Garage Door Lubricant Silicone Or Lithium

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Loud Garage Door Before & After National 400 Lubrication

How To Lube A Garage Door – Lithium or Silicone, which is better???

We recently came across one of the loudest garage doors we have ever heard due to lack of lubrication. Normally when a garage door is this loud, there is metal rubbing on the horizontal tracks or a part has completely failed causing the noise. Because I could not see anything physically wrong with the garage door, I started with a good lubrication bath using my trusty National 400 lube and ran the garage door a few times. Much to my surprise, thats all it was. Just another testimony for the best garage door lubricant in the business National 400 garage door lube. Everyone in the garage door industry knows National 400 is the best. If they are not personally using it, its because National lubricant cost a little more than other less effective options on the market.

Types Of Garage Door Lubricants: Silicone Vs Lithium

When lubricating your garage door, you may want to grab your trusty can of WD-40 or a similar product, but this will give you undesirable results. These products are penetrating oils, which makes them excellent for cleaning rust and grime off moving components, but thats where their benefits end. When lubricating your garage door, you should use a product made of silicone or lithium.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Lubrication

If your home is equipped with a screw drive opener, you will need to lubricate the screw drive mechanism with a low temp grease. This will make it run smoother and quieter. Cut a 45-degree angle on the tip of your tube of grease and skim it along the screw drive rail. A little goes a long way.

If you apply too much grease to the screw drive rail on your garage door opener, it will glob up when you run the opener and fall on your car or the ground. You will then have a mess on your hands, especially if someone tracks it into the home. We see this all too often, so remember, a little goes a long way. Skim the underside of the rail so the low temp grease fills into the screw drive grooves. Thats all you need.

Most chain drive garage door openers are considered to be lubricated for life according to the manufacturer. It doesnt hurt to lubricate the chain or sprocket if you feel compelled to do so. Keep in mind, anything you spray on the chain might drip down on your car or the floor to be tracked into the house.

Belt drive openers do not require any lubrication.

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Genie Screw Drive Lube For Improving The Functionality Of A Specific Garage Door Opener

Many homeowners have Genie products installed in their garage because they make going in and out of the driveway much easier and safer. Those Genie products typically come with lights, motion detection, and other features designed to make using the garage door a more convenient process. Of course, Genie products are not immune from malfunctioning themselves.

Should you run into issues with the Genie garage door opener working inside your home, you should know that you can fix them easily. The folks at Genie themselves have provided a solution and it comes in the form of a lubricant.

To be more specific, the item were highlighting is a lubricant you can use to improve the performance of screw drive door openers. The lubricant works really well on the rails of Genie door opener and it improves the way they function quickly.

It also eliminates the noises that are coming from your garage door right away. The packaging of the product also allows for it to be easily handled during usage. You can pinpoint exactly where you want the lubricant to go so that the garage door can begin working like new again.

I have no complaints regarding this product if Im only evaluating performance. However, I am not a fan of how small the tubes are. Each individual tube contains less than ounce of lubricant. That is not a lot of product and even the affordable price tag cannot cover for that.

What Lubricants Should I Use On My Garage Door

7 Best Garage Door Lubricant of 2020

Youll want to use different lubricants for different parts of your garage door. In general use a silicone-based spray lubricant on moving parts like hinges, and plastic rollers. Silicone sprays wear off faster than twice a year. For the tracks, chain drive, and metal-on-metal moving parts like pulley and roller ball bearings use a white lithium-based grease tube or can. Lithium grease lasts longer so you only need to apply it annually.

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Garage Door Manufacturers Recommended Lubricants

A good place to start is what the manufacturer recommends.

So, I scoured the owners manuals for the five major garage door manufacturers to see if they recommend one type of lubricant over the other.

Most had very specific garage door maintenance recommendations. Some of which were surprising.

Amarr specifically recommends lubricating their garage doors yearly with Amarr Super Lube or similar non-silicone-based lubricant .

Cloplay recommends lubricating their garage doors at least twice per yearwith Clopay Garage Door Pro Lube or a synthetic lubricant. Although they dont prohibit using a silicone-based lubricant, its worth noting that their product does not contain silicone.

Overhead Door doesnt specify a type of lubrication for their garage doors beyond saying that a 30w or other medium weight oil is satisfactory.

Raynor is the only garage door manufacturer to recommend a silicone or Teflon® based spray. They also specifically warn against using WD-40® type lubricant or grease.

Wayne-Dalton, which is who makes my garage door, recommends a non-silicon based lubricant.

Mission Automotive Garage Door Lubricant

In order to make the garage doors as good as new, the lubricant you are using must have a strong resistance to friction and feature strong chemical compounds. The following option from Mission Automotive is one such option, thus it falls in the premium product category. In the 2nd place, we have a rather premium choice for a garage door lubricant. But despite its expensive price tag, it is still a favored choice for a lot of users due to its results.

This is a grease-type dielectric lubricant that comes in a 8 oz pack. It is quite a thick paste that can prevent oxidation of the metal surface, making it safe from rust for years to come. It can maintain its chemical consistency in harsh temperatures ranging from -55 to 570 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the Mission Automotive Waterproof Marine Grease is also pretty simple and you wont need to make your hands dirty at all.

It comes with a built-in applicator, making it suitable for a wide range of materials like metal, rubber, and even plastic. Generally, the Mission Automotive Waterproof Marine Grease is mostly preferred for heavy-duty applications like spark plugs, brake caliper plates, and other similar options. So you can imagine how effective it can be for your garage door.

Best Features:

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Get Reliable Garage Door Products From Broten

At Broten, were committed to providing our customers in South Florida and beyond with the highest-quality garage maintenance products. With over 60 years of industry experience, were ready to help you find the best products and solutions to your garage door needs. Fill out our online form to learn more about our services, or call a member of our team at 954-946-5555 with any questions.

The Benefits Of Garage Door Lubricant

How To Lubricate Your Garage Door !! (QUICK & EASY)

Lubricating your garage door on a regular basis only takes a few minutes and can prevent malfunctions and repair bills. In addition to eliminating squeaks and squeals, a quality lubricant could add years to the life of your garage door by preventing corrosion and coating vulnerable components with a resilient layer of protection. A single can of quality lubricant will probably cost less than $10 and could last you for several years, and you will almost certainly look back on the purchase as a wise investment and money well spent.

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Crc White Lithium Grease

If youre looking for a lubricant suitable for areas of heavy wear, CRCs white lithium grease is worth considering.

The trade-off is that this is an option thats suitable only for metal-to-metal contact areas. If youre looking for an option to lubricate a belt drive, this wont be it. It will break down the rubber components and youll be looking for a new drive.

But if you need a lubricant for metal chains or hinges, its a great option. It will also work very well on garage door rollers. If youve got problems with your door jerking as it opens or closes, this is well worth a try. And its equally good at cutting down noise from squeaky mechanisms.

It dries white, rather than clear. One thing to watch out for is that it comes out of the can quickly. And if it gets onto a fabric or other non-metal surface, you may find it stains that white too.

A good tip is to leave an inch or so between the nozzle and your target. That will reduce the risk of it splashing the surrounding area.

This is a lubricant that works just as well at all temperatures. If you live in an area that experiences hard winters or hot summers, its a good choice.

There arent noxious fumes to worry about here either. There is a greasy odor, but its not particularly strong.


Grease All Moving Parts

Now, youre prepared to start lubricating your garage door. Pay specific attention to these parts as you begin the process:

Hinges: To lubricate the hinges of your garage door, its best to lift the door up manually generously spray each hinge as it bends open.

Rollers: The rollers of your garage door are small, circular pieces attached to the end of your hinges. They are usually made of metal or plastic and help your garage door roll up and down the track. If your rollers are plastic, there is no need to grease them .

Metal rollers, on the other hand, have ball bearings that should be lubricated using the small hose attachment that comes with your spray can. After youve greased the inside of your roller, be sure to wipe away any excess garage door lubricant.

Springs: Your garage door spring will be located at the top of the door, towards the center. If you have an extension spring, which stretches as the door opens, dont worry about lubricating them they come pre-coated and should be good to go. But if you have a squeaky torsion spring, which is wound instead of stretched, grease it up! Generously spray the coils of the spring.

Note: Its common for springs to bend out of shape. If youre having a problem with your springs and grease doesnt seem to do the trick, contact your local garage door service department. Well get your door up and running in no time!

Lock and Arm Bar:

Rail and Pulleys:

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What Is Garage Door Lubrication

Garage door lubrication involves applying lubricant to your garage door. This reduces friction between the metallic parts engaged in closing the garage door. Lubrication allows your door to close smoothly without causing any annoying noises. Lubrication should be included as part of your maintenance. It also helps you to prevent rusting.

You may ask, How often should I lubricate my garage door? It is important to put on lubricants at least every 6 months. This will vary on which parts you want to lubricate. Parts like rollers can be lubricated every 3 to 6 months, while once a year is enough for tracks.

There is a wide variety of lubricating oils that you can use. Examples include silicone sprays and white lithium grease. Silicone spray lasts for long periods and can withstand high temperatures. Lithium grease is non-corrosive, can be applied by hand, and easily stocks to metal. It is best to avoid spray that easily causes dirt to accumulate. Examples of such lube include:

  • Mechanics grease

Garage Door Lubrication: Door Arm

8 Best Garage Door Lubricant reviewed: Top tips &  products

The garage door arm is what connects the pulley to the door, and it has two moving parts that we need to lubricate.

At the bottom of the arm is a simple hinge where the arm meets the top of your garage door.

Clean off any visible dust buildup with a damp rag, then spray lubricant on any connection points to keep them running smoothly.

Next, do the same with the upper garage door arm where it meets the trolley. This is the part that moves back and forth along the center track.

Remember to clean off any excess grease right away.

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Free All Deep Penetrating Oil

If your garage door needs more than just a little lubrication, Free All Deep Penetrating Oil could be a good choice. About two-thirds of this product is made up of ingredients that seek out and eat rust, so it is really good at freeing parts that have become stuck. It is also thin, which means a few sprays will reach into every nook and cranny.

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Dupont Garage Door Lubricant

While we are discussing premium garage door lubricants, let us talk about the following product created by DuPont. There are a lot of products coming from this brand that are dedicated to user safety and material maintenance. A lot of garage door lubricants we checked out so far are manufactured for metallic parts and components. But if you want a lubricant for non-metallic parts, the DuPont Silicone Lubricant is a great option for you.

This lubricant is an excellent choice for non-metallic material since it is waterproof and can be used with rubber, vinyl, leather, and even wooden parts. It is also a spray-type lubricant, making the application easier than ever. With the DuPont Silicone Lubricant, you can easily eliminate squeaky and noisy elements from the moving parts of your window, hinges, door locks, etc. And even if you are using the DuPont Silicone Lubricant, it can offer great rust and oxidation prevention for metallic parts, increasing their lifespan. You can also use this product for special purpose applications like fishing rods and workshop tools.

Best Features:

Which Is Better Lithium Grease Or Silicone Grease

How to properly lubricate squeaky garage door.

Silicone is better if youre dealing with various materials other than metal. Its an ideal choice if your garage door rollers or springs made of nylon. Silicone will minimize the accumulation of grime that would otherwise impede the performance of garage door parts following lubrication.

However, as a resident in an area with possibly rough weather, you should use lithium grease instead. In addition, lithium grease is your ultimate option if youre dealing with metal surfaces only.

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The Best Garage Door Lubricant

King Doors garage door lubricant spray can is the preferred garage door lubrication for Bakersfield, CA residents. This lubrication can is specifically designed for garage door maintenance. The cap is adjustable so you can control the amount of garage door spray lube you desire and for accurate application. You can choose to spray on heavy with a strong beam-like spray or you can spray on medium for broader coverage and lite with minimal mist-like coverage. These options help eliminate any unwanted over spray.

At King Door, we stay up-to-date on new innovations to continue improving our products. When purchasing lubrication, you can be sure that the heavy-duty garage door/operator lubricant and rust prevention spray we carry is the best solution for your garage door.

Our research shows that the non-silicon spray is the best option with 53% more oil. Silicon-based sprays can damage your car paint, leaving craters. This damage called fisheye is an unattractive occurrence that can happen when dirt, wax, oil, or silicone gets stuck under the paint on your car, causing spots or bubbles in the paint of your vehicle.

Choosing The Best Garage Door Lubricant For Smooth Operation

Lubrication is an important part of garage door maintenance. Figuring out the right lubrication for the best operation can be tricky as there are so many options out there. In this guide well look at the lubrication process and what lubrication does for the garage door as well as what to use and where to lubricate the door as well as a number of other factors about garage door lubricant.

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Rollers: Lubricating Ball Bearings

Depending on what type of garage door rollers you have, this step will be optional.

Many rollers will have small ball bearings inside to help them move freely.

If you have rollers with exposed ball bearings, shoot a little grease on them, so they keep moving freely. Some rollers, like the DURA-LIFT rollers you see above, have a sealed system, so theres nothing to lubricate.

Plastic rollers dont have bearings either, so theres nothing to lubricate.

However, plastic rollers werent designed to last more than a few years. If youve got these on your door, you should look to replace your garage door rollers with nylon rollers as soon as possible.

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