Garage Into Bedroom Before And After

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Ready To Start Your Garage Remodel

How To Transform Your Garage Into Master Bedroom | Fixer to fabulous | HGTV

Before making a final call, consult with contractors and other professionals to determine whether a garage conversion is the best way to accomplish your space-enhancing goals efficiently, safely and with the value of your home intact.

Then, get started on your renovation by cleaning out your garage.

Add Value To Your House

I know I say this in basically every garage conversion article, but I say it because its true. If you convert your garage properly, your 2 bedroom house goes to 3, 3 to 4, etc. you can even add another bathroom while youre at it if you decide to be fancy and add an en-suite. Nevertheless, you will rarely lose the investment you put down for home improvements. You will gain much more money on your house if you convert your out of use garage into a bedroom than your spare room upstairs.

Custom Kitchen Garage Conversion

Even as a garage this period building would have enormous charm, with its gabled roof and mini clock tower, but we have to say that this custom kitchen really takes the space to the next level. Designed by deVOL Kitchens, the clean monochrome palette and restrained design creates a bright and airy space for cooking, eating and living. We love the Crittall French doors too!

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Convert A Garage Into A Playroom

If you’re on the lookout for garage conversion ideas that will suit a family with kids of a younger age, a playroom is a great idea. For a garage off a kitchen-diner or living space, this is the perfect use for families with young children. Include one of the best TVs, too, to help keep your living room much more of an adult space. Good daylight, ventilation and lots of practical storage will all be must-haves. Bear in mind that children grow up very quickly, so when youre converting for this purpose, think ahead to how you might use the room when they do could it be converted to a home office for you, or for them to do schoolwork in?

Check out these playroom design ideas for more inspiration.

Think About Flooring Levels Too

Pin by Carmen Bender on Inside Home

Garage design ideas need to be practical as well as fun, too. Your garage floor is usually going to be lower than the floor level in the rest of your home, so if you want to create a seamless space without a step down into the new room, you’ll have to raise the floor if the ceiling allows. Just be aware that, whatever your flooring whether it’s carpet or tiles you will likely need a new concrete sub floor poured first, and this will add around £1,000 to the overall costs.

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Sleeping Loft Garage Conversion In Santa Barbra

We all need a special place where we can find our peace and unleash our creativity. This splendid loft has almost everything you need: a sleeping area, a small kitchen and bathroom, huge barn doors with a rustic charm and a beautiful climbing plant that will bring freshness to this space. Such a lovely setting would make you dream about an endless summer..

Convert Your Garage Into An Annexe

Converting a garage into an annexe is best suited to an unattached, probably double, garage because it will give both you and the occupant privacy and space. Depending on your arrangements, you will have to fit in a shower or en-suite, possibly a laundry room and kitchen, plus a generous bedroom/living space. The room will need lots of natural light, and you should consider how it will be joined, if at all, to the rest of the house. At the very least, you might want a covered walkway between the two buildings.

If you need anymore practical advice on building an annexe, go and have a read through our in-depth feature.

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Convert Your Garage Into A Home Office

This is guaranteed to be a popular garage conversion idea post-Covid, with garages providing a valuable extra space for a home office in homes where an extension of garden office isn’t possible. The obvious challenge with making a garage suitable as a home office is maximising natural light, which is usually scarce in a garage. Sliding floor-to-ceiling doors are likely to provide the best solution, and you’ll likely need them on at least two sides of the garage to get enough light in, as demonstrated in this garage conversion by ID Architecture .

Is A Garage Conversion Best For Your Home

Garage Into Master Suite Transformations! | Home Renovations Before and After | Busted Cribs

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

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When space gets tight, crowded homeowners can get desperate for ways to carve out space from nothing. Garage conversions abound in areas where real estate is expensive and neighbors are close. Plus, in this age of online platforms for short-term rentals, a converted garage is one way for homeowners to defray the cost of their mortgage while still living in the house.

Garage conversions appear to be the classic do-it-yourself home remodel project. With nothing in your way like load-bearing wallsand with the box seemingly already in placea garage conversion may seem like an obvious choice. But a garage conversion does also have a number of significant downsides to consider before embarking on this project.

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Figure Out The Utilities You Need:

Your extra room will start to gain shape once you deal with the primary garage door. You may need to find some experts to look into the state of your electrical wiring, heating, and plumbing at this point. The design of the utilities will be influenced by the way you plan to utilize the garage once you turn it into a formal room.

Youll likely need to add the heating and utilities from the house, as well as figure out where the electrical outlets should be located. Of course, if youve been utilizing your garage as a workshop, you may get the wiring all figured out at this point.

You dont have to extend the utilities to the garage if you dont want to put plumbing or a water supply in the room. As for heating, the best solution remains to simply use an electric appliance. You just need to be careful not to overload the rooms power outlets.

You Have The Budget For Heating And Cooling

If the current HVAC system can handle the additional square footage, you may cross that expense off your list. Meaning, well have to increase the size of the ventilation system to accommodate the carport. Alternately, you can either replace or upgrade your existing system to serve the additional buildings heating and cooling needs.

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Replace It With A Small House

If the idea of using the actual existing garage presents too many limitations, theres also the option to take down the garage and use the site for something else. Given that the area would be very small, if you want to build a house here it would have to have more than one floor and a cleverly-designed floor plan in order to be properly functional. You can check out the project done by studio Tikari Works which tackles exactly this idea.

Add The Desired Flooring

Before &  After: A Converted Garage To $20K Studio Apartment#20k # ...

If new carpeting is being installed, it is wise to choose the best padding you can afford, as garage floors are notoriously cold and hard. The padding will help to not only cushion the floor but to trap in heat as well.

For tile floors, consider installing radiant heat under the tiles for added warmth and comfort. It is a unique way to heat the room without adding a bulky baseboard unit.

You can also choose a snap-together laminate if you desire a simple, hardwood look. These can be perfectly accented with area rugs to soften up your decor.

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Plenty Of Cooks In The Kitchen

Even homeowners with large kitchens probably pine for an even bigger one. Expanding the kitchen into the garage can make that desire a reality. With an intelligently planned and thorough renovation, encompassing everything from plumbing to insulation to flooring, it’s possible to create a room that blends seamlessly with the main house.

Loss Of Yard Space And Storage

Expanding into the garage preserves yard space, which many may prefer over building an addition. This means more living space but less yard for outdoor activities. Many people use their garage for storage, and even if you think getting rid of this extra space is a good idea, future buyers of your home may disagree.

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Reasons To Consider Remodeling Your Garage

Any type of remodeling project brings about a range of benefits, and if you have a garage that youre not using, now just might be a good chance to go ahead and make better use of it. Improving the space does not need to break the bank, although you can obviously make it more or less expensive depending on the changes you wish to make.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Garage Into A Bedroom

How To Convert A Garage Into Bedroom pt.1

The overall cost will depend upon you. The average price is ranging from $5,000 to $30,000.

If you just do the necessary garage conversion without any walls, plumbing, or even extensive interior work, then it will be a low cost.

But if you intend to make a highly decorated and gorgeous look with a unique interior design, then it will cost high.

Itâs entirely personal and depends on your budget. But one thing you should remember that your cost highly depends on the space.

So, donât worry. Make an appropriate garage conversion plan and design and try to spend the money within your limited budget.

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Converting A Garage Can Be A Lengthy Process

In certain areas, local zoning departments can slow down the process of converting your garageit can take up to a year to get the proper permits. If youre part of a neighborhood association or have a heritage property, it can take even longer.

And thats before you can even start building! Remember: If the work is complex and extensive , you could be looking at months or more of construction.

Turn An Old Garage Into A Home/workshop

Not all garages are tiny. Some are big enough to be turned into cozy homes and even have some space left for a work area. A nice example here would be the transformation done by designers Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis who turned a 1920s garage into a home and workshop. Its a combined space and its surprisingly big and airy. On the outside it looks fairly rustic but on the inside it has a modern and fresh vibe.

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Zoning And Legal Issues

Changing space meant for vehicles into habitable, safe, and a conditioned living space invokes legal and zoning issues. Each garage must go through a significant legal transformation when it becomes a habitable and new conditioned space.

One determiner used by some municipalities is whether or not adequate provisions are being made to replace the parking stalls eliminated from the garage.

The transformation from a garage to a conditioned space requires the garage to meet technical and legal standards that were not required when the area only housed vehicles or acted as a storage area. On top of that, most municipalities’ building codes require a range of permits for the activities associated with this conversion: erecting or moving walls running water supply or drainage running sewer line adding windows installing a full electrical system.

Garage Conversion Not An Option Check Out These Alternatives

Garage Conversion Ideas, Costs and Designs

If parking or zoning restrictions mean a garage conversion isnt a feasible way to give yourself some additional living space, consider a different renovation to add a room to your home.

Options include:

  • A basement remodel.Youre still working with an existing structure, so youll still save money. However, converting your basement will mean potentially giving up even more storage space than converting your garage.
  • An attic conversion. If zoning or building codes prevent you from converting your garage, check out your attic. There, youll have the ability to add ceiling height if needed while still saving money by working in an existing space.

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Can You Convert A Garage Into A Bedroom

You may need change of use approval if the garage is detached from the house. The answer is yes if you reside in a Conservation area or a historic structure that is on the National Register. If you want to sell your property and arent sure if any changes youve made are legal, you should get a Certificate of Lawful Development from your local authorities.

How To Heat My Garage Conversion

Need to heat your garage? There are different ways to retain and produce heat, including:

Good insulation Beefed-up insulation will keep your garage much warmer consistently. Insulation is affordable, DIY friendly, and a straightforward process.

Electric space heater Modern heaters are energy-efficient and wont raise your electricity bill by much. If youre tight on floor space, there are mountable heaters you can attach to the wall.

Radiant heating These systems are installed in the floor, walls, or ceiling of the garage to heat the surface of an area rather than the air. This system should be installed by a professional and can be expensive upfront but have low operating costs once installed.

Ductless mini-split system This system includes an air-handling unit that you can place on the floor or mount to the wall or ceiling. Its the most comfortable way to heat your garage, but installation can be costly.

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Walls Floors And Lighting

With the exterior complete and the windows installed, the rest of the garage to primary suite conversion was pretty straightforward.

We floated a floor over the old concrete and added some insulation beneath. Once the wiring was in place, the walls and ceiling were insulated and sheetrocked. We also installed lots of recessed lighting, as wed done when remodeling the kitchen.

In a house with low ceilings, recessed lighting can be truly transformational!

Turn Your Garage Into A Man Cave

Garage Conversion To Guest Bedroom

Have you ever wanted to play pool or darts or anything else, but you werent in the mood to get out of the house? How about designing your own space for such activities in the garage? A pool table, darts, a foosball table, rummy, board games, video games, all of these could easily find their place in your garage. If you have enough space, you can add a bar and some tables. After this, all you have to do is call your friends and spend a memorable time with them.

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When Is Converting Garage To A Room A Good Option

If youre looking to add living space to your home without starting from scratch, converting a garage to a room is an option to consider.

A garage remodel is the right option for your home, if:

  • The garage door is easily replaceable for your space: Will your new living space allow for patio doors or an additional entrance where the overhead door used to be? If not, make sure you can blend the new wall into your current home exterior and create a wall that doesnt look like it used to be a garage.
  • Heating and cooling is in your budget: To keep costs down, find out if your current HVAC system will support an additional room. If so, you can expand the ventilation to cover the garage. If not, you can update the system or purchase an independent system to provide a heating solution in the garage, but youll need to make sure you can afford one of these options.
  • Plumbing is accessible : If youre hoping to add a bathroom or kitchenette to make your garage conversion project into an in-law suite or apartment, start with contacting a plumber. Adding plumbing lines, specifically drainage, is often the most expensive part of a garage makeover and could be outside your budget.
  • Adequate parking and storage are available elsewhere: Converting your garage means permanently eliminating parking and storage. Turning the garage into extra space will not be worth the investment if you no longer have a place for your lawn mower, toolbox or have insufficient or unreliable parking.

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