Garage Storage For Sports Equipment

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Storage In Richmond Hill Ontario

How To: Store Sports Gear

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Dont Forget To Dry Out Your Athletic Gear

Allowing your familys sweaty athletic gear to dry out after being worn is essential for hygiene reasons and to prolong the life of the equipment.

No one wants their kid to be the one on the team other players avoid because their equipment smells so funky!

A standalone equipment drying rack in the garage will work, but using specialized wall hanging accessories will keep your garage floor free for car parking and other uses.

A mudroom is another ideal space for some of your sports equipment storage and drying-out needs.

Dont hesitate to use a fan to speed up the drying process if items are particularly damp and need to be worn again the next day.

Clothing Bin Storage Ideas

My Promaster van has bulkhead storage over the cab and I use bins to store socks, underwear, hats, gloves, sunscreen, washcloths, and bug spray in this convenient overhead storage.

If you have a lot of clothing, I recommend switching out your seasonal wardrobe when you dont need immediate access to it. Keep your winter clothing in the garage or behind/under things you need more readily available like sports equipment for the summer and vice versa.

Hot tip: Some folks like to use vacuum bags to maximize space, but beware, those suckers can pop while driving over mountain passes in high altitude!

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How To Choose Sports Equipment Storage Or Organizer

This section outlines key characteristics you should look for when getting a new equipment organizer.


Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when picking out a sports organizer is your available space. There are many models to pick from, and you dont want to get something thats too big or too small. Always measure your space first and then get one that fits it.


You want your organizer to be tough. Throwing or tossing gear into it will eventually cause some wear. Strong metals, including ones covered with felt or soft materials, do not have such issues. Remember, such options are especially important if you want to keep your gear outside.


Its important to know what youll be storing before getting an organizer. That way, youll know how many compartments to get. If you only have a few larger items, you can get away with one or two big compartments. If you have several smaller items, go with multiple pockets.

Best Value Storage Rentals

Jubao Sports Rack Organizer for Garage, Sports Gear Storage with ...

The storage units for rent at Stop N Stor are competitively priced, offering the best value in Georgia storage unit rentals. With clean and convenient facilities, our tenants appreciate our professionalism and dedication to affordability. We offer flexible month-to-month lease terms and discounts are available to members of the military.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to store with Stop N Stor. Visit our individual location pages to learn more about self storage in Hinesville, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Richmond Hill and Savannah, GA, as well as Bluffton, SC.

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Pegboard For Garage Storage

Pegboards are a genius way to organize your storage for anything, including sports equipment. Buy a board and dedicate it to sports equipment. The sports equipment will look like trophies hanging in your garage. Make sure to get some strong garage hooks for the pegboard on which everything will hang. You can even mount some baskets or brackets to hang anything, from your bike to that pail of tennis balls and tennis rackets.

For garage storage, a pegboard is a genius idea! Add hooks for helmets, baskets for smaller balls, and a pallet bat stand for those baseball bats and hockey sticks.

Maintenance And Cleaning Supplies Storage Ideas

Living in a small space means you clean often and will want to have cleaning supplies on hand. Wipes, spray bottles, rags, and other supplies are stored under my sink area, along with my paper towels, so I can grab everything Ill need to clean up a mess at once.

A shower caddy is a great way to create portable storage so you can store the cleaning supplies in your bathroom and move them when you need them.

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Chalkboard Schedule Near Sports Equipment Storage

And a bonus tip for keeping parents organized: Put a chalkboard schedule near your sports equipment storage area to keep track of the kids games and practices. The schedule will help you know which sports equipment to bring out of hiding or which are nowhere near use and need to go to the attic to clear up space.

Wire Basket For Outdoor Storage

DIY Garage Storage: Sporting Goods Catch-All | Zillow

You lack a garage, or maybe you simply dont have space for your sports equipment inside the house. Worry not, take some appropriately sized baskets and hung them on your outer walls somewhere away from direct sunlight or itchy fingers.

I would recommend this hack for the equipment you use quite often. The equipment that you rarely use may not be able to stand the weather outside for long stretches of time waiting for you to use them, sinf indoor storage for those.

Attach baskets to the back of the shed door for balls and gloves. What a great idea for those who dont have a garage! Want the kids to confine their equipment to their bedrooms? A wire basket holds a lot, and it provides some decor for the room, too.

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Moving Services In Richmond Hill

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Option : Garage Adjustable Shelving

Custom adjustable shelving coated with a ¾-inch thermo-fused laminate will ensure durability and stability. This option offers you the capability of maximizing your garage space and incorporating a variety of bins and baskets to efficiently arrange smaller items for sports like:

  • Running and walking. Shoes and other sports cleats can be stored very nicely on adjustable shelving units. Things like headsets, iPods, AirPods, earphones, and sunglasses, and water bottles can be placed in individual bins on shelves.
  • Swimming and snorkeling equipment. Floaties, arm floaties, water toys and tubes, water balls, and snorkeling gear can be organized neatly on adjustable shelves. Essentials like sunscreen, goggles, and earplugs can be placed in small chrome bins.
  • Skateboarding, ice and roller skating, and hockey. Skateboards, roller and ice skates, knee pads, helmets, and more can be stored on upper shelving areas.

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Sports Equipment Storage For Your Garage: A Complete Guide

The parents of kids who keep active with sports know the struggle of trying to keep their garage floors free from the untidiness that sports gear can cause.

Leaning bikes, loose balls, discarded elbow and knee pads, athletic cleats scattered across the floorit never ends.

Its unfortunate because garages are the perfect room in your home for all of your sports equipment storage needs.

The garage is commonly the last part of the house youre in before driving your kids off to their game or practice.

And it provides a spacious, centralized storage area for all of your familys athletic gear, which is better than having it scattered throughout the house.

Ditch Or Donate Outgrown And Worn garage sports equipment storage

Its common sense and a simple, fundamental organizing principle that having less things to store makes organization easier.

Garages across North America contain a lot of worn-out athletic gear that isnt getting used. Kids will sometimes outgrow their sports gear in less than a year.

These things arent just needlessly occupying valuable garage space, they could be of great use to someone else, including the less fortunate.

Start your cleanup effort by donating old items that still have some life left in them to any charity that recycles old sports gear.

Another option is to sell your old gear to a used sporting goods retailer like Play It Again Sports.

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Mdesign Sports Storage Rack With Front Pockets

Once youve sorted through what you have, Heyman says to group similar items together: This way you will be able to locate equipment easily and will not have to hunt around. If you need a more articulated storage solution to keep things like baseball bats and lacrosse sticks separate from balls, this rolling cart has two sections and front pocket storage.

Sports Equipment Ball Storage Rack For Garage

SPORTS EQUIPMENT ORGANIZER: the ultimate storage solution for all your sporting equipment, balls, yard games, pool noodles, bike accessories, etc. The…

The BirdRock Home Sports Equipment Organizer is the ultimate storage solution for all your sporting equipment, balls, yard games, pool noodles, bike a…

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Mygift Metal Rolling Multi Sports Unit

  • Key Features: Unique grid design. Closing cage can be locked for more security. Sturdy wheels. Durable and well-made.
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 35 x 31.5 inches 27.7 Pounds
  • Compartments: Single

There are many sports organizers out on the market, but if you need a cart nothing will give you better results than the MyGift Metal Rolling Mult Sports Unit. This item is a single large bin thats well-made, reliable, and easy to use. The matte black metal is sturdy as well.

The other reason this works so well is the versatility. It sits up on large, chunky wheels that allow you to freely move it to where you need it to be. Thats then backed up by sturdy casters as well as a fully lockable lid that can be used as an additional layer of security.

The biggest drawback to the full cart design is that it doesnt give you any organization options. Rather, its one large bin that you put everything into. That works well if you only have larger balls or gear, but those who want more specialization will likely need additional compartments.

  • Best for: Lightweight
  • Key Features: Lightweight and mobile. Easy care, extra-large fabric bins. Powder coated metal frame. Multiple storage options.
  • Dimensions: 31.49 x 35.23 x 15.35 inches
  • Weight: 6.34 pounds
  • Material: Polyester

Large Laundry Basket For Sports Equipment Storage

SPORTS EQUIPMENT | Storage and Organization Solutions

This may seem pretty obvious, but getting a large laundry basket and throwing all the sports gear in is a simple and clean way to make sure they dont spill out of the closet and into your peace of mind.

If you keep your kids sports equipment in a closet, a large laundry basket is a great way to wrangle all those balls and racquets. What I liked most about this idea was the simple elegance of it, laundry baskets are cheap and they can accommodate a lot of athletic equipment.

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Kitchen Camper Van Storage Ideas

Because I love to cook, I thought I needed more gadgets and utensils for my campervan kitchen than I really do. You can do a lot with a little if you have multi-use tools in your van. For example, your milk frother for your coffee can double as a whisk for scrambled eggs!

Over the past couple years, Ive pared down my kitchen setup, and now I cook fairly elaborate meals with just one pan. Yep, I only own one pan now! Its large enough to boil pasta, make a stir fry, or whip up a hearty vegetarian soup.

Nested and expandable cookware and storage containers can fit into a limited space when not in use. Using a set like this could transform your entire space!

A fruit and vegetable hammock is one way to add some design flair and function to your campervan kitchen. When parked, this option keeps fruits and vegetables secure and visible so you dont forget them, but be sure to take it down before driving or youll be eating bruised bananas and dodging flying fruits!

Paper towels come in handy to clean up messes, but they can take up a lot of counter space. Install a paper towel holder inside a cupboard or attach one to the outside of an overhead cabinet so they are still easy to access and give you enough space to cook or work on the countertop.

Quality Garage Storage Systems For Every Sport

While you may not have attended hundreds of consecutive basketball or football games in your lifetime, you may have a garage full of sports equipment in need of organizing.

To customize your garage storage for sports equipment is to open up a whole new world of entertainment and activity for you, your kids, and your family. You could even put a small pantry in your garage for snacks and sports drinks.

DIY is one option, but a professional custom designer and manufacturer can offer you the support and expertise you need to bring your garage storage to life exactly as you envision itquality guaranteed

At Closet America, all of our garage storage systems and features are hand-crafted to order and built to last. No matter what sports youre into, we can help you figure out how to organize your equipmentand keep it organizedfor years to come.Contact us to learn more, or schedule a free design consultation today.

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Add A Slatwall Storage System

Once youve pared down your collection of sports equipment, its time to choose the best way to store everything.

The choice is actually quite simple nothing else matches what a slatwall storage system offers. The key to keeping a garage floor clutter-free is to make use of the available storage space on your walls.

Slatwall panels accomplish this by giving you wall-to-wall storage possibilities using a variety of hanging accessories. Set up zones that keep your sports gear, yard tools, and other items separated and tidy.

This maximizes storage space, keeps things securely in place, and optimizes your garages organization capabilities so everything is easy to find.

Garage Living carries many types of slatwall accessories to accommodate your garage storage needs, including our LINEA line of premium garage wall organization accessories.

BEFORE: This garage was using repurposed kitchen cabinets with mismatched colors. Underutilizing the walls for storage led to floor clutter.

AFTER: The garage makeover included a new floor coating and slatwall and cabinetry were installed for easy-to-manage storage. Floor clutter be gone!

Bike Lane Products Bicycle Hoist

Keep sports gear organized and garage floors clear! Perfect for balls ...

Equipment-specific organizers come in different styles, so there are lots of options when it comes to bike storage. This ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist can hold up to 100 pounds and has a safety lock mechanism to ensure that the bike isnt accidentally released. Two sets of rubber-coated hooks latch under the bikes seat and handlebars, and the pulley system hoists the bike and locks it in place.

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Adiroffice Large School Locker

We dont often think of them for use outside of schools and gyms, but lockers are another way to store sporting goods. Lockers are such a great storage option for exercise gear, Driskill says. If the cost of buying a new locker is prohibitive, she suggests looking for used ones on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Pails For Balls Storage

Put your balls in a pail and hang it up on your pegboard or stick the pail in a corner away from human traffic. You will always know where all your balls are and you wont have to worry about tripping over them as you go about your business in the garage.

Attach pails to the pegboard to hold small balls like tennis balls and baseballs.

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Danton Baseball Bat And Ball Wall

If a piece of sporting equipment exists, theres a good chance a storage solution designed specifically with it in mind also exists. If, after taking Heymans advice and sorting through your sports gear before deciding on an organizing solution, you find yourself with a lot of one type of thing, like baseball bats, its worth looking for organizers made just for them.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.

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