Garages With Living Quarters For Sale

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What Garage Size Do You Need

Pat’s Garage w/Living Quarters

One of the first things you need to decide when choosing a metal garage is how you plan to use your building. Youll want to consider how much space youll need to be able to accommodate your vehicles and anything else youd like to keep in an enclosed structure. Its also wise to allow for extra space to include future vehicle or equipment purchases. Prefab steel garages are available at Metal Garage Central in any custom size to fit your needs. We can build any size metal garage or workshop, from a single-car garage to a building large enough to store everything from an RV to a semi-truck to a combine harvester! Not sure what size garage you need? Not a problem! Just reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists, well be happy to listen to how you want to use your building, and then we can suggest some design options that will be sure to meet your needs AND your budget!

Do It Yourself With A Metal Garage Kit

If youre looking for a more hands-on approach to the traditional metal garage, youll want to take a look at one of our premium metal garage kits. These kits come with everything you need to get your new metal garage building installed.

Heres what you can expect to find in your kit: Roof paneling Screws Engineering drawings

These kits are a great option for anyone looking to save money, but caution that buildings with living quarters are held to higher zoning standards than simple garages, and our kits do not come with a comprehensive instruction manual.

A Bed And Breakfast In A Shed

When Susan of Yorktown, VA bought this two-story shed, her plan was a Bed and Breakfast in the second floor. This Two Story Barn Shed sports a lot of space on the second floor. It features a wide-open area that could serve as a small suite for an Air BnB Guest House and would not cost a lot to get into operation. You could even create a Two Story Barn with an exterior entrance and a deck to the second floor then have a Prefab Garage with a small Apartment Space.

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Garages Semi Detached Living Bedroom Ontario

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Garages With Living Quarters

Cute garage with living quarters above it. #goldeneagleloghomes # ...

When living close to the work they love, research shows that people are generally happier and healthier than those who have to commute to their personalized workspacesand its not difficult to see why. Being just a few steps away from your garage or workshop gives you the freedom to practice your passions whenever you feel inspired and in a space all your own. Not to mention, you have the ability to create a work/life balance that makes it easy to spend time with family and friends, while achieving your personal goals on a timeline thats perfect for you. With a garage with living quarters, our clients are able to design a custom garage or workshop centered around their passions and a stunning living space to match. No matter the task, our experienced designers can help you craft a multi-use residence that perfectly suits your lifestyle and meets your needs.

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Building A Garage Apartment With Dc Builders

The same high standards that any member of the DC Builders team would have for their own custom garage apartment are the standards we hold ourselves to when working on garage with living quarters projects for our clients. For us, its about getting the job done right the first time around so we can save our customers time and money throughout the duration of their build. We are grateful for the opportunities weve been given to collaborate with clients all over the U.S., and we stand behind the quality of our products and services. Our commitment to listening to what our clients have to say about their garage with living quarters project objectives allows us to respond with unrivaled customer service. To learn more about how we can take your visions for a custom garage apartment and turn it into concrete and wooden reality, . Or, if youre ready to move forward on a garage with living quarters project now, request a free quote to get started today!

Building For The Future

Adding a garage with upstairs living quarters to your property is a big decision, and its of the utmost importance that your new structure be built with the future in mind. A garage apartment designed and assembled using the reliable building method of post-and-beam construction is a sound investment that holds up over time. If provided with proper care and upkeep over the years, these long-lasting garage apartment structures will be around long enough to pass on to future generations. A testament to their structural integrity, post-and-beam buildings are often the only structures to remain standing in the wake of a natural disaster. Aside from their durability, post-and-beam style garage apartments are highly customizable and make for beautiful open-concept interiors that are perfect for hosting or relaxing with loved ones.

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Prefab Garage With Apartment

More space. More space. And even MORE SPACE! Who doesnt want more space?

Weve maxed out our pre-fab garage product line with our colossal new Mega Garage. Absolutely the most space you can purchase in a modular, prefab garage with apartment package.

Two FULL floors of wide open space just waiting to be put to use as storage, work area, home office, garage apartment you name it!

Did we mention you can park your car, SUV or truck in the lower level of this modular garage with apartment?

  • Vinyl Siding with 1/2″ Wood Sheeting
  • 36″ Insulated House Door with Arched Glass
  • 2 Solid Steel Insulated Overhead 9×8 Doors
  • Diamond-plate Aluminum Floor Guard by Door Openings
  • Pent Roof Over Garage Doors
  • Full Wooden Staircase with Hand Rail
  • 8’6″ to 9′ Ceiling Height
  • Second Floor: 8 – 24″x36″ Insulated Windows with Screens & Shutters
  • 8′ Ceiling Height
  • 2 Arched Garden Shed Vents


  • 4×4 Pressure Treated Foundation Runners 2×4 Floor Joist – 12″ On Center with 5/8″ Smart Finish Wood Flooring
  • OR NO FLOOR OPTION: Pressure Treated 6×6 Perimeter with Steel Cormer Reinforcements
  • 2×6 Wall Studs, 16″ On Center
  • 2 – 3 1/2″ x 12″ LVLs in Center Spanning 24′ Opening
  • Second Floor: 2×6 Floor Joist, 16″ On Center
  • 5/8″ Smart Finish Wood Floor
  • 2×6 Wall Studs, 16″ On Center
  • 5 Pitch PreEngineered Trusses 24″ On Center
  • Hurricane Ties Securing Trusses to Wall
  • 8″ Eave on Gable Ends
  • 1/2″ Wood Roof Sheathing
  • 15 lb. Tar Paper on Roof
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • 23′ to Roof Peak

Metal Garage Roof Options

Steve’s Hobby Garage w/Living Quarters

The roof style you choose for your custom steel garage makes a big difference in its functionality, and roof style also has a significant impact on the final price tag. Its important to consider the weather in your area when choosing a roof for your metal garage.

  • If you live in an area that experiences heavy rain or snowfall, it is recommended that you go with a vertical roof style garage.

  • The boxed eave roof style has a peak like the vertical style, except the panels are installed horizontally. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a boxed eave roof style garage if you live in an area that doesn’t experience a lot of snow or heavy rainfall.

  • The regular roof style is the most economical choice. However, because installation of a regular roof involves the roof panels being horizontal, its only recommended that you purchase this style if you live in an area that has very little snowfall or heavy rain.

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Turn It Into A Home Brewery

If you want to make your home truly unique, why not turn your metal garage with living quarters into a home brewery? Your friends will all want to hang out at your place, and youll never have to worry about last call again! Once you get your equipment set up, youll be a home beer connoisseur in no time!

Utmost Protection To Protect Your Family

Because you and your family will be livingthere, safety is the most important consideration when purchasing a home. Well!Steel is the most durable construction material due to its high strength-to-weightratio. Furthermore, structural steel gives adequate integrity to your home,allowing it to survive harsh weather and protect your family.

To provide you with the finest possiblesecurity, we forge your metal garages with living quarters out of commercial-gradesteel.

As a result, for the best weather protectionof your possessions and family, you can rely solely on a steel garage withliving quarters.

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Two Car Garage With Apartment Space

Honestly, were not sure what Steve O from Ipswich MA was planning to do with his two-car garage building, but taking a look at the photos, it would make a lovely 2 car garage with apartment space. The large dormers and the very nice sized windows would make a lovely place for a small backyard apartment or Bed and Breakfast.

This prefab car garage was custom built in our shed and garage building facility in PA. We loaded all the parts onto a trailer and drove to MA to setup this two car garage. The blue siding on this garage was a custom color and the large windows were also a custom order.

Get started with your Apartment Garage today by requesting a Free Quote.

Flexible Payment Options For Your Steel Buildings With Living Quarters

24 Foot Rolling Garage with 14 foot Living Quarters for Sale in FOREST ...

We offer some flexible payment options to our customers so that they can own their dream building without any financial constraints.

Rent-To-Own: Our rent-to-program is specially designed for customers who cant afford the whole payment at once and dont have a good credit score. RTO doesnt require a credit check, and you can get your payment approval on the same day of application. So, order your metal home with a small upfront amount and choose the RTO program to pay back in monthly installments.

Financing: If you have a good credit score, then you can choose the Financing option. You can finance your metal building and pay it back in installments. These two options ease your financial burden and help you get your metal home even if you cant pay the building price in one shot.

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Steel Is Safe & Secure

Everything that makes our steel garages with living quarters low maintenance also makes them the safest and most secure structures available. With the ability to match any wind and snow load certification requirement in the nation, Metal Garage Central keeps you and your family safe no matter what. You will never find a more durable building.

Watch Us On Hgtvs Farmhouse Fixer

The Barn Yard is on HGTV! We were so excited to collaborate with Jonathan Knight on the HGTV show Farmhouse Fixer. Jonathan decides that a Lenox Carriage Barn would be the best for his clients in Wayland, MA, so we work together to build a post & beam barn that his clients call spectacular. Watch the full episode on HGTV and get a behind-the-scenes look in this blog post.

Tour The Barn Yards precision built and fine-tuned display of the best sheds, garages, barns, and pavilions at the Big E, right inside Gate 9. High quality construction and exacting attention to detail will amaze you.

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Beautiful Sheds And Garages That Provide Living Space

You need more Space for Life but adding onto the house will cost a fortune and a customized garage also carries a large price tag. With a Prefab Garage that includes space for an apartment, you get the storage space you need plus a place to call home. We have helped numerous customers build a space to store their vehicles along with a small apartment for living space. Here we offer ten ideas for a Prefab Shed or Garage with Apartment Space that could serve as a guest house, Air BnB, in-law quarters, or a granny pod.

Metal Houses With Nominal Maintenance

60×40 Barndominium Walkthrough/Tour (Shop House, Garage With Living Quarters)

Every homeowner is responsible for house care,which is a crucial consideration when purchasing a shed. The upkeep should beminimal so that you dont have to spend as much time and money on it.Traditional constructions are not long-lasting and are susceptible to a varietyof variables that increase the need for upkeep.

Damage-resistance and anti-rust qualities inmetal garages with living quarters keep the steel constructions intact overtime and reduce maintenance.

Steel structures cannot rust or rot, and youcan keep your shed looking good with little effort. Furthermore, unliketraditional constructions, steel garages with living quarters do not harborpests, molds, or termites and require less upkeep. As a result, if you acquirea metal garage home with living quarters, youll get the highest quality steelhouse with the least amount of maintenance.

These are some of the features of steelgarages with living quarters. As you can see, you get a one-of-a-kind designtogether with great structural advantages. Steel garage homes offer all of thenecessary qualities to resemble a persons ideal home. So, if you want agorgeous house with fantastic features, buy a metal garage with livingquarters.

Furthermore, your building will be covered bya 20-year corrosion warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-yearcraftsmanship warranty if you purchase from us. So, place your order now totake advantage of all of these benefits.

You can reach us at if you require any assistance.

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Use It As An Apartment

Are you looking to make some extra money? If so, you could use your metal garage with living quarters as an apartment. The finished living space could be rented out, while you could use the remaining space for storage or anything else you need. Thanks to the long-term affordability of steel, this is a great way to make extra money without high maintenance costs.

With Garage 2 Or More

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    Steel Buildings With Living Quarters

    Steel structures are not only for storage or parking purposes. Metal buildings have substantial features to be your home building. Many people are now choosing metal buildings as their homes. Steel buildings are strong and durable to provide you with secure housing for generations. Moreover, metal buildings look outstanding and fulfill your aesthetic appeal as well.

    There are several color options available you choose from to make your home look unique. Steel structures are the modern building solution, and you cant have the features like these with any other alternatives. So, choose your favorite building and turn it into your home.

    Steel Makes Installation Easy

    Prefab Garage Prices: Average Modular Garage Cost for Popular Models

    Metal garages are easy to install because they come prefabricated. This means that your building could be up and running within a week. This is vastly different than the time it takes to build and install a wooden building. Not only is the installation faster, but the installation can be handled by you, too. We offer premium metal garage kits that are easy as can be to put together without having an installation team!

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    Man Cave Garage With Loft Apartment Space

    This garage owner took a unique approach to create extra living space in his garage. He created two bays for cars and trucks to park and then installed a wall between the third bay area. In what could have been the third bay, the owner insulated and finished the interior.

    Although he did not create an apartment in this garage, the possibilities of doing so are endless. You could even use two of the bays for living space and one for a vehicle. This garage, along with each shed and garage on this page were custom designed and built our the Sheds Unlimited team and setup in PA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, MD, VA, DE, WV and beyond.

    What To Organize Before You Buy

    If you are keen to move forward with buying your new building, then make sure you have organized each of the following things to avoid any problems further down the line:

    The correct building permits

    each area has its own set of building requirements and regulations. Head to your local planning office to find out what is required in your area and apply in good time for your permits, so they are in place before the building starts.

    Find the best location

    if you arent completely sure where you want to build, start checking out areas and their building regulations before you decide where to go.

    Cost implications

    work out what you can afford, and factor in all potential costs into your budget, including the price of preparing the site for the installation as well as the cost of customizing specific parts of the build.

    Preparing the site

    not only will you need to clear the area and carefully level it, but you will need to lay a foundation and ensure that you are hooked up to both the gas and the electricity supplies.

    Organize your finances

    buying a new building is expensive, and many of us need additional help in the form of financing to achieve the goals. Options like rent-to-own and traditional financing are both great ways to get your property without having to pay it all upfront.

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