Garage Doors With Glass Panels

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Garage Doors Toronto Since 1958

How to replace glass in garage Door

Dodds Garage Doors has been installing and repairing garage doors and garage door openers for residential and commercial customers since 1958.

Dodds Garage Doors believes in local service with locations across the Greater Toronto Area from Burlington and Mississauga garage doors to Oshawa and Whitby garage doors. Dodds represents a wide range of manufacturers including Dodds Doors, Garaga Garage Doors, CHI Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, Steelcraft, LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Chamberlain Garage Door Openers, TNR High Speed Doors, roll up garage doors among many other overhead door companies. Our styles include Traditional Garage Doors, Modern Garage Doors and Coach House Garage Doors.

Dodds not only offers the best priced garage doors but also unmatched garage door installation service. Dodds has been recognized as the Consumers Choice Winner for best garage door company in Toronto since 2000. This is further supported by Dodds Garage Doors number 1 position when it comes to positive reviews. Stay tuned for our garage door sales!

Garage Door Experts In Whitby

Whitby Garage Doors is the most trusted source for garage door and opener services for home and business owners throughout Whitby, Ontario, and throughout the Brooklin, Oshawa, Ajax, and Durham communities. We can expertly and reliably handle all of your garage door and garage door opener needs and offer a large selection of garage doors and openers from top-rated, leading manufacturers. Were proud to install quality garage doors from Clopay® and LiftMaster garage door openers.

The knowledgeable and highly trained service representatives at Whitby Garage Doors can help you with any of your garage door needs, including providing free service estimates with competitive pricing, fast same-day services, and the expertise to repair or maintain any garage door make or model.

Our fully stocked service vans are equipped to handle any type of garage door repair need. They also carry a wide selection of new garage door samples and products for home and business owners interested in enhancing their curb appeal with beautiful, maintenance-free garage doors. We also carry several garage door openers featuring the latest technological upgrades. When you need dependable, friendly and experienced garage door services, reach out to your local experts at Whitby Garage Doors.

Garage Door Opener And Installation Costs

Consider the capability of your garage door opener. Glass garage doors are heavier than standard ones and might require an upgrade to your garage door opener to lift them. Purchasing a new opener could easily set you back an additional $200 to $500. Another consideration is the cost of installation, which varies by location, ranging from $700 to $1,500.

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Quality Commercial Garage Door Replacements For Whitby Businesses

A dependable and efficient commercial garage door is crucial for allowing safe and convenient entry to your property, facilitating smooth deliveries and ensuring security.

At Whitby Garage Doors, we offer a large variety of commercial garage doors and our team can help you select and install a new commercial door to suit your daily operational needs and streamline production. Our selection of commercial doors includes security grilles, counter doors, roll-up sheet doors and overhead service doors. All Clopay commercial garage doors are built from heavy-duty steel to ensure lasting durability and performance.

Elite Quality Garages & Barn Kits

China Modern Aluminum Frame Automatic Double Glass Garage Door

While garage door style may be the focus of this blog, we are primarily known for selling elite garage and horse barn kits. These kits provide a custom design and all of the materials and extras youll need to build the storage space you want. Homeowners, business owners, and farmers alike choose to work with New Holland Supply thanks to our skilled design team, competitive prices, and truly elite materials. If youd like to plan a full structure from the ground up, our team is here to work with you!

Get Prices on Glass Panel Garage Doors & More

Whether youre building new or upgrading your reliable space, a glass panel garage door can provide a style that a plain door simply cant match. If any of these doors inspired you, reach out and well get to work. However, if youd like to build a truly one-of-a-kind door, wed love to design with you.

Give us a call or send us a message to get started right now!

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Armrlite Becomes The Industrys Leading Residential Glass Door Manufacturer

Jack named his company ArmRLite a strong name for a durable product. Jacks aluminum and glass garage doors were like no other on the market. By using an exclusive heli-arc welded construction method, Jack provided his customers with the strongest, most durable American-made aluminum and glass garage doors in the industry. Jack understood the need for quality products and designed his doors with four factors in mind: Appearance, Strength, Durability, and Ease of Operation.

Glass Panel Garage Doors

A unique garage door is one of the most striking ways to enhance your outdoor aesthetic. Whether the garage is attached to your home or free-standing on your property, a style upgrade can improve the look of the entire garage. Glass panel garage doors are one of the most in-demand styles see some of your options right here!

At New Holland Supply, were a garage kit manufacturer and custom door workshop. We craft a wide variety of custom options including glass panel garage doors and barn doors meant for both inside and outside use. Get inspired by these gorgeous garage door styles or talk to our team today!

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A1 Offers Exceptional Glass Garage Door Replacement And Glass Garage Door Installation

If you want to ensure the doors durability and performance, you need to hire expert technicians to install your glass garage door. At A1 Garage Door Service, we have a team of fully qualified and experienced professionals.

We understand every little detail that makes a glass garage door durable and functional. Moreover, we can provide you with technical advice on the step-by-step installation process.

Talk to one of our technicians and choose from our range of glass garage door options. We offer:

Glass Garage Doors: Simple Unforgettable Appeal

Glass Garage Door for Residential and Commercial Applications | Envy & Model 522
  • Location and Privacy If your home is relatively close to the street in the city center a glass garage door may not be the best option. If, however, your house is set back and the garage is at the end of a generous driveway then the glass door becomes an excellent aesthetic choice. If you still have security concerns remember that glass panels are fabricated from impact-resistant tempered glass and can be tinted like car windows to whatever opacity you desire.
  • Energy Efficiency Some homeowners are concerned that glass doors will be energy drains allowing precious heat to escape to the atmosphere. Fortunately, this is not the case as most glass garage door panels today are created using insulated glass that prevents heat loss. Although its true that insulated glass wont return the same R-value as say, insulated aluminum panels, its performance is still superior to many styles of the wooden garage door.
  • Creativity Lets face it, one of the major attractions of the glass garage door is the ability to turn it into an unmitigated fashion statement. By adjusting the frame style, materials, colors and textures along with the glass type, tint, and opacity you can realize a dizzying array of purely aesthetic results that speak for themselves and enhance the curb appeal of your home in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways.

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Kinjoek Garage Door Magnetic Panels

Kinjoek Garage Door Magnetic Panels is a pack of 32 magnetic panels to improve the look of your garage door. The magnetic design makes these panels simple to install without requiring any tools or additional hardware. Also, these panels can be adjusted according to the design and size of your garage door with ease. These are made of sturdy PVC metal material to last for a long time. Further, they have super magnetic power to let you install them on metal garage doors conveniently.

Since durable and weather-resistant plastic materials are used in the making of these panels, they will not rust or fade easily. So, they will last for a long time without damage in different weather conditions. The size of these panels is 6 X 4 inches, which will suit most garage doors. The Kinjoek magnetic panels come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a better experience. If you are not happy with these panels, then you can return them within 30 days to get your money back.

Von Karman Ste 100 Irvine Ca 9262

Door Size: 24’2″ x 9′

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Laminated Transparent: Clear

Door Size: 12’6″ x 9’9-11/64″

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: White

Door Size: 20’5″ x 8’7-1/2″

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Insulated Tempered Transparent: Clear Low E SB 60

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Glass Garage Doors Are Not Made Equal

Keep in mind that not all glass garage doors are the same. Some companies will cut corners to lower the overall cost. They may use cheaper parts and thinner structural walls. Consequently, homeowners end up spending on expensive repairs.

Also, remember that your glass garage door is only as good as the people who will install it. When you choose A1 Garage Door Service, you can expect heavy-duty wall thickness and components. Whats more, we take the time to educate our customers on energy conservation. We make sure that they know how to separate fact from false advertising.

Ready To Replace Your Garage Door By Something That Add Value To Your House

Glass GARAGE Doors Cost

When you start home improvements, you want to change everything. From your exterior color scheme to the sidings, the lighting, the roof, and even the landscaping. Youre thinking of improving everything on your property.

Change your overhead door as well! Otherwise, it will just be a 9×7 bland space.

Think of your garage door as another accessory, not just a utility object. After all, it covers up to 40% of your homes façade.

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Aluminum & Glass Garage Doors

Aluminum frames are both durable and low-maintenance. This means they can withstand damage and need no maintenance other than the occasional cleaning.

The 2-1/8″ commercial grade aluminum frame can have polyurethane insulation as an extra option. When combined with insulated glass the garage door will an R-value of 4.

If the stock options for the colour of the frame don’t suit and you need a specific colour – then custom paint jobs are another extra feature.

Best Warranty In The Industry

Part of owning a C.H.I. garage door is knowing that you can rely on the industrys best warranty for as long as you are the original purchaser. C.H.I. has a reputation for manufacturing quality garage doors, so its only fitting that our hassle-free warranty outperforms all others. View Our Warranty

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The History Of The Glass Garage Door

Aluminum and glass garage doors took the overhead door industry by storm starting in the late 1950s. The new aluminum and glass garage doors were lighter, stronger, and more visually appealing than what had been on the market in the past. The first applications to embrace the new trend were service and gas station chains. At the forefront of the surge was Jack Dourney Jr., the founder of a thriving garage door manufacturing company that would pioneer the use of his exclusive welded aluminum and glass garage doors on some of the most iconic applications such as Shell, Gulf, Texaco, and Jiffy Lube service stations.

Cardiff By The Sea Ca 92007

Glass Garage Doors | Envyâ¢â Collection

Model: BP-450

Door Size: 17’11” x 8’8-3/4″

Frame Color: Powder Coating: RAL 7006 Gray/Brown Category

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: Bronze

Door Size: 18’2″ x 7′

Frame Color: Powder Coating: RAL 76 Gray/Brown Category

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: Bronze

Door Size: 15’11-1/2″ x 8′-1/4″

Frame Color: Kynar Painting: Champagne Bronze

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: Whtie Starfire

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When Your Entrance Matters

For more than six decades, home and business owners throughout the USA have depended on the innovative design and manufacturing experts at ArmRLite for customized, durable glass garage doors. Our commercial glass overhead doors and residential glass garage doors feature unique 100% welded construction to offer you the highest degree of garage door customization available. Whether you need a replacement rollup door or an overhead door for a new home or commercial building, ArmLite can design and manufacture a top-quality glass garage door to meet your specifications and provide your home or business with exceptional visual appeal. With ArmRLite, youll never need to be concerned about a broken garage door glass panel or worn-out parts making your garage inaccessible or causing extended business shutdowns. Our overhead doors offer unparalleled durability, and we can provide replacement panels and parts for every glass garage door weve ever manufactured. If youre looking for a beautiful, durable glass rollup door for your residential or commercial building that provides you with consistent functionality, turn to ArmRLite, the glass garage door manufacturer trusted by building owners nationwide since 1958.

Rancho Palos Verdes Ca 90275

Model: BP-450

Door Size: 8’1-1/4″ x 7’1″

Frame Color: Powder Coating: RAL 3013

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: Bronze

Door Size: 7’10-1/2″ x 8’6″

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Laminated: Clear

Door Size: 9’2″ x 9′

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Laminated Obscured: White

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E Colorado Blvd Ste 208 Pasadena Ca 91101

Door Size: 20’1″ x 8′

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Tempered Clear and Medium Dark and Lite Gray Powder Coat

Model: BP-450 with matching Single Entry Door

Door Size: 17’3-3/4″ x 9’10” and 12’8 x 9’10”

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Insulated Tempered Transparent: SB 60 Low-E

Door Size: 24’2″ x 2’2-1/2

Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Glass Type: Standard Duty 1/16″ Clear Anodized

Model: bp- 450-Checker board effect

Door Size: 16’1 x 7

Frame Color: Clear Anodized

Door Size: 16′-2″ x 7′-1/2″

Frame Color: Clear Anodized

Door Size: 18’1″ x 7’1″

Frame Color: Powder Coating: Cardinal Bronze

Glass Type: Tempered: Evergreen

Check The Size Of Your Garage Door:

Plexiglass Garage Door Windows Aluminum Glass Garage Door Price

The first thing that you need to look for when buying garage door panels is the size of your garage door. Garage door panels usually come in different sizes to suit different garage doors. Therefore, you will need to check the size of your garage door and choose the right size garage door panel for a better experience.

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Thinking About Installing A Glass Garage Door Here’s What You Need To Know

If youre driving down a street in the typical American neighborhood, chances are most of the garage doors you see will look very much alike. There are not a whole lot of ways for a garage door to stand out. All you can really change is the color of the paint or the kind of material used.

One alternative garage door that is steadily growing in popularity is glass. Glass garage doors offer a sleek, sophisticated look that can be a perfect complement to a lot of modern styles of architecture but theyre not for everybody. Heres everything you need to know about glass garage doors, including how much they cost, why theyre a great choice for some homeowners, and a few drawbacks.

On This Page

  • Are Glass Garage Doors Insulated?
  • Armrlite Customizable Residential Glass Overhead Doors

    With an array of customizable style options, we can create for you a one-of-a-kind commercial or residential glass garage door thats functional for your needs. Well fabricate your overhead glass garage door to fit your new or existing space and can incorporate a variety of options, including crank-out awning windows, matching gate and entrance door systems, ADA-compliant pass-through doors, energy-efficient packages, high-velocity wind resistance, individual interior and exterior paint colors, and more.

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    Nileho Magnetic Garage Door Replacement Panels

    If you are looking for durable and good-looking replacement panels for your garage door, then NILEHO Magnetic Garage Door Replacement Panel is ideal for you. These panels are magnetic and allow you to improve the look of your garage door efficiently. They dont damage your garage door during installation, reducing your overall cost. Since they are magnetic, they can be used for metal garage doors only. If you have wooden, glass, or aluminum garage doors, then you cant use this panel. Also, before purchasing this panel, make sure that it is compatible with your garage door for a better experience.

    Quick Tip: How to Program a Garage Door Opener

    These magnetic panels are durable, so they can last for a long time and improve the look of your garage door. They are also heat and rain resistant to let you use them in different weather conditions with no hassle. This is a pack of 16 magnetic panels in which each panel sizes 6.125 X 4 inches. So, by using this panel, you can décor your garage door efficiently. If you have a metal garage door and want to improve its look, then you can consider using this panel.

    Think Beyond The Garage

    Glass Garage Door Home Renovation

    Custom glass garage doors can add a modern and contemporary touch to any home, and they dont just have to be used in your garage. Consider them for indoor use. Custom glass garage doors also look great as entryways to backyards and patios, bringing a contemporary industrial style to your lawn or backyard space.

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    Modern Style For Modern Homes

    When we talk about “modern garage doors”, the glass-panelled style is a great example of this trend. Aluminum and glass garage doors have a sleek, contemporary look to match a modern home. Frosted or polarized glass can add an extra edge to this aesthetic. Most homes built today have modern architecture with clean lines and simple geometry. The simple panels of a glass garage door are a natural extension of this modern style.

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