Garage Door Cable Repair Cost

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Check Pulleys And Cables

How to Replace Broken Garage Door Cable

Check the pulleys and cables on your garage door, but try to avoid working on them yourself. If you see signs of wear like broken strands, its time to call a professional. Remember these are high-tension parts and should only be worked on by a highly-trained technician in order to avoid further damage or additional expenses.

Your Local Garage Door Service Company

If you are in search of professional garage admittance services, subsequently it facilitate you to pick a company that has been in the industry for a considerable length of time. You should never rely on an amateur to repair this necessary allocation of your home. past you are investing your grant by hiring a specialist, it is lonely practical that you prefer the right professionals you can depend on. This way, you can get the most for all dollar you pay.

Average Cost Of Garage Door Repair By Type Of Problem

Since garage doors have many moving parts and small components to consider, you might not know exactly what is wrong with your door. You might notice that it is not opening or closing how it used to or sags or bends in certain areas. There can be different causes for these problems. The table below shows average repair costs for some of the most common garage door complaints.

Type of Problem
$120 – $600

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How To Replace Garage Door Cables

Every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns of deaths caused by garage doors. While you may consider fixing your garage door cables yourself, you should consider your safety. Remember that your garage door is the heaviest moving part of your home. The process can be complex and dangerous.

Whats more, if you dont know what youre doing, you may end up causing further damage. Keep in mind that garage doors come in various shapes and sizes. Youll need technical and mechanical knowledge, as well as the right tools to fix it.

Now, you might ask, How do I know if I need a professional? Well, you should let A1 technicians handle your garage door cables if you expect the following:

The Average Cost Of Garage Door Repair For Common Problems

Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair (Project with steps) (DIY)

What are the approximate costs of garage door opener bracket repair and service? The average cost to repair a garage door will fall between $100 to $300 depending on the parts affected and how labor-intensive the repair will be. This is a good benchmark when scouting for quotations. If you can pinpoint the problem, you can narrow it down to a more accurate estimate. Below is a list of common garage door problems and the cost of repairs.

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How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost A Detailed Guide For Homeowners

OGD»Garage Door Repair»How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost? A Detailed Guide for Homeowners

Garage door repair its the last kind of household project you want to worry about. Whether you forgot to look in your rearview mirror before backing out of the garage, or the springs wont open the door as easily as they once did, its a chunk of change that all garage owners need to face if they want the luxury of garage ownership.

Do you have a loud or bent garage door prone to sticking? Is your automatic door opener starting to fail just as we start to get more rain? Rather than sticking it out, its time to get a real quote for garage door repair cost from a garage door repair company.

Read on for a part-by-part breakdown, as well as repair considerations to keep in mind.

What Are The Telltale Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Having a broken garage door is such an inconvenience. Aside from the possibility of it entirely breaking off, there is also the compromise of safety. Broken or loosened garage doors will most likely not fully close, so your car and the items you stored outside could be up for grabs.Like most of your furniture and apparatus at home, garage door repair must be done as soon as possible. But if you are wondering how to determine when it should be up for that time, here are five telltale signs to help you out.

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How Much Will It Cost To Replace The Cable On My Garage Door

There are two types of garage door cable repairs.

The first one is where the cables have simply come off the tracks and involves the cables being put back onto the cable drum. This is a basic repair and does not require any additional spare parts and hence is very economical on price. Commonly termed a Cable Reattachment. The price range to do a basic repair on the cable will range from $165 to $320 depending on the garage door company you end up using plus the brand of garage door you have. Some manufacturers/brands are easier or more difficult than others.

Some companies offer a comprehensive service to the garage door and motor plus extended warranty on new parts installed.

The second type of cable repair is Cable Installation.

If you have snapped a cable, it is strongly recommended that both are replaced with two brand new cables. Because both cables have to be removed, the tension from the torsion spring needs to be contained and locked before any work can begin plus there are other safety precautions we need to take as we are dealing with a lot of force that opens the garage door. Due to the spare parts plus the additional labour time the price will cost more. New cable replacement within the garage door industry typically hovers around $230 to $420 depending on the quality of the cable, the garage door brand you have and the company offering the service.

Garage Door Repair Cost

How-To Align Garage Door Cable | Torsion Cable | DIY Garage Door Repair

Let’s dig a little deeper into garage door repair cost and how much does it cost to fix a garage door. Your garage door is one of your primary entrances to your home so you want to know that they are functioning properly at all times. If you are having complications with your current garage door, then you need to hire a professional garage door company to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Included are the average cost to fix a garage door in the United States. Iâve also included some pictures, graphics and graphs that include high, low and average costs for garage door repair, installation and replacement costs. It also includes garage door part repair and replacement costs.

Garage doors are as common in apartment facilities as commercial and residential properties. Although, they may vary in size, style and costs to repair. Servicing your home garage door costs an average of $200 while accessibility, scheduling and working conditions at commercial businesses average $249 and $219 for apartment buildings.

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How Much Does Garage Door Pulley Repair Cost

Garage door pulleyâs are relatively cheap averaging around $12 â $68 dollars per pulley. However, you will have to make a service call for the repair expert to visit the home. A garage door service call is usually around $50 â $90 depending on the company you hire. Average garage door pulley repair cost is $102.

What Happens When Garage Door Cable Breaks

When a cable breaks you will hear a loud snapping or smashing sound. The side of the cable break will drop the door height off the ground. Typically the garage door motor will stop and the garage door will be hanging unevenly. If you continue to use the garage door, the good cable will be lifted up causing more potential further damage. An uneven opening is a very dangerous situation and we advise not to use the garage door until we arrive. Refer to our So what do you need to do? advice.

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Wood Garage Door Repair Cost

Wood garage door repairs cost between $250 and $1,000. While wood is a popular choice for aesthetics, it is prone to rotting, warping, and general wear. Wooden door damage is difficult to undo. Entire sections may need to be removed and replaced, leading to high costs. A sagging wooden door is not an automatic replacement job. Sometimes, it is just the hardware that needs tightening. Wooden doors can last up to 30 years.

Replacing Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Lock Latch Cable

These rollers keep your garage door rolling smoothly along the tracks. When the rollers are worn out or broken, your garage door will either move very slowly or get stuck. Rollers only cost between $20 to $40, but installing them requires professional knowledge. Operating on garage door tracks can be dangerous if done by a newbie. So it is advisable to pay around $90 to $190 for a full-service repair.

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Can I Replace The Garage Door Cable Myself

Unlike the motor, which simply connects to the door, the garage door cable itself is a much tougher job. Because of the weight of the door and the tension of the garage door springs, replacing the cable requires specialized tools and knowledge. If your garage door cable has broken or is on its way out, contact our team today for a replacement quote.

Garage Door Strut Repair Cost

Repairing a garage door strut costs between $150 and $300. Struts keep the door straight at the top and align the hinges. They are also important for maintaining the structural integrity of the door in the event of a disaster like an earthquake or a tree falling on the roof of the garage. Major damage to the struts may indicate the need to replace them rather than repairing them.

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Garage Door Opener Repair Cost

Garage door opener repairs range from $100 to $300, depending on the opener type and components. For example, basic chain-drive openers are cheaper than direct-drive or jackshaft-drive openers. Keeping these parts well lubricated reduces failure. Bear in mind that these replacement figures and machines refer to the actual opener components and not the remote that you use to open your garage door.

Bent Garage Door Repair Cost

Replace a Garage Door Extension Spring Cable

Fixing a bent garage door ranges from $100 to $700. As with dents, bends can sometimes be hammered out. They may also be filled in, depending on the doors material. In the worst case, the bends are too deep to fix, and the door or panel needs replacing. In the case of an insulated door, repairs may need to occur on the visible section and the insulation inside the door.

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Why Is My Garage Door Noisy

A loud garage door is another common problem we hear about. This problem can most often just be solved by spraying your doors hinges, brackets, and springs with a lubricant spray. Spraying your garage door regularly with lube is a great way to keep your door maintained and running smoothly for years. If greasing up your door components doesnt help, then you may need to replace a part on your garage door system. We are fully stocked with all the garage door parts you may need.

How much does it cost to just have someone come look at my garage door?

To have someone come out to look at your garage door it will cost about $75 $85 plus any parts that you may need.

If all your needing is a lubricant spray for your garage door, then it will cost you around $12 per bottle.

Costs Of Repairing Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are designed to last for about 10 to 15 years. Their purpose is to allow entry into the garage, and therefore, into the house. Youll want to make sure that you have the appropriate garage door opener for your garage in order to ensure top functioning.

Garage door openers cost about $150 on average to repair. If it is completely damaged and needs to be replaced, it can cost between $300 to $500. There are two parts to your garage door opener that could need repair the opener remote and the opener wiring.

The garage door opener remote could simply just run out of batteries. Make sure that you check the batteries before looking into other options. If you need a new garage door opener remote, you can get one for around $35.

If the problem with your garage door opener is the wiring, youll need to contact an electrician or a garage door company for help.

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Garage Door Sensor Repair Cost

Replacing a garage door sensor will cost $85 to $100 on average. If the sensor is obstructed or damaged, it may not stop and auto reverse when something, or someone, is in the way. Also, it may even stop when nothing is in the way, becoming more of an irritation than a safety issue. It still needs to be addressed right away.

Garage Door Panel Repair

EWONICE Garage Door Cable Kit Includes 4 Galvanized Aircraft Cables ...

The panel of the garage door is what you likely think of when you think of door components. It is the solid portion of the garage that makes up the door and is prone to minor cosmetic damage. If panels are dented or cracked from accidents or impact with a vehicle, they may need to be patched or repaired.

Garage door panel repair will cost you from $300 to $800. If a repairman can simply patch the holes and cover cracks, a full replacement shouldnt be necessary.

A complete door or panel replacement is going to be one of the more expensive aspects of garage ownership. A full replacement may cost you between $400-$1500 depending on the material and style of the garage door. Remember if your garage door is older, an exact replacement may not be available.

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Richmond Hill Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

If you are experiencing problems with your Chamberlain garage door opener or remote, Garage Doors Repair Richmond Hill offers garage door opener repair services from our qualified repairmen anywhere in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We offer same-day repair service and 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Maintenance and repair services. In some cases, our technicians may recommend the replacement of your Chamberlain garage door opener in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We are a guaranteed and certified garage door repair company across Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Selecting A Garage Door Repair Service

When hiring your garage repair specialist, look for them to fulfill as many of the following requirements as possible. Then ask for a detailed proposal from your top three and pick the one that appears best.

  • Ask if the quoted price covers parts and labor, and for how long.
  • Make sure the company is insured for every worker on your property.
  • Highly rated on HomeGuide, Google, and the BBB.
  • Offer a warranty on labor.

PRO TIP: Try FaceTiming with the service person to show him/her what the exact problem is. You might be told its a simple fix and save yourself the callout cost.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted garage door repair services:

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What Is The Cost Of Garage Door Cables

The cables on any garage door are gauged on two things. The weight of the door and the length of cable needed. The weight of the door will determine the gauge or thickness of the cable. And the length of the cable is determined by the type of spring system your garage door has. The two basic spring systems are torsion and extension springs. The torsion spring system uses a lot shorter cable just about a foot longer than the height of your garage door. Extension spring systems use about four times that length of cable.


This is because extension spring systems work on a pulley system and the cable has to run from the bottom of the door all the way up and to the back of the door and back to the the front of the door where it is tied off. Also there is or should be a safety cable that runs thru the center of the spring that is there so when the spring breaks the cable keeps the spring from flying thru the garage and causing any damage or injuries. So on a extension cable system you would need about 30 ft. of cable for each side so about 60 ft. total.

So the length of cable that your garage door requires will determine the cost. Cables are one of the least costly parts on a garage door. A set of 2 cables can cost around $20 retail. And a local company will charge around $75 to $100 labor plus the cost of cables to replace them. You should always replace both cables.

Average Prices Of Repairs For Garage Doors

How To Replace Both Cables on a Garage Door Torsion Spring System

On average, garage door repairs cost $190, with added costs that are unique to your situation. Usual repairs needed are openers, springs, tracks, sensors, cables, and locks, which tend to cost anywhere from $85 to $290.

Its important to keep your garage door in good condition and properly functioning, as it is typically part of your homes exterior and an entry for your house. Some garage doors may need a replacement instead of repair, which can cost over $1,000. Having your garage door looked at by an expert garage door technician will give you an understanding of what your costs will be.

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