Garage Door Seal Wayne Dalton

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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Weather Seal

How to Replace a Wayne Dalton 9100 Bottom Retainer Seal


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WAYNE DALTON Weather Seal Bottom Seal

WAYNE DALTON Garage Door Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Weather Stripping

WAYNE DALTON Garage Door Weather Seal

Bottom Weather Seal for Steel WAYNE DALTON Garage Doors

This is genuine Wayne Dalton Weather Seal.

This weather seal if for Wayne Dalton doors only.

See the photos, this weather seal has unique ends that slide into the

bottom retainer of the garage door.

This is not the standard T style seal nor is it a round bead seal.

This weather seal is exclusive to Wayne Dalton doors.

There are two things to look at in order to determine

if this is the correct weather seal for your door.

One, pull out and cut off a small length of the existing weather seal,

look closely at the ends of the seal that slide into the retainer on the door.

Next, Wayne Dalton usually stamps or puts stickers on the

edge of the door. It is a good idea to look at both of these, the existing

seal and the edge of the door.

To make matters more confusing, Wayne Dalton also uses the more common

T style weather seal on some doors so it is imperative that you check the existing weather seal.

3 1/8 wide over all

Bead is approx .145

Length is approximately 4 longer than the length listed.



If you have a situation that requires a wider seal, or if there is a gap issue that

will not be corrected with this standard weather seal, consider replacing the bottom retainer to a

How To Easily Replace The Bottom Weather Seal On Your Garage Door

  • Start by removing the existing weather strip gasket using a Philips or standard screwdriver to remove the existing screws. Be careful not to dent or damage the steel garage door panels or to scratch the wood garage door panels.
  • Next, raise the garage door to a comfortable work height for you to take your measurements. Start by measuring the length of the garage door. Add 1″ for each side to allow for any adjustments needed to be made. Measure the width of the bottom of the door and the width of the existing garage door gasket . Do not remove the existing bottom weather seal until you have purchased a replacement gasket!
  • Now trim any excess length of the bottom seal gasket with a utility knife. Make sure you don’t damage the surface of the garage door when trimming the excess gasket. Also, don’t let the gasket interfere with the raising and lowering of the garage door. You will want to verify this before you continue.
  • An alternate method, if you ordered an extra foot of bottom seal, is to leave 4″ – 6″ of bottom seal protruding on each end, spray with a lubricant, and using a wooden dowel or stick, carefully tuck it back in upon itself, between the door bottom and the seal. This will allow for thermal contraction & expansion, eliminating the potential of a gap at each end of the door.
  • Finally, test the new garage door gasket seal by lowering the door and checking for a continuous seal along the bottom of the garage door & any clearance issues with the door track or cables.

Wayne Dalton Weather Seals

Wayne Dalton bottom seals are a smart investment for your commercial or industrial garage door. Find a variety of lengths for these rubber seals at North Shore Commercial Door. A rubber weather seal is great for keeping out the elements such as snow and wind. It also can give your business greater energy efficiency by better insulating the garage. Garages can be notoriously drafty and cool, but a weather seal will help close the gap between the door and floor and can give your garage door a smooth landing on the floor.

Wayne Dalton products are reliable, which is why we carry their transmitters, keyless entry systems and wall consoles, as well as a stock of repair or replacement parts. These garage door bottom weather seals are another great investment for you and your company. They are easily affordable, but are well worth the price. Get a weather seal for your garage door, along with other garage door opener products and parts on our website.

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Wayne Dalton Factory Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal


Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal

The Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal creates the perfect seal between your door and your garage floor. It is easy to install and weather proof so it will help you save in heating and cooling by minimizing the amount of outdoor air that enters your garage. This weather seal is designed for Wayne Dalton residential garage doors and fits that companys 8000 and 9000 series steel doors and Thermaguard, Foamcore and Thermawayne style doors. It is strong and durable and made from a black vinyl compound that conforms to your garage door and floor.

How To Install New Weather Seal / Bottom Seal

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Bottom Seal for 8000 &  9000 Series Doors
  • Remove old bottom seal -use needle-nose plier and/or lubricant if it doesn’t come out easily
  • Clean the retainer taking time to straighten any crushed or pinched areas that might make it difficult to slide in the new weather seal
  • Using an appropriate lubricant like Zenex SuperLube, spray the seal track to make it easier pull the new seal along
  • Line up the new seal, insert and work it along the track taking care not to exert more force than needed which may stretch or damage the seal.
  • Trim excess seal as needed and lightly crimp the track ends to keep the weather stripping from ‘crawling’ with the expansion and contraction of the door seal and track due to temperature changes

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Garage Door Rubber Seal Keep Your Garage Sealed Off From The Elements

Features & Measurements:

  • Bottom Rubber Seal 3-1/4 bead width
  • Available in 8ft. 9ft. 10ft. 12ft. 16ft. 18ft. 20ft. 24ft pieces.
  • This will fit Wayne Dalton residential garage door including models 8000 series, 9000 series, Thermaguard, Foamcore, and Thermawayne doors


Wayne Dalton Weather Seal

This item has a shipping fee due to its size/weight

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage Door Bottom Seal Kit

Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal KIT.

Complete kit for the hard to find Wayne Dalton 1 thick garage doors.

The weather seal included in this kit is much better than the factory seal that came with the door.

We offer this kit in two sizes, one for doors up to 9 wide, the other for doors 9 to 18 wide.

Both the retainer and the weather seal are very easy to cut and trim to an exact fit.

Included in the kit:

1 9-2 Bulb type weather seal.

Self tapping, stainless steel screws.

1 18-2 Bulb type weather seal.

Self tapping, stainless steel screws.

Weather seal is nice and heavy, .075 Thick T Bulb style

providing a superior seal to original.

We offer both the retainer and the weather seal as stand alone items as well.

Very easy to install. In some cases you will need to remove the existing retainer, others, this retainer can

be installed over the old retainer.

Cut and install the retainer using the included screws, fastening the long leg of the retainer to the inside of the door.

Slide the weather seal into the bottom channel of the retainer. We suggest running one of the screws into the

retainer pinning the weather seal in place at both ends. Do not stretch the weather seal, leave it loose in the retainer.

Using a lubricant such as WD40 in the channel helps slide the weather seal down the lenght of the channel. It

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