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Top 5 Tips To Having A Successful Garage Sale

Its FRUSTRATING when People do this at Garage Sales
  • Advertise Online Putting up flyers is a good start and putting out a yard sale sign is a must, but if you really want to drive in traffic, post your yard sale announcement on Craigslist or websites dedicated to yard sales, such as Make sure you mention the types of items youre offering and pictures are a plus. You can also advertise your garage sale on our web site for an additional $5 …
  • Open Early The best day for a yard sale is Saturday and experts say start early. Serious buyers will be ready to go at the crack of dawn. Between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. are the busiest hours.
  • Price It Right Remember garage sale buyers are bargain hunters. As a general rule price most items roughly 75 percent off the original price and then be willing to negotiate down. Everyone want to feel as if they are getting a good deal. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to pricing is leaving off a price tag.
  • Hand Out Bags Research show when shoppers have a bag in their hand, they tend to buy more. Marketing expert Jeremy Gregg said, Its strange, but the psychology of having a bag in your hand that somebody gave you, you almost feel compelled to fill it.
  • Good App Great Support

    Weve use Yard Sale Treasure Map for three years. This is third year weve felt it worth the subscription. Subscription adds multiple features that make our search for treasures a breeze. This year we were having trouble linking both phones to the subscription. Developer was very responsive to our Facebook contact . We sent screenshots of problem and he pointed us to a solution. He plans to change the app and possibly update documentation to help users who are legally attempting to link devices to the subscriptions. Hes really working to make this the premier yard sale app on the App Store.

    How To Find Garage And Estate Sales

    An avid antiques collector herself, Kate has written about antiques for many years. She has also managed an online antiques community.

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    Gone are the days opening the newspaper to the classified section to find estate sales and garage sales, but there are lots of new methods for find those great sales. The key is knowing where to look so you can get there first and score the best deals.

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    The 9 Best Garage Sale Finder Apps

    Yard sale season is an exciting time of year. You are ready to get out and find great bargains that will save you some money. As the old saying goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure. So, this year when you head out on the look for some great deals, you may be able to use your smartphone to help you out. Forget chasing signs around town that may or may not be current. Using a garage sale finder app can help you find more yard sales than you could ever imagine. Here are the top apps that other fellow bargain hunters are using.

    Garage Sale RoverWhats better than telling you exactly where a yard sale is located? Well, its allowing you to search by the specific items you are looking for. Whether you want toys, clothes or a microwave oven, this app can help you find it. Once you have located the garage sale that you want to visit, the GPS system will automatically direct your paths to help you find it. The garage sale finder app is totally free and very user-friendly. Using GPS satellite positioning, you can find any yard sale wherever you are.

    If you love supporting your local alma matter, then this may be the app for you. Everything that is bought or sold on this app gives a percentage to the school of the sellers choice. You can locate a garage sale or just buy items on this app. Some items start as low as $1.00.

    Be As Descriptive As Possible

    Moving Garage Sale 9 Macandie Street Casey

    Dont just post pictures of your items include a detailed description of them as well. It might seem like a lot of work now, but youll probably have to answer fewer questions once you start your virtual garage sale. Theres no such thing as too much information in this scenario. Include the items name, size, condition, model, years of use, etc. These details may vary depending on what youre sellingthe model and years of use for office supplies like a stapler or three-hole punch arent as important as they would be for a tablet or television, for example. Also, if your sales platform lets you categorize items, make sure you tag everything accurately.

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    Residents May Not See:

    • Potentially hazardous foods*
    • “potentially hazardous food” means a food that requires time and temperature control for safety to limit pathogen growth or toxin production. The term includes food that must be held under proper temperature controls, such as refrigeration, to prevent the growth of bacteria that may cause human illness. A potentially hazardous food may include a food that contains protein and moisture and is neutral or slightly acidic, such as meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish products, pasteurized and unpasteurized milk and dairy products, raw seed sprouts, baked goods that require refrigeration, including cream or custard pies or cakes, and ice products. The term does not include a food that uses potentially hazardous food as ingredients if the final food product does not require time or temperature control for safety to limit pathogen growth or toxin production.

    Pick Your Virtual Garage Sale Platform

    Youll need a place to post all the great pictures youve taken. Fortunately, there is no shortage of online platforms where you can display your items. Craigs List and NextDoor are just two of the free websites available for selling your things. If youre wiling to ship your items, eBay, LetGo and Amazon Marketplace are potential options, too. Theyre convenient and offer some protections for you and the buyer. Be mindful of shipping costs though they can quickly eat into your profits!

    Creating or joining a neighborhood social media group is another efficient way to share your virtual garage sale items. The bonus here is the group will mostly comprise people you know, which will help ensure more friendly negotiations and safety if you opt for in-person deliveries. You could also sell items on Facebook Marketplace if you want to cast a sales net thats wider than your neighborhood.

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    Within Health And Safety Code Parameters Residents May Sell Certain Types Of Food And Beverages:

    • Commercially pre-packaged food and beverage sales are allowed as long as they do not require refrigeration
    • Packaging must be properly labeled and an ingredient list must be available
  • The cottage food production operation bill allows for the sale of some types of prepared foods out of a residential kitchen
  • Lemonade stands and other similar child-run operations are allowed per Town Ordinance 2014-33.
  • Get Your Garage Sale Noticed


    Advertise your upcoming Garage Sale or plan your Garage Sale trip today using our interactive map.

    Having a garage sale or yard sale soon? Contact our classified department at 507-359-2911 to place your ad in our newspaper and take advantage of our Map It feature to be online.

    Like to shop around and hit numerous garage sales or yard sales in one day? We help you by listing the information from local garage sales, giving you the address and directions and placing them on an interactive map.

    as low as
    • Reach Over 20,100 potential buyers with ONE call.
    • 2 days, 26-35 words
    • Includes 2 days on our website
    • Includes “mapping” feature
    • Free Garage Sale signs if you visit our office
    or upgrade to
    • 3 days, 4th day free with 26-35 words
    • Includes 4 days on our website
    • Includes “mapping” feature

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    Garage Sale Permit Application Instructions And Regulations

    1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 101 Jefferson, LA 70123

    1855 Ames Blvd., Suite AMarrero, LA 70072 Phone: 364-3512

    Garage Sale Permits may now be applied and paid for online through My Permit Now at . Step-by-step instructions can be found here. If you need technical support when applying, please call My Permit Now at 1-866-957-3764.


    Jefferson Parish Ordinance 18640 established that a permit is required in unincorporated Jefferson Parish for “garage, rummage, yard, craft, and boutiques sales”. Regulations for conducting such sales include but are not limited to:

    • Only 2 sales can be held at a particular location in any 12-month period.
    • No signs are allowed on telephone poles, neutral grounds, or on any Parish right-of-way.
    • Sale hours must be between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.
    • Sales can last a maximum of 2 consecutive days.
    • The Garage Sale Permit must be prominently posted on the front of the building at all times during the sale.
    • A permit must be obtained for each sale.
    • A $10, non-refundable administrative charge must be paid for each permit.

    This Is A Great App To Navigate To Yard Sales

    This is such a wonderful free app that shows you yard sales in all states in the area you chose. Click on the yard sale to navigate to the sale. There is color codes that you use to use a color to make the different days different colors. You can check mark or make invisible after you find the sale. The only problems are when the person marks the location wrong or leaves out part of address. In that case we can make the sale as being in the wrong location. They have thought of everything! We have fun all over the US when we are visiting our family by finding sales nearby!

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    Garage Sales Found Around Springfield Ohio

    There are no yard sales in this location at the moment.

    Below are sales from nearby areas.


    Recently posted items for sale from

    Details:Price:Where:Details:Details:Details:Details:Price:Where:Details:Price:Where:Details:Details:Details:Details:Price:Where:Details:Details:Details:Details:Price:Where:Details:Details:Price:Where:Details:Price:Where:Details:Price:Where:Details:Price:Where:Details:People got here by searching for:

    How To Make The Most Of It

    Palos Area Garage Sales, June 29 and 30

    Here’s how to get the most out of this service:

    • For unique items, consider shopping the site. It has the uncommon feature of an online estate sale that you can access from anywhere.
    • Check out nationally featured listings to see some of the most incredible sales in the country. Some may be within driving distance.

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    Garage Sale Ordinance #98

    Garage sale permits must be obtained at Saginaw City Hall at least 48 hours prior to sale. The cost of the garage sale permit is $10 which includes 3 signs per garage sale . Additional signs are prohibited. No signs shall be placed on utility poles. The owner or occupant of residential property is allowed two sales per calendar year. The garage sale permit can not exceed 3 consecutive days. The permit must be displayed on the premises during the sale.

    • NEW: If you would like to have your garage sale information listed on our website , it is an additional $5.

    Sale items can consist of surplus personal property . Signs may be displayed 24 hours prior to actual sale event and must be removed prior to 8 p.m. on the last day of the permitted sale. Individuals in violation of the garage sale ordinance could be fined up to $200.

    Any cancellations due to inclement weather, should contact City Hall at 817-232-4640 on Monday by 5 p.m. With staff approval, you may be allowed to reschedule your sale for the following weekend. You will be required to purchase new signs at $1 each. Failure to contact City Hall as directed will void this provision.

    For more information, please contact Saginaw City Hall at 817-232-4640 or stop by at 333 West McLeroy Blvd.

    Tip For Locating Garage Sales In Your Area

    Looking for a garage sale in your area? helps you identify garage sales throughout the United States. The site also has garage sale tips, tricks, and a variety of other useful resources. But there is a catch:

    ….You can cancel your subscription at any time, however please note any fees that have been paid for our notification service are non-refundable. You can simply call us at 954-000-0000 or email us at

    Bottom line:

    How do you locate garage sales in your area? Would you pay $14.95 for this service?

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