Full Custom Garage Location 2021

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Career As A Car Manufacturer

Full Custom Garage

Ian launched his career at the age of 22 when he became a car manufacturer, and has his own custom car-building garage which he built in Southern California he also designs carports based on his customers requests and desires.

He is the star of his own Full Custom Garage reality TV series, which began airing on MAVTV on 28 March 2014, and follows his work as he creates unique custom vehicles for his clients it counts six seasons so far, and more than 50 episodes.

Some of Ians favorite cars which he has built include Space Junkie 2.0 which was listed for auction at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, and his most recent T-bird which will be shown at the Starbird event on 14 February 2020.

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Love Life And Marriage

Ian is a married man who often shares pictures with his wife on the internet the two married in the 2000s and have no kids together. His wife is also a huge fan of cars, and helps her husband with the cars he makes she can also be seen in most episodes of the Full Custom Garage show appearing alongside Ian.

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Full Custom Garage New Location

Full Custom Garage New Location. Nickname 19th november 1970, in Profession car builder, tv personality

Watch full episodes, get behind the scenes, meet the cast, and much more. Ian roussel build a car named boulevard. The actual amount of roussel’s wealth is not known, but some sources estimated it around $3 million as of 2021.

Source: ban.zabanstation.com

Height 6 feet and 2 inches Full custom garage is a new tv series on mavtv featuring car builder ian roussel.

Source: makeflix.org

It’s gonna be a wild ride and he ain’t stopping till it’s full custom. Height 6 feet and 2 inches

Source: uri.votejohnpowell.org

Full custom garage is a new tv series on mavtv featuring car builder ian roussel. In each episode, ians unique fabrication will be put to the test as he builds everything from show cars to trash trucks.

Source: ban.zabanstation.com

Full custom garage official site. Ian roussel is an american custom car builder who has amassed the right amount of net worth for himself.

Source: toc.justiceformurderedchildren.org

The Full Custom Garage Reality Tv Series

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The Full Custom Garage reality TV series differs from other shows such as Overhaulin and Kinding It Design, which have huge garages and shops, expensive tools, and an entire team of people Ians show is focused only on him , his small garage, and classic but great techniques which he uses to create his cars.

https://www.facebook.com/114936143241276/photos/a.114936186574605/149036286497928/?type=3& theater

The show turned out to be a bigger success than Ian hoped for, and the IMDb rating website has gave it 8.7/10 score its first season began airing on 28 March 2014 and concluded on 23 May 2014 after 10 episodes. The second season was aired in 2015, 12 episodes, while the third season ended on 7 August 2017 after eight episodes the shows fourth season counts 15 episodes while the fifth counts only nine.

The Full Custom Garage season six began airing on 1 November 2019, and its most recent episode aired on 22 November 2019.

People like Ian because he takes whatever car parts he can find from whoever can provide themfamily, friends or from a scrapyard, and creates an entire custom built car.

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Where Is Full Custom Garage Filmed

Ion Roussel is making the dreams come true for all the car lovers out there. He makes the unexpected happen. In his show Full Custom Garage, he makes the cars out of nothing. As the name suggests, all the cars he designs are according to details provided by the clients. The show is telecasted on the sports channel MavTV Motorsports Network. The show started in 2014 and has seven seasons under its name. The car builder is particularly popular among car lovers.

Through the show, Full Custom Garage, Ian has acquired attention from around the globe. Be it any spare part or a ruined car, he can make classic cars out of them. You can say that this gentleman has the gift of developing cars. Surprisingly, he does not keep any car he makes. He states that he is actually not in cars, but it is his addiction to creating them. Mostly, he likes the cars sculptures.

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Is Full Custom Garage Coming Back In 2022

The TV series aired on MATV Sports Channel in 2014. While Season six arrived on our Televisions in 2019, Season seven is yet to get announced. Many of us are waiting for this beautiful series because of the inspiration to follow the passion we get. Also, the fantastic transformations of scrap from the junkyard make it a visual treat. This creative imagination becomes a must-watch for you if you are a fan of automobiles.The season eighths announcement is yet to come, but we can always wait and re-watch, right? Follow us for more exciting updates on your favorite shows, celebrities, and more.

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A Sneak Peak At The Personal Life Of The Cast Ian Roussel

Ian Roussel is the lead cast in Full Custom Garage who modifies scraped cars into wonderfully customized vehicles. He uses every junk piece given by his customers of the friends. His talent has made him a famous custom car builder in the world. Talking about his personal life, Ian has been in a blissful relationship with his wife, Jamie Roussel, a nurse by profession since 2019. In a ceremony involving their close ones, the couple got married in Mojave Desert, California.

They recently celebrated their two years together without any controversy regarding separation. The couple has visited many places globally and shares beautiful pictures depicting a beautiful relationship between the two. The couple has two kids, Jayce Roussel and Ava Roussel. Jayce was born in 2003, and Ava was born in 2007. These adorable kids feature a lot in the couples Instagram, and Facebook handles. Ian proves to be the best on both professional and personal fronts simultaneously.

Early Life And Education

Full Custom Garage

Ian grew up in Southern California, where he was raised an only child by his parents his father is a car enthusiast, and as Ian spent a lot of time with him during his youth, he became interested in cars as well, and started learning their mechanics and the way they work overall.

A post shared by Ian Roussel on Sep 5, 2019 at 1:27pm PDT

He enrolled at a high school in Southern California where he began playing several sports, however, he chose not to pursue a college degree, and to rather focus on his passion for cars.

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Ian Roussel Wiki Bio Wife Cars Net Worth & More

Ian Roussel is the name of an American Television personality loved for his customized car Which he makes with his Team. Ian is also popular for his shows Full Custom Garage, which is aired on Discoverys MotorTrend TV network.

Ian is famous for his excellent skill of modifying old cars into new cars with unique designs. Thats why his some of the creations were exported to other countries like Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands. His show Kustom Cars, Lead Sleds premiered on Amazon Prime Video also.

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Full Custom Garage Filming Locations

Season six of Full Custom Garage premiered on November 1, 2019, with the most recent episode four airing on November 22, 2019. People admire Ian because he takes whatever car parts he can find, whether from family members or a scrapyard, and builds an entire custom-built car out of them. On November 19, 1970, Ian Roussel was born in Sunland, California. He has grown up in California, modifying and transforming cars.

Full Custom Garage, an exciting show that went popular due to its uniqueness and talent, was filmed in California, United States Of America. The Full Custom Garage is present there transforming many cars according to the need of the customers. Roussel also crafts his customized cars at his home in Mojave Desert. Some of Rossels creations have been sent to Japan, Netherlands, and Germany too. Spokane Valley has a great history of cool cars that are going to be included in the next season as well.

He has been in this field for a long time and currently has many satisfied customers. After appearing in the documentary Back from the Dead: Hot Rod Documentary in 2005, the owner of Roussel Custom Fabricating became a television personality. Following that, he appeared in Back from the Dead II: Kustom Cars Lead Sleds and Car Warriors . .

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Who Is Ian Roussel And Is He Married Wiki Biography

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Ian Roussel was born in Sunland, California USA, on 19 November 1970 his zodiac sign is Scorpio, holds American nationality, and is of Caucasian ethnicity. He is a car builder and a TV personality, who rose to prominence after launching his own show Full Custom Garage in 2014 he is a married man, but hasnt shared any details regarding his wife with the public.

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Know More About Ian Rousell

Ian Rousell is a very well-known car builder from the United States of America . You will find many custom car designers, but Ian is most famous due to his out-of-the-box thinking skills. The car builder is very talented. It is not unfair to say that he is the artist creating the fabulous cars. He was born on November 19, 1970, in Sunland, California. He has now become a celebrity in the USA.

This 50-year-old car builder takes care of each preference shared by the client and then works on the project accordingly. The custom cars made by Ian are in great demand in the USA due to their exceptional quality. Ian Rousell is a private person and does not share much about his personal life. He is married but did not tell the media name of his wife. Ian is a living example of how you can make your passion a career. He continued to do what he liked and made a career out of it.

Not just his career, he acquired much fame and name in the industry. Ian states that he always wanted to be a car manufacturer and got the needed support from his family. Ian shares significantly fewer personal photos and information on social media. He has been working for a long time in the industry and has earned a large amount. The estimated net worth of the car builder is $1 million. One very moving thing about Ian is he believes in doing charity and is associated with many charitable institutions in the USA and New Zealand.

Full Custom Garage Filming Locations Revealed

The filming of the show takes place in the city of California, the United States of America. Ian develops the dream cars in the Mojave Desert house of Roussel. This is the place where most of his creations took place. Not only in the United States of America, but he also transports the cars to Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands. He claims he can send the vehicles to any location in the world, and the cars are boxed up on the Long beach. Ian tries to build the coolest cars in his garage

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Ian Roussels Net Worth

Full Custom Garage New Episodes

As a custom car builder, Ian earns a handsome figure amount of money for his job. Ian Roussel has been in the custom car building business for a very long time. So probably, he was able to amass a good figure of net worth from this job.

Besides constructing the vehicles, through the television program Full Custom Garage, he also contributes a profitable quantity to his bank account. The program currently runs in its eighth season.

He also has a website where he sells custom-made t shart, and sportswear for, men and women and we know how profitable to make a brand. Including all the property and assets he has, Ian Roussels estimated Net Worth is around $2 million.

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Where Is Full Custom Garage Filmed Locations Revealed

The famous TV series Full Custom Garage keeps the viewers hooked to their seats until the end as fans keep searching for its filming locations. The show features Ian Roussel, who turns cars into one-of-a-kind vehicles. This magical series has seven seasons with approximately sixty-five episodes. Ian Roussel is a car builder with a god gifted talent for transforming cars. There is a different creation in every new episode. Ian Roussel loves to have a unique challenge, making the episode exciting for the audience. His custom cars are in high demand because of the quality of his work. His custom cars unique combinations make him one of the most desirable custom car makers.

Ian had a passion for cars since he was five years old. After years of hard work and experience, he started his custom garage and fulfilled his dream. Roussels TV series Full Custom Garage was aired on MATV with Dominic Sylvestor. The unique fabrication by Ian Roussel is something everyone loves and turns fantasy into reality. Tom Flores, Ian, and Shop Inspector Victor Cacho are the main characters of the series.

Wild Weird And Far Out Customs: Ian Roussel

Ian Roussel of MotorTrend’s Full Custom Garage grew up mashing together every Monogram kit he could dig out of the local garage sale. Years later, he graduated to tricking out his grandmothers VW Bug with elbow grease and a J.C. Whitley catalog. He learned templating from a friend of the family, moved onto casting bronze for artists in New York, and then hit the West Coast seeking glory. He found it in the form of a hot rod, and his life hasnt been the same since.

We talk to Ian about his inspiration in Ed Roth, tearing apart Space Junkie, the trials and travails of bubble top cars, building custom hot rods on a production schedule and advice hed give to anyone who wants to build cars. In short, if you want to learn, Ian says, just start.

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Facts On Ian Roussel That Might Surprise You

  • Hes very secretive about his personal life.
  • Ian has introduced his father in his post on Instagram.
  • Ian is an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.
  • He designs and builds custom cars to meet customer demand and creations have been bought from Japan, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • His wife Jamie is also a huge fan of custom cars.
  • It became more popular after the start of a TV show called Full Custom Garage, which is broadcast on MAVTV.
  • The first episode of the first season of Full Custom Garage aired on March 28, 2014.
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