Garage Door Chain Not Moving

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The Doors Too Heavy For The Opener

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If you recently replaced your opener or garage door, its possible that theyre incompatible and the opener isnt powerful enough to handle the size and weight of your garage door. A professional garage door installer can be counted on not to make this error. However, this problem will sometimes arise as a result of do-it-yourself installations.

If you suspect that your garage door opener and door are mismatched, to perform an inspection and install a more powerful opener.

The Door Was Manually Locked

If your garage door doesnt open, but the opener motor runs for just a few seconds and then shuts off, the garage door itself may have manually been locked. If youve checked the door springs and the track for obstacles, and those things appear to be fine, check to see if the lock on the door is engaged.

Quite a few garage doors come with manual locks, especially older models, for added security for your house. These typically look like a knob or handle in the middle of your door with two bars running horizontally from each side. There may be a small button on the top or side of the handle that you can press to slide the bars across the doors, thus locking the garage door from the inside. It can be somewhat easy to accidentally hit that button, especially if youre getting large objects out of the trunk of your car near the door.

To manually unlock your garage door, simply turn the handle until you hear a clicking sound. This will move the horizontal bars away from the edges and secure the handle in the open position.

The Remote Signal Is Blocked

A dead battery is not the only issue that can prevent a remote from doing its job. If you press the button and the door fails to activate, something might be blocking the signal. Alternately, you might be out of range. There is also the possibility that the remote antenna on the opening device has been obstructed or damaged.

Tree growths, obstructions or dirt can affect your garages remote signal. In minor cases, you can simply trim a branch or clean off the antennae, and it should work fine. For broken antennas, youll have to call a service.

If your garage door wont open when you press the remote, there could be a branch or some other intervening object obstructing the signal. Sometimes, a remote will cease to work from a particular angle because of tree growth. If your remote no longer works from the same angles you have always used it and changing the batteries doesnt help, it could be time to trim back some branches.

Then again, the obstruction could be directly on the remote antenna. You can often remedy this situation by inspecting the antenna for traces of dirt or foreign matter. Also, make sure the antenna is pointed toward the door. Every now and then, an antenna will somehow get misdirected. If the antenna is in fact broken, call a service person.

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Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way

The Spruce / Ana Cadena

If the garage door opens correctly but fails to close completely, there may be one of three common causes:

  • The close-limit switch may need adjusting. Your garage door has set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop runningboth when it is opening, and when it is closing. If the close-limit switch is set wrong, it may prevent the door from closing It can also cause the opener to reverse or pull back up when you attempt to close it.
  • The close-limit switch is a safety measure that keeps people from being hit and having the door close on themit is a necessary and required device for all garage door openers. Adjusting the limit switch will stop your garage door from behaving erratically.
  • Different garage doors have different means of adjusting the set-limit switches, but it is usually a screw feature on the motor unit that is turned to adjust how far the door descends.
  • Thesafety sensors may need adjustment or realignment. Near the bottom of the door track on both sides are electronic eyes that require a clear line of view between them. If the sightlines are clear between the eyes, the door will close smoothly all the way to the floor. However, if anything is blocking the sightline, or if the brackets holding the electronic eyes are out of alignment, the door will fail to descend all the way. In most cases, the door will stop or reverse, and lights will flash to tell you there is a problem.
  • Excessively Snugly A Chain

    Garage Door Opener Chain Not Moving Motor Running

    If the garage door openers chain is too tight, it might make it increasingly challenging for the mechanical opener to open the door.

    The motor and gear will turn in this situation, but the chain will not move, and the door will not open.

    The chain-turning gear will need to be replaced if it becomes worn. A handyperson or a determined homeowner can complete this task.

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    Disconnected Or Broken Remote Control

    An automatic garage door is controlled with either the wall-mounted panel or remote control. To open your garage door, all you need to do is push a button on the panel or the remote control. The remote control sends a signal to the garage door opener to open or close the garage.

    If your garage door wont open, its possible your remote control is broken. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your remote control:

    If your remote garage door opener is lost or stolen, reset the garages access code and erase the remote from memory. Resetting the access code prevents anyone that stole or found the remote from using it to enter your home. When you buy a replacement garage door remote, youll have to program it with the new access code.

    To replace your remote control for the garage door, look on the side of the door unit for a manufacturers name and model number. Search for a new remote online or call your garage door manufacturer for a replacement. You could also purchase a universal remote garage door opener to be programmed to your garage.

    The Disconnect Switch Was Enabled

    If you can hear your garage door motor running for what seems like the full amount of time it normally would take to open or close the door, but the door doesnt move, chances are the disconnect switch has been enabled. Every garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch in case you lose power. This allows you to open or close the door manually so your car isnt stuck in the garage until the power comes back on.

    This switch is usually attached to a rope that can be pulled or a knob that can be turned to disconnect. Sometimes, this switch can accidentally come unhooked causing the door to be disconnected from the motor.

    However, if you lose power and use the disconnect switch, youll need to reattach it to use your garage door motor to open and close your door again. Open the door all the way and then reattach this hook. Then try opening or closing the door again with your transmitter, and you should be all set. It will be easiest to reattach this hook when your car is not in the garage, as youll need to place a step ladder underneath the motor to reach it.

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    Garage Door Wont Move: Motor And Travel Troubleshooting

    Garage doors are one of the most important things in your home that need regular maintenance in order to keep working properly. Since garage doors have moving parts, there are a number of things that can go wrong that can make the doors not work the way they should. There are many garage door services that will repair your door, rails, or motor travel quickly for an affordable cost. However, often times the fix is very simple and just requires you to do garage door troubleshooting to determine what the cause of the problem is.

    Garage Door Does Not Open Completely

    Garage Door Won’t Move: Motor and Travel Troubleshooting

    The Spruce / Ana Cadena

    When the garage door ascends correctly but stops short it is fully open, these are the likely causes:

  • The up-limit switch may need to be moved toward the motor unit. This switch is usually a simply touch-lever mounted on the end of the track near the motor unit, and if it is too far away, the motor will stop the door before it fully opens. The solution is to move the switch closer to the motor unit. This is a somewhat rare problem, and will usually show itself immediately after a new garage door opener is installed.
  • Balky or damaged rollerscan also cause the door to stop short of fully opening. Inspect and replace damaged rollers, and lubricate rusty ones.
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    The Garage Door Limit Settings Isnt Set Properly

    Sometimes, youll notice that your garage door closes all the way and then immediately goes back up instead of staying in the closed position. This issue usually arises with brand new garage doors that were just installed or older models that may need to be reset. If this happens, the most likely culprit is the open and close limit settings of your garage door opener.

    This limit range tells the garage door opener how far the door should move before its fully closed. If your settings are too high, the door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should and assume the door is hitting something in its path. It will then automatically reverse to prevent crushing whatever is beneath it.

    There are knobs or dials located somewhere on your garage door motor that you can use to adjust the limit settings. The exact location and resetting procedures will vary depending on the brand and model of garage door you have. Your owners manual should have more specific information on how to adjust your limits. You may need to experiment with a few adjustments before finally getting the correct setting. If you find that adjusting the limit settings isnt working, it might be time to call a technician to come and help get your garage door to stay closed.

    Contact Marvins Garage Doors For Service

    As the largest, heaviest and most technologically complex entrance to your home, the garage door is one of the most important security features of your house. Whenever your garage door fails to function as expected, the problem should be serviced as soon as possible.

    Marvins Garage Doors provides 24-hour emergency service for homes in the Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro and Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Contact Marvins Garage Doors whenever you need service for your garage door.

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    Listen To The Motor Run

    Press the remote or the wall-mounted start switch, listen to the motor and watch the movement of the chain. If the motor hums, but the chain doesn’t move, that indicates a problem with the motor. If the motor works but the chain doesn’t move, the chain sprocket may need servicing. If nothing happens at all, the safety sensors may be out of alignment.

    Why Your Door Isnt Opening

    How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

    So youve made all these checks, but its not your garage door thats causing the problems. Theres something wrong with the garage door opener, thats stopping it from opening the door for you.

    In most cases, the cause will be a stripped gear or a chain that has come off the sprocket. If this is the case, the motor will run but as the chain isnt where it should be, it cant generate the lift to open the door.

    You will find many guides on how to fix the garage door opener online, but its up to you whether you want to attempt the repair yourself. As mentioned earlier, your garage door opener can be dangerous if youre not properly informed on what youre doing to fix it. If youre at all unsure about whats happening, talk to a repair expert to fix it for you.

    You may also find that your motor wont work as the emergency release has become jammed. This will happen if the chain or belt moves, but the door wont open. As the release is stuck, it cant allow the door to open. Again, youll need an expert to come and put this right.

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    Automatic Garage Door Opener Runs But Door Doesnt Move

    We work with a lot of homeowners who arent sure whats wrong with their garage door. One of the most common problems we hear involves the garage door opener the automatic garage door opener runs but door doesnt move.

    There are a couple of reasons why this might occur, so we thought we would explore them below in case youre experiencing this problem.

    Lets take a closer look


    Check Garage Door Tracks And Rails

    • If the motor and controls work and the door still wont open, there may be a problem with garage door parts such as the tracks and rails.
    • The garage door opens and closes along a metal track that can malfunction if it goes out of alignment. Realign the track by loosening the screws that hold it to the frame. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the track back into the correct position, using a level if needed to confirm straightness. Tighten the screws until the track is aligned.
    • If the steel or nylon rollers within the tracks are damaged or rusted, they can prevent the door from moving. Replace as needed.
    • Use a white lithium grease or garage door lubricant on the rail that runs along the trolley carriage. Too much friction can prevent the door from opening smoothly.

    Tip: In colder climates, lubricate the rail with white lithium grease, especially in wintertime.

    You can fix many garage door problems yourself with just a little time and a few tools. Now that you know how to troubleshoot a garage door, identifying and correcting common operating issues is easy.

    Need help identifying a tool or material to help you troubleshoot a garage door? Use The Home Depot Mobile App to locate products and check inventory. We’ll take you to the exact aisle and bay. If you discover that your garage door needs work done by a technician, consider our garage door repair services.

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    The Techs Come Prepared To Fix Garage Doors

    Our team’s experience in all openers and both extension and torsion spring systems ensures the quality of all services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need expert garage door torsion spring repair. But also turn to our team for extension springs replacement. We hurry to lend a helping hand whenever you want garage door opener repair, but replacement too. Our company addresses all repair needs quickly. From garage door panel repair to broken cables replacement, you can count on us but also contact us for maintenance.

    • Garage Door Cables Repair
    • Garage Door Service

    Adjust The Limit Screws

    How-To: DIY – Garage Door chain loose, winding but Not Opening

    If your garage door wont close all the way but will stop without retracting, you might need to adjust the limit screws. These screws have contacts that tell the garage door opener how far to open or close, and adjusting them is easy.

    From a ladder, open the rear flap or remove the light cover on your garage door opener. Youll see two plastic adjustment screws labeled up and down. Using a flat screwdriver, twist the down screw in quarter-turn increments, checking how your garage door operates between adjustments. Adjust it until the door closes all the way and compresses the rubber seal slightly. If the door closes and bounces back open, back the down adjustment off.

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    Ways To Fix A Garage Door That Wont Close

    Are you dealing with a garage door that wont close? Dont call the repair service just yet, as you might be able to fix it yourself. This guide will help point out some of the most common issues to look for when a garage door wont close and how you can fix them

    If your garage door isnt closing like its supposed to, the situation can get pretty frustrating. After all, the garage is where most homeowners keep valuable tools and hobby gear, so security needs to be a priority.

    Instead of worrying about your garages contents until the repairman can get there, try the following steps. More than likely, youll be able to make the repair yourself and save money on a service call.

    When The Garage Door Won’t Open Or Close

    If the garage door won’t open or close, begin with these garage door troubleshooting steps:

    • Make sure the opener is plugged in and the garage circuit breaker is in the correct place.
    • Make sure your door has not been manually locked by mistake.
    • Replace the batteries of the keypad or remote control.
    • Confirm that youre within the recommended range and position when using garage door remotes.
    • If you need to open a garage door that stays closed, pull the emergency release cord usually a length of red rope hanging from the trolley. The cord disconnects the trolley, allowing you to open the door manually.

    Safety Tip: If you pull the release cord when the door is in the open position, it could come crashing down. Call a garage door service instead.

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    Repairing Damages To The Garage Door System

    Once you have figured out what is causing the garage door to hum, it is time to fix it. It does not matter the project you take on always begin with safety first. Safety glasses, gloves, and calling up that old buddy to help you out would be the ideal things to do.

    When the cables wear out, one side will be off level. This is the best way to let you know something is wrong with the mechanism. It will not be long before it begins humming.

    Now that you know the battery and the motor is in good working condition, these are the steps to follow. Either the cables, springs, or rollers will need to be replaced or realigned. We will begin with the cables.

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