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5 Garage Shop Cabinets for Ultimate DIY Storage

Finding storage furniture solutions that match your existing home décor can be a challenge. Big Lots carries a wide variety of furniture products that will look great in your home, match your existing furniture and accents, and provide the added benefit of storage for each room. Shop our selection of cubical storage, shelving, cabinets, carts and more. You can find many of these products at your local Big Lots store, or shop online to see the full catalog. Buy online and either pick up in store or have your storage furniture purchases shipped to your home free on orders over $59.

Dont Buy A Cabinet Which Doesnt Have A Back Panel

Heres a dirty little secret Im going to share with you, but you need to promise not to tell anyone.

Many home organization companies who sell garage cabinetry sell the exact same product they use INSIDE your home for the garage. And as you know, the temperatures and humidity in your garage are just a little different than your climate-controlled home. And as a matter of fact, these garage organization companies dont sell a complete garage cabinet box either. They sell a system of shared support panels and thinner shelving .

And while this system is perfectly fine in your closet , the environment of the garage is much more rugged. OK, Im being P.C. when I say that! Some of the stuff stored in your garage is downright nasty.

In the garage DO NOT settle for an inside organization system which isnt a complete cabinet and doesnt have back panels. Sure theyre cheaper. However, they wont stand up as well to the rigors of how your family lovingly uses the garage. And you wont be lovin looking inside your cabinet doors a few years later. Be prepared for nicked-up, dirty interior walls you can only try to repaint when you get the time

Insist on quality cabinet boxes with full back panels. You can clean them. Theyll still look nice years down the road.

Do Insist On Easy To Adjust Shelves

Hey if youre like me, when its not easy to move shelves up and down these shelves are going to stay EXACTLY where they are for the rest of their lives .

Simple adjustability in garage cabinet shelving is critical to effectively store and eliminate wasted space. And if your shelves as are immovable as your teenage daughters scary tastes in boyfriends, you know youll have wasted space.

Make sure your garage cabinet shelves can easily be moved up and down BEFORE you fork over your cash.

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The 7 Best Cabinets For Your Garage

Posted by Support GDN on October 09, 2020

Storage space is a luxury that some of us dont have a lot of, and the garage space can be a great opportunity to make room for everything thats lying around the garage floor or inside your home. With that being said, if youre looking for some options for garage storage, then there are some great garage cabinets available online for you to take advantage of.

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Seville Classics UltraHD Full Door Storage Cabinet

To purchase a good kitchen pantry cabinet, you need to keep a few factors in mind.

  • Quality: Products manufactured with high-quality wood and fiber tend to last long. You may also choose a cabinet that has a waterproof finish to increase its durability.
  • Size: An ideal kitchen cabinet should lodge the required accessories and not take up much space. Before placing an order, measure the floor and confirm its place in the kitchen to avoid relocations.
  • Storage capacity: Consider kitchen food pantry cabinets that have many shelves and drawers. Look for those with adjustable shelves so that you could adjust the height of the shelves as per your convenience. Cabinets with frosted glass doors are great for displaying and storing accessories.
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    Its Just A Box With Closet Doors

    Family Handyman

    Dont let the size of this sliding cabinet doors DIY project fool you. The cabinet is just a basic box: nothing more than simple framing covered with plywood. Installing the doors is exactly like installing sliding closet doors. You only need inexpensive hollow-core doors and sliding door hardware.

    Custom Details Make Your Garage Stand Out

    Every custom garage that we build is designed with our clients preferences in mind. This means that when you choose your custom garage cabinets, youll get the configuration, style and finish that are right for you.

    Some of the high-quality details that go into each and every one of our garage cabinet systems include:

    • Beautiful melamine coatings that are stain-resistant and resist bending, warping and chipping.
    • Thick shelves that can bear loads of 100 lbs each.
    • Full backings, so you wont have to worry about losing items behind your cabinets.
    • Suspension off the ground your garage wall cabinets leave plenty of clearance for you to clean underneath.
    • Steel hardware for durability.
    • A wide variety of finishes.

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    Craftsman Garage Cabinet Review Value

    For a cabinet this size, and so well made, I was pretty blown away at the price. Since Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman name, these cabinets are available at Lowes for around $260. Considering the quality of materials, fasteners, fit, and finish, this is a fantastic deal. Most other cabinets around this same size, in the same class, go for well over the $300 mark. So for the price, it is very hard to beat the Craftsman. Its also very noteworthy that the cabinet is Made in the USA, with global materials. My guess on this is that even though the steel is sourced from outside of the US, all of the bending, drilling, and painting is done here in the states.

    Man Caves For Work And Play

    Sliding-door garage storage cabinet. Easy woodworking project to organize your shop.

    Who says a garage has to house only cars and tools? We specialize in transforming your garage into a craft room, home gym, playroom, or the ultimate man cave. Our designers work with you to determine the best built-in shelves and cabinets for your gym equipment, pool cues, or home bar. We also offer overhead storage, organizers for the walls, and racks for sports equipment, not to mention a full line of flooring options that give your garage floor a sleek appearance while being slip resistant and easy to clean.

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    Taking Garage Organization To The Next Level

    PremierGarage® is your premium total garage optimization partner committed to providing innovative, high-quality solutions – all customized for your home or business. We listen and partner closely with you to increase the functionality, flexibility and design of your space so you feel unburdened and empowered by your garage. Our designers are local garage experts backed by the strength of a proven national brand. We have completed over 75,000 installations throughout the USA and Canada and are considered the #1 leader in garage organization.

    So How Can We Help You Make Better Garage Cabinet And Shelving Choices

    Given the sheer size of your garage , the opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of storage through cabinetry and workbenches has never been greater .

    However, as you can see from this article not all garage cabinets and workbenches are created equal. There are smart options, and not so smart ideas . And while these points may be helpful to you they dont necessarily address YOUR specific storage needs and how to maximize YOUR space. But heres the good news.

    If youre in Columbus Ohio and want someone to create a garage storage plan one of our garage designers would be happy to not only measure your space , but give you a Free 3D garage cabinetry design as well.

    And if youre saying, Hey Mike I dont live in Columbus Ohio, I can still help you. I have a network of friends in the garage storage system business across the country I can refer you to as well.

    Now, isnt it time to see how quality garage cabinets can help you?

    If you need help with garage storage in Columbus Ohio, and want a Free 3D garage design call 614-545-6888 or read more on our garage design blog.

    Thanks for reading and putting up with my wacky humor.


    If youd like more information on garage, pantry, entryway or custom closet design follow me on LinkedIn .

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    Tennsco J2478subk Assembled Jumbo Steel Storage Cabinet

    With extra large capacity, this Tennsco Assembled Jumbo Steel Storage Cabinet is great for those who need a lot of storage space. The heavy-gauge welded steel makes this a sturdy cabinet that will hold a lot of equipment and tools within it. Four adjustable shelves that hold a staggering 400 lbs each and heavy-duty leaf hinges show that this storage cabinet is durable. Its one that will certainly be appreciated by those who invest heavily in their garden and home equipment.

    It includes two brushed chrome handles and one that locks both of the doors for security. They open very easily and close easily, too, making it a versatile storage unit for any user. A raised cabinet base with integrated levelers can make this very useful for those garage floors that arent quite evenly flattened.


    • Extra large capacity for those who have a lot of things needed for storage. Much more space than most standard cabinets.
    • Heavy-gauge welded steel made for durability and long-lasting use.
    • Adjustable shelves that can support up to 400 lbs each.
    • Heavy-duty leaf hinges with a three-point locking system. Great for those who want added security.
    • Two brushed chrome handles making it easy for opening and closing.
    • Dimensions 48 W x 24 D x 78 H



    Craftsman Garage Cabinet Review

    Craft Storage Cabinet With Doors And Shelves, 5

    As many people know Craftsman went through some major changes in 2018 with their relaunch under the Stanley Black and Decker ownership. They set out to revamp a lot of their hand tool and power tool lines and they certainly did. What most dont know is that Craftsman still has a tremendous newer line of tool and garage storage solutions. We took a look at the Craftsman VersaTrack System that was a really creative take on garage storage and organization. Taking a look into the Craftsman storage solutions, specifically, the Craftsman Freestanding Garage Cabinet may be a big difference maker for your shop and can save you some serious coin. Lets look at the Craftsman Garage Cabinet Review and see how this storage solution stacks up.

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    Fasten The Base To The Wall

    Family Handyman

    The most critical part of the project is getting the base square, level and straight before you screw it to the wall. If your wall is bowed , youll have to shim behind the frame before bolting it to the wall.

    Start by snapping a level chalk line on the wall to indicate the top of the lower frame. We positioned our cabinet about 24 in. above the floor. Next, use a stud finder to locate and mark the studs. Cut temporary 2×4 legs that rest on the floor and extend to 3-1/2 in. below the chalk line, and then screw them to the wall. Make another set of legs about 1/4 in. shorter than the first set to support the front edge and add a cleat to each one. Assemble the base with nails or screws and rest it on the legs. Attach the front legs through the cleat with screws and attach the base to the wall with a temporary screw at each end.

    Using a level, adjust the height of the front legs by shimming under them until the frame is level from front to back on both ends. Next, nail small blocks of 1/2-in. plywood to both ends of the base and stretch a string or chalk line between them. Use a third block of 1/2-in. plywood to check the distance between the front 2×4 and the string. Add shims between the wall and the frame as needed to create a consistent 1/2-in. space between the string and the front 2×4. If your wall is straight, you wont have to add any shims. Lag-screw the frame to the studs. Finish the base by nailing on the plywood.

    What Are The Different Options For Garage Cabinets

    There are many different options and styles of garage cabinets, which means you’ll definitely find cabinets that suit your garage organization needs. Many cabinets are made of stainless steel and affix to the wall or stand upright on the floor.

    They often have multiple shelves and drawers, making them useful for storing tools and gadgets for household or vehicle repair. Some include a workbench as well. Some wall cabinets also serve as a safe and have electronic keyless coded locking systems.

    Standard Storage Cabinets

    If you’re not one to keep a ton of stuff in your garage, standard storage cabinets are a great solution. They will keep everything out of sight and organized. Standard storage cabinets are simple, easy to assemble, and can be used in combination with other organizational products.

    Complete Storage Systems

    We offer a wide variety of complete storage systems that have everything from cabinets to hooks to lighted worktops. These garage cabinet storage systems are perfect if you have a lot that needs to be sorted and you want to have a clean, cohesive look. They often have rolling wheels if you need to move them around, adjustable shelves, and are extremely durable so they will last for years to come.

    Adjustable Shelves

    Most of our cabinets have adjustable shelves so you can set your shelves at just the height you need to store your items. Pay attention to product details if adjustable shelves are important to you.




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    Learn More About Custom Garages In Tampa

    When you call Affordable Closet Concepts, youll be taking the first step toward having your own custom built-in garage cabinets. We will meet with you in your home and go over your garage design options, the cost, and the process of installation. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation appointment

    Do Buy Cabinets Which Keep Your Kids And Grandkids Safe

    DIY Garage Storage / Shelves Part 2 | DIY Barn Doors

    Usually the first thing you have in mind when you buy garage storage cabinets is well. storage. And while storage is key, if you have little kids , safety is another factor you need to put on the top of your list.

    And you know the nightmare you never want to get. That call is when youre told your child or grandchild drank a poisonous liquid which was inside your garage cabinets.

    However, this catastrophe doesnt have to be your reality. Invest $25 dollar for a lock on your cabinet door which keeps these toxic products from their cute little hands. Wouldnt a $25 lock give you peace of mind, without being a big burden on your wallet? Besides locks are FAR cheaper than emergency room visits.

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    Custom Garage Cabinets And Storage Solutions For The Ultimate Garage Makeover

    The garage is often the largest room in your home, so we created customized storage solutions for the ultimate in garage makeovers. An all-inclusive storage solution, our garage offering features three distinct lines of garage storage cabinets along with custom flooring and wall organization. This allows you to keep seasonal items close at hand, increase the value of your home by adding extra living and storage space, and eliminate the need for rented storage units. Creating custom cabinets for more than 35 years has made us the premiere authority for your garage storage needs. We offer many choices including uppers, bases, and tall and oversized cabinets that are easy to clean and provide added strength.

    A garage is a part of your home, so we created the ultimate garage makeover. An all-inclusive storage solution, our custom garage designs feature built-in cabinets, flooring, wall organizers, and workstations that free up space while keeping items close at hand. Our designers will provide you with the resources to maximize the style and space in one of the most underutilized parts of your home.

    A Garage

    • Eliminates the need for off-site storage
    • Organizes tools, sports equipment, and more
    • Protects your floor from wear and tear
    • Frees up space with built-in cabinetry
    • Showcases your collections
    • Inspires you to pursue your passions

    What To Consider When Buying Garage Cabinets

    There are a lot of things to consider when buying garage cabinets. The first thing you need to think about is what exactly you need to store. Are you organizing tools and hardware? Or are you storing something valuable that needs to be locked away?

    If you’re storing gardening supplies, you might want a different cabinet material than someone who’s storing woodworking items. Maybe you need to store certain chemicals, which would require extra safety precautions.

    Before buying your garage cabinets, make sure you think about the following:


    Consider what is being stored and if it needs a certain environment. For example, if you’re storing a lot of liquids that have the potential to leak, you might want a more durable material inside. We carry cabinets made out of wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, and more.

    Weight Capacity

    Our garage cabinets can handle a variety of weight capacities. Some can hold over 800 lbs. It’s important to account for the amount and weight of what you need to put in your cabinets. All our cabinets have weight capacity listed on the individual product pages.


    When outfitting your garage for cabinets, you want something that will last. We’re proud to carry durable products, but some cabinets are more durable than others. Take into account what you need the cabinets for, what environment you live in, and other factors so you can pick cabinets that will last you a long time.

    Ease of Installation


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