Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

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Are Screw Drive Garage Door Openers Good

Why a Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener?

Screw-Drive garage door openers offer quiet performance and smooth, reliable operation, especially for heavier garage doors. Since they are slightly more expensive than chain or belt drive systems, they are ideal for those who are willing to pay slightly more for them.

The openers have a host of advantages that come with a higher price tag attached. But if you have the money, these garage door openers are a great choice for residential garage doors.

How Does A Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Work

They use a threaded rod attached to a track running from the opener to the door. The threaded rod is also attached to a trolley. The trolley extends an arm that is fastened to the garage door. When the door opens or closes, the motor turns the threaded rod. The trolley then moves around the rod. The arm then raises the door to open it or lowers it, closing it.

Genie Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement Parts

The Genie Company offers an online selection of OEM replacement parts for Genie model garage door openers. These Genuine Genie replacement parts can be used to repair your garage door opener. See the descriptions for each replacement part for compatibility information to make sure you get the right opener part for your model.

Repair your Genie Belt, Chain, or Screw Drive garage door opener quickly: Most of these garage door opener repair parts will come with instructions for DIY replacement so you can get your garage opener back up and running quickly. If your garage door will not open, you can read this information on how to open the garage door manually until you have it repaired.

Why repair your garage door opener: The garage door is a big entry point to your home. Sometimes, the most used as well. Replacing a part on the garage door may seem like a hassle, but most of the time it can be easier, not to mention cheaper, than replacing the entire garage door opener. By repairing the garage door opener that you have, you can save time and money. You do not have to worry about getting different garage remotes programmed, or whom needs a new remote, once it is repaired, all the devices remain the same. With the proper maintenance your garage door opener can last a very long time. Repair it with the proper Genuine Genie OEM replacement parts and keep it opening and closing the garage door.

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Chamberlain Pd432d Openerbest Overall

The PD432D screw drive opener from the Chamberlain Group has two single-button remotes and a convenient multi-function wall control panel, making it easy to set up and operate.

The quick-install rail on this opener further makes it straightforward to install by yourself without the need to hire a technician.

With its unique motor vibration isolation system, the unit produces almost no noise in its operation.

It is a ½-horsepower garage door opener, powerful enough to raise and lower any single or dual car garage door.

The unit features a special anti-burglary technology that goes a long way in ensuring your home is safe. The technology offers improved security for your home by making your garage inaccessible to potential burglars.


  • The PD432D garage door opener is a high-power model, with its ½-horsepower motor delivering enough lifting power for a heavy two-car garage door.
  • The anti-burglary technology on this opener is a huge plus as it ensures added security for your home.
  • The two simple single-button remotes are easy to program and use
  • The opener features a multi-functional control panel that makes programming the unit more straightforward for DIY beginners.


  • Some users find the length of the units sensor wires inadequate.

The Genie Machforce 2 Hpc 4062 Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Genie MachForce Connect 2 HP Premium Screw Drive Smart Garage Door ...

Top features

If you are looking for a powerful, fast, and quiet garage door opener, then the Genie MachForce 4062 is your ultimate choice. Installation is easy as the remotes come pre-programmed. The remotes are dual-frequency, meaning that they work on 390 MHz and 315mHz. This improves your openers performance while minimizing interference.

The Machforce 4062 keeps your garage safe with the T-Beam sensor that detects obstructions in your garage doors path. This screw drive is built for heavy doors, up to 7ft doors. You, however, need an extension kit for larger doors. While it does not come with a backup system, you can add one .


  • Limited lifetime warranty on drive components
  • Backup-system-compatible
  • Easy installation comes with a poster, manual, and QR codes for access to installation online videos


  • You need to buy extra gear the Genie EKSC if your door is higher than 7ft.
  • It does not have a backup system


The MachForce, just like its name suggests, is a force to reckon with. It is built for large doors and has impressive features like the T-Beam sensors to make your garage safer. Installation is easy, and the remotes come pre-programmed. The twofold frequency increases performance. We definitely recommend this machine.

Chamberlain PD432D 1/2HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Top features

The Chamberlain PD432D weighs about 47.1 pounds and measures 40x12x12.25 inches which is a good size even for limited space.

What we liked most

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The Door Rises And Falls More Smoothly

A screw drive garage door opener uses the threaded steel rod rotation to generate garage door movement.

The door rises when it rotates in one direction and reverses when it rotates in the opposite direction. This mechanism typically creases a very smooth garage door movement with very little vibration.

As a result, there is often relatively little wear and tear with this system. Sometimes you may not have to replace parts thought the lifetime of the opener.

Genie Garage Door Opener Alexa

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Feb 02, 2021 · Best Quiet GarageDoorOpen er. 1. Chamberlain B4545 Best Overall. The Chamberlain B4545 is an all-rounder quiet garagedooropener providing an extensive range of features at a moderate budget. Its powerful MED lift power system delivers an impressive lifting force of ½ HP.. Genie is one of very few garage door opener brands with Smart technology that is Works with Alexa Certified as a smart home skill. Works with Alexa, allows the user to pair the Genie Smart Garage Door Opener with Aladdin Connect technology with an Alexa Echo Dot Speaker.. I will be talking about Liftmaster and Craftsman garage door openers Shop our vast inventory and best online deals Sears Craftsman 139 Genuine Genie garage door opener remotes- easy to program Genuine Genie garage door opener remotes- easy to program. 6 ) stars out of 5 stars 14 ratings , based on 14 reviews V A wide variety of garage doors craftsman options are available.

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    Genie Silentmax 1200 Model 4042

    Are you looking for the best screw drive garage door opener that is perfect for your home garage? With this unit, your family can never get distracted by unnecessary noise. It features a 140V DC lightweight motor, which provides smooth and ultra-quiet operation. The motor also has a soft start nd stop feature that offers smooth travel. This makes it ideal for almost any residential garage door with a height of up to 7 feet. Besides, it also comes with an extension that makes it ideal for an 8 feet garage door.

    The 4042-TKH offers increased opening speeds that covers up to 9 inches per second, but this does not exempt the safety features.

    One safety mechanism is the safe-T beam system that prevents unwanted accidents with an invisible infrared beam across the door opening. This system works automatically by reversing the door if an object crosses the beam of the LED light. You will be alerted of any malfunctions, thanks to the enhanced diagnostic technology in the beams.

    Whats more, the integrated two-bulb lighting system can hold two 100 watt bulbs. This system is embedded in the innovative power head design that positions the lighting towards the back of your garage. The unit also has a nested detector that automatically turns the over headlights on for added security and convenience. Another safety and security feature of this product is the intellicode security technology that prevents unauthorized access to your garage.


    • Its a bit expensive.

    Screw Drive Garage Door Openers Are Temperature Sensitive

    Lubricating Genie Screw Garage Door Opener

    Extreme changes in temperature affect the working of most screw drive garage door openers. If you live in a place that experiences major dips in the temperature scale, you may have to carry out maintenance on your garage door more times than you prefer.

    For instance, you may have to reset the limits after each dramatic temperature change. So if you live in a place that is notorious for dramatic seasonal temperature changes, you may be better off with any opener type but a screw drive option.

    Otherwise, you would have to fix the opener every so often.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Chain Drive Garage Door Openers


    Cheap and reliable, these are the most economical option. However, if your garage door is connected to your house, these units can be very loud .

    All in all, you really cant go wrong with any type of garage door opener. It comes down to preference and what you are willing to spend. If strength, extreme durability, or minimal noise are a concern, you can read into your options a little bit more.

    Questions about garage door openers or anything else garage door related? Contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

    You know us – We are close to you! Action Door provides the best in emergency, residential & commercial garage door service in Northeast Ohio. To quickly contact one of our garage door specialists, complete the form below with details of your garage door needs.

    The Genie Powerlift 900 Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

    What we liked most

    • Can lift heavy doors up to 500 lbs.


    • They are a bit noisy
    • The small remotes can be easy to misplace
    • If you have owned older Genies, you may find this one a little weaker. A plastic coupler links the motor and the screw drive. This could easily get damaged.
    • During power outages, you might have to reset your up/down limit settings.
    • It may be affected by changes in the weather


    The Powerlift 900 is a bit noisy and has some design flaws. For example, the C-Channel is made from galvanized sheet metal, which makes it vulnerable. It could also be affected by the weather, especially during winter.

    Power outages may reset the up or down limits. If your door gets stuck for any reason, the Powerlift 900 cannot read its position correctly. If you try to reverse, you might damage the C-Channel.

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    Genie Machforce Connect Screw Drive Smart Garage Door Opener

    • Genie MachForce Connect Screw Drive smart garage door opener features a 140V motor producing 2 HPc with GenieSense Technology designed to ensure years of worry-free service
    • Exclusive Genie Premium Screw Drive technology designed to lift heavy garage doors quickly
    • Limited lifetime warranty on drive components
    • Aladdin Connect WiFi smartphone technology is included, built-in to the garage door opener with no additional hardware required
    • Newly featured compatibility – Aladdin Connect now works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
    • Accessories included x2 pre-programmed remotes, a multi-function wall console control panel with vacation lock and light control button, and Safe-T-Beam garage door sensors
    • GenieSenseMonitoring and Diagnostic Technology
    • Enclosed 7′ C-channel rail – For 8′ high garage doors use extension kit – GenieEKSC
    • Battery backup system is available with Genie 37228R. This ensures your family can open your garage door up to 50 times when the power is out
    • HomeLink + Car2U integration comes standard, no additional hardware required
    • Genie Intellicode secures your home with rolling-code technology
    • Recommended use of 2 Genie garage door opener LED light bulbs. These are specifically designed for use in garage door openers
    • Safe-T-Beams garage door safety sensors come standard to keep your family, and pets, safe with infrared technology

    Safety Features And Measure

    Genie 0.5

    It would be best if you kept in mind that your garage door might be the heaviest and largest moving object in your house. According to federal regulations, all garage doors must include sensors that prevent any accidental crushing of anybody under it. For this and more safety features to consider, please keep reading.

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    Why Is My Screw Drive Garage Door Opener So Loud

    Screw drive garage door openers are typically quiet but become loud if they are not properly oiled. If your screw drive opener is exceedingly loud, the chances are that the threaded metallic bar responsible for driving the carriage to raise or lower the garage door is dry.

    Lubricating the unit can significantly restore proper functioning and keep it quiet in its operation.

    Genie Screw Drive Coupler Replacement

    On most Genie screw drive openers, the motor shaft is connected to the rail screw with a coupler. This allows the motor to turn the screw, which moves the trolley to open and close the garage door.

    Sometimes the coupler wears out, and the motor will turn, but the screw doesn’t turn. As a result, the door does not open nor close.

    This tutorial demonstrates how to replace a 30257T coupler in a Genie screw drive opener.

    These Openers Are Generally Easier To Maintain

    Screw drive garage door openers have fewer moving pieces than chain or belt drive openers. This quality makes them require less maintenance as they experience fewer breakdowns than openers with more moving pieces.

    Some models are self-lubricating, further reducing the level of maintenance required for the units. The threaded steel bar on screw drive garage door openers is perhaps the most maintenance-prone part of any of these units.

    The steel rod requires regular lubrication to keep it moving smoothly. However, for the self-lubricating versions, the machine can apply the lubricant on a continuous basis, so you dont have to do anything.

    Genie Powerlift 900 Garage Door Openerrunner Up

    Fix Genie Garage Door Opener – Screw Drive Repair – Carriage Broken

    This Genie garage door opener boasts massive lifting power with its ½-horsepower motor capable of lifting heavy two-car garage doors without breaking a sweat.

    The powerful threaded steel bar attached to this motor unit provides reliable power to open and close heavy residential garage doors weighing 500 pounds.

    If you are a DIYer, you will love the two preprogrammed remotes that come with your purchase.

    The preprogramming means the setup work is already cut out for you. Once you unpack the purchase, your remotes are ready to use right out of the box no further programming is needed. This makes the installation work much easier.

    Each remote has three buttons that you can reprogram at will for convenient use. This can be pretty advantageous in the off chance that one button suffers a mechanical failure. You just reprogram any remaining button and use it to operate your garage door remotely.

    The multi-function wall console on this garage door opener comes with a light control button and vacation lock for added security.

    Since the Powerlift 900 is quiet in its operation, it is ideal for use near bedrooms or other living spaces where a loud garage door opener may cause a disturbance.



    • The coupler linking the motor and the screw drive is made of plastic. This presents a durability issue as it could easily get damaged.
    • Some users also complain of having to reset their up/down limit settings following power outages.
    • Weather changes can affect the openers operation.

    What Changed In The Last Decade With Garage Door Openers

    A lot. Smart garage door openers have arrived which can be operated remotely. More garage door openers now have a battery backup option or are compatible with a battery backup. Garage door openers with keypad controls didnt exist some years ago. Todays garage door openers also have better security than the old openers.

    Another thing that has changed is the level of noise in garage door openers. Garage door openers of today have some ultraquiet operations and even feature automatic reverse capability.

    Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

    Screw drive garage door openers work a little bit differently than belt drive or chain drive garage door openers. A trolley is used along with a threaded-steel rod to rotate the motor to move the door. The pushing and pulling forces are much different compared to chain drive and belt drive openers.

    Advantages: Screw drive garage door openers tend to be easier to maintain because there are less moving pieces. There is no need for adjustment as there is with chain drive garage door openers. Additionally, they tend to be quieter than chain drive garage door openers, especially after prolonged usage. Because there is few moving parts and little play, the door also rises and falls very smoothly. Its recommended that screw drive openers not be used in regions that experience major fluctuations in temperature as the units are sensitive to temperature. Apples to apples, screw drive garage door openers tend to cost slightly more than belt or chain drive openers.

    Chamberlain Pd422d Powerdrive Hp Security Plus Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

    Top features

    If you hate gadgets that require regular maintenance, this is likely to be your cup of tea. The Chamberlain PD422D PowerDrive ½ HP Security Plus Screw Drive Garage Door Opener almost literally requires no maintenance because of the self-lubricating channel.

    The 1/2HP motor delivers enough power to lift most heavy doors. With a rugged steel construction, this garage door opener will surely deliver even in the long run without requiring constant attention.

    The complete package comes with 2 remotes, a multi-function wall control unit, and has up to six years warranty period for the motor. The Chamberlain PD422D weighs 46.4 pounds and operations with minimal to no noise at all.

    The product has all the security features youd expect including the Security and Rolling Code Technology that delivers a new code every time a security code button is pressed.

    Finally, the Chamberlain PD422D also has the Chamberlain protector System that automatically reverses the closing garage door whenever theres an object on its path, further protecting your car or self from damage and injury respectively.

    What we liked most

    • Chamberlain security and Rolling Code Technology
    • Chamberlain Protector System for auto-reversing if an object on the doors path is detected
    • Self-lubricating channel eliminating the need for maintenance
    • 2 single-button remote controls
    • A multi-functional wall control panel
    • 1/2HP rating for maximum power

    What we didnt like




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