Garage Door Lock Kit With Bars

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To Unlock The Door From The Outside

How to Install: Garage door slide locks

To unlock from the outside you need to add a lock cylinder, installing it so that the spindle is inserted into the flat hole next to the release lever..

Once installed, insert & turn the key of the lock cylinder. This will trigger the release lever, and the bolt should spring open. If the bolt doesn’t automatically spring open , you can use the handle to retract the bolt while holding the key unlocked.

Summary: To lock and unlock from outside, you need three devices: A side lock, a handle for locking, and a lock cylinder for releasing/unlocking.

Use A Zip Tie To Lock The Release Lever

Your garage door opener is connected to an emergency release lever. You can use this lever to open the door manually from the inside when there is a power cut or if the opener has a mechanical problem.

However, burglars can use this lever to access your garage too. By inserting a cloth hanger through the top opening of the garage door, reaching to the lever and pulling it toward the door, an intruder would be able to open the door. This is commonly known as fishing.

Most automatic doors are secure against fishing but it is still possible for a determined burglar to gain access to your garage and home using this method. A simple workaround for this problem is to install a zip tie on the release lever. Heres how to do it:

  • Disconnect the garage opener: This important safety precaution will prevent the opener from engaging accidentally and opening the door.
  • Identify the release lever cord: This cord is attached to the release lever and prominently swings from the overhead opener trolley i.e. the two horizontal bars that hold the door in the open position.
  • Locate a hole at the bottom of the trolley: The release lever is attached to the trolley . Locate the hole on this hinge as well.
  • Insert the zip tie: Insert one end of the zip tie through the hole in the hinge and then through the hole on the release lever. This will give you a loop around the two holes. Tighten the zip tie and trim off the excess tie using a wire cutter.

Securing The Door From The Outside

You can secure your garage door with a lock accessible from the outside, which is a great way to remind yourself to unlock the door before using the opener. There are two common ways to lock your garage door from the outside:

  • A sliding bar lock with an L-handle or T-handle, which is installed as a component of the door
  • A garage door defender , which is a separate locking mechanism that gets bolted to the ground

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Automatic Garage Door Openers Do Not Secure Your Garage

But I have an automatic garage door opener doesnt that secure my garage? The answer, is No!Yes its true, Automatic garage door openers do not secure your garage the purpose is to simply open and close your garage door. They were never intended to be used for security or act as garage door locks or garage door deadbolts. As a result, an intruder can quickly and easily break into your garage. .Now that you watched the video, it is obvious that the automatic garage door opener does not truly secure your garage or provide effective garage security.An attached garage without a Garage Door Lock or Garage Door DeadBolt / Lock is not secure. If an intruder can access your garage, then he has plenty of time to gain access to you home.You need to do more to protect your home. You need a garage lock. A SureLock Garage Door DeadBolt Kit can be the solution.

How Can I Make My Garage Door More Secure

Garage Door Lock

Strengthening your garage door security is a simple matter of assessing its possible weak points and finding ways to address them. Aside from purchasing a high-quality lock, there are several different methods of obtaining more security:

  • Installing a home security system
  • Checking and addressing problematic entry points like windows or interior doors.
  • Keeping your opener remote inside
  • Upgrading your garage door opener
  • Secure the emergency release cord

These methods are only a few actions that could help improve door security. But they should provide a good starting point to ensure your garage door is secure.

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Use A Door Defender To Secure Your Garage From The Outside

A garage door defender is a pretty simple device that secures your garage door from the outside.

How does it work?

It consists of two main parts: the steel base plate and the door lock itself. To make it work, first, you have to fix the base plate to the ground in front of the garage door using the included bolts.

After bolting down the base plate, you have to secure the defender on top of it with a padlock to lock the door. I suggest that you opt for a model that comes with a padlock so you dont have to buy one separately.

The obvious advantage of a garage door defender over other types of lock is that it is surface mounted, so you dont have to drill holes into your garage door . Therefore if you decide to remove it later, its much easier to do so.

Another benefit is that it also serves as a great visual deterrent.

FYI Garage door defenders only work on up and over garage doors . So you cant use it to secure a sectional garage door.

While its true that a door defender will allow thieves to peel the side of the garage door open but thats pretty time-consuming and makes a lot of noise, so only a really determined burglar will try this.

Thus, if you have an up and over garage door, its still one of the best ways to securely lock it from the outside.

As an alternative, you can use a simple latch that can be secured with a padlock. The latch should be mounted on the door so that when its extended it goes directly into the ground .

Can You Change The Garage Door Lock

Yes, you can change your garage door lock. If you have a mechanical lock, you can change it out yourself, or you can call a locksmith to rekey the existing lock.

If you have an installed garage door opener, youll likely need professional help to install a new one. Alternatively, you can add something like the Garage Shield or Garage Defender to further secure your garage without any help at all.

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Can You Really Benefit From Adding An External Lock To Your Automatic Garage Door

In most cases, the answer is clearly yes. Burglars can pretty easily bypass most standard automatic garagedoors .

One of the most popular methods is that they thread a hooked wire through the top of the garage door to gain access to the emergency release cord. With this technique, its a matter of seconds to break into a garage .

Although you can use a protective garage shield to prevent the above-mentioned scenario, its still reasonable to reinforce the door .

FYI If your garage has any windows, do not miss this article where I discuss 5 simple methods you can use to make them burglar-proof.

Keep in mind that if the installed lock is not synced with your door opener, you must always manually open the added lock first to avoid damage.

How Do You Replace A Garage Door Lock Bar

How To Install A Garage Door Lock

Replacing or installing a lock bar on a garage door is relatively simple. A lock bar can sit on the interior or exterior of the garage, so begin by deciding where youll place it. For these instructions, well focus on interior installation since thats more popular. Then, close the garage door and unplug the power source if you have an electric door.

After that, grab your garage door lock bar kit. These kits should come with everything you need for installation, including bolts and screws. There should also be instructions with diagrams in case you get confused. If youve bought the sliding door lock on its own, youll also need to invest in #14 ¾ screws for installation.

Start by removing the old lock bar by taking out the existing bolts. Many garages will have a lock bar on either side, so make sure you remove both!

Youll want to install the new sliding lock bar in the second to the bottom panel of the garage door. This will allow you to lock the door while slightly lifted, which is ideal if you ever need ventilation.

Installation is usually as simple as bolting the lock bar in place. Just line the lock body up with a railing slot so that the bolt will extend through the slots middle. Make sure you place the lock body slightly inward towards the garage door so that the bolt doesnt hit the rail when its drawn.

Ideally, youll place a sliding lock bar on either side of your garage door. Doing so will give you the most security when it comes to intruders.

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To Be Able To Lock And Unlock Your Garage Door From The Outside You Need To Install Three Products:

  • A side lock , to lock the garage. Also known as slide bolts or locking side latches.
  • An exterior handle , to lock the sliding bolt from the outside.
  • A lock cylinder , to unlock the sliding bolt from the outside.
  • Components

    The SK7115 is a universal sliding garage door lock, which is installed on the inside surface of a garage door. It has three levers:

  • The sliding bolt, which locks the door.
  • A vertical spring-loaded release lever, next to the flat slot. This snaps into place when the bolt is extended blocking it in the locked position, and throws open the bolt when released.
  • A diagonal spring-loaded operating lever, next to the square slot. This can be used to extend the bolt, either manually from the inside or using an exterior handle.
  • How Do You Manually Lock Your Garage Door

    If you have an electric garage opener, your door will automatically lock when it shuts. However, you can further secure it manually by purchasing something like the Garage Shield, which will block the emergency release cord from coat hanger fishing attempts.

    You can also install sliding bar locks on either side of the garage door. You probably wont want to use the bar locks on a daily basis, as theyre a bit inconvenient, but theyre ideal if youre going out of town.

    If you dont have an electric opener, the sliding bar locks still work well. You can also consider installing some other locking mechanism, like a T-handle with a lock or a Garage Defender.

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    What To Look For When Buying Garage Door Locks

    Several factors will determine what locks for garage door usage are the proper choice. Im going to discuss each of them in further detail, which should quicken the process. These discussions should make your buying decision a lot easier.

    Lock Types

    At first, a garage door lock mechanism might seem rather complex. But it becomes a lot easier when you grasp a basic idea of whats going on. It begins with going over the five common types of garage door locks and their uses:

    Deadbolt garage locks arent much different from a standard deadbolt. These options utilize a specific key to lock the door from one side. Its a relatively straightforward mechanism thats an excellent additional security measure for overhead or side-hinged garage doors.

    • Side-Door Locks

    Side-door locks are set up inside a garage and are often designed like a slide lock. You can only manipulate this locking handle from the inside. It makes them impossible for intruders to bypass from outside. As a result, they function well as lock reinforcements for garage doors with side hinges.

    T-handle types are the most common locking mechanism for metal garage doors. Many of them will come pre-installed with these locks. Users can typically expect t-handle locks to use a spring-latch cable connected onto the lock handle, helping to open your garage door.

    • Garage Door Defenders

    Ease of Installation

    Construction Materials

    Garage Door Types


    Best Garage Door Locks To Make Your Garage More Secure

    23 Perfect Garage Door Lock Bar Kit

    Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

    Garage doors often represent an easy access point for intruders. Due to this, finding the best garage door lock becomes a necessary task for most homeowners. These devices will ensure your valuables stay safe and keep burglars from stealing them.

    But finding high-quality garage door locks can be a little bit of a struggle. There are many parts in this process that buyers tend to overlook. Its not as simple as choosing the first available one on Amazon or at a store.

    Youll need a handle on several crucial deciding buying factors. These aspects will determine what garage door lock becomes suitable for your home. Lets take a quick look at a few of these essential factors to provide some context into what I mean:

    • Lock Type: Each buyer will need to decide what locking mechanism works best for their garage door. Youll have a choice between deadbolt locks, side-door locks, t-handle locks, garage door defenders, and keyless locks.
    • Construction Materials: Locks are only as good as what materials construct them. Its essential to choose a garage door lock made from high-quality ones. In other words, look for options known for their durability, weatherproof construction, and rust-proofing.
    • Ease of Installation: You dont want a lock thats difficult to install on your garage door. Itll only bring unnecessary stress into your life. As a result, its a wise move to research each options installation before making a final decision.

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    How Do I Secure My Garage Door From The Outside

    If youre wondering how to lock garage door from outside with more security, its a relatively simple process. There are two standard methods of locking a garage door from outside:

    • Investing in a sliding bar lock with a T-handle or L-handle, which is installed as a component of your garage door.
    • Buying a garage door defender or garage door security bar thats a separate locking mechanism. Itll get bolted to the ground and function to sway intruders from your garage.

    You Need An Automatic Garage Door Lock Kit

    Just like you add a DeadBolt to your Front Door, you should add a DeadBolt to replace the manual lock on your Garage Door . SureLock provides a solution to lock your Garage Door automatically No thought or effort required.The use of your existing automatic garage door opener is maintained, even in the case of a prolonged power outage SureLock is designed to work with your existing Garage Door Openers Backup Battery. Providing you the convenience youve come to expect from your Garage Door Opener and adding the needed Home Security.You need the SureLock Automatic Garage Door DeadBolt that is designed to easily integrate with your garage door opener, so you dont lose the convenience of your opener while adding an extra layer of protection to your Home Security System / Garage Door Security System.Get your Sure Lock, the best Garage Door Lock / Garage Door Security System / garage security lock available and with the simple D.I.Y. installation the complete garage door lock installation kit, wellit couldnt be simplerIf you have any questions, please dont hesitate to use the contact us form below

    Protect your Family and Home

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    Genie Gen37374r Release Garage Door

    The Genie GEN37374R Universal Emergency Release Garage Door Kit is one of our most versatile options. In fact, its design is considered universal as the kit works with all garage door openers without much issue.

    Genie made sure it could work with all the major garage door opener brands. I cant envision a situation where it wouldnt be a seamless fit. Plus, the installation was straightforward and didnt take much effort as its included instructions were pristine.

    The performance offered by this product isnt anything to overlook, either. It allows me to open my automatic garage door whenever a power outage occurs. In other words, it provides a way of manually accessing my garage from the outside in an emergency.

    Its diecast construction and brushed chrome finish were other highlights, as well. I could tell from the moment I unpackaged this kit that it was built to last. I have no doubt this garage door outside lock will keep my garage accessible even when those emergencies arise.

    Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty to further ensure its longevity. Its a much-needed addition for someone like myself whos prone to breaking everything.

    • Cable length isnt suitable for some applications

    Improving Garage Door Security

    How to Install a Garage Door Slide Lock | Locksmith Near Me

    For most homeowners, an electronic garage door opener provides plenty of security as long as you keep your remotes safe. However, if you have concerns about your garage doorâs security, we do recommend installing an automatic garage door lock or an outside locking mechanism before resorting to locking the track.

    If you require assistance to improve your garage doorâs security, our techs can assess your garage door and work with you to find a reliable security solution. All Precision visits include a safety inspection and report so youâre aware of your doorâs vulnerabilities.

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    Garage Door Slide Locks Everyting You Need To Know

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    Home security is always the biggest concern for any homeowner however, we often forget to ensure that our garage door is just as secure as all other entry points in our home.

    This is where you need to set up garage door slide locks to improve home security and ensure that intruders dont breach your home through the massive garage door.

    Its a huge security risk for homeowners to leave their garage doors unprotected.

    Although they seem heavy and hard to breach, garage doors arent always structurally sound, nor do they deter criminals. An unlocked garage door is one of the easiest ways a perpetrator can get into your home.

    Most homeowners arent wary of garage door locks they can buy to protect their homes. And so, today, were going to guide you through everything you need to know about garage door locks, mainly slide locks, to increase security in your home.

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