Garage At Post Office Square

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Professional Car Care Service

Tour of the Garage at Post Office Square – Boston MA

Drive in or by appointment visit the car care service center on Level Six. Service center hours of operation: 8:00 AM 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Services include: Exterior Wash, Interior Wash, Basic Polish, Interior Reconditioning, and Exterior/Interior Detail.

To make an appointment or for additional information please call Premium Auto Detailing at 617.426.2333.

Garage Below Supports Park Above In Boston

Formerly the site of an unattractive three-story municipal parking garage, Post Office Square is now home to a 1.7 acre street-level park, as well as a seven-level underground parking garage it is located in the center of Bostons financial district. There is a major bus stop one block away, plus subway stops two to three blocks away. Completed in 1991, Post Office Square was the culmination of an effort that began in 1983 with the formation of the Friends of Post Office Square. The parks features include a fountain, a park pavilion, benches and sitting walls. One gazebo-like structure shelters a café another covers the escalator entranceway to the garage. As for the garage, it contains 1400 parking stalls nearly double the old structure and does $12 million per year in business.

The Friends bought out the leasehold interest of the previous operator and paid the City $1 million for ownership of the land. According to the purchase agreement, the park and garage will be returned to the city at the end of 40 years, when the $80 million acquisition and development cost has been repaid. In the interim, Post Office Square pays the city $1 million per year in taxes its operating surplus is paid yearly to the citys general fund and Parks Trust Fund, for the maintenance of other city-owned parks.

Slurry Wall Excavation Case Study: Post Office Square Garage Boston Ma

The Post Office Square Garage includes a 7-level, 75′-deep underground garage, constructed with the top/down method, bounded by Franklin, Milk, Pearl, and Congress Streets. Existing buildings up to 40 stories tall are located adjacent to the site. Basement excavation was completed in 1990.

A perimeter slurry wall, 3.0′ thick, extended approximately 10ft into bedrock, provided both the temporary and permanent earth pressure support for the excavation. The diaphragm wall is internally braced by the garage floor slabs , which are supported by interior steel H-section columns founded on bedrock at depths 85′ to 96′ below the ground surface. The interior columns, installed using slurry trenching methods, were concreted into till and rock to form load bearing elements .

Calculations for this projecthave been benchmarked with DeepEX – Review Software Capabilities

Most of the site is located within the old Boston peninsula however, the northwestern section is located in an area reclaimed from the sea. Soils in the two sections comprise 15′ of fill, local pockets of organic silt, 30′ to 40′ thick clay , 0′ to 16′ of sand, 3′ to 20′ of glacial till, weathered bedrock, and sound bedrock.

All the walls bulged towards the excavation by up to dW=2.2″ at elevations in the clay . The walls deflected the most near the current excavation level until the LL3 or LL4 slab was completed. Thereafter, maximum wall deflections did not change significantly in magnitude and in position.

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Jaynes Flowers On Holiday

Jaynes Flowers is enjoying thier annual January holiday break. They will be back in the Garage lobby Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning in February to be ready for Valentines Day.

While many businesses were hibernating during the pandemic, we installed 30 more Level 2 Electric Vehicle charging stations, bringing our facility total to 41 stations! Our stations are part of the Chargepoint network. There are eleven on the Lobby Level and six near the elevators on each of Levels 1-5. There is no fee to use the stations, but regular parking rates apply as you exit the Garage. In order to provide access to the stations, EVs must be moved to regular parking spaces once fully charged. In October 2022, 364 unique drivers used our stations for 937 charging sessions!

Post Office Square is mitigating 100% of its electricity footprint with renewable energy under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement, partnering with MIT and Boston Medical Center, to purchase all of the output from Summit Farms, a solar project in North Carolina. It is the largest renewable energy project ever built in the US through an alliance of buyers and in aggregate, the expected 146 gigawatt-hours of emissions-free power per year will result in the abatement of 119,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions the equivalent of removing 25,250 cars from the road. Learn more about the project here.

Free Inspection On All Markham Garage Construction Projects

Garage at Post Office Square

Our specialists will visit your site and understand your needs before offering appropriate recommendations. Our comprehensive consultation is free and nonobligatory in nature. We do not offer generic quotes as they are futile when you need a custom garage. Our estimates are also personalized but free at the same time. The whole process is simplified owing to the informative consultation. As a homeowner, you would get to familiarize yourself with the entire nitty-gritty of the whole process of conceiving, planning, building and finishing of a custom garage.

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Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

The City of Boston has developed a climate action plan covering carbon reduction in buildings, transportation, and energy use. Mayor Thomas Menino commissioned the city’s first Climate Action Plan in 2007, with an update released in 2011. Since then, Mayor has built upon these plans with further updates released in 2014 and 2019. As a coastal city built largely on , is of major concern to the city government. The latest version of the climate action plan anticipates between two and seven feet of sea-level rise in Boston by the end of the century. A separate initiative, Resilient Boston Harbor, lays out neighborhood-specific recommendations for coastal resilience.

Norman B Leventhal Park Activities

While in the Post Office Square area, we invite you to visit Norman B. Leventhal Park . In the warmer months, the Park hosts Midday Music with local musicians performing music from Mozart and Beethoven to Broadway, Dixieland and jazz favorites and P.O. Fitness, a program of free fitness classes. Please check out the Park Activity calendar for special events and all details.

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Monthly Parking In Post Office Square Ma

How many times have you been late to an event because you spent ages circling the block looking for parking spots in Post Office Square and the area? Many people who call the U.S. home, whether they live in Boston or San Francisco, find the lack of long term parking challenging to say the least. But what if we told you there was an affordable solution to your parking woes just waiting for you to discover it? For around $261.98 in parking rates youll have access to the safest parking Post Office Square has to offer. The solution? Spacer.

Spacer realized that the problem with parking spots wasnt that there werent enough to go around. U.S. renters simply cant find them. There are parking space and similar parking spots all over town, whether youre in Boston, Chicago or any other place in the country. On Spacer, an online platform, hosts can advertise these and any parking spots big enough for vehicles. Spacer is where homeowners can say rent my driveway in Post Office Square and renters can view, book and pay to use it. Listings grow because hosts can earn $215 and renters are drawn by low fees such as $46.62 per week in the Post Office Square and area. Yes, its true: U.S. parking troubles have come to an end!

Cities Towns And Counties

Otis Elevators @ The Garage at Post Office Square-Boston MA

There are in Massachusetts, grouped into . The fourteen counties, moving roughly from west to east, are , , , , , , , , , , , , , and . Eleven communities which call themselves “towns” are, by law, cities since they have traded the form of government for a mayor-council or manager-council form.

Boston is the state capital in Massachusetts. The population of the city proper is 692,600, and , with a population of 4,873,019, is the 11th largest in the nation. Other cities with a population over 100,000 include , , , and . is the largest municipality in the state by land area, followed by .

Massachusetts, along with the five other states, features the local governmental structure known as . In this structure, incorporated townsas opposed to townships or countieshold many of the responsibilities and powers of local government. Most of the county governments were abolished by the state of Massachusetts beginning in 1997 including , the largest county in the state by population. The voters of these now-defunct counties elect only Sheriffs and Registers of Deeds, who are part of the state government. Other counties have been reorganized, and a few still retain county councils.

and are two or “living” museums in Massachusetts, recreating life as it was in the 17th and early 19th centuries, respectively.

Massachusetts is home to five major league professional sports teams: seventeen-time , nine-time winners , six-time winners , six-time winners , and team .

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Primary And Secondary Education

The enroll 57,000 students attending 145 schools, including the renowned , , and . The Boston Latin School was established in 1635 and is the oldest public high school in the US. Boston also operates the United States’ second-oldest public high school and its oldest public elementary school. The system’s students are 40% Hispanic or Latino, 35% Black or African American, 13% White, and 9% Asian. There are private, parochial, and as well, and approximately 3,300 minority students attend participating suburban schools through the . In September 2019, the city formally inaugurated Boston Saves, a program that provides every child enrolled in the city’s system a containing $50 to be used toward college or career training.

Going Even Greener And Leading The Way

Post Office Square is mitigating 100% of its electricity footprint with renewable energy under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement, partnering with MIT and Boston Medical Center, to purchase all of the output from Summit Farms, a solar project in North Carolina. It is the largest renewable energy project ever built in the US through an alliance of buyers and in aggregate, the expected 146 gigawatt-hours of emissions-free power per year will result in the abatement of 119,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions the equivalent of removing 25,250 cars from the road. Learn more about the project here.

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Revolution And The Siege Of Boston

The weather continuing boisterous the next day and night, giving the enemy time to improve their works, to bring up their cannon, and to put themselves in such a state of defence, that I could promise myself little success in attacking them under all the disadvantages I had to encounter.

,in a letter to , about the British army’s decision to leave Boston, dated March 21, 1776.

Many crucial events of the occurred in or near Boston. The city’s mob presence along with the colonists’ growing lack of faith in either or fostered a revolutionary spirit in the city. When the British parliament passed the in 1765, a Boston mob ravaged the homes of , the official tasked with enforcing the Act, and , then the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. The British sent two regiments to Boston in 1768 in an attempt to quell the angry colonists. This did not sit well with the colonists. In 1770, during the , British troops shot into a crowd that had started to violently harass them. The colonists compelled the British to withdraw their troops. The event was widely publicized and fueled a revolutionary movement in America.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Garage at Post Office Square

“Park above, park below” is the slogan at Boston’s Post Office Square. A public-private partnership financed the design and construction of the park and garage, while fees from the garage are targeted to repay capital costs and ongoing maintenance.

Green areas within the park are plentiful, but there could be more. Since the fountain in the center of the park does not have much water, the surrounding concrete does not provide the feeling of a respite from the city on a hot day. Still, at lunchtime in the warmer months, the grass is usually covered with people enjoying jazz concerts.

A nearby restaurant, the Milk Street Cafe, operates an outpost within the park, and pays rent to Friends of Post Office Square, the nonprofit consortium of local businesses that developed the park. Garage attendants patrol the park and provide general maintenance, while Friends of Post Office Square pays for a private park ranger in the summer. The park/garage design has received more than 20 planning and architecture awards, and created open space in an extremely dense quarter of the city. Before the park’s creation, the area was a “ghost town” after working hours. Now, the well-lit park and the activity from the 24-hour garage make people feel safer.

Access & Linkages

How Cheap?

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Do You Have A Spare Car Park That You Could List

There are plenty of drivers looking for cheap and secure parking in central Post Office Square. You could earn over $3,672.00 a year from renting out your parking space overnight, long term. It is a great way to make money in Post Office Square for nothing and help out your local Post Office Square community by helping a mate get to where they need to be easier. Spacer takes care of all the hassle including contracts and payments. So why dont you list out your Post Office Square driveway, garage, car port or parking space today Its easy, free and takes less than two minutes,Rent out my Spot.

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Garage At Post Office Square

The Park and the Garage at Post Office Square demonstrate what can happen when a visionary idea is realized through excellent design and thoughtful implementation. Supported structurally and financially by a belowground seven-level garage, this 1.7-acre park stands is a model for center city parks.

Garage at Post Office Squares Parksmart certification recognizes the projects parking performance, operational excellence, and commitment to continuous improvement over its 26 years of operation. These achievements include:

  • An intensive green roof
  • An operational maintenance and green cleaning program
  • An innovative rainwater runoff and reclaimed groundwater program
  • Energy-efficient variable drive fans for garage ventilation
  • An energy-saving lighting and lighting control system
  • Hosting of a car-sharing program
  • Electric vehicle charging station and electric fleet vehicles
  • A robust sustainability educational program
  • A solar purchase power agreement, in collaboration with MIT and Boston Medical Center, that offsets 100 percent of the projects energy use
  • Placemaking benefits, including making the park viable, generating additional funds for neighborhood parks and helping to increase nearby real estate values

Were a parking garage, thats where we make our money, but that doesnt mean were exempt from caring about trying to make our propertys footprint as small as possible. Pam Messenger, Garage at Post Office Square.


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One Post Office Square

One Post Office Square is a 41-floor modernskyscraper in the Financial District section of Boston, Massachusetts. The skyscraper is Boston’s 12th-tallest building, standing 525 feet tall. The building has exactly 831,975 square feet of Class A office space. An attached, eight-level parking garage offers 368 parking spaces and direct access to the building’s lobby. It overlooks Post Office Square Park and was designed by . A previous building on the site at 101 Milk Street was the headquarters of the Boston Elevated Railway until about 1919.

Post Office Square Boston

The BEST Garage Ever Built: Final Overview and Walkaround!
Post Office Square

Post Office Square in Boston, Massachusetts is a square located in the financial district at the intersection of Milk, Congress, Pearl and Water Streets. It was named in 1874 after the United States Post Office and Sub-Treasury which fronted it, now replaced by the John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse.

The square is almost entirely occupied by a privately owned and managed but publicly accessible park, Norman B. Leventhal Park, named for the Boston building manager and designer who designed it. It sits above a parking garage, named The Garage at Post Office Square. The garage descends to 80 feet below the surface, at the time one of the deepest points of excavation in the city. Revenues from parking fund the maintenance of the park. The 1.7-acre park is a popular lunchtime destination for area workers. It features a café, fountains, and a pergola around a central lawn, and the management provides seat cushions for visitors during the summer. Designed by landscape architects The Halvorson Company, the park is also home to 125 species of plants.

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Parking Near One Post Office Square

One Post Office Square is an office building in the heart of Boston. The 41-story building houses not only offices but fine dining, several stores, and a fitness center. Within easy walking distance of Faneuil Hall, the Massachusetts State House, the Boston Aquarium, and the Langham, this spot is ideally located as a nexus of business and recreation.

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