Genie Garage Door Opener Warranty

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Genie Garage Door Openers

GENIE Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener – Worth it???
  • Wireless keypad will work on all Genie openers.
  • New screw Door openers will fit 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 foot high openers.
  • All Genie DC motors
  • All Genie openers have Soft Touch at stop and start (this eliminates and jerking and shaking or garage door- that secret keeps door very quiet.


Belt or Chain Drive – 3024H The Model 3024H provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants quiet performance with superior design and conveniences that fit their busy lifestyle.

  • 140V DC motor with Soft Start & Stop control
  • Opening speed: Up to 7.5 in/sec
  • Limited Lifetime motor warranty
  • 2 light bulbs Genie LED light bulbs recommended
  • C-channel rail for strength & aesthetics
  • Battery backup compatible Intellicode® Security to stop potential code thieves
  • HomeLink® & Car2U® compatible

Genie IntelliG 1200 Belt DrGenie TriloG 1200 New Screw OpenerGenie TriloG 1500 New Screw OpenerGenie 850

Working With American Door Works

Working with American Door Works results in more than just a transaction. We dont sell garage doors and expect you to purchase additional warranties. We know the quality and the capabilities of the doors and openers we sell. We trust where our parts are sourced, and we know our service and repair technicians provide quality work.

We provide warranties on our products and services because we know theyre worth it. And, if there is a problem with something we sell, were here to fix it. Thats what you can expect when you purchase from us

Do Genie Remotes Work With Liftmaster

LiftMaster is another leading brand of garage door openers. Genie and LiftMaster openers often work on the same frequency, meaning you can sync a Genie remote with a LiftMaster door opener. Whether or not your Genie remote and LiftMaster opener are compatible will depend on the exact model of each. Our technicians can help you find compatible parts for your garage door opening system, and sync them for you.

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Genie Wall Mount Model 6170h

This Wall Mounted Unit is incredibly smooth, quiet, and powerful!

  • Quiet, Powerful DC Motor 24 Volt DC motor provides enough power to lift up to 850 lbs.
  • Monitors Resistance The circuitry constantly monitors resistance and adjusts accordingly.
  • Headroom Ideal for garages with low headroom or beam obstruction.
  • Compact Compact design fits into tight side room spaces between track and wall.
  • Safe-T-Beam For added safety, the Safe-T-Beam system stops and then reverses the direction of a closing garage door whenever the safety beam senses an obstruction in the garage doors closing path.
  • Compatibility Links to a cars built-in HomeLink and Car2U remote systems.
  • Wall Console Wireless for flexible placement. Features an optional pulsing back light as well as a delay button, giving you ample time to exit the garage before the door begins to close.
  • Programming Easily Accessed Located behind a convenient latch door on the front of the motor unit for easy access.
  • Back-Up Battery : A back-up battery is available as an optional add-on accessory for continued operation during power failures.
  • Smart Lighting: Comes with bright LED light fixture with the flexibility to place wherever is convenient in garage.
  • Warranty: 5 years on parts, limited lifetime on the motor, 1 year on accessories.
  • Installation A one year installation labor warranty covers our installation and any possible adjustments throughout the changing seasons.

Garage Door Opener Parts

Genie 2042 – Owned by 1st Garage Door Openers, Inc. Serving the Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Industry since 1981. Providing excellent customer service and assistance for over 25 years. We are a discount reseller of garage door opener remotes, repair parts, keyless entry and gate operator controls for your home, business, or gated community. We carry parts for the following garage door openers Lift-Master, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Access Master, Sears Best Craftsman, Sears Automatic Door Opener, Master Mechanic, Security +, Formula 1, Garage Master, Billion Code, LiftMaster Professional, Estate Series, Premium Series, Contractor Series, Power Driver, Whisper Drive, Genie, Alliance, Norelco, Blue-Max, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max, Hercules, Stealth, Excelerator, Intellicode, Genie Pro, OverDrive, Python 2, Signature, Phantom, Legacy, Medallion, CodeDodger, Overhead Door, Genie Shop Vac, Stanley, Vemco, Quiet Glide, SecureCode, Lightmaker, Innovative Products, Whistler, U-Install, Popular Mechanics, Allister, Allstar, Pulsar, MVP, Challenger, GTO, All-O-Matic, Electrolift, Westinghouse, AM/11, Linear, Access Pro, Moore-O-Matic, MegaCode, Delta 3, MultiCode, Heddolf, ESP Micom, Intercontinental Dynamics, Crusader, Wayne Dalton, iDrive, Door Master, Quantum, Classic Drive, Tec Key, Martec, Monarch, Telectron and other garage door openers, and gate operators.

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How Long Coverage Lasts

This warranty begins when repairs or any installation are complete. This warranty cannot be transferred. For repairs to an existing garage door, the warranty runs from 5 years to as long as the original customer owns the repaired garage door. For a new garage door installation, the labor warranty continues for as long as the manufacturers warranty continues on the garage door. This warranty terminates if the original customer sells or no longer owns the repaired or new garage door.

Types Of Genie Garage Door Parts We Repair

Genie offers a full range of garage door openers parts and we service all of them. Their newest products feature the latest modern technology including LED lighting, wi-fi compatibility and the ability to work with state of the art Smart Home equipment. It doesnt matter what kind of Genie product you have in your garage were experienced working on their belt driven models, chain drive models, screw models, wall mount models and Smart connected devices.

Fixgaragedoors technicians are familiar with all major models of Genie garage door parts: motors and openers on the market today. We can help with belt driven models , chain drive units screw systems , wall mount units and the latest Smart technology models . Call us for help with Genie garage door parts dealers when youre dealing with the following problems:

  • Your Quietlift Connect Genie automatic garage door opener wont connect to a wi-fi
  • Smartphone enabled overhead garage door opener isnt working
  • Theres water damage to your keypad entry Genie garage door opener remote system, replacement is needed
  • The belt drive isnt functioning or needs an adjustment
  • Theres a broken link in your chain drive and you need a replacement

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Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Craftsman does not need any introduction. It is a common household brand in the U.S. that manufactures and supplies a wide number of products including power tools, gardening equipment, automotive tools, and hand tools.

Craftsmans garage door opener has a power equivalent of 1/2 HP. This is ideal for opening doors up to 7 inches tall. You can also add extension kits and operate garage doors up to 10 inches tall.

The door opener is made of high-grade flexible materials that are meant to last for a lifetime. You wont hear a thing when the door opens or closes, thanks to the belt mechanism that delivers smooth operation.

Along with the door opener, you also get safety sensors. The door will not close when something obstructs it. So, even if you unknowingly close the door when your car is moving out, the door will not close until your car is out of the way.

Craftsman offers a lifetime warranty on motor and drive, 15 years warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on accessories.

What is included in the kit?

  • 1 x Garage door opener
  • 1 x Wireless Keypad
  • 1 x Safety sensors kit
  • 1 x LCD wall control

Best Features

How Does My Garage Door Warranty Work

Fix Genie Garage Door Opener – Screw Drive Repair – Carriage Broken

With American Door Works, your garage door warranty begins the moment installation wraps. Thats because during installation, your garage door is still under the care of our technicians. When installation is complete, ownership officially transfers, and your warranty begins. Your garage door warranty most likely can be transferred, meaning if your garage comes under new ownership, the warranty is still valid.

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Garage Door Opener Manufacture Warranty

Now lets look at garage door openers and the motors which power them. Unlike the steel garage door warranties, the warranties outlined below depend on which model you own.

LiftMaster Opener Warranty

  • Motor: 4-year warranty up to lifetime warranty depending on the model
  • Mechanical Electronics aka. Board: 1- to 5-year warranty depending on the model
  • Mechanical Parts: 1- to 5-year warranty depending on the model
  • LED Lights: 1- to 5-year warranty depending on the model
  • Cameras & Batteries: 1-year warranty across all LiftMaster models

Genie Opener Warranty

*IMPORTANT: Genies openers have a 5-year warranty up to a Lifetime warranty depending on the model.

  • Screw Drive: Lifetime warranty on the drive train
  • Belt Drive: 15-year warranty on the drive train
  • Chain Drive: 5-year warranty on the drive train
  • Parts: 1-5-year warranty depending on the model

Warranties vary by make and model, especially with door openers. Be mindful that more warranty variants will be present when comparing one model to the next. Also, understand that lower-priced products will have shorter warranty coverage than their more expensive counterparts. No matter if you are looking at a steel garage door or garage door opener, always compare the manufacturers warranties.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain manufactures numerous smart home products that allow you to control your garage remotely. Almost all its garage door openers are compatible with the smart app myQ using which you can control your garage from anywhere and connect to other smart home devices.

Chamberlains garage door opener comes with interrelated myQ technology that allows you to operate it remotely. This garage door opener is quiet and durable with a steel-reinforced belt drive. It is ideal for 7 feet garage doors. But, you can also use this for 8 feet and 10 feet garage doors by using extension kits.

The garage door opener has an in-built battery backup. So, you can still use it to open your garage doors when there is a power cut. It generates a power equivalent to 1 ¼ HP using which you can lift heavy doors.

Controlling the opener is also very simple. You get 2 remotes with each having 3 buttons. You can control 3 doors using each remote. You also get a long range of 1,500 feet to control the opener. You can easily install the garage door opener as it comes with the snap-lock rail system.

Using the app myQ, you can remotely control the gate from anywhere and get real-time updates if the door opens or closes.

Chamberlain provides a lifetime warranty on motor and belt, 5 years warranty on parts, and 1-year warranty on accessories.

What is included in the kit?

  • 1 x Garage door opener
  • 1 x 7 feet rail kit
  • 1 x Safety sensors kit
  • 1 x Wall control

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Understanding Garage Door Warranties: Clopay Raynor And Garaga/mid

by Jim Murnan | Jul 28, 2022 | Clopay Garage Door, Garaga / Mid-America Garage Door, Garage Door Warranty, Genie, LiftMaster, Raynor Garage Door |

We can all agree that warranties are more complicated to understand than they should be. Whether you are trying to figure out what warranties exist on a product/service or to understand the fine print of the warranty, there must be an easier way to know your options when selecting a garage door product.

Here we are breaking down the manufacture warranties of three well-known garage door brands: Clopay, Raynor, and Garaga/Mid-America. Within these brands, we outline the warranties for garage doors and the warranties that come with a garage door motor and opener.

Safety Notices & Campaign Bulletins

Genie 2 HPC Premium Screw Drive Smart Garage Door Opener with Battery ...

Is Your Machine Up to Date?

Safety of product users is of paramount importance to Genie. Various bulletins are used by Genie to communicate important safety and product information to dealers and machine owners.

The information contained in the bulletins is tied to specific machines using the machine model and serial number. Using the above search tool , once you correctly enter your Genie machine serial number , you can view any open bulletins reference numbers relevant for that machine that require mandatory and immediate work to be undertaken.To then receive a copy of a Genie bulletin please email your bulletin reference number to:

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Is It Better To Replace The Logic Board On A Genie Opener Or Get A New Opener

The question about replacing a Genie logic board or a new opener is a difficult question to address, as

this can be a matter of choice and brand commitment. First the Genie Corporation has been in the

garage door opener business for many years and has built quality products over the years.

As of late Genie products seem to have had a number of issues with their logic boards. These issue range

from the opener losing the limits, forgetting programmed remotes and keypads and very limited range

for remotes to name the most common issues we see with Genie garage door openers. In some cases

Genie has honored the warranty and replaced the logic boards, but in others the warranty has either

expired or not honored for different reasons. As noted through multiple online boards, some people

have had to replace the logic board multiple times while others have noted that they have simply

replaced the opener with a different brand. The older Genie openers do not tend to have these same

issues with the logic boards that the newer Genies are experiencing.

We as a company do not replace Genie logic boards, we recommend replacing the opener with a

different brand opener.

We recommend Liftmaster openers to our customers, but we work on all brands of openers. We use

Liftmaster products because, in our experience, they have fewer issues than other brands on the market

and provide a better warranty on their products.

leave the decision to the home owner.

the product.

Dont Scrimp On Safety

Your Garage Door Opener controls what may be the heaviest and largest moving object in your house. A typical residential garage door can weigh up to 600 pounds. Hence, safety is crucial. However, Federal law requires all garage door openers made since 1993 include sensors to prevent doors from striking anybody who may be in its track. Automatic reverse that stops the door and lifts off any obstruction is another common safety feature. Some garage door openers rely on sensors that stop a garage door if they contact an object. While others are supplied with sensors that shoot an invisible beam of light across your garage opening. Also, it can stop and reverse the garage door if something interrupts that beam.

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Skylink Garage Door Opener

Skylink is a small yet reliable brand that sells home improvement and surveillance products. The brands product catalog includes electrical light switches, security systems, networking hubs, and garage door openers.

Skylinks garage door opener is designed for 7-inch tall doors. But, you can use it for doors up to 10 inches tall by connecting extension kits to it. You get two extension kits for controlling 8 inches and 10 inches garage doors along with this door opener.

The DC motors operate quietly and you will not hear anything when the door opens or closes.

The garage door opener starts slowly and gradually increases the speed while closing or opening the door. It also slows down before stopping. This operating mechanism reduces vibration and greatly increases the life of mechanical components.

It has a built-in 12W LED light. So, you do not have to separately install any lights. You can also get a backup battery to continue operating the door opener in case of power cuts. It is compatible with BA-100 batteries.

For controlling the door opener, you can either use the wall-mounted keypad or the 3-button keychain remote.

If there is any malfunction, you can easily troubleshoot it yourself even if you dont have any prior experience. There is a diagnostic display that shows there is a problem in the system and guides you on how to rectify it.

The garage door opener is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What is included in the kit?

  • 1 x Garage door opener

Genie Garage Door Opener

Quick Fix: Genie Garage Door Opener Won’t Reengage–Model PMX500IC/B

Genie leverages advanced technology to manufacture garage door openers that can be operated remotely using smartphone and smart home devices.

Genies garage door opener comes with integrated Aladdin Connect technology that allows you to open and close the door remotely. Besides, you can also operate the door using smart devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant. This makes the garage door opener ideal for garages attached to living spaces.

The DC motor has a power equivalent to that of 1/2 HP and can lift garage doors up to 7 inches high and 500 lbs. If you have an 8 inches door, then you can buy the extension kit separately for operating it.

You can control the door opener using the pre-programmed remotes. You get 2 remotes that are integrated with Aladdin Connect technology. Each remote has only 3 buttons making it simple to use.

The garage door opener comes with a 5-piece rail system. You just have to snap them together to install the door opener. The door opener is lightweight and you dont need any separate hardware for installation.

Genie provides a limited lifetime warranty on motor, 15 years warranty on belt, 5 years warranty on parts, and limited 1-year warranty on accessories.

What is included in the kit?

  • 1 x Smart Garage door opener
  • 2 x Remote controllers

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Genie Silentmax 1200 Garage Door Opener

Genie SilentMax 1200 is a 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener with Genies Power Plus motor. Plus means it is more powerful than a regular one and has more than enough power to open and close heavy top rated Garage Door Openers. Genie SilentMax 1000 is a slightly more powerful garage door and is relatively easy to install. It includes Genies impressive safety and security options and comes well equipped with two 3 button garage door remotes, a deluxe wall console, and a wireless entry keypad. Three things stand out with this Genie belt drive Garage Door Opener. Firstly, the Genie 3/4 hp Garage Door Opener is silent during operation. Second, this best Genie Garage Door Opener opens at 9 inches per second. Third, DC motor of this Genie 1.25-hp ultra-quiet, stealth drive belt drive Garage Door Opener with battery back-up is quiet.

Genie SilentMax 1200 Garage Door Opener

  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Durable and Reliable


  • Programming can be difficult if you use older remotes

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