Garage Addition To Existing Garage

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Easy Affordable Garage Door Solutions For Greater New Orleans

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Garage Door Solutions provides expert technicians for all of your garage door needs. From fixing garage doors and installing a new door or panel to changing out broken springs and even replace new rollers and cables, we’re here to help get the job done. We offer highly competitive rates for installation and service, provide only top quality parts materials, and are fully licensed and insured.

When you request afree onsite estimate, we provide a full consultation to explain the available options so that you can choose the service thats right for your home or business. We strive not only to meet your project’s needs, but also to prevent potential problems in the future.

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How Does Your Current Home Design Affect Your Options

The layout and design of your home will greatly affect the construction of an addition to your garage. The first thing youll need to consider is whether or not your garage is attached to your home.

Attached vs. Detached Garage

If you have a detached garage separate from the main structure, the design will be less challenging, but construction may be complicated. A detached garage is easier in the sense that you wont have to tie the roof line and structure to the rest of the house.

However, if you want to have power and water in your new addition, that could be a problem. You may need to run new lines to the garage if it doesnt already have them, which takes time and increases cost.

With an attached garage, the visual design is more of a challenge. Youll want the design of the addition to match the design of the home. The most challenging part of this process is matching the roof. You can read more about this in our article How to design an addition to match your house.

Existing second level

Adding on to an attached garage also means youll need to consider the current number of floors in your home.

Oftentimes, the upstairs of a two-level home does not extend over the garage. If this is the case for you and youre looking to add to the top of your garage, the good news is that you should just be able to access it via the existing second story.

Project costs

Watch the video below to learn all about budgeting for an addition project

The Garage As An Extension To The House

Youll want to make the garage look like a part of the house and not detract from it. An attached garage placed with the doors opening to the side with some windows in the front looks like just another room addition. This will likely increase your driveway expense since it may not be a direct line into the garage.

If the doors must face front, consider using two one-car doors for better eye appeal. Blend the roof overhang into your houses roof, too, for continuity.

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Garage Additions Adding One To Your Existing Home: Where To Start

Now that winter is over, we can reminisce on all the good times that we all shared: building snowmen, skiing, skating on a pond, clearing all the snow and ice off of our cars. Wait, not that last one? We are pretty sure that no one is a fan of waking up an extra twenty minutes early in the morning to clean off their vehicle before work.

How about having to wash your car more often because the birds in the tree above your driveway like to use it as target practice? Not a fan of that either?

Wouldnt it be nice to park your vehicle inside a safe, bird and snow-free garage? Your house doesnt have a garage you say? Perhaps its time to consider adding a garage to your existing home.

Adding a garage to a house brings many advantages:

  • Keeps vehicles out of the reach of criminals
  • Your car will look newer for longer, protected from harmful sun-rays and harsh weather elements which make paint fade and cause rust
  • Creates a space to store tools such as lawn mowers and snow blowers
  • Adds value to your home, enhancing curb appeal, and also increases your total available living space

So, the benefits of adding a garage sound great, what is the first step to take?

The Cost Of Adding A Single Or Double Car Garage

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The 2019 price for a turnkey single car garage that is attached to your home costs roughly $50,000, which is approximately between $200 and $350 per square foot. This includes insulation, electricity, plumbing and all necessary finishing. As for a bare-bones garage , the cost will be anywhere between $240 and $290 per square foot. When it comes to a turnkey double car garage, thats likely to cost about $120,000.

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The Complexity Of Construction

If your garage extension site is on sloped land or offset from your homes pre-existing frame, you may need to hire a structural engineer to troubleshoot. Gerry Holzapple Jr., partner of Holzapple Construction in Vacaville, CA, shares: Most contractors arent engineers, but if owners want construction that is counter to standard building practices, then an engineer has to be involved.

Holzapple also tells us that the going rate for a structural engineer is about $150 per hour. HomeAdvisor reports that the average engineering plan costs anywhere from $800 to $3,000, or as much as 20% of the overall construction price.

More About Garage Upgrades:

“An over the garage addition doesn’t increase a house’s footprint, which helps reduce costs,” says Brewster. “But it also presents unique challenges in planning and construction.”

What does a home-owner interested in such an add-on need to know? We asked Brewster and Tiplady for their advice and about how the project played out at Geoff and Michelle’s house.

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How Much Does Building A Garage Cost

The cost to build your new garage will vary based on its size and specifications, as well as regional average costs for contracting services, materials and so on.

What type of siding you pick can have a huge influence on the overall cost of garage construction. Cement-based siding is typically the most expensive, though its great for avoiding termites and rot. Adding insulation and other climate control mechanisms, finishing the floors, installing windows and putting in electricity or plumbing will increase your costs and the garage additions value too. Finally, the cost of a new garage door can vary widely depending on the style, features and installation needed.

If youre installing a driveway, the cost can depend on everything from how long it is to what shape it is. Youll likely pay more if you add features like outdoor lighting, decorative edging, or built-in heat for colder climates.

For more on costs, see How much does building a garage cost?

Create Garage Addition Building Plans

TIME-LAPSE How to build a two garage addition

Once the initial sketches have been completed, detailed building plans should be generated. Depending on the complexity of the garage addition either the homeowner or an architect can develop the actual building plans. In either case, the plans will need to include scaled drawings with dimensions, and cross-sectional construction views with constructional materials specified.

The cross-sectional views should include from the concrete footings all the way to the peak of the roof. Each new transition from the footings up should be carefully drawn. Examples include: the footing/foundation transition, the foundation/sill plate transition, and the wall/roof rafter transition. The plans should also include a comprehensive bill of materials for the project. In addition, all property lines and appropriate setbacks should be clearly shown in the drawings.

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The Cost Of Tearing Down An Existing Garage

If you already have a garage, but want to tear it down and rebuild a new one, youll need to budget for $2,000 to $4,000 just for demolition. Demolition costs depend on many different factors, like the size of what youre tearing down, the materials its made of, the kind of machinery used, how accessible your property is, if there are any hazardous materials to handle, etc. Costs also change when it comes to debris disposal. Its important to get in touch with the city to get demolition permits as well. Also, be sure that you follow security protocols throughout the entire demolition phase.

Cost To Build An Attached Garage By Number Of Cars

They can be built in many sizes. The most common method of determining size is usually correlated to how many cars you keep there. Generally, when sizing it, you want enough space to park the cars, fully open their doors, walk around them comfortably, and have some room for storage. That is why they can be built in different sizes, but there are also some standard sizes based on the number of cars. By opting for the standard size based on how many cars you park there, you can be fairly sure you have the space you need.

This rule does not necessarily translate if you intend to use it for purposes other than keeping your cars and storage. But if parking your car is your biggest goal with this space, the following can help determine the cost by size for site built and prefab construction.

$35,200 – $52,800

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Alternatives To Garage Adus

Most people look into second-story addition over garage costs because they need extra living space. If the costs are far too prohibitive, as they are for most homeowners, there are alternatives. Relaxed laws on ADUs across California provide more affordable options for enhancing your existing available living space.

Detached Garage Building Costs

Garage Addition Lexington, Ky

For a freestanding intermediate range garage, the cost goes up to the $40,000+ range. Such things as wells, sewer and the location of your electrical panel on your existing home all play a role in the cost of a detached garage and whether relocations will be needed. The addition of extra amenities within the design can increase that budget, so its a good idea to consult with your remodeling contractor on the needs of your garage first.

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Attached Vs Detached Garage Insurance

Standard homeowners insurance covers the home and all that is attached to it, including an attached garage. Homeowners insurance also covers other structures on the property, but usually at a lower rate of 10% of your dwelling coverage limit. This means that if your home is insured for $220,000, the most you could get if something happened to your detached garage is $22,000. However, you can talk to your agent about upgrading your policy to get better coverage for a detached garage at an additional cost of about $50 to $75 added to the premium. Adding an attached garage will not necessarily cost more when it comes to insurance, however your policy will likely go up because the value of your house has gone up. Be sure to update your policy anytime any changes or additions are made to the home.

An Attached Or Detached Garage

The Housing Forum recommends an attached garage if you just need something in which to park your cars. This is a less expensive option because one wall will already be in place. A detached garage would be the choice in which to have a workshop where you want to shield the house from the noise of power tools.

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Gather Your Tools And Materials

Before starting your DIY garage addition, make sure you have the right tools and materials for the job. Along with solid carpentry tools, youll need some heavy-duty equipment to complete this project.

Tools Needed to Build a Garage Bump-Out:

  • Hammer drill: A powerful hammer made for hard-faced surfaces. Youll need this tool to create a sturdy foundation for your garage bump-out.
  • Concrete anchors: Large, thick screws that secure wooden beams to concrete.
  • Tie plates: Silver plates needed to support your bump-out.
  • Reciprocating saw: A machine-powered saw that cuts wooden beams to size.
  • Level: Used to keep your walls straight and even.
  • Ladder: Needed to install roof shingles, gutters and high storage shelves.
  • Safety goggles: Recommended to protect your eyes from dust and debris.
  • Gloves: Recommended to protect your hands from wood and sharp tools while youre working.

Materials Needed to Build a Garage Bump-Out:

Excavation And Site Prep

Roof Design Ideas For New Home Addition Built Between Detached Garage And Existing Home

The average costs to excavate and prep the site for your attached garage is $3,500 to $5,700. This includes the land prep and demolition to open your home to the new structure. Like any build, the construction area must first be cleared and prepped. This varies depending on the condition of the lot beside your home. If it is level and cleared, the excavation will be less invasive than if you need to clear and level the lot. Typically, excavation for a garage simply involves clearing the site of any landscaping and ensuring a level area for the foundation.

This area needs access to your home. So, the project may have demolition costs, depending on whether yours will be minimally attached or open fully into your homes interior.

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Different Types Of Home Additions

How is your addition going to connect to your home? Homeowners with a larger yard can expand onto the first floor, while homeowners with a more modest lot size may want to add a second story. A detached addition may also suit your needs better as well if your looking to add a mother in law suite for example.

The Larger Room Addition

A bump-out addition or room extension relocates one or more of the exterior walls in an existing room on the first floor to increase the square footage of that room. This method is often used for narrow bedrooms, cramped kitchens, or small living rooms.

The New Room Addition

A first-floor room addition provides a new room or rooms to the first floor of your home. If you are needing to add square footage to your existing home this is often the perfect solution. In todays housing market it makes more financial sense to increase the size of your existing homes footprint rather than list your home and search for a new one.

The 2nd Story Addition

For homes without an existing upper floor, a second-story addition can double the size of the house without reducing surrounding yard space. The entire roof will be removed, then the second-story addition will be built.

The Attic Addition

The Detached Addition

Grow Up Instead Of Out

If you need a fully functional garage for cars and storage, but you also want a family room or extra bedroom, consider a story addition. Adding a second story will typically work better for a freestanding garage, but your homes architecture and lot size matter, too.

The second level could be unfinished attic space for storage, or even a loft area for sleeping or additional living space. If you go this route, youll spend more on additional labor and materials, and youll want to be sure to install windows and electricity.

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Should The Garage Be Attached Or Freestanding

You can avoid the massive-structure conundrum by making the garage freestanding since you have more choice about where to locate it. A detached garage keeps dust, odors, and fumes away from the house, which is especially nice if you use the garage for work or hobbies that produce them. Depending on the location, a covered walkway between the house and garage may be an option that will minimize the disadvantages of a detached garage.

There are several advantages of an attached garage that outweigh the disadvantages in most cases. Here in Peoria, you wont have to worry about the garage being freezing cold in the winter, but during the rest of the year it will stay cooler if it is attached to the house, and likewise, provides a large area of insulation on the side of the house it is attached to.

Since a remodeling contractor only has to build a structure with three walls instead of four, an attached garage is usually less expensive. Its also much more convenient for getting to and from the car because you wont get wet if its raining, but more importantly, dont have to be running back and forth in the heat and sun when you are loading or unloading the car. You will be glad your home remodeling plans included attaching the garage every time you come home from the grocery store on a hot day!

Costs Of Getting Plans Done By An Architect Or Technologist

Garage Addition Lexington, Ky

An attached garage is considered an extension of your home. This means youll need plans from an architect or technologist. For a detached garage, you can buy prefabricated plans. Your best bet is to ask the municipality for the plans they require. If the city believes youll be fine with the plans being drawn up by a technologist, expect to pay between $1,800 and $2,500. However, if they believe youll need to plans to be drawn up by an architect, this can cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $6,000 and maybe even more! Typically, the architects work will cost you about 10% of the total cost to build your garage.

Once you have your plans in hand, youll be able to get your permits from the city. With the plans and permits in hand, you can then start getting quotes from 53-point Verified Home Addition Contractors to find the right one for your project.

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