Garage Doors Roll Up Residential

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Roll Up Garage Door Model 3400

How To Automate A Roll Up Garage Door

Model 3400 is our Miami-Dade County certified wind load rated rolling sheet door that meets specific geographic building codes. Independent laboratory testing proves the durability and strength of this door. Quick installation and ease of operation are also key features, making the Model 3400 a sound and economical investment.

How Much Clearance Is Needed For A Roll

In general, you want to allow at least 15 1/2 of headroom . This allows for enough room when the door is fully rolled up and open. However, the big benefit of a roll-up garage door is that you dont need to extend this headroom into the center of the garage.

Sideroom, which is the open space on either side of the garage door, can be as little as 4 for manually operated doors. If you are installing a jackshaft garage door opener,like the LiftMaster 8500, youll need a little extra sideroom to accommodate it.

By contrast, sectional garage doors need at least 18 of headroom for the track, springs, and any other equipment. That headroom needs to extend to the center of your garage to accommodate the door when its open. High-lift garage doors can reduce the headroom to around 5.

Sideroom is slightly wider, requiring around 5 on either side of the door.

As always, check with the manufacturer of the garage door youre looking at. Some may have clearances that differ by size and type of door.

Roll Up Door Materials

Roll up doors are commonly made of steel, but they also feature frosted plastic or a glass construction.

But if youre in the market for a roll up door, youll also have a few other options. There are wood roll up doors that are made from thin sheets of wood. If you use a plywood or a hardboard skin, which is a less expensive solution, youll only get a warranty of about a year. Wood is an authentic, genuine look for a garage door, but its not the best material. Wood is liable to warping through heat and moisture, which can really impact your ability to raise and lower the door properly. You wont get a long warranty on wood.

More common materials for roll up doors are steel and aluminum. Cheaper aluminum doors are largely gone, now replaced by more complex versions with frames and dent-resistant pieces. If you can spend a lot of money on a garage door, aluminum will be a great option. They dont rust, they hold up for a long time, and they resist most weather conditions.

If you arent looking to spend a lot of money on a new door, then steel is a much better choice than aluminum. Steel is much cheaper than aluminum, but its also a lot tougher than a wood door. It might last for the lifetime of the hardware, and if you get steel that has fiberglass over the top, the door will also resist dents and rusting, giving you the benefits of aluminum.

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Tips To Purchase Roll Up Garage Doors

If you have made up your mind to buy a roll up garage door, here are some tips you may find helpful when shopping.

  • Always find out what your needs and preferences are before purchasing a roll up garage door. If you are looking for a commercial door, you may want to buy the highest quality with advanced features. Commercial roll up garage doors can withstand climate change, extreme pressure, and temperature.
  • Always pick a reliable manufacturer and provider. It is always a good idea to pick the most reputable garage doors provider in your locale.
  • Remember, safety comes first. No matter how good you are at DIY projects, it is always best to leave it up to the professionals when installing roll up garage doors.
  • Keep the maintenance factor in mind. If you are looking for a long-lasting roll up garage door that may require minimal maintenance, stainless steel is a better option. In comparison, a wooden door will require a repaint every year.

Which Commercial Door Is Right For You

Clear Roll Up Garage Doors

Purchasing a new commercial door is a considerable investment. To make your decision easier, we’ve come up with the pluses and minuses of the three main types of commercial garage doors:

1. Rolling Steel Doors

Our commercial door division offers a full line of heavy-duty rolling steel doors and operators. Rolling steel doors roll up into a coil to save space, requiring little clearance. Known for their durability, they require minimal maintenance when operated and maintained properly. This tough-as-nails sturdiness means you will save money on servicing them even if they are more expensive than other options at the time of installation. For their superior sturdiness, rolling steel doors stand out as the cream of the crop in commercial doors.

2. Sectional Doors

As a compelling midrange choice, sectional doors are a happy compromise between the more expensive rolling steel doors and the less durable roll-up doors. Unlike these other doors, commercial sectionals are made up of panels that swing up into a ceiling-mounted track. As a result, sectional doors need more clearance than rolling steel doors. If this limitation does not affect your building, commercial panel doors are an excellent choice.

3. Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are an economical alternative to rolling steel doors and commercial sectional doors. Similar to rolling steel doors in terms of their operation, they are nonetheless less durable. They are often a smart choice for your storage unit.

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Types Of Roll Up Doors

Roll up garage doors often are made from steel that is formed into connected slats that roll up into a coil above the door. Alternatively, they might roll out flat above the door.

Doors that roll up into a single coil above the door are generally not used in residential garage settings. If you have a roll up door it is probably the kind that flattens out above your garage, just like a swing door would. This kind of door is known as a sectional roll up or an overhead roll up.

True roll ups, doors that end in a single coil above the door, are made from really thin materials in order to slat into the small coil at the top. You wont find these in houses, but they are types of doors commonly used in business and mechanical situations. Typically, roll up doors cost less to set up, but youll pay more for the door over the long run through maintenance costs. They are generally heavier, and they use a jackshaft opener instead of an overhead opener.

However, sectional roll ups are the residential version of the roll up. They end up in the same place that a swing garage door does when it opens, but they get there by running along a track instead of by swinging. Unlike true roll up doors, theres no significant difference in the maintenance, insulation, and costs of a roll up door.

Roll Up Garage Doors Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering if roll up garage doors are a better option to install at your home or office? Well, the answer is, Yes, they are.

Most people prefer to get the traditional sectional style garage doors for their residential properties. These doors operate using horizontal runners and pull upwards, resting near the ceiling in an open position.

On the other hand, roll up garage doors provide many benefits such as durability, strength, longer life span, etc. Therefore, whether it is your home garage, commercial or industrial property, roll up garage doors are an ideal and efficient solution for all purposes.

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New Garage Doors & Installation

We Install and Repair Steel Garage Doors, Wood Carriage HouseDoors, Wood Composite Garage Doors and Vinyl Garage Doors for Homes in the New Orleans Metro Area.

Free Estimates On New Garage Doors

-Design Your New Door Online And Learn About All About Your Design Options Now

-Large Selection Of Styles & Sizes

Whether you’re looking for the beautiful “Carriage House” style that adds beauty and class toyour home, an energy efficient door that keeps your home warm or cool while reducing energy bills, or just want a completely reliable garage door that’s affordable, we’ve got a modelthat fits your needs. Learn more

The Problems With A Roll Up Garage Door

How to Frame Garage Door Opening for Most Roll up Doors

Roll up garage doors are the most common type of garage doors in the US. Most homes that have garages with roll up garage doors are older. That makes sense because roll up garage doors are lightweight, easy to install, and they provide enough protection and security to keep anything in the garage safe.

Theyre also easy to operate and fairly inexpensive, depending on the material that theyre made from. Of course, its only the upfront cost that seems affordable. When you add in the cost of a replacement door and all the installation and labor to fix a nonfunctional roll up garage door then it becomes expensive.

There are two types of roll up garage doors. The first type is made of several sections that are attached together and they can be rolled up together into the ceiling of the garage. The second type is similar is but its made out of a large panel that fits into the ceiling of the garage when its rolled up.

Single panel doors are made from aluminum, wood, steel, or fiberglass. Single panel roll up garage doors are a popular choice in new construction homes but they come with their own set of problems. Here are few of the problems with roll up garage doors that homeowners may face when they choose roll up garage doors for their garages.

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Replace Your Garage Door With New Reliable And Carefree Door

Madden DoorWhat are roll up garage doors?The many benefits of roll-up garage doors:

  • Quiet operation
  • Built stronger than traditional varieties
  • Look great inside and out
  • Save space by eliminating all overhead tracks, openers, hangers, etc.
  • Additional weather protection features

Maintenance On Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors can be difficult to maintain, even if they are made out of fiberglass or steel. If there is damage on a roll up door that cannot be easily fixed, then youll need to replace the whole door. If you have a single panel roll up door that is made out of wood, these doors are likely to get warped by moisture and repeated use over time. Steel doors are more likely to get dented, which then have to be replaced.

Installing a new roll up garage door is a tricky process. Multiple people have to fit the door onto the tracks at the same time to make sure things are lined up properly. While warping and denting can occur on a roll up garage door, the most common problem is that the tracks on either side become misaligned. Because youre lifting heavy panels through a system of wires and bars, it takes just a small misalignment in order to throw your entire door off by quite a bit. These misalignment problems can cause further damage to the door or your garage if you continue to operate the system, so its best to get repair on it right away.

Ultimately, a well-maintained roll up door can last for a long time. Its important to have it inspected annually, as well as to get service for it as soon as possible if something is off.

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Beautiful Quality Residential Garage Door Installation

Updating your home to the latest and most modern aesthetics can be intimidating for many homeowners, but with the guidance of the team at Door Pros, designing and installing a new garage door is simple and hassle-free. Were proud to exclusively stock a wide selection of high-quality Clopay garage doors crafted from the best materials available. They are extensively tested in the harshest climates and conditions to guarantee lasting results and beautiful finishes.

Explore our variety of beautiful garage doors today. Spruce up your traditional, Colonial or craftsman-style home with one of our classic, warm carriage-style garage doors, or be bold and dramatic with one of our contemporary-inspired doors.

How Do I Install A Residential Roll Up Garage Door

Manually Open Residential Perforated Double Fiberglass Roll Up Garage ...

Installing a roll-up garage door is a job best left to the professionals. Be sure to hire a reputable company that has experience installing roll-up doors.

Roll-up doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because they offer many benefits. If you are interested in installing a roll-up door, be sure to consult with a professional.

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Garage Door Designer Tool

Try our on-line interactive software tool that lets you visualize what your home would look like with a garage door from Overhead Door. This visualizer tool is built for the most common garage door sizes to help you visualize your dream door, but does not cover every possible size we produce.

Odyssey 1000 Belt Drive Opener

Commercial Doors For Special Applications

Do you need a commercial door for a specific application? Alongside regular rolling steel, commercial sectional, and roll up doors, we offer both high speed doors and fire doors.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors open and close in the blink of an eye. They are enhanced versions of the doors mentioned above in two ways: their fast-acting speed and their durable construction.Equipped with a springless design, high speed doors require little maintenance. In addition, if bumped, they can be reset easily.

Why should you opt for a high speed door? Two reasons: hygiene concerns and a need for speed. Companies in the food, beverage, refrigeration, and pharmaceutical industries need to ensure a hygienic transfer of products in an environment controlled for temperature and humidity. Simply put, using a high-speed door reduces the chance of contamination. Other industries, such as the automobile industry, make use of high-speed doors for the large volume of goods being produced at a rapid rate. If you need to move your merchandise as quickly as possible, high speed doors are your best bet.

Are you hesitating between a regular commercial door and a high speed door? Simply give us a call. We are always more than happy to go over your options with you.

Fire Doors

Interested in getting your new commercial door installed quickly and safely? Give us a call today and request a free estimate!

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Commercial Garage Doors: Coiling / Roll Up Sheet Doors

Constructed from 26ga by 24 in wide sheets of steel roll formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll formed guides. Sheet coils around a spring loaded shaft above the header as the door is opened. Designed with ease of installation in mind.

  • 26 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel curtain with a baked-on silicone polyester top coat.
  • Roll-formed guides of hot-dipped galvanized steel .
  • Self-lubricating wearstrips on curtain prevent metal-to-metal contact and muffle door noise.
  • Curtains are prepainted inside and out to inhibit rust. Hot-dipped, galvanized steel is painted with primer and given a tough oven-baked silicone polyester top coat, to provide the most rust-resistant steel door available.
  • Heavy-duty bottom bar withstands the external elements.
  • Full bulb-type bottom weatherstrip ensures proper fit along irregular floors.

Comprehensive Garage Door Repair And Maintenance Services

TMAX Roll Up Door Video

Garage doors are used every day as the main entrance to most peoples homes, and with regular daily use, its common for many homeowners to experience mishaps with their garage doors. Our team has seen every type of repair need, large or small. We can respond quickly to your request, inspect your system and recommend quality repairs using the best tools and parts available to ensure lasting safety and reliability. We specialize in several common repairs, including broken springs, malfunctioning garage door openers, off-track doors and more.

To ensure your garage door remains in quality condition and operates smoothly, ask one of our technicians about our comprehensive garage door maintenance. With regular maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your system, save on regular repair costs, and ensure long-term safety for you and your family. Our team will thoroughly inspect your door and opener, looking over and lubricating all moving parts, testing balance and performing a reversal test.

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What Are Residential Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are just what they sound like they roll up to open! These doors are typically made of metal or steel and can be either insulated or uninsulated. Roll-up doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because they offer a number of benefits. For example, roll-up doors take up less space than traditional swing-style doors, so they are ideal for homes with limited space. They are also very easy to operate and can be controlled with a remote.

Do Glass Garage Doors Break

Glass garage doors do break more than garage doors of aluminum, steel, vinyl, or wood. However, if this is a concern, invest in tempered glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass. In addition, if it breaks, it will break into small pieces rather than large shards that could cause serious injury.

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Recent Project Allura Rolling Shutter Collection

This custom home located in Washington, DC features a beautiful Overhead Door Allura Freestanding Alley Door. This door was designed specifically to provide security and restrict unwanted access from the street into driveways in high traffic areas. It is the perfect solution for a consumer looking for a freestanding rollup garage door in Washington, DC. For the homeowners convenience, this door is electrically operated and UL-325 approved for residential use! This door is available in three slat configurations, four standard powder coat finishes, and a complete spectrum of premium finishes. Add curb appeal and improve the security of your property today.

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