fi, Time-to-Close, and many other features. We love this opener with glass garage doors because of the way it reduces stress on the top of the door. Standard trolley openers cause stress on the top middle of the garage door, which is the weakest point of the door. You can eliminate this stress by going with a side mount opener.

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Types Of Materials Used For The Manufacturing Of Garage Doors:

Meranti wood

For the wooden garage doors, we use meranti for the wood material. In addition to that, custom variations can get made from balau, gun, saligna, etc. Nevertheless, meranti is the most suitable and widely used timber. It can get owed to its high stability and longevity. If it gets handled and treated appropriately, the wood can outlast the others of its kind and last for a long time.

The cost associated with wooden garage doors is generally comparatively higher than other materials. It is because they require regular treatment and maintenance to last.

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When Your Entrance Matters

For more than six decades, home and business owners throughout the USA have depended on the innovative design and manufacturing experts at ArmRLite for customized, durable glass garage doors. Our commercial glass overhead doors and residential glass garage doors feature unique 100% welded construction to offer you the highest degree of garage door customization available. Whether you need a replacement rollup door or an overhead door for a new home or commercial building, ArmLite can design and manufacture a top-quality glass garage door to meet your specifications and provide your home or business with exceptional visual appeal. With ArmRLite, youll never need to be concerned about a broken garage door glass panel or worn-out parts making your garage inaccessible or causing extended business shutdowns. Our overhead doors offer unparalleled durability, and we can provide replacement panels and parts for every glass garage door weve ever manufactured. If youre looking for a beautiful, durable glass rollup door for your residential or commercial building that provides you with consistent functionality, turn to ArmRLite, the glass garage door manufacturer trusted by building owners nationwide since 1958.

Extension Spring Lift Mechanism

Low Cost Glass Garage Doors

An extension spring counterbalance system consists of a pair of stretched springs running parallel to the horizontal tracks. The springs lift the door through a system of pulleys and counterbalance cables running from the bottom corner brackets through the pulleys. When the door is raised, the springs contract, thus lifting the door as the tension is released. Typically these springs are made of 11 gauge galvanized steel, and the lengths of these springs are based on the height of the garage door in question. Their lifting weight capacity can best be identified by the color that is painted on the ends of the springs.

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Glass Roll Up Doors: Merge Your Indoor & Outdoor Space

Glass roll-up doors by ArmRLite are the perfect means to merge your indoor and outdoor space. A back to nature trend has taken hold and now more than ever the focus on energy efficiency as well as aesthetic value is becoming even more important to consumers. One option quickly gaining in popularity is the use of glass roll-up doors to replace the main wall or window of a building to merge the outdoors with indoor spaces.

Cost To Install Interior Overhead Door

Creating a nontraditional opening in your home has the potential to be very pricey, especially in homes that are already built. These homes require specialists to design and install these doors to ensure the structural integrity of the home is maintained.

Between the cost of the door and the cost of the design, homeowners can expect to pay a pretty penny for this.

Homeowners who are in the process of designing a home are more likely to include interior overhead doors in their homes without significant costs. The high cost of insulated full-view overhead doors should be considered as this can range from a few thousand to upwards of ten thousand.

As you can see choosing to install an interior overhead door for your home offers many benefits. Working with an overhead door dealer such as OGD® will help you choose the perfect garage door for your home that is top-quality and sure to last for years. Give us a call at 944-3667 or fill out one of our online forms to receive a free quote on your new steel garage door.

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Sectional Garage Doors Claremont

Sectional garage doors make for one of the best types of doors of their kind, offering the maximum possible security. They help acquire the required safety for motor automation and get made in separate sections, providing adequate protection against high winds, damage, and deterioration. These doors operate by rolling up past the garage opening and moving over into a part parallel to the roof trusses or ceiling.

Sectional garage doors in Claremont can have a significant lifespan if installed and used appropriately. Overall, the duration of use depends primarily on the location and material type of the door.

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We Run Our Business Efficiently Passing The Savings To Our Customers

DIY Roll-up garage door converted to sliding barn door

When it comes to providing state-of-the-art roll up doors that fuse quality with durability, no-one knows better than us. We are a U.S-based company, and our cutting-edge service doors are the perfect choice for both commercial and residential settings. Over the past 10 years, we have evolved into a leading name for both small and large companies alike. Thousands and thousands of our rolling steel doors are in operation all over the world, every day of the year. Shop today or call us for a free quote.

We offer features such as certified wind load rated, insulation and 26 gauge steel curtain. All our overhead door systems above 10×10 come with reduced drive chain hoist and our products offer special features for commercial install. Our model 2500 is a heavy duty with 12 gauge components. Our P.A.I.D. are great for mini warehouse, shop, residential and shed use. If you need rolling steel doors check out our door models such as the Model 1000 which offers special features for easy installation. The Model 650 and Model 750 are ideal for light use in a residential home setting, as a shed door or work shop door.

Model 3100, Model 3652 and Model 3400 are certified wind load rated and offer extra security with the Guide rail locking system.

Many of our customers ask us: “How are you able to offer such high quality for such a low price”? Seeing as we run our business like a well-oiled machine, we are able to pass our savings onto our customers.

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Enduring Glass Garage Doors Have Endured

More than a half-century after our first welded aluminum and glass garage door left our plant, ArmRLite still holds true to Jacks promise to his customers. Our exclusively welded aluminum and glass doors are the first choice for leading architectural and design firms and the best that money can buy. From restaurants to service stations, museums to homes, ArmRLite continues to be the industrys leader in high-quality welded aluminum and glass garage doors.

Modern Glass Garage Doors

Aluminum and glass garage doors by ArmRLite have a natural beauty that blends in flawlessly with the design of modern homes. Available in near-limitless finish options like faux wood, powder coat, anodize, and custom Kynar® architectural coatings, ArmRLite aluminum and glass garage doors tear down the barriers to modern design regarding garage doors.

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Roll Up Garage Door Model 3400

Model 3400 is our Miami-Dade County certified wind load rated rolling sheet door that meets specific geographic building codes. Independent laboratory testing proves the durability and strength of this door. Quick installation and ease of operation are also key features, making the Model 3400 a sound and economical investment.

Can You Add An Entry Door To A Glass Garage Door

Oem Roll Up Garage Doors Price List

Yes, we call them pass-through garage doors. We offer glass garage doors with ADA compliant pass-through doors. The other option is a 4 step over the pass-through door. This allows for entry in and out, and you can even open the overhead garage door to allow for indoor/outdoor space utilization. Clear garage doors are an especially popular choice for these this type of entry door.

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Concerns About Glass Overhead Doors

While glass garage doors have multiple benefits, they also have some perceived drawbacks. Some of these concerns, however, are based on myths or notions about older, less efficient garage door models. You can mitigate some problems through the choices you make before having the doors installed. How much these minor factors affect your choice comes down to whether the drawbacks outweigh the advantages of installing glass doors. Only you can answer that question for your home.

Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive To Maintain

Glass garage doors can be heavy, resulting in bigger, more expensive springs to counterbalance the weight. You should replace springs every 10,000 cycles. In some cases, thats as early as 5 7 years. However, we recommend doing annual service on all garage doors which can extend the lives of your parts. During annual maintenance, we will lubricate the springs, hinges, and rollers in addition to checking your entire system to make sure everything runs smoothly. If youd like the glass cleaned, the cost of the service will be slightly more expensive.

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Improved Security For Your Complete Safety

One major advantage of commercial glass roll up doors is improved security compared to other types of doors, which is a major concern in selecting garage doors for your business. Even the lightest of doors have the propensity to cause severe damage to vehicles and valuables, or worse yet, injuries to people that could result in deaths. A commercial glass roll up door has confined components, including the springs, and this makes it less risky.

Commercial glass roll up doors in place of conventional overhanging doors reduces the risk of damage in the garage as well as accidents and hazards, but much more importantly, it creates a more secure space for people in the garage.

Visit us today to improve your security with our roll up doors.

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