Genie Pro Garage Door Opener

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The Genie Silentmax Connect Consumer Option

Genie Pro Max Garage Door Opener | Adjusting The Up/ Down

If you have a familiarity with garage door openers and want to install it yourself, The Home Depot can help. The Genie SilentMax Connect garage door opener runs less than $200 and mirrors most of the features of the 3120 we installed. It features Aladdin Connect, supports two light bulbs, and includes the same accessories. That means you get the Safe-T-Beam system, two remotes, Series II wall console, and support for both HomeLink and Car2U.

Genie claims the system is quick and easy to install. Because the unit includes a rigid 5-piece tube rail system, it fits within a small package you can bring home in any vehicle. It requires no assembly hardware and includes preprogrammed remotes that work as soon as you power up the opener. This system also uses a steel-reinforced belt drive powered by a quiet 3/4 HP DC motor. It supports residential sectional garage doors up to 7 feet tall and weighing less than 500 pounds. You also get a limited lifetime motor warranty.

Resetting The Wireless Keypad

You will need to reset the keypad when programming a new PIN fails or when you want to change the PIN. Follow the steps below to erase the saved settings on the keypad.

  • With the keypad backlight, press and hold the Program and Up/Down keys together for approximately 5 seconds.
  • The LED will blink twice, and all lights will go out, indicating the keypad has reset, and you can start the programming all over again.

Programming The Force Control

The force settings are usually factory set. They automatically program to the opener the first time you use the wall control with the garage door opener however, some circumstances may require you to make adjustments. Make sure the door makes a complete cycle before the opener programs the settings.

  • Press and release the wall console button and allow the garage door to close and stop to the Down limit.
  • Press and release the Wall console button and let the door open up to the Up limit.

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Locking Down The Opener

One installer placed the Series II wall console by the house door. An internal red LED lights up so you can see it in the dark. That light also lets you know the opener mode. When you activate the Sure-Lock switch, it disables the light. When Sure-Lock is on, and the door is closed, the garage door opener cannot be activated by the wall console or a remote.

Door Reversing While Closing

Genie Excelerator 1 HPc Screw Drive Garage Door Opener with ...

You may find this issue occurring sometimes that the garage door reverses its pathway while closing the door. This is caused by the limit set as the open and close limits. Here, you need to adjust the limit by following these steps-

  • If your door opener unit is a screw-driver or chain-driver type, then set the limit close to the motor of the unit. This way, the door will close before it hits the panel. If you find that the unit has driven limits to adjust, then use a screwdriver to adjust the distance that your door has to travel to close it.
  • After you are confirmed the limit set on the unit, calibrate the unit and fix any close-force settings as needed.

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What Can A Smart Garage Door Opener Do

  • Use your smartphone to remotely control your garage door or gate via Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
  • Control your garage door or gate with real time video.
  • Check if your garage door or gate is open or closed.
  • Use Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or Samsung SmartThings to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Check who opened or closed the garage door or gate.
  • Use your Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts to operate the garage door or gate.
  • Manage your garage door or gate access remotely by user, time, door and also by location.
  • Open the garage door or gate automatically when you arrive to your home .
  • Schedule when the garage door or gate should automatically open and close.

Using The Genie 3120 Garage Door Opener And Conclusion

Normally, we have a lot to say about the products we review. In this case, the Genie 3120 garage door opener simply works. We thought the Ryobi garage door opener operated quietly. This Genie has even less output. We measured just 57-62 dB SPL while standing at the interior entryway and activating the opener. The door gets even quieter if you replace your steel rollers with nylon .

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Genie Opener Repair Vs Replacement

While you may think that your Genie garage opener needs to be replaced, it may simply need a quick repair. With our 25-point safety inspection, we assess the situation and tell you exactly what you need. We carry the highest quality parts and we fix it right the first time.

Here are the most common reasons your opener canât be repaired and may need to be replaced:

  • Your current opener was made before 1993. Older models of garage door openers donât have todayâs safety features in place. Therefore, we will not work on these openers and strongly recommend replacement.
  • Your opener doesnât have photoelectric eyes. This means your opener doesnât have a safety measure to prevent your door from closing on people, animals, or objects under the door.
  • Your opener has been recalled. For your safety and ours, we canât repair any openers that have been recalled.
  • Your opener has been discontinued. In this case, replacement parts are often no longer available.

Why Is The Light Red On My Genie Garage Door Opener

How To Program Your Clicker With Genie Pro Garage Door Opener

Typically the indicator LED lights on the motor unit when the garage door opener is working correctly. If you notice either or both of the lights flash or have a steady red glow, thats usually an indication of a problem. Here is how to troubleshot the red powerhead lights.

  • Round LED flashing red and long LED flashing red
  • Reprogram the up and down travel limits.
  • Power cycle the opener by unplugging it, wait for about five seconds and reconnect it to power.
  • Contact a technician to inspect and fix any garage door component failure.
  • The round LED flashing red and long LED is off.
  • Check the safety sensors for any obstructions and remove them.
  • Check the alignment of the sensors and realign them.
  • Round LED is off, and long LED flashing red
  • Remove obstructions around the garage doorway.
  • Adjust the up and down travel limits.
  • Check for any faulty garage door parts and call a technician for repairs.
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    These Radio Controls Are Either A 9 Switch 390 Mhz Frequency Or A 12 Switch 390 Mhz Frequency / Pre

    SCREW DRIVE GS980 / GS9800 / GS880 / GS8800 / GS820 / GS8200 / GS7200

    GS850 / GS800 / PRO82 / PRO98 / PRO88 / PRO90

    CHAIN DRIVE CH125 / CH130

    GENIE PRO PRO98-S / PRO88-S / CM7500-S / CM8500-S / PRO90-S

    OVERHEAD 939 Signature

    RETAIL GXL 1000 / GXL9500 / GXL9550 / GX9000 / G5500 / G5050 / G8000

    G2500 / G5700 / GDR9000


    GENIE PRO PMX700 / PMX1200 Stealth

    OVERHEAD 777 Phantom

    GENIE PRO CM60-S / CM70-S / CM80-S

    ALC60 / ALC70 / ALC80

    PMX60 / PMX70 / PMX80

    PMX65 / PMX75 / PMX85

    SP99 / SP129 / SP229

    OVERHEAD 286 / 386 Passport / 496 / 696 Legacy

    RETAIL LAD125 / LAD333 / LAD555

    RCD125 / RCD225 / RCD500

    RCD250 / RCD550

    Interested In Getting A Genie Garage Door Opener

    If youre looking for a top-quality garage door opener for your home, turn to the experienced professionals at Creative Door Services. We offer a wide range of Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers and can help you determine which one is right for you home. In addition, we provide dependable installation, maintenance, and repair service. Contact us today for more information.

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    Genie Garage Door Opener Error Codes Their Meaning And Fixes

    The Genie garage door opener has a self-diagnostic status light that sends error codes by flashing a certain number of times to alert you when there is a problem with the opener. The chart below helps you troubleshoot some of the error codes the status light will send.

    Error code
    The wall control is locked.Slide the Sure-Lock button down to turn vacation mode off.

    Genie Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

    The 9 Best Genie Pro Garage Door Opener Remote

    If you have been using a garage door opener for a long time, you must be acquainted with genie garage doors for their convenient and user-friendly designs. Besides that, genie door openers are also known for their durability.

    Other Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting:

    Like any other electronic device or gadget, you may find some issues with these door openers from time to time. There is a range of issues that are found on these door openers, and depending on the problem, you need to find the solution. Here, you will find some of the common issues and their solutions to the genie door openers that people have come across over time.

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    Features Of The Genie Pro Max

    The Genie Pro Max has an invisible beam across the door opening, which will allow the garage door to automatically stop and reverse when something is sensed in its way. This will improve safety and protect people, animals and property from getting in the way and damaged or hurt. The Genie Pro Max also provides additional safety by continuously monitoring the operation of the door, stopping the operation to alert you when significant changes occur.

    The system has superior encryption technology that helps to prevent piracy of the radio signal, by providing a brand new code every time you press the remote button. This code combination is one out of possible billions of combinations so no need to worry about any interference.

    The motor of this Genie system provides enough power to operate almost any size garage door. It has a very quiet operation and allows for a smooth opening and closing with a soft start and stop. The system also comes in a two-bulb lighting system, using two 100 Watt bulbs to provide sufficient lighting, convenience and safety.

    The SmartSet program features make push programming easy and the setup process very fast. The Auto Seek Dual Frequency feature allows for the system to automatically seek the right frequency produced by the remote, helping to ensure that the opener will respond, regardless of nearby interferences.

    Genie Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement Parts

    The Genie Company offers an online selection of OEM replacement parts for Genie model garage door openers. These Genuine Genie replacement parts can be used to repair your garage door opener. See the descriptions for each replacement part for compatibility information to make sure you get the right opener part for your model.

    Repair your Genie Belt, Chain, or Screw Drive garage door opener quickly: Most of these garage door opener repair parts will come with instructions for DIY replacement so you can get your garage opener back up and running quickly. If your garage door will not open, you can read this information on how to open the garage door manually until you have it repaired.

    Why repair your garage door opener: The garage door is a big entry point to your home. Sometimes, the most used as well. Replacing a part on the garage door may seem like a hassle, but most of the time it can be easier, not to mention cheaper, than replacing the entire garage door opener. By repairing the garage door opener that you have, you can save time and money. You do not have to worry about getting different garage remotes programmed, or whom needs a new remote, once it is repaired, all the devices remain the same. With the proper maintenance your garage door opener can last a very long time. Repair it with the proper Genuine Genie OEM replacement parts and keep it opening and closing the garage door.

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    Genie Garage Door Opener Installation

    Installing the Genie 3120 garage door opener typically gets handled by an installer. We utilized the crew from S& S Garage Doors, Inc. Theyve been installing garage doors for longer than many people have been opening them.

    In terms of the process, it couldnt be simpler. After securing the opener to the one-piece C-channel rail, the three installers went to work on the remaining tasks.

    Where Is The Learn Button On A Genie Garage Door Opener

    Genie Pro 83 Garage Door Opener Not Working

    You will find the Learn button of a Genie garage door opener on the rear of the motor unit or powerhead, to the left of the wire terminals. The Learn button is usually a small square or round button labeled LEARN CODE or PRGM/SET.

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    The Door Does Not Open Even When The Motor Is Functioning

    Among all the issues and solutions suggested here, this one is relatively a rare problem people have come across. This usually happens if you accidentally pull down the red emergency release cord. This makes the garage door disconnected from your genie door opener. So, the garage door opener cannot open the door, however, you can open the door manually.

    To troubleshoot, check if the trolly is disconnected. Then get the wire back to its place and connect the emergency cord back to the opener unit.

    The Opener Is On Vacation Mode

    The wall control has a Sure-Lock button that engages a security lock that overrides commands and signals from the wall console and remote controls. With the Sure-Lock button on, the motor will click, and the LED light on the wall control will be off. Push the switch down to turn off the security lock, and the LED light will turn red, allowing you to use the wall control and remote control buttons to run the opener.

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    How Do I Program A Universal Remote For A Genie Garage Door Opener

    You can program a universal remote control to work with different garage door opener brands. It allows you the convenience of using other garage door opener brands with one remote control. Follow the instructions below to program a universal remote with the Genie garage door opener.

    • Pull down the tab on the remote control to activate it.
    • Press and hold button number two while simultaneously pressing the fourth button four times, and then release both buttons. The blue LED light on the remote control will begin flashing you have 15 seconds to finish the next step.
    • If you have a Genie 315/390 MHz 1995-current, press the desired button once on the remote control. If you have a Genie 315/390 MHz 2010-2011, press the selected button on the remote control six times, making sure the LED stops flashing after every press.
    • Wait until the blue LED on the remote control blinks for long and then turns off.
    • Press and hold the Program button on the opener for 2-3 seconds or until the round LED turns blue.
    • Press and release the remote control button you just programmed once every two seconds until the garage door opener starts to move.

    After Installing Remootio You’ll Be Able To:

    Genie Recalls Garage Door Openers Due to Fire Hazard
    • Use your smartphone to control your garage door via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or over the Internet.
    • Check if your garage door is open or closed.
    • Use Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Samsung SmartThings to operate the garage door.
    • Check who opened or closed the garage door.
    • Use your Apple Watch and Siri Shortcuts to operate your garage doors.
    • Send virtual keys to your family, friends, guests or your gardener and revoke their access rights anytime.
    • Open the garage door automatically as you arrive home .
    • Schedule when the garage door should automatically open and close.

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    Programming The Wireless Keypad

    To activate the wireless keypad, open the battery compartment, pull the protective tab off the battery, replacing the battery compartment cover, and following the steps below to program the keypad.

  • Program the new PIN
  • With the keypad backlight off, press 3-5-7 in that order.
  • Press the Program key on the keypad, and the LED light will blink once every second.
  • Immediately, enter your desired pin of three to eight digits.
  • Press the Program key again the LED light will blink twice and turn off to indicate successful programming and ready for programming to the opener.
  • If the LED light did not blink twice, reset the wireless keypad and repeat the programming procedure.
  • Program the wireless keypad to the garage door opener on a single door
  • Put the opener on programming modePress and hold the Program button on the motor using for about two seconds the round LED will turn blue, and the long LED will flash purple.
  • Ensure the keypad backlight is off.
  • Enter the saved PIN on the keypad.
  • Press the Up or Down key 3 to 4 times slowly until the garage door opener operates.
  • Reliag Pro Series Model 3020

    Model 3020 garage door opener by Genie provides durable, reliable performance. Make it even better by choosing the optional battery backup for added peace of mind.

    • Belt OR Chain Drive
    • DC motor with Soft Start & Stop control
    • Opening Speed: Up to 7.0 in/sec
    • Battery Backup compatible order with or without BBU
    • 15 Year Motor Limited Warranty
    • 2 light bulbs Genie LED light blubs recommended
    • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
    • C-channel rail for strength aesthetics
    • Intellicode Security to stop potential code thieves
    • HomeLink & Car2U compatible
    • Compatible with Aladdin Connect smart device system

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