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The Best Smart Garage Door Openers In 2022

GarageMate Review: Open Garage with Phone!

Here are the best smart garage door openers that will work with your smart home setup.

The best smart garage door openers let you bring what’s probably the second-most used door in your house into the 21st Century. That’s because a smart garage door opener lets you control â and monitor â your garage door right from your smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

You can also connect smart garage door openers to other smart home devices, so that when you’re returning home at night, your lights will turn on when you open your garage door. Or, if you’re away, but your neighbor needs to borrow your lawnmower, you can simply open your garage door from your phone.

The best smart garage door openers we recommend here are designed to attach to existing non-smart garage door openers, and cost less than $100. If you’re shopping for a new garage door opener, Chamberlain, Genie, Skylink, and Ryobi all make Wi-Fi-connected models ranging in price from $169 to $300, so you don’t need to purchase additional accessories to control them from your smartphone.

Smart Technology Without Breaking The Bank

I have been a user on the MyQ device for over a year and very minimal issues. Like any technology it is important to clear out the cache by simply unplugging the unit for at least one minute and let it cycle through on power up for up to five minutes to aquire signal to your WiFi network. I highly suggest that a mesh network such as Eero is the best way to expand your connection points in any size home to create a reliable signal from your modem to the master router. Lastly like any smart home devices, the more devices demanding from your connection points the larger the bandwidth or internet plan is needed from your provider. At my home I use Gigablast which provides plenty of speed with plenty of bandwidth to support all my devices connected to my WiFi Eero mesh network. Expand your network, expand or upgrade your internet plan and all your smart home devices should have very little issues. I really enjoy MyQ and the excellent app that makes the whole system work flawlessly. It has reminders and notifications as to when your garage door opens and closes. With your bluetooth on you can control the garage door anywhere and anytime. You can setup temporary users if you have tenants, restrict access to users and monitor your garage door with additional garage camera that Chamberlain has available as an addition to their store. 5 stars all the way!

Smart Garage Door Openers 101

If you already own a motorized garage opener, even one with a belt drive opener or a chain drive, you can use one of the easy add-on accessories above for smart garage door control. If you’re in the market for a whole new opener mechanism and you want a smart device, you can find smart opener and door sensor options from makers such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster and Ryobi.

Smart garage door controllers come in a few variations. In general, a control attaches to your existing opener with a double-sided adhesive strip. In most cases, you’ll need to attach two small wires to the open and close command nodes on your existing garage door opener.

Smart garage kits also typically include some type of sensor to attach to your garage door. This sensor detects and transmits your garage door status, so the control accurately knows whether the door is open, closed or somewhere in between, and with the garage door opener app, can send you a push notification if your garage is open when it shouldn’t be. It also usually serves as a safety sensor.

The ability to connect to a Wi-Fi signal is key to ensuring your new smart garage door and remote control work the way you want them to. On the smart side, an add-on controller connects to your Wi-Fi network, which is easy enough. You’ll need a strong 2.4GHz internet connection that reaches your garage. Typically, a corresponding app will walk you through adding your device to the network, as well as the general installation.

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What Are The Best Smart Garage Door Openers

After testing and reviewing a number of the top models, we think the best smart garage door opener is the Chamberlain MyQ-G0401. For starters, it typically sells for less than $40, half the price of most of the competition. The MyQ works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT , though it does not work with Alexa. However, it does work with , a free service for members whereby authorized delivery drivers can open and leave a package inside your garage.

If you’re looking for a smart garage door opener that works with Alexa, we suggest the Tailwind iQ3 Garage Door Opener. While its setup was trickier than the Chamberlain, the Tailwind does work with Amazon’s virtual assistant, as well as Google Assistant and SmartThings. And, it supports multiple users.

Wyze, which makes one of the best home security cameras, recently launched the Wyze Garage Door Controller , which includes the Wyze Cam v3 and uses AI vision to know if your garage door is open or closed. If you already have a Wyze Cam, you can purchase the garage door adapter separately for $18.99. Wyze’s app can also close your door automatically based on your location, and send you alerts when it’s left open.

Read on for the rest of our favorite smart garage door openers.

Quick Garage Door Repair In Richmond Hill

Automatic Smartphone Garage Door Controller , Cell Phone Controlled ...

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Can They Be Hacked

Unfortunately, remote garage door openers can be hacked. As with any device that relies heavily on WiFi, smart garage door openers can be hacked.

The most effective method available to hackers is jamming the signal. To do this, an intruder would need to be watching your home to see when the garage door goes up, then jam the signal of the WiFi to the sensor. This would cause your app to show that the door was closed when it was actually still open.

Your Cell Phone: Now Your Garage Door Opener

Imagine having a Garage Door Opener On Your Very Phone! It will save you a lot of trouble and annoyance daily. No more fetching a remote whenever you have to park a vehicle or get it out. Just one simple touch on your phone, and bam, your door opens!

Now, before you start thinking of installing an app and setting it up being a tedious task, let us tell you that it is the exact opposite.

You simply need to follow a few basic steps, and youll be done with it. For your convenience, we have compiled and sorted some tips to help you out:

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Integrating Your Garage Opener With A Smart Home Device

Today, most phone garage door openers allow you to connect them to Amazon and Google Home devices. By doing so, you can control your garage doors with voice activation.

If you want to connect your door opener to a smart device, ensure the door opener model you buy is compatible with the smart device.

Control A Linear Gdo Through Your Phone

Garage Door Opener Smart Phone Software App Controls from Anywhere

Providing extra safety benefits, Linear® smart garage door operators, the LDCO 863B and LDCO841 are able to be controlled by a smart phone, in addition to a traditional RF transmitter and keypads. The Linear Smart Garage Door App is loaded with features that give homeowners more choices in controlling safe and secure access.

The Linear Smart Garage Door App delivers intelligent functionality and useful access information in so many ways. Via its activation history, it allows users to track who opened and closed the door. To ensure maximum security, the open command is unique to the app account and cannot be used without standard smartphone security methods.

There are safer advantages of using an app to control a garage too, than keeping a transmitter in a car. Cars are able to be broken into. If a transmitter is inside the car, a thief could have access to opening the garage, and even worse, entry to a home. It is less likely for a thief to steal a phone and know the access code.

Safety is enhanced further as the app triggers the GDO with pre-movement flashing and sound warnings.

Your customers can still control their Linear GDO with the transmitter if that is their preference. And, people like the ease of having multiple transmitters in various locations. Your customers have choices as well as the option to conveniently use both!

For more information on our smart garage door operator read our blog here.

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What About Voice Assistants

MyQ requires a small monthly subscription to work with Google Home. $1 a month or $10 a year. It is not compatible with Alexa. With Google Home, you are only able to close the garage. You will not be able to open it for security reasons.

MyQ also works with Homekit but it does require a bridge. If your household is big into Siri, you are covered. Its unfortunate that it requires another piece of hardware. You can open the garage with Siri.

You can ask your voice assistant if your garage door is open or not which can be helpful.

What Are The Monthly Fees

There are no monthly fees for customers who only want to open their garage doors with their phones.

Some companies are beginning to charge a fee for the integration of their garage door controls with comprehensive home automation systems. These fees are very low and can either be paid monthly or once annually.

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Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill

Garage door repair Richmond Hill services are provided quickly and completed expertly when assigned to our company. We have been serving the local community for years and always with respect to everyone’s needs. Our team is at your disposal for Richmond Hill garage door repair, maintenance, replacement, conversion, & installation. Such needs may arise over the years, but you shouldn’t have any worries. Whether you search for pros to replace the garage door panel or the opener, we’ll be at your service. Whether you want the garage door replaced or fixed, the service will be done with the utmost care and no delay. Get affordable services without worrying about the quality by reaching out to Richmond Hill Garage Door Repair.

How To Open Your Garage Door With Gogogate2

Mighty Mule MM9545M 1

Youll have to purchase a third-party device and install it with your garage door controller. Note that we havent personally tested this device, but it is popular and has received many positive reviews.

GoGogate2 is one of the most popular devices that lets you open the garage door with Android. Youll need to purchase the GoGogate device and install it with your garage door opener.

Gogogate 2 device

Installing the device is not that difficult and it will take just a couple of minutes. Dont worry, well add a link to GoGogates official installation video.

The way this works is that the GoGogate2 Android garage door opener app connects with the installed GoGogate device in your house and you can then control your garage door with your Android smartphone through the app. Follow the steps below in order to successfully install and use the garage opening system.

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Iphone Smartphone Garage Door Opener

Do you find it unendingly frustrating to have to use a traditional garage door remote? It is great when it works, but what about when you misplace it? Or dont have it with you? What about when you need an extra remote and the costs pile up?

Welcome to Open Sesame: a universal garage door opener appthat converts your smartphone into a garage door remote.

This innovative new garage door app allows you and any number of people you choose to be able to open your garage door with a phone. No more fumbling or frustration no more security concerns.

The Open Sesame Garage Door Opener is based on what is really a very simple but unique concept. It incorporates a smart phone application that communicates with a tiny Bluetooth box to open and close your garage door. Instead of purchasing numerous remote controls for your garage door, you simply convert as many smartphones as there are in your household into garage door remotes. It is affordable, easy to install, and requires no Wi-Fi or internet connection. And, should you wish to, you can continue to use your original, traditional remote control garage door opener as well.

Why invest in the Open Sesame Android and iPhone garage door opener?

Make your smartphone even smarter today with the Open Sesame remote garage door opener app. Contact us today to learn more and to purchase your very own garage door app for your smartphone and never be locked out of your garage again.

Why Use This App

To open and close your garage door remotely.No matter where you are, you can check if your garage door is in fact closed. When you have left the house a little too quickly, for example.

To give another person access to your home.Open your garage door to someone you give permission to enter your home. Convenient for a repairman who comes to fix a household appliance or for the delivery of a package!

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Amp Up Your Security With These Smart Garage Door Openers

Everything about your home seems to be automated these days from home lighting systems to smart locks that open on command, you can pretty much monitor and control it all from your smartphone.

As it turns out, the smart garage door opener, might be the unsung hero of home automation. Its not as flashy as, say, a smart TV, but in terms of sheer convenience, we think it deserves a spot right up there at the top of the list.

If youre looking for a simple smart garage door opener, entry level models are modestly priced, and will allow you to open or close your garage remotely through an app on your phone. For those of us who have arrived home to find that weve accidentally left our garage doors open, this feature alone is remarkably helpful.

But more advanced models offer an array of features, alerts, and security capabilities that allow you to see if, when, and how your garage door was opened, if its open or shut at the moment, and even grant remote access for visitors or repair workers.

If youve got a motorized garage door already installed, most smart garage door openers can be outfitted to connect with your existing setup provided your current opener has been installed in the last ten or fifteen years. A good WiFi connection is all you need to hook your smart garage up to your smart home assistant, be it Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple Home.

Can You Open Your Garage Door With Your Iphone

Use iPhone Andriod phone to control open close 15 years old garage door

Open your garage door with your iPhone. A new line of garage door openers announced at CES12 use a RF transmitter, Internet gateway and iOS app to allow you to operate your garage door from your iPhone.

Is there an app for a garage door opener?

Once online, NiOGarage can be accessed and controlled by you and your family using the apps or its website. Chamberlain WD1000WF WiFi Garage Door Opener: allows you to monitor the status of your garage door from your smartphone. It has a heavy duty motor and battery backup. Download the MyQ app to get started.

Do you need an iPhone to use garagemate?

Please read description fully before ordering. GarageMate opens your garage using your Androids, iPhones, and Apple Watch. GarageMate installs in minutes with only two wires to connect to your garage door opener and will not interfere with your existing remotes or wall console. You can then pair up to 8 Androids, iPhones, and Apple Watch.

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What To Look Forward To

iSmartGate launched the iSmartGate Mini, the cheapest model in its lineup starting at $50. The new version has features similar to those of the Lite model but will work with a wired or wireless sensor, though it doesnt support HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings. The company has also released a Switch Adaptor to make all of its controllers compatible with the newer Chamberlain-brand openers, which we are currently testing. The iSmartGate Pro+ was also announced but hasnt yet been released.

The Eufy Garage-Control Cam, announced in January 2022, has a built-in camera and door sensor that uses AI to detect people and vehicles in the garage it also includes voice control and geofencing detection. It will have a 1080p camera and will be available in a single-door control version for $100 or in a 2K, two-door control version for $130. We dont have a firm arrival date.

The Wyze Garage Door Controller is a unique new model that relies on an included Wyze camera and AI to determine if your garage door is open rather than relying on physical sensors. An included controller device plugs into your existing door opener and allows you to use an app to open and close your door. Interestingly the controller also has a built-in smoke and carbon monoxide detector. You can opt to buy a kit that includes a Wyze v3 camera for $40, or just the controller module for $19.

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