Garage Door Colors For Beige House

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How To Make Your Garage Door Color And Brick Stand Out

Exterior Paint Accent Color SW 6088 Nuthatch on Garage Door

Its not that hard to pick a garage door color thatll stand out from your red brick. The problem is picking one that stands out and looks great at the same time. A harmonious color scheme isnt for everyone and the garage doors are a good place to add some contrast. There are lots of reasons for choosing a contrasting garage door color. Here are just a few:

  • The garage doors are far enough from the rest of the home that a contrasting color wont detract from the look of the house.
  • Youve got some nice architectural details on the garage that are worth highlighting.
  • Your garage doors are brand new or have a great style that flows well with the rest of the houses theme. Like ultra modern for example.
  • The garage is detached or semi detached so drawing attention with a contrasting color wont detract from the home.
  • Contrasting garage doors colors accentuate the red brick.
  • Too much harmonious color can make a home appear muddy which take attention away from the brick. By contrasting your red brick you help it stand out.

Beautiful home with red brick siding and 2 tone tan and gray garage doors. Matching tan trim with gray cedar shake siding.

Determining The Material Of Your Garage Door

Garage doors are made of a range of materials, including:

You cannot deny the usury a wood door. Onlookers will adore the intricate wood grain and rich character of your garage entrance. The wood grain texture matches well with both classic and modern architectural styles. It also offers good insulation, which will preserve the energy efficiency of your home. On the other hand, wood is heavier than aluminum or steel, which will strain your door opening mechanism and may shorten its longevity.

Steel or aluminum garage doors are easier to maintain than wood, on top of offering a modern look and being available in multiple textures, such as our Woodgrain design. They can also be insulated with high performance polyurethane that offers R-12 or R-16 thermal resistance values, making them very effective in our Canadian climate.

However, you might be a natural light lover and go for a full-window door, like our beautiful Panoramic design.

If you have landed on the ideal material for your home, you will now need to decide which garage door color and finish will look best for your architecture.

A Contrasting Cerulean Blue Front Door

Cerulean blue is a bright blue that designs modern and dramatic beige houses with a fusion style. Cerulean blue gives a powerful contrast with beige and appears fresh and cool, just perfect for north-facing homes. Athens blue by Benjamin Moore is a similar bold shade that offers cool but flashy exteriors with a Bohemian influence.

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Choosing The Best Garage Door Paint Color For Your Home

Picking out a garage door is an important decision. You have to decide what you want your house to tell people about you. The eyes are not the window to the soul – the garage door is! Thats why color choices for garage doors are often lamented, but were here to help you decide what color you should paint your garage.

To learn more about color and paint choices for garage doors, and what to look for when choosing a color, Diane Fagan of Fagan Door interviewed Sarah Fisher, the Vice President of Marketing and Design at H.A. Fisher Homes. We’ve also included popular color choices below with pictures of what they look like.

What is the most popular color for garage doors and why?

“White. As color theorists attest, white is the blending of all colors on the spectrum and thus balances out almost all home designs. Regardless of the elevation style, exterior finishes or details, white complements best and creates an overall crisp and uniform appearance that is pleasing to the eye.”

What component on the exterior of the home should be featured and why?

“The front door. Most visible to all, a homes front entrance provides an immediate welcome and a sense of intrigue for what lies beyond the door. Thoughtfully designed landscaping, walkways, front porches and garage doors help extend this greeting and draw visitors to the interior.”

In terms of the current trend to feature deep wood-tone colors on the exterior of the home, what is your advice on where best to use these colors?

Elevate Your Look With Black

Pin on HOME // curb appeal

To give your home an air of sophistication, try painting your garage door black.

If your home is primarily white, black can add an air of elegance.

Modern houses will usually look great with a black garage door.

Grey houses also look good with black doors. If you aren’t ready to commit to a gothic garage, try dark grey paint instead.

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Evaluate Your Three Main Home Colors

Step outside and take a long look at your homes exterior. Make sure the garage is in view, even if it isnt attached to the main house so you can visualize finishes together.

Every home has three main colors. What are yours?

  • Field color: The dominant color covering most of your home the brick, stone or siding exterior is the field color. Garage doors that match a homes field color blend in and visually expand the house.
  • Trim color: Trim includes edging material like door frames, awnings and soffits, and theyre usually a neutral white, cream or black. Many homeowners like to match their garage door to the house trim.
  • Accent color: The boldest colors on a home are found in eye-catching accents your front door and shutters. Avoid matching the garage door to your dominant accent color so you dont upstage your homes main areas.
  • Lets dive into a quick lesson on the color wheel and color theory to help you understand how colors relate to one another:

    Now that you understand the effect of different color combinations, lets learn how to pick a garage door color based on your homes existing appearance.

    How To Make Your Garage Door Color And Brick Blend In

    The color you choose for your garage doors will determine if the doors stand out or blend in with your brick. There are plenty of reasons why youd want your garage doors to blend in. Here are just a few:

    • You want something else on the house to stand out. Maybe you have some unique architectural features you want to highlight, beautiful landscaping or a fantastic front door.
    • You dont want people focusing on your garage door because it draws attention away from other features youd rather highlight.
    • Your garage doors are old and you dont want to replace them right now.
    • Your house already has enough focal points. If youve already got landscaping, shutters, trim and architectural features along with red brick, painting your garage doors a bold, eye catching color might make the home look too busy. Just making sure the garage door colors match the brick is more than enough.
    • You want your home to look a little bigger than it actually is. If you have an attached garage, painting it with a harmonious color can make it look a little bigger. Without bold color variations that draw the eye, you tend to see the house as one solid mass, which can appear larger than if you focused on individual elements.

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    More Garage Door Painting Tips

    When youre wondering how to change the color of your garage door, being trendy can boost curb appeal. Be unique if expressing your own style is most important. If your front door is a bold color, dont choose a matching paint, as you want it to continue to be the focal point. Also, feel free to choose more than one accent color for your garage door.

    For natural wood garage doors, go with factory-finished stains and paints. Fir, redwood, cedar, mahogany, and oak are just a few examples. However, many wood doors must be repainted every year or two, depending on the climate and level of exposure. The color choices vary even more for steel doors, while natural grain patterns and textures can be added to replicate wood designs.

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    Garage Door Color Ideas For A Brick House

    Although bricks are usually used for traditional home exteriors, choosing the right color palette for this type of exterior is not limited to conventional colors. Bricks are versatile materials in terms of color matching. While no red brick is purely red and no brown brick is purely brown, the variety of shades of warm colors and undertones allow homeowners to create either harmony or contrast in design. Whatever your preference may be, both approaches give your house a distinct style and character.

    Choosing the right garage door color for a brick house really depends on whether you want to blend or contrast. A harmonious effect is created by selecting one color from the shade of the bricks then using that for your garage door. Contrast, on the other hand, is achieved by separating the color of your garage door from the bricks.

    Red bricks usually have warm rich undertones like red, terracotta, rust orange, yellow, tan, brown, or subdued neutrals like cream, shades of gray and sometimes occasional accents of specks of blue. Brown bricks have a neutral earthy tone with varying shades of sand colors. These fundamental colors can serve as a guide for picking the right color of garage door for your home.

    For brown bricks, use earth colored garage doors like sandstone, brown, taupe and wood finishes. Brown house exteriors are the perfect opportunity to apply a monochromatic color palette. Classic neutrals like black, beige and cool gray are also ideal options.

    A Versatile Gray Front Door

    A beige house with a dark gray front door looks new-classical in design but can be customized to suit any design style. Though a gray front door with metal hardware and wood panels will look baroque, you can add a white trim and glass glazing to make it modern.

    As a thumb rule, pair dark grays like Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore with light beige walls and vice versa. Alternatively, if you have dark beige walls, use a contrasting Gray Owl paint and complete the look with a white or cream trim.

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    Beige Is A Beautiful Base For Colored Doors

    Beige is a great neutral color used for exteriors of multiple architectural styles. And it can go splendidly with front doors of many different colors. You can choose a bold color like red, blue, green, or neutral like black, white, or gray.

    Which front door colors for a beige house is your favorite idea? Drop us a line in the comments.

    White Garage Doors With A Brick Garage

    Pin on Split level house

    White is by far the most popular color choice paired with red brick and looks great with an all brick garage. Because white goes with anything, it works well on a home like the one shown above which features lots of architectural details and a variety of materials. You want the garage doors to stand out as the focal point of this home since the front door is on the side. And because this design is so busy, you need a garage door that goes with the red brick, stucco, pavers, concrete and siding. White garage doors are the perfect choice.

    • White looks great with the red brick garage.
    • Goes with pretty much any other house colors.
    • A complimentary color choice. White garage doors stand out against the red brick.
    • White works well in a busy design with lots of textures and materials.

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    A Sublime Cream Garage Door Color

    The cream is chic and earthy, maintenance-free paint that will elevate the tan siding with a rustic farmhouse effect and looks bright and sophisticated. A cream garage door will tone down the warmth of tan and looks cool and balanced with a neutral attire.

    A tan and cream color scheme adapts well to the other natural house elements, making it an easy-to-use option.

    What Color Should You Use For A Gray House

    Like white, gray is a neutral, giving you plenty of wiggle room and flexibility when choosing color for your garage door, according to American Overhead Door. The company suggests going high-contrast with either black or white if you want your garage door to stand out against the rest of your homes exterior. You can also go with a rich color such as navy blue or burgundy.

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    An Organic Natural Wood Front Door

    A solid wood front door or garage door is a cost-effective alternative to brown paint and looks chic and refined. Dark grained wood such as mahogany will contrast light beige, whereas dainty oak wood will complement dark beige siding.

    Though you must prefer a transparent stain to retain the originality of wood, use a darker bayberry stain against lighter beige to add dynamism and contrast to the exteriors.

    Garage Door Accent Color Ideas

    Garage door at my new house

    Two-tone colors are ideal for doors with layered details, like carriage doors. Painting the raised sections a different color from the base ties the garage door to your house details and accents. Consider these gorgeous combinations:

    • Sage green with taupe trim
    • Light gray with crisp white trim
    • Buttery yellow with cream trim
    • Dark charcoal with light gray trim
    • Medium wood stain with dark brown trim
    • Warm tan with almond trim
    • Stormy gray-blue with classic white trim

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    Overall There Are Lots Of Options

    There are a lot of options in terms of paint for your garage door. While white is a classic choice, there’s no need to limit yourself! A good rule of thumb is to match the garage door color to your trim or go with an earthy tone to compliment the tan. If you still want to add a special touch to your home, the front door is a great feature to paint a wild color!

    A Fiery Vermillion Front Door

    A vermillion hue is a cooler, undertone version of red that adapts to different exteriors from modern to traditional. The undertones of vermillion complement the warmth of beige, resulting in a cohesive facade with powerful contrasts.

    A vermillion front door looks more traditional with chrome gold hardware, whereas it achieves a modern look with glass glazings and white trim. A Vermillion paint by Benjamin Moore will look luxurious and industrial-styled when completed with white or off-white trim for a light beige exterior paint color.

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    Custom Color Garage Doors

    If youre ordering a new Clopay® door, consider customizing the color of your door using Clopays Color Blast® program. Color Blast offers most of the 1,500 colors in the current Sherwin-Williams color palette. Have another color in mind? Feel free to bring in the paint codes from other manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, PPG/Porter, Valspart, Behr or RAL CURRENT. In addition, you can also match most solid paint colors using a color sample that you and your garage door dealer send in with your order. Color Blast is a two-part polyurethane paint specially designed for steel, aluminum and vinyl a smart choice if you want durable, beautiful paint for your garage door meant to last for years!

    Cats Eye By Benjamin Moore

    Garage Door Paint Ideas

    A green front door with a beige house is the perfect combo for a natural, earthy palette. So many people choose green for inspiring positive vibes, balance, harmony, and oneness with their community and surroundings.

    Were fond of a darker green front door against the light neutrality of beige. Cats Eye is a deep, saturated green with a low LRV that adds bold contrast.

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    If You Are Considering Selling Your Home Stay Inside The Box

    If your garage door has an unusual color or is two-toned, it likely wont have the same curb appeal as a single-colored door in a clean, neutral color. If you are committed to the house, we would never encourage you to subdue your aesthetic, but it can be significant if you are planning to put your home on the market.

    What Color Garage Door Goes Best With Red Brick

    Picking the color of your garage doors is one of the most important decisions youll make when designing a home. Especially if that home has red brick. Every aspect of the home needs to compliment the brick. So what color garage door goes best with red brick?

    Its a great question and one were asked all the time. Red brick siding is very popular in NJ and most homes include a garage. The color you choose has to be just right. The perfect color garage doors will boost your curb appeal while the wrong color will detract from the home. And choosing the wrong color is a mistake you dont want to make in a crowded real estate market. There are a bunch of elements that help dictate curb appeal. And your garage door color is no exception. They should complement your homes architecture and work within the homes color scheme. Its an often overlooked yet very important part of the homes exterior, especially if youve got a red brick house. The doors material and style are both important too, but not nearly as much as the color.

    Although you want the garage doors to add beauty to your home, you dont want them drawing attention away from the brick work. So choosing the perfect color is a tough decision to make. But hopefully we can help.

    If your wondering what color to paint your garage doors on your brick house, youve come to the right place? Ahead well discuss some of the best garage door colors for a brick house with tips and a bunch of great pictures.

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