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Things To Consider For Your New Custom Garage Door

Installing a Clopay Garage Door from The Home Depot


  • Heat loss in your home can impact both comfort and energy efficiency. If rooms above or next to your garage are losing heat, an insulated garage door can help
  • Choose from a range of insulation options. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation and the more effective your new garage door will be at preventing heat loss in your home. R-10 or R-11 are the minimum recommended ratings for a garage door, but R-values of at least 14 are recommended if you plan to use your garage as a living or work space
  • The Home Depot offers insulated custom garage door options with R-values as high as 18.4 – among the top-rated insulated garage doors available


  • At The Home Depot, garage doors made of real wood, steel, faux-wood composite, aluminum and glass are all available for your garage door installation
  • Real wood gives a natural look, while faux-wood composite gives a similar look but adds durability at a lower cost. Steel doors are strong, durable and affordable, while aluminum and glass garage doors can provide a more modern aesthetic for your home

33Colour & Finish

  • Whether youre looking for a natural or simulated wood finish, a bold colour or something more neutral for your new garage door installation, we have what you need
  • Choose from a full range of colours and finishes to match your home, refresh your exterior in style, and set the standard for curb appeal on your block, too!

44Window Options


History Of Wayne Dolton Lowes Garage Door Company

Garage Door brand Wayne Dolton was founded in 1985, and by then, it was the best garage door brand in the production of rolling door industry available. In 1990 Wayne Dalton garage doors acquired Kinnear and continued building on the brands tradition of producing excellent designs by refining and adding to their high-quality rolling garage door products. Since then Wayne dolton has been one of the best garage door brands. In 2016 they expanded our commercial door categories to include new high-speed doors. We designed and began building from the ground upward a new series of High-speed doors. These new doors also featured high cycle designs, patent-pending, and an industry-leading safety feature for exterior and interior applications.With this new design of rolling doors coupled with residential garage doors and commercial sectional high-performance doors, The Wayne Dalton, Lowes Garage Door brand can surely boast of the production of door solutions for virtually any form of application. For all your garage door repair needs in Chicago call Victor Garage Door.

Home Depot’s Clopay Garage Door

One of Home Depot‘s best-selling options is produced by Clopay. Sitting 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall, this non-insulated garage door sells for $468. Made from one layer of construction, it houses a 2-inch thick 25-gauge steel. While it comes in white, you can always repaint it to better match the exterior of your home. It’s also compatible with various garage door openers and contains a replaceable bottom weather seal.

Additional items may be needed during installation, like a rear track hanging kit, a low headroom conversion kit, and an exterior lock. However, these items aren’t included in the original purchase. The 90-day warranty options include a paint system for 15 years, sections or delamination for five years, or the hardware or springs for up to three years.

On a 5-star scale, this garage door received a 4.2 rating, with an 86% recommendation rate. One customer stated installing two doors was rather easy and is happy with the overall quality of the purchase. Conversely, someone commented about not being pleased with the flimsy nature of the door. Due to this, and despite being careful, they damaged a panel when attempting to put it together.

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Man Steals Shopping Cart Full Of Thermostats From Nyc Home Depot

Man steals shopping cart full of thermostats from NYC Home Depot

The man walked into the closed store and wheeled out a cart of Google Nest thermostats.

NEW YORK – A man casually walked into a closed Home Depot store through an unlocked door and left with a shopping cart full of Google Next Thermostats.

The NYPD says it happened the day before Thanksgiving at a store on Hamilton Ave. in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

The man went into the store at about 4:30 a.m. through an unlocked side door. A video showed him wheeling the cart out with the electronics.

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He took it to the parking lot to load the stolen item into the back of an SUV. He even casually stopped to pick up one of the thermostats that fell out of the cart.

The man remains on the loose and the New York City Police Department is asking for help to identify the man.

The Pricing Below Is Not Current Or Accurate Due To Market Volitility And Constant Price Changes However We Have A Low Price Guarantee That Pays You We Will Not Be Beat On Price By A Legitimate Company Ever

Martin Garage Doors Wood Collection Silverlake 8 ft. x 7 ft. Grooved ...
Home Depot Is A Highly Respected Company That Stands Behind The Products They Sell And The Installers That Sell Them. We Created This Page Because Of That Trust They Have Developed With The Community. Pricing Below Is NOT Updated. We Have A Low Price Guarantee Based On Current Published Pricing Or Formal Quotes. For Current Home Depot Pricing Click Here.

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Home Depot Sends Wrong Custom Garage Door And Refuses To Take It Back Customer Says

David DiPietro and the garage door parts that he’s tried to return to Home Depot for nearly six months.

It was time to replace the garage door on David DiPietros Vernon home.

He did his research and had a chat with a representative from Clopay, a door manufacturer, and DiPietro was advised to buy extension springs instead of torsion springs.

He said he couldnt place the order online because there was no way to specify the springs he needed. So he went to Home Depot on March 7 and a salesman placed the order, noting the special instructions request for extension springs.

The cost was $2,382.96.

But when the door arrived in late March, it had the wrong springs, DiPietro said.

They insist that this was a special order and it is not returnable. Yet, they did not deliver what I ordered, DiPietro said of Home Depot.

Its nearly six months later, and the wrong door is still sitting in DiPietros garage.

The first Home Depot representative said the manufacturer would not make the door as requested even though DiPietro was told otherwise when he spoke to the manufacturer. The representative said someone would contact him about returning the door, DiPietro said.

The next day, a rep said in an email the correct springs would be mailed to DiPietro.

He made more calls to Home Depot and disputed the charge on his Home Depot credit card.

On April 6, a store manager said they wouldnt take the door back.


Best Garage Door Brands

Looking for the best garage door brands or comparing Home Depot vs Lowes vs Menards garage doors? We hope to give you a little more clarity to help you decide if you should opt for a garage door from Home Depot Menards for Lowes based on the garage door brand that will work best for your home.

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What Is Home Services

The Home Depot Home Services has been helping Canadians with their home renovation, installation and home repair projects in Canada since 1994. Currently we offer more than 150 home improvement services. We work with licensed and insured local contractors from various trades to support all your home renovation needs. Now you can easily find a trusted installer, contractor, or handyman for your next project! All you need to do is choose a service and submit a request for a free quote or consultation.

We serve the Richmond Hill community with a variety of Home Services.

Cons Of A Man Door In Garage Door

Clopay Premium Garage Doors | The Home Depot

While there are many benefits to installing a man door in your garage door, it may not be the best choice in certain circumstances.

Drawbacks of installing a man door may include:

  • Making Small Doors Less Energy Efficient While a man door can boost energy efficiency as mentioned above, small garage doors may actually become less efficient with the addition of a man door, since it creates more openings for air to get in and out. This can be counteracted with quality sealing.
  • Limiting Garage Door Style Choices Installing a man door typically requires a fairly large garage door and cannot be accommodated by all garage door styles.
  • Adding Installation Cost Since the process of adding a man door is quite involved and includes installing specialized safety features, the cost of adding a man door in a garage door can add up. However, you can save on garage door installation by choosing a local garage door professional with fair pricing.
  • Increasing Damage Potential Some homeowners have experienced serious damage to their garage doors by trying to open them after accidentally leaving their man door ajar. This situation can be avoided by using modern safety technology and extra caution.

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Menards Ideal Garage Doors

Give your garage a great look with Menards® Ideal garage door brand. Menards® has the perfect selection of residential and commercial, and glass garage doors, roll-up doors for storage sheds, and all the supplies and tools youll need to install all those stylish modern garage doors. Menards garage doors have a distinct insulation layer, making them quieter than other non-insulated doors. Ideal also offer an improved energy efficiency which increases your comfort when working in the garage no matter how the weather looks outside. Additionally, Menards garage doors come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 4 feet to 9 feet, 10 to 16 feet, and over 16 feet in width. Making 16 x 7 garage doors standards.

What Is A Man Door

Otherwise known as a pedestrian door or wicket door, a man door is simply a classic swing-style door placed inside of a garage door.

Just as the name depicts, garage door with pedestrian doors is a normal-sized human door cut inside the bigger garage door to allow easy entry into the garage. It enables you to enter your garage without the need to open the entire garage door, explains Garage Adviser.

Should you install a man door in your garage door? Take a look at the pros and cons and see if a man door is a practical choice for your garage.

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Customize Your New Garage Door

Choose from a variety of colours, styles, finishes and materials to create the perfect garage door for your home.

Choose from a variety of colours, styles, finishes and materials to design the perfect garage door for your home.

The Home Depot works exclusively with Clopay® Garage Doors, North America’s leading residential garage door manufacturer. Clopay offers garage doors in a variety of styles, including classic raised-panel or carriage house with optional window designs in a variety of colours and stains.

Create instant curb appeal for your home. Click below to create your own custom garage door!

We’ve got you covered.

Guaranteed Results

Choose from hundreds of stylish and functional garage doors. Then, stand back and admire your new garage door knowing its backed by a 1-year installation warranty and excellent product coverage as well.

Trusted Installers

Our team consists of licensed Home Depot Installers who have passed background checks, so you can be confident in their reputation and the quality of their work.

Flexible Financing

We provide flexible financing options that will help you better manage your budget for your home improvement projects with The Home Depot Consumer Card and The Home Depot Project Loan.

Home Depot Or Lowe’s: Which Has Better Deals On Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Door Openers

Looking to buy a new garage door? Then you should be aware of the many options available in terms of style, construction, and design. For example, according to HGTV, there are three primary construction types. First, a single-layer door is made to be durable, but also lightweight. Like it sounds, it houses one layer of material and is one of the cheapest options. Next is the double-layer door, featuring an inner and outer layer of material with a polystyrene board in the middle for durability. Lastly is the premium garage door. Similar to the double-layer model, this version also contains an inner and outer layer with a polystyrene board in the middle. However, it’s made of thicker and stronger materials.

Beyond the design features, you’ll want to consider a few other factors, such as how much security is needed, per Overhead Door. Some garage doors are already equipped with many technical aspects, including door openers that automatically change codes each time they’re used. If you have pets or children, think about installing safety sensors. These gadgets stop a garage door from closing or reverse the movement if they sense something is in the way. Finally, decide where to purchase your newest luxury. Home Depot and Lowe’s are your best options, so let’s see which has the better deal.

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The Pros And Cons Of A Garage Door With A Pedestrian Door

Youve probably seen pictures of pedestrian doors on garages in the past. They look really great and seem very convenient, so people have become fond of posting galleries of them all over the Internet.

The rationalization behind pedestrian doors seems to be, “Instead of opening that big door to get in the garage, I could just walk through a much smaller one.”

Garage doors can also come with pedestrian doors. Obviously, going through a small access door is going to be a lot easier than lifting an entire industrial garage door with dimensions of 16 x 16.

The size of pedestrian doors can vary greatly from one brand to another. However, the vast majority of them are going to be 32 inches wide by 78 inches high.

Our recommendation would be that you opt for a polyurethaneinsulated garage door to ensure your overall door system has a sufficiently solid structure. The garage doors thickness should be somewhere between 1 38 and 2 to reach that goal.

Now that you have a better idea of what a pedestrian door entails for a residential setting, lets move on to talking about the pros and cons of having one.

Types Of Garage Doors

Your garage does more than protect your vehicle from the elements. Because the garage may account for more than a quarter of your home’s front or side facade, its appearance has a big impact on the overall look of your home. As a result, the garage doors you choose can add to or detract from curb appeal. Read on to learn about the different types of garage doors and how to choose one that will put an attractive finishing touch on your home.

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What Makes Home Depot One Of The Best Garage Door Brands

1. Quality garage doors to match your style and performance requirements.

Home Depot Garage door company provides a wide range of doors ranging from residential to commercial garage doors made of various materials, exquisite finish, and insulation options with an ability to transform the homes appeal, especially when pairing garage doors with a reliable garage door opener. Its also crucial to note that these doors can be customized to help you achieve your home exterior or commercial facility performance dream. Besides, our new entry or garage doors can be recouped during a resale, thus allowing the resident to redefine a homes appearance while still making a solid future investment. They have standard two-car garage door or also one-car 8×7 garage doors.

2. Made in the USA Garage Doors.

The headquarters of Clopay® is located in the heartland of Ohio. Home Depot garage door brand by Clopay company operates as North Americas largest overhead door manufacturer with four manufacturing plants and 52 distribution centers throughout Canada and USA. Theyre a preferred supplier of commercial, residential, and overhead commercial doors in the region therefore, when customers search for the best quality garage doors brands, they come to Home Depot.

3. A vast Home Depot garage door brands dealer network.

4. Top Quality Garage Door Brand.

5. The Clopay® Difference.

Ideal One Of The Best Garage Door Brands

How to Buy a Clopay Garage Door at The Home Depot

Here are some of the choices when it comes to garage door types and what makes Menards Ideals one off the best garage door brands:

1. Traditional Steel Garage doors.

Another high-quality insulated garage door option in the market is the Better Traditional Steel Ideal Door. Manufactured with 24-gauge steel, these visually appealing durable eco-friendly steel garage door comes with polystyrene insulation that offers thermal efficiency and value to your garage.

2. Designer Steel Garage Doors.

Their beauty, versatility, and functionality make the Designer Steel Garage Doors an easily customizable option. They come in various short and long panels with an accent window and ornate hardware offerings. For a quality steel garage door, the Designer Steel Garage Doors are a moderately priced option.

3. Premium Handcrafted Garage Doors.

For a homeowner interested in maintaining an old word style that has the convenience of durable hardware and low-maintenance steel, you will never go wrong with Premium Hand Crafted Garage Doors. In other words, these doors also offer their owner high-end quality with a traditional style at a modest price point. They can also be easily modified to resemble an authentic carriage house garage door. They come based on the owners quote and selection.

Now, before we are done with Menards garage doors, here is a big secret: Ideal is also owned by Clopay. This is good news, since Clopay has been growing and improving every year.

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