Garage Storage Lift System Motorized

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For Your Bike: Rad Sportz Bicycle Hoist 4

Motorized Garage Storage Lift Build

Do you need somewhere to store your bikes during the off-season? The RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist 4-Pack will do it for the entire family. You will not have to worry about your bikes taking up space or getting damaged within the hustle and bustle of the space. And for such a simple solution, it comes with an easy price point that you will love and appreciate.

It will mount directly to your ceiling to keep your bikes lifted and safe. And it allows you to lift up to 100 pounds without issue. The model includes safety locks for ease of mind as well.


Overhead Garage Storage Insights

Steel Construction: Made with 10 gauge steel they are durable, sturdy and safe year around.

Affordable: When it comes down to savings and quality storage our overhead storage is the answer.

Quick Installation: Overhead racks are put up securely and in a timely manner that will provide the best use of your ceiling space.

Safety: Your car is an investment, with gear overhead you may worry about falling items. Not to worry we have engineered our overhead racks with four mounting locations that attach to trusses and walls giving you peace of mind and more storage space.

2-Inch Lip: All of our overhead storage comes with a 2-in lip so you can rest assured what goes on the rack stays on the rack. Just one more way Garage Gem is looking out for your safety.

You won’t find a better way to safely store your long-term storage items. Give us a call today and get started on your overhead storage in Treasure Coast! Garage Gem has taken garage storage overhead.

It’s your life.

Motorized Overhead Storage Racks

Do you need overhead garage storage but do not want to climb on a ladder? The ONRAX Ascension series is a motorized overhead storage rack that enables the platform be lowered with the touch of a button. You can then easily load or unload the storage rack and return it to the ceiling where it is out of the way.

The ONRAX Ascension series utilizes a wall mount push button station with keyed lockout to prevent unauthorized use. The super duty seat belt webbing provides exceptional strength and smooth travel. Safety netting is provided on all 4 sides to help keep your items on the rack when moving and stored.

  • Wall mounted control box with keyed lockout
  • Wireless Remote Control units now available!
  • 400 pound capacity
  • Powder coated steel frame, decking and mounting brackets
  • Super duty seat belt webbing with 1500# break strength per corner
  • Real netting for all four sides
  • Lowers all the way to the floor and can be stopped at any level
  • Accommodates ceiling up to 16 ft.
  • Requires a minimum of 29 clearance
  • Four point lift system ensure platform stability
  • Everything included for installation

The ONRAX Ascension series uses seat belt webbing to raise and lower the platform. This allows the platform to rest on the ground for loading and still travel smoothly when being raised. It ensures proper spooling to keep the platform level and avoids sudden jumps that can arise from cables spooling unevenly.

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Items The Lift System Can Lift Includes :

  • Bikes
    • Push Button Wired Controller
    • Ceiling Mount with Channel Plate
    • Adjustable 6 9 Lift Bar
    • 8 Bike Storage Hooks
    • Keyed controller for security and safety

Order Confirmation:

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail. If your item are available for immediate shipment , we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.

Order Shipment:

We are a family owned business that makes focus on the customer our priority every day.

Sincerely your friends in the storage business,

Jonathan and Oriana

Overhead Garage Storage In Calgary

Garage Gator Electric Motorized Storage Lift System  Madison Art ...

With the end of winter approaching, many people will be taking advantage of spring cleaning to tidy up homes and garages. Make yours better this year with an ideal garage storage lift in your home whether you live in an old house in Ramsay or Sunnyside, or a brand-new space in Belmont or Bearspaw, youll wonder how you ever lived without one!

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Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

Power Garage Storage Lifts

Is your garage piling up with extra boxes and clutter? Are you frustrated by the fact that you can never seem to find enough storage space or make use of what you already have? VersaLift Systems makes a product that helps de-clutter major areas of your home. We manufacture the VersaLift 24 and 32these are motorized attic lifts that operate at the touch of a button. Our garage storage elevators allow you to conveniently, easily, and quickly move multiple boxes and large items to and from your attic. Gone are the days of needing to set up a ladder and preciously haul heavy items to another floor of your houselet our garage storage elevator handle it for you! Our motorized attic lift comes in two different sizes to offer flexibility for various homes and facilities. Check out our customer testimonial videos here, or fill out our contact form to get in touch!

Pro Tip: Mount The Shelf To The Carriage

  • A lesson I learned from making the prototype was that the shelf cant slide straight up into position the mounting blocks on the back of the shelf wont clear the bottom of the cabinet.
  • With my helper on the other side, we swung the rails out just enough to guide the wheels into them.
  • Once the shelf was lifted high enough, we swung it back in. While my helper kept it steady, I lined up the bolt holes to the actuator carriage.

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Use Tape To Told The Bracket

  • With the actuator bolted to the shelf, slide the shelf and cabinet together so the included T-bracket touches the cabinet top.
  • Pro Tip: Double-sided tape on the T-bracket kept it perfectly positioned while I removed the clevis pin and got the actuator out of the way.
  • Use 3/4-in. screws to finish the job.
  • What Is Special About This Product

    The Smartest Motorized Ceiling Rack | Garage Storage Lift By Gorgeous Garage

    The Auxx-lift was designed to provide maximum storage, safety, convenience and a strikingly attractive design. We also eliminated the shortcomings of similar storage products such as an unclean design, inaccessibility, low-quality components and safety issues.

    We added extra features such as a wireless remote, three extra support beams and redundant safety features not found on competitor’s and we use a superior and strong storage platform, C-channel beams and wire mesh decking. The lift also has numerous ceiling connections at each support for added strength.

    It is an attractive safe, economical and convenient overhead storage solution

    The maximum strength and durability and industrial quality design make it stand out as well.

    It has an adjustable height for greater convenience and a wide range of storage options

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    Easy Diy Garage Storage Lift

    Settling into our new home we wondered how we could safely access the spacious storage area over the garage. Climbing up and down a ladder attempting to lug bins and boxes while keep my balance is not what we considered safe.

    Searching the internet for a solution we discovered Versalift. So glad we did. The unit arrived in days. Since the unit comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions with illustrated drawings, I decided to install it myself.

    The installation was relatively easy, which I was able to accomplish in a matter of hours.

    Now, the Versalift safely takes everything we need in or out of the attic. Without a doubt Versalift is the safest and most convenient way to maximize the storage area over our garage.

    Versalift has our wholehearted endorsement for we are completely satisfied customers.

    Gary & Sue Keisling

    A Motorized Storage Lift Eases The Garage Organization Process

    A Motorized Storage Lift from Garage Attics of Raleigh, NC Will Make Your Overhead Storage as Easy as Pushing a Button

    Most of your belongings can be raised onto your loft by hand via a ladder, access portals or pull down stairs, but these methods can be somewhat limiting in regards to bulkier and heavier items. A motorized storage lift is an ideal option that allows you to easily utilize your new garage attic storage space for all of your things regardless of their size or weight.

    Why risk hurting your back by hauling large and heavy items onto your new Garage Attic by hand when a lift can raise loads of up to 200 pounds in about 15 seconds on its sturdy platform. You also wont have to worry about dropping and damaging fragile items. With a motorized lift, you can safely and securely hoist your storage items onto your new overhead garage storage loft.

    A motorized storage lift can be used to effortlessly move bulky loads onto your new Garage Attic Storage Loft

    It is really as simple as pushing a button. Just load your belongings onto the platform, push the button and a few seconds later your items will be raised up onto the loft. Think of all the time youll save by reducing the number of trips needed up and down a ladder or pull down stairs.

    Getting things down off of your garage attic will also be much easier. Just load your items onto the platform and push the button to lower them down. A motorized storage lift is the perfect accompaniment for any garage attic loft.

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    For More Space: Partsam Electric Hoist Lift With Crane

    It is now time to take a quick look at Partsam Electric Hoist Lift with Crane. One of the most durable on the list, its wire ropes, and electric setting makes it a breeze to use and provides ease of mind as well. It is remote control powered, easy to install, and will lift up to 440 pounds!

    There are lifting slings that come included and are perfect for helping with your storage needs. Take a peek at the customer reviews for this one and snag some ideas on usage honestly, everyone loves how simple it is to use and install, especially for the affordable price.


    Garage Gator Motorized Bike Lift Gg8220 Overhead Storage 220 Lbs

    Top 25 of Motorized Overhead Garage Storage Systems ...

    Benefits of the Garage Gator GG8220:

    • Allows you to maximize your valuable floor space.
    • Motorized unit makes overhead storage as easy as touching a button.
    • Store seasonal items up and out of the way when not in use.
    • Keyed controller for security and safety

    The GG8220 is an overhead bike garage storage motorized system that will lift up to 220 lbs. Our garage storage lift bar system is designed to lift up to 8 bikes, kayaks or canoes, or any combination of other items up of the garage floor. Simply connect items to the bar and press a button to lift and store them up off the garage floor.

    Once installed you will no longer need to lift items over your head or use a ladder to climb up to put things away. The garage gator lift bar lowers to ground level allowing you to attach your bikes or other items to the bar, then lift the cables, and your belongings, back up to the overhead space in your garage. This makes overhead garage bike storage safer and easier than it has ever been before and eliminates garage floor clutter. The garage overhead storage unit will not work without the key thus preventing any unwanted access, making garage gator not only convenient but safe and secure.

    Optimize the overhead space of your garage by turning the unused overhead space into a garage bike storage area.

    Add organization and storage space to your garage easily and affordably with a Garage Gator Lift System!

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    Simple Spacer For The Wheel Tracks

    • With the curved side of the wheel track facing the front of the cabinet, slide the track over the wheels.
    • Pro Tip: Use a strip of 3/4-in. plywood as a spacer to make sure it runs parallel to the front of the cabinet
  • Then put one 3/4-in. screw near the top, one in the middle and one near the bottom of the track.
  • More will go in, but only after its hung on the wall.
  • `x4` Garage Storage Rack Mounted Motorized Electric Hoist Shelves Ceiling Shelf

    • 250 Lbs Motorized Storage Organize Your Garage With The Motorized Garage 250 Lb. Electric
    • Motorized Storage Lift System Which Holds Up To 250 Lbs. store Your Bikes Golf Clubs
    • Tires Ladders Tools Sports Equipment And Many Other Things That Take Up Space On The
    • Garage Floor. Steel Hook Bar And Metal Construction Provides Durability Included Easy Control
    • Switch Ul Motor Lifiting Speed: .8m/second Hardware Included For Easy Installation Holds

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    Assemble The Shelf And Cabinet

    • Cut and label all the parts, then assemble the shelf.
    • The cabinet isn’t completely assembled yet. The bulkhead is added in Step 9, and the back is the last part to be attached, in Step 10.
    • Pro Tip: I assembled my project with glue, brad nails and pocket hole screws to maximize its strength. Even if you dont have a pocket hole jig, I suggest using a combination of glue and screws. This shelf needs to be strong.

    Harken Truck Hardtop Garage Storage Hoist

    Garage Ceiling Storage — DIY electric retractable pulley system

    It is time for another peek at another design, and this time it is the HARKEN Truck Hardtop Garage Storage Hoist. For those that have the luxury of a hardtop for their truck, you may want to check out this storage solution. These car additions can really take up a lot of usable space inside your garage, that is where the hoist comes in handy.

    You only need one person to get it working, it is easier than you may think to install, and included self-locking mechanics for ease of mind. It is also simple to use with its even lifting and loading. Finally, the construction is all about durability and comes with a stainless steel foundation.


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    What To Look For When Buying Lifts For The Garage

    There are a few different areas you should be mindful of when you begin your garage storage lift/hoist search. Know your needs and what you plan to store before shopping, and then check out these categories before you purchase!

    Size & Capacity:

    Of course, you should have this in mind when buying. Knowing what you need to store will help you find your perfect match. Make sure you buy a system that will fit nicely into your garage and not take up too much space or get in the way of garage door operation. You also want to make sure your garage ceiling can withstand the installation lightweight models do exist!

    Materials Needed & Installation:

    Do you have a preference for what youd like your lift to be made of? Plastic is an option, but so is stainless steel. This dictates the price, the lifespan, and the durability depending on the items that you plan on storing inside. The most population construction materials are steels and metals because its strong enough to support larger items .

    Choosing A Lift For Garage Storage

    Before we get into details, its worth discussing how you can go about choosing a proper overhead storage lift for your garage. There are plenty of options that depend on lifestyle, layout, and physical properties, so you should ask yourself questions like:

    • How much weight does the lift/hoist need to hold?
    • How big is the area you want to be clear?
    • What are the dimensions of the things youre storing?
    • Can you ensure that your garage can support weights hanging from the ceiling?
    • How accessible does it need to be?
    • Will the option you choose suit the overall design of your garage interior?

    These are some of the most important things to consider, but every situation is different. When youre looking for the best garage ceiling storage hoists for your home, its worth getting a professional consultation to make sure it turns out the way you want.

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    Overhead Garage Storage Los Angeles Families Love

    Most garages are full of untapped potential storage space. Our overhead garage storage in Los Angeles takes advantage of all your garages unused ceiling space to store and organize a large number of items up out of the way.

    • // The Most Efficient Way Overhead racks are perfect for storing less frequently used items up out of the way, creating more floor space below for daily or more frequently used items.
    • // Safe Storage Each steel, powder-coated overhead rack is mounted into trusses at 4 mounting points. This allows for the safe, secure storage of hundreds of pounds overhead.


    Ive always been into carpentry and projects but never had a good place to complete them. I got some new cabinets installed wRead more

    Thank you Jay! I am very happy with my install!All the best to you

    Motorized Overhead Garage Storage

    How Beneficial Is A Garage Lift System For Your Home Or Business

    Our motorized overhead garage storage systems allow you to reclaim control of clutter with the touch of a button. Our motorized overhead storage series utilizes a wall mount push button station with keyed lockout to prevent unauthorized use. Lower the platform with the touch of a button and easily load or unload the storage rack and return it to the ceiling where it is out of the way. And because safety is always our top priority, our motorized overhead storage racks use 1500 lb. break strength seat belt straps, high-quality side netting, and enclosed bearing pulley wheels for a smooth and stable lift regardless of the weight and how its distributed.

    • 4-point lift system for platform stability
    • Up to 400lbs
    • 110v electric motor with safety brake
    • Heavy-duty side netting
    • Ceiling height up to 16′
    • Available in white and gunmetal gray
    • Wireless remote
    • Your Tailored Living designer can help you select the cabinetry style by matching the existing décor or creating a uniquely styled space.

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