Garage Ceiling Fan With Light

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Pros Of A Ceiling Fan In The Garage

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A ceiling fan in your garage cools the space by creating air flow. A secondary benefit that most homeowners dont know about is that it will reduce your energy costs. Heat loss is a major contributor to high energy bills each month. The garage is one of the areas that adds to heat loss anytime of year. Installing a ceiling fan saves you up to 40% on your utility bills.

Is There A Difference Between Regular Home And Garage Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans you may install in your home will differ from the garage ceiling fans recommended on this list. The main difference is the garage space itself. Having a large garage door that exposes the indoor space to outdoor elements is a big factor to consider when choosing the correct fan.

Much like a covered porch or deck, its important to keep in mind any weather exposure and potential temperature difference in your garage. This is why we recommend damp or wet rated fans for the garage ceiling fans on our list. Damp and wet rated fans will last longer in indoor/outdoor conditions of a garage.

How Big Of A Ceiling Fan Do You Need For Your Garage

The answer to this question depends on the size of your garage. However, if you have a standard-sized garage, you should stick to 50 to 60-inch garage ceiling fans. These dimensions should provide you with the air circulation you need without making it too windy. If you have a garage that exceeds 400 square feet, you should think about getting a garage ceiling fan around 60 inches in width.

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Prominence Home Auletta Ceiling Fan

Read our Prominence Home Auletta review

Prominence Home offers an inexpensive garage ceiling fan with light for those who need a reliable fan for year round use. Equipped with an LED light kit, this ceiling fan allows for strong and dimmable lighting in dark spaces.

Despite being a budget ceiling fan, the Prominence Home Auletta has a lot to offer in terms of performance features. The fan is ETL Damp Rated, enabling installation in garages, workshops and other indoor/outdoor spaces. The motor is also reversible for year round use and it features 3-speed settings so you can adjust the breeze strength as needed.

  • Damp rated for indoor and outdoor use

How To Choose The Right Size Garage Ceiling Fan

Convert Downrod Ceiling Fan To Flush Mount

Before you go shopping for a ceiling fan for your garage the room needs to be measured in square meters. For detailed instructions on how to measure a room in square meters, be sure to check some videos on that topic.

To know which ceiling fan to buy for your garage you need to know its area in square meters which should not be a problem considering that most garages are built according to standard sizes. Below you can study some approximate figures that can help you.

  • Smaller garage for one car 12 feet x 22 feet
  • Garage for two cars 18 feet x 20 feet

Once the measurement is made and the size of the garage in square meters is determined, the next step is to choose a ceiling fan whose size corresponds to these measures.

  • 114 to 225 ft² 44-50 ceiling fan
  • 225 to 400 ft² 50 ceiling fan or larger
  • 400 ft² and more 62 ceiling fan or larger

When it comes to garages of medium size usually a good choice is ceiling fans whose blade range is 60. It is a size that is often used for ceiling fans, and for which there is a large selection on the market.

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Find The Correct Ceiling Fan Size

The key to an efficient ceiling fan is choosing one thats the correct size for your space. Although there are many standard garage sizes, it helps to first measure your garage before purchasing a fan. Below we go more in-depth with the process so that you can make the best choice.

Your first determination when shopping for a new ceiling fan is to know which size you need and browsing your options with that in mind.

What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need For A Garage

Selecting the right size ceiling fan is not as difficult as it sounds. The size/blade span of a fan depends on the area it needs to cover and the CFM it is expected to deliver. I have already mentioned which of the above fans are suitable for different sized garages. Feel free to check my table listing garage sizes and suitable fan sizes.

Fan Size
900 sq.ft

You can also use multiple smaller fans instead of a bigger fan. Instead of a 6000 CFM fan, you can use two 3000 CFM fans.

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Emerson 65 Ceiling Fan Cf765bs Best For Indoor Use

Emerson 65 Ceiling Fan guarantees to bring the indoor vibe to your garage with its airfoil tri-blade. Remember that this finish is not suitable for locations with high moisture, such as uncovered patios.

These durably crafted blades are 60-inch long and reinforced to go through tough applications. You will experience comfort seeing this item function smoothly without any problems in large locations.

After choosing the ideal area with mentioned advantages, it requires a simple mount. A 6-inch downrod is already available in the package, while you can purchase a longer cord for high ceilings separately.

Its reliable and precisely built construction provides a 14° blade pitch to ensure the highest airflow rate across the large garage.

Compared to most other residential designs, this model runs with an exceptional 10516 CFM airflow rating on high speed. There is a wall control for you to switch between its 4-blade velocities.

The garage fans built-in motor features a 3-speed operation. It proves to obtain high energy efficiency in both summer and winter. This ceiling fan can either heat up or cool down your garage.

One of the rare disappointments in such a functional ceiling item is that it is not adaptable to any light fixtures. Consequently, you will not own a 2-in-1 convenient fan inside the garage.

Unfortunately, even the high-speed rate on this fan is only around 79 RPM , moving too little air than expected.

Comparison Of Energy Efficiency

My Garage Ceiling Fan Display

The energy efficiency of a fan is said in terms of airflow efficiency. Airflow efficiency is the cubic feet volume of air a fan can move by expending one Watt of power. Here is a comparison of the energy efficiencies of the fans listed above.

Fan Model
84 inch

As you can see from the list above, the airflow efficiency rating is the highest for Monte Carlo Maverick and the lowest for Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite. However, the energy efficiency of the fan also takes into account the blade span of the fan. Therefore, a large fan should have a larger airflow efficiency rating to qualify for an Energy Star certificate.

Given below is a graph between airflow efficiency and blade span plotting the efficiency requirement for Energy Star rating

As you can see from the above table, the fan Turbina XL does not qualify for the Energy Star rating even though its airflow efficiency is higher than that of the Builder Elite fan.

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Choose The Correct Ul Rating

UL fan ratings are used when determining if a ceiling fan is suited for indoor or outdoor use. For a more in-depth look at UL ratings we encourage you to take a look at our Outdoor Ceiling Fan Guide.

For a garage ceiling fan, we recommend going with a damp or wet rated fan. Garages are more prone to being exposed to outside elements when compared to the temperature controlled environments inside of your home. A garage without cooling or heating can range between incredibly humid to dry and cold all in the course of a single year. A damp or wet rated fan are usually better equipped for those fluctuations in weather. In fact, a good garage ceiling fan is no different than a ceiling fan for a gazebo, porch or other covered outdoor spaces.

How Bright Should Garage Lights Be

For basic garages, 50 lumens are ideally recommended per square foot. If, however, you wish to use the garage as a workshop as well, nothing less than 300 lumens per square foot will do. For electric lights, lumens denote their levels of brightness. So, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the light is. When talking about lighting any confined spaces, especially where good lighting is essential, the brightness levels are always considered in lumens.

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Oemtools 30 Inch Highvelocity Indoor Oscillating Wall Mount New Model Commercial Fan Black:

The OEMTOOLS 30-inch wall mount fan offers 90 degrees oscillation to customize whichever suits you the best. The fan takes a few minutes to be installed on your wall without making you tired.

The three blades are made up of aluminum and offer you airflow of 9500 CFM. The team of 0EMTOOLS sticks to their rule of providing an energy-efficient commercial fan with uncompromising velocity power.


  • Offering a high-power oscillating fan.
  • The quality of the product is quite durable.
  • An alternative to regular ceiling fans.


Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan

888 Cool Fans F52

Read our Hunter Dempsey review

The Hunter Dempsey is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable garage ceiling fan with all of the bells and whistles at a great price.

Damp-rated for covered outdoor spaces, the Dempsey thrives in garages that arent climate controlled for year-round use even in damp and humid conditions.

For the price, the Dempsey is a step up from other cheap garage ceiling fans that often lack ease-of-use upgrades. Features include a handheld remote, a quiet 3-speed reversible motor, an integrated LED light kit and 52-inch wing-span that is perfect for cooling single or double car garages.

You also get the ability to install the Hunter Dempsey as a hugger ceiling fan thanks to its low profile mount design. This is great news if you have a garage with a low ceiling.

As a garage ceiling fan with light, the Hunter Dempsey does a great job with its integrated LED light kit. The LED bulbs are fully-dimmable and incredibly energy efficient for cost savings for time.

  • Best for: Medium size garages

  • Damp Rated for indoor/outdoor use

  • Includes remote control

Read our Modern Fan Company Torsion review

The Torsion by Modern Fan Company is a great garage ceiling fan choice for those who want a functional industrial design that will look great in any garage or workshop.

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Hurricane Hgc736474 Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane HGC736474 Wall Mount Fan is a true 20-inch space saver. It is ideal for industrial use and performs well in home gardens, warehouses, shops, gyms, and especially small garages.

The main material to manufacture this wall mount fan is heavy-duty metal and durable aluminum blades. Its thermally protected motor can offer a good amount of 4,500 CFM airflow capacity like ceiling fans.

This fan enables easy mounting with the supplied bracket and hardware in the package. With a 90° oscillation and tilt ability on the wall, it makes a fantastic alternative.

Reputation Of The Brand

Consumers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the best bladeless ceiling fan brand’s reputation. Your e-previous store’s customers’ reviews or the brand’s longevity are both taken into consideration while making this decision. More than 60 percent of buyers will abandon their shopping carts if the quantity of bad reviews on their best bladeless ceiling fan product or service is significant. As a result, it is critical to keep an eye on the online store’s reputation.

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Comparison Of Wind Speed Among Different Ceiling Fans

When it comes ceiling fans they have different wind speeds. They are not solely used for the purpose of ventilation but also for their cooling effect. The effect of the wind chill that you feel is dependent on the speed of the fan. The higher the speed of the wind, the greater the cooling effect, and vice versa.

A garage fan must be able create this effect of wind chill to keep the residents who live in the garage feel at ease. But, theres no specific method for calculating the speed of wind. There are many calculators online, however they show different numbers. But, the comparison of results using the same calculator can give the user an understanding of the amount more or less speed a fan can deliver in comparison to an alternative.

Ceiling Fan Model
Monte Carlo Maverick 3.34 Miles Per Hour

From the table above, Emerson Loft and Monte Carlo Maverick fans create the highest speed of wind. Casa Vieja Predator produces the least chilling effect. To give you an idea, it is at or above two miles an hour at which people start feeling the cool breeze.

Best Ceiling Fans For A Hot Garage

Installing A Canarm 56 Inch Industrial Ceiling Fan Model CP56BR In My Garage

Spending an extended amount of time in a hot, humid garage can be torture. With no airflow, hot air gets trapped, and it can get stuffy. I know how difficult it can be to deal with the heat in the summer, especially when you are working on a big project in the garage.

One solution is to open your garage door, but then you lose your privacy. The better option is to purchase a garage ceiling fan. There are plenty of options out there, and they do a great job of keeping your garage cool even during the hottest times of the year.

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How Many Blades Do You Need For The Fan

I would recommend going for a 3-blade or 5-blade fan for a garage. While both fans will have the same CFM rating, a 3-blade ceiling fan will provide more wind speed. But again, 3-blade fans may not be available if your CFM requirements are high. In that case, you can use multiple smaller fans with three blades, but this can be bad costwise. On the other hand, fans with more blades are quieter.

Feel free to refer to my article on 3-blade vs 5-blade ceiling fans to know more about this.

Compact Ceiling Light Pot Fluorescent Lamps

Compact Light Pot Fluorescent Lamps are excellent if you do not require the kind of brightness youd get from regular fluorescent lights.

You can basically just screw them in different corners of your garage ceiling directly above where you want to carry out a task and itll create enough lighting for you.

These lights are quite cheap in terms of costs and maintenance. Furthermore, they are known for their durability.

So, when you get them you dont have to be concerned about changing them frequently.

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How Many Blades Should A Ceiling Fan Have

It does not matter if you are getting a garage ceiling fan or a ceiling fan for your bedroom. In either case, the fan should have the same number of blades.

In most cases, three blades are optimal for efficient air circulation. Some devices work fine with four or five blades, but the installation process is more complicated with these devices. Additionally, they are usually noisier, heavier, and draw more power.

Hunter Cassius 52 Ceiling Fan

Garage Ceiling Fan:

Read our Hunter Cassius review

The Hunter Cassius is an affordable ceiling fan that doesnt sacrifice utility, style or performance. One of our favorite features of this fan is its WhisperWind motor that offers high performance without the noise or rattling of many lower quality ceiling fans at this price range.

The Hunter Cassius includes both 5-inch and 3-inch downrods, making this garage ceiling fan ideal for spaces with lower ceilings. Longer Hunter downrods are available for those with standard garage ceilings so dont count this fan out if you have a garage ceiling over 10 feet.

This fan can be installed just about anywhere thanks to its Damp Rating which allows it to perform flawlessly even in damp indoor/outdoor spaces like garages or workshops. Features like these is why the Hunter Cassius is rated as a best ceiling fan for a garage.

  • Best for:Garages with low ceilings

  • Damp rated for indoor/outdoor use

  • Pull chain speed control

Read our Westinghouse Industrial review

If you are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive garage ceiling fan then the Westinghouse Industrial ceiling fan may be just your ticket. We love the understated industrial design that will go perfectly with any workshop or garage.

  • Best for:Garages with high ceilings or those on a budget

  • Indoor use only

  • 12 inch down rod included

  • Includes five-speed wall control unit

  • Fan available in steel or white

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How Big Of A Ceiling Fan Do I Need For My Garage

Garages are often used as workshops, and with the right tools, they can be turned into comfortable spaces for working. A ceiling fan can make the garage a more pleasant place to be in by circulating the air and making it more relaxed.

When it comes to ceiling fans for the garage, size does matter. So, how do you determine the size of fan you need? You need to consider the height of your garage and the size of the fans blades. The taller your garage, the bigger fan you will need. And, the bigger the fans blades, the more air it will move.

Another thing to keep in mind is the height of the ceiling. If its low, youll want a fan with a shorter downrod if its high, youll need one with a longer downrod. You also need to ensure that the fan is rated for use in damp environments, such as garages.

A good rule of choice is selecting a fan with blades at least half as wide as your garage door. So, if your garage door is 10 feet wide, select a fan with blades at least 5 feet wide. If you have a higher ceiling, you may want to go with a fan with even wider blades.

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