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Rent A Garage To Work On Car Option #: Diy Auto Mechanic Shops And Garages

Awesome Garages – BendPak SP-7X In-Ground Car Lift

A DIY auto shop or garage is one of the safest and most equipped solutions for self-servicing your vehicle. These businesses provide hourly or daily vehicle bay rentals. Some of them provide you with specialized equipment, lift assistance, and even hourly access to on-staff mechanics.

The main drawback to this solution is that there arent always DIY garages. Searching for DIY vehicle repair will help you identify a garage in your neighborhood. This should show all if there are any garages in your city or nearby.

The cost will vary depending on the length of time you rent a garage to work on car and the facilities the garage offers. The standard fees in the garages mentioned above are approximately $30 per hour, $125 per day, $360 per week, or $600 per month.

Rent A Garage To Work On Car Option #: Parking Garages

You might be able to work on your automobile in a public parking lot for a quick maintenance task like replacing your oil, spark plugs, or air filters. Always inquire if the property management or business owner will permit you to do little repairs in their parking lots. Public parking lots, such as those at auto parts stores, might not care as long as you arent engaged in any labor-intensive activities and dont create a mess or bother others.

You might be able to use the parking lot at your place of employment with your employers permission. It is up to the individual manager to decide whether to allow consumers to do this because none of the businesses, including AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and Walmart, have an internal policy that permits this.

If a store does let you park there, be mindful not to spill anything or leave anything behind out of consideration for the property manager and other customers.

Katool 8000lb Four Post Parking Lift

  • CE Certified
  • Hydraulic system: 220V/ 60HZ/ 1PH

The KATOOL 8,000lb four-post lift is a perfect accessory for a home garage. Featuring an 8,000lb capacity it can lift most vehicles. It has a simple and reliable design that is easy to set up and use. The mechanical locks automatically engage and prevent the vehicle from falling off the lift. The hydraulic motor is mounted under the runway and out of the way. The safety locks on one side make it easy to control the descent and overall the lift requires minimal patience after installation. The KATOOL 8,000lb floor lift is another decent option for your home garage and parking needs.

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Rent A Garage Workshop Near Me

We elevate your typical garage workshop. All of our workshops have free parking outside your unit, roller shutters and double doors for flexible, easy access. CCTV protection is available at all of our garage workshop sites too. Also, most of our sites have direct vehicle access or loading. If your business requires a safe garage workshop to rent, get in touch with us as soon as possible to see what we have available in your area.

Every business, whether just starting up or well-established, needs space to grow and expand into. In fact, many of the new businesses that come to us enquiring about workshop space for rent forget to consider where they will be in the near future.

Warehouses and workshops, whether renting or purchasing, are essential not just for daily business operation but also for future business development. Its impossible to predict just how much your business is going to evolve over the next few months or years, particularly if you havent been trading for too long. Renting some warehouse space is the best way to ensure that you have the room to adapt and work with whatever happens.

Can You Park A Car In A Storage Unit

Car Lift Rental

Vehicle storage rates can be very expensive, and some vehicle owners have sought secure vehicle parking storage from storage providers for both short term storage and long term arrangements.

These types of storage options are usually in the form of things like shipping containers and other easily moved secure boxes that offer enough room to comfortably park a vehicle. This makes them a lot more convenient for the storage provider than for the person seeking reliable and secure storage for their vehicle.

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Welcome To Your New Diy Garage Away From Home

Were open and here for your projects seven days a week.

We offer clean, safe, well-lit, fully equipped garage bays with or without vehicle lifts for working on cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. A workbench, compressed air, lighting, hand/air tools and equipment are included with your bay rental. We also offer rugged laptops for use at your workbench to research procedures on the internet or to use our Identifix subscription for step-by-step instructions. Were tied in with the big five local parts stores and can have parts delivered to you at your bay during your visit and well also take your waste oil, coolant and metal to be recycled so you dont have to worry about that when youre all finished.

Need to take a break and step away for a bit? Hang out in our lounge, eat some lunch, watch some TV. Our employees are well versed in many aspects of vehicle repair and will gladly lend a hand and advice to keep you on track, all at no additional charge. Come on by for the Nickel Tour and check it out, its even better than it sounds!

We created this place for many different types of people and for many different uses, but it all boils down to having a garage to work on your vehicles. Need to get your car in the air? Want to use a lift? Need a jack and jack stands? Come on in. Dont have tools and need to borrow some? Got you covered. Need some heavier-duty stuff like a hydraulic press, spring compressor or media blaster? Good to go.

Do it yourself, you know you can.

Mayflower Blacksmith Heavy Duty Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 50 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1-year

While the lift capacity of 9,000lbs is slightly less than other models reviewed here, the MayFlower Blacksmith is a perfect accessory for a home garage as it is not ALI/ANSI certified. Feature-wise it is similar to the XK USA L1000 although it has a slightly better arm reach of 28 to 42 for the front and 32 to 62 for the rear. Lift height of 72, 78 with the truck adapters is decent and equal to most of the models reviewed here. The mounting hardware is also included. For anyone needing a basic lift for a home garage on a limited budget, then this is one of the better options out there.

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How Much Might It Cost To Rent A Garage To Work On Car

Again, this will depend on the specific circumstances, so check to see if there is a DIY garage nearby first. Large downtown parking spaces can be rented for up to $150 per month, while suburban locations can be had for $50 to $100 per month. Your location is crucial, just like with any rental opportunity.

Rentable parking spaces and garages can be found all over if you know where to find one. They are accessible to locals and commuters and can be used for general storage or vehicle use. Their garages are approximately 4.9m long by 2.33m broad on the inside. Its width is 2.14 meters. These dimensions were obtained from Newtown garages.

Renting a garage will run you:

  • The cost of vehicle storage for city residents is $11 per week , or $15 per week for general storage.
  • Local residents usually pay $15 per week.
  • Businesses or non-residents: $20 per week

Renting a parking place will set you back:

  • Rent for council housing: $10 weekly
  • Local residents: $12 per week
  • Businesses or non-residents: $17 per week

How Much Can It Cost To Rent A Garage

Autostacker Parking Lift: The Car Lift For Home Garage Storage

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Again, this will be on a case-by-case basis, and youll want to first see if you have a DIY garage anywhere near you. The closest one to me was 200+ miles away in Miami Florida, but I made the trip so I could learn and be coached. Now I perform maintenance on my own, so take that as you will.

The shop I visited, Garage Yourself, charged just $30 an hour. This included a lift, tools, and oil disposal if need be. Garage Yourself also charges daily and weekly, meaning larger projects could actually stay in the facility. And if youre just looking to change your oil, and only need 40 minutes, then the place only charges $25 bucks. Granted, you have to bring your own oil and oil filter, but it still shaves a couple of bucks off a professional oil change.

However, oil changes arent the only kind of work you can do at a DIY garage.

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Chien Rong L1100 10000lb Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

Another affordable lift designed for home use, the Chien Rong L1100 has a good set of features for the money. The lift capacity of 10,000lbs is more than sufficient for most passenger vehicles and light trucks. Door guards prevent damage when exiting the vehicle. A relief valve built into the pump prevents overloading. Also, the truck extensions are included.This is not an ALI/ANSI certified lift so it is not intended for shop use. However, it is a good budget option for a home garage.

Hpdav 8800lb Four Post Parking Lift

  • Overall Dimensions: 175 x 196 x 84
  • Warranty: 1 year

The XK PP-8S is one of the most affordable four post parking lifts available. With an 8,000lb capacity, it is capable of lifting most passenger vehicles with a 70 clearance. Some of the features are a single point locking system with 10 locking positions and a relief valve to prevent overloading. It features drop trays that prevent fluids from leaking on the vehicle below. An optional caster kit can be added for extra portability and moving the lift into place. A black powder coat finish protects the body against corrosion.If you need a parking solution on budget, the XK PP-8S is one of the best choices available.

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Home Car Lift Equipment

2 reviews of Rent A Lift “I absolutely trust the guys at this shop. Do-it-yourself car workshop, you can rent our shop lift hourly rate. Neighborhood Garage.

4 Post Hoist Rolling Jack Find great deals on eBay for car lift 4 post car lift 2 post. Shop with confidence. Backyard Buddy 7,000 lb. Standard Four Post Lifts 63 inches under the platform. This top of the line 7,000 pound capacity car lift is powered by a 110V (or 220V NEW AR44018AR four post alignment truck

Bring your own tools and equipment or rent tools from us. at Self Serve Garage. Price List, Bay with Lift, Bay without Lift, Equipment, Tool Sets, Single Tool.

Our Service Godwin`s Garage is the largest vehicle rentals and leasing company in Malta with more than 400 vehicles based in Malta and its sister island of Gozo.

Car Garage Lift Home Hydraulic Garage Lifts Car lifts make working on or storing your car simple. Car lifts come in low heights for home garages and in four post and two post lifts depending on how the. Welcome to! If you are in search of motorcycle lifts, car lifts, truck lifts , 2 post lifts, or 4

Quality lawncare and snow removal parts and equipment


The Lift Garage first started as an idea stemming from recognizing that transportation is a major stumbling block to getting and keeping employment.

Diy And Maker Space Boom

Garage workshop for rent / 1250 square feet / 2 Hydraulic car lifts ...

In recent years there has been a boom in maker spaces and DIY workshops including spaces for cars and motorcycles where you can rent shop space by the hour, day, week, or month.

Many major cities have at least one dedicated DIY shop, and often available space in regular shops, or even private homes, that you can rent.

Keep your eyes peeled, as some of these rental spaces also offer automotive classes, as well as orientations that cover the proper use of the sort of tools a home mechanic isnt likely to have.

Often these are no-cost/low-cost and can get you up to speed quickly while helping you to grow your automotive repair arsenal. Most of these operations have hydraulic lifts available which make working under the car easy.

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Chien Rong Cr L2910 9000lb Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

One of the cheapest two post lifts available, the Chien Rong L2910 is perfect for a home garage. While the lift capacity of 9,000 is lower than most it can lift most passenger cars and some light trucks. With a 78 clearance there is enough space to get under most vehicles. Door guards prevent damage to the vehicle and a switch in the pump prevents overloading. It also comes with mounting hardware and truck extensions as well. While this is not an ALI/ANSI certified lift and is not intended for shop use, it is ideal for a home garage where budget is a factor.

Rent A Garage To Work On Car Option #: Contact A Friend

This could be a fantastic alternative for you to employ to fix your automobile if you have a friend who owns a garage. Using a friends garage, you can be confident you wont be bothering anyone or breaking any laws. You might offer to work on their cars if they need it if they seem a little apprehensive.

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Here At Caerphilly Mot You Can Service Your Own Car

The Caerphilly MOT Centre offers ramps for hire at competitive prices and caters for your needs with a 2-post standard ramped garage and available on request is a 4 post ramp. We are flexible with our ramps and have up to three available at any one time. You can book your car in today and if you require something else, please feel free to use our online booking tool.

Rent A Garage To Work On Car Option #: Auto Shops With Self

Portable Lift That Can Support Up to 7000 Pounds! QuickJack Car Lift – Eastwood

You could be surprised to find a self-service car shop nearby if you do a little research. It might not be as well known or convenient as some of the other possibilities. Its a special service that lets you rent a garage to work on car to fix your automobile on your own, with assistance, or have it fixed by the company. Your needs will vary depending on the service you choose, so doing your homework will be helpful.

Make sure you have a few key tools on hand if you intend to fix your automobile, whether you have a garage or not. The job youll perform probably wont be suitable for a typical toolbox.

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Storage Space For Rent

Every business comes with baggage – and storage space is a big part of ours. Whether youre tracking big deliveries or rebuilding vintage tractors, well always be as flexible as possible in helping you adapt a space to suit your storage needs. At some sites, we can even arrange for you to park a fleet of vehicles in the car park, or help you commandeer other outside space. So, whatever youre storing or shipping, we can make light work of it.

Diy Auto Repair Lift And Bay Rentals And Other Garage Spaces For Rent

What do you do when your car needs work but you have no garage space? What if your garage is too small or there just too much crap in the way, or you live in an apartment with no garage at all?

Rent a space.

You can rent space to work on your own vehicle, but unlike auto parts stores, there arent any national chains that offer rental garage space, so your options will vary depending on your location.

We explain all of your options to work on your car below from DIY auto shops and garages to more unconventional alternatives.

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Hpdmc 10000 Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1-year

Another great option for home-oriented two post lifts, the HPDMC comes with a good set of features like symmetric arms that have good reach and can access most lift points. The large rubber-padded door protector to prevent damage to the vehicle. Low profile contact pads make the HPDMC ideal for working on lowered vehicles as well. Overall, this is a basic, entry-level lift that is ideal for a home garage as it lacks the ALI/ANSI certifications for shop use. For the money, it is worth considering.

Atlas Equipment 10000lb Two Post Lift

Garage RAMP/ LIFT &  Workshop Space Available for Rent
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

One of the better home lifts is the Atlas Equipment 10,000 two post floor lift. This model is ideal for taller vehicles with a maximum lift height of 84 with the adapters, giving it one of the highest lift range of any two-post lift reviewed. A padded stop bar automatically cuts power should the vehicle be lifted too high. The drive-through width of 106 is good and gives some extra clearance for wider vehicles. A 12-piece extension set is also included and makes placing the arms easier. If you need some extra clearance this one of the better options out there and it can lift most vehicles and light trucks. However, this is not ALI/ANSI certified so it is intended more for home use.

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