Faux Wood Garage Doors Cost

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Glass Garage Door Prices

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door

Glass garage doors cost $700 to $4,500 on average, depending on the glass type and door size. Glass doors have either a steel or aluminum frame with laminated, insulated, or tempered glass inserts. For more privacy, choose from tinted, frosted, or mirrored glass options.

Pros & Cons

  • Increases curb appeal by adding a modern and contemporary look
  • More fragile with high potential to crack and costs more to repair
  • Insulates poorly compared to traditional doors
  • Requires stronger openers and springs for heavy glass

Average Garage Door Cost

The national average for garage door prices is around $1,650. Here are average garage door costs for different projects:

  • New door: A new garage door on an addition or carriage house can cost between $600 and $4,000, depending on the style and materials used.
  • Repair an existing door: If your garage door works but could use a few updates, you can repair it for $100-$600. Keep in mind that more extensive repairs may exceed this range.
  • Replacement: Replacing a garage door generally costs as much as installing a new door, though some parts can be reused. You can expect to pay between $700 and $2,500 to replace an existing door.

What Type Of Wood Do We Use For Doors

There are a wide variety of woods used for garage doors including cedar, mahogany, birch, maple, oak, fir, walnut, hemlock, and red wood. However, since wood is sensitive to environmental changes, we need to help you select a wood that is best for your climate. For example, we all know that Georgia weather has a high level of humidity and moisture fluctuation. Sometimes its 40 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees by the late afternoon. That means you have to choose a wood that holds up in extreme temperatures, can expand and contract with the weather without warping, and handles moisture without rot.

We recommend mahogany, Western red cedar, and walnut for the North Atlanta and North Georgia areas that we serve. These three woods hold up the best in the shifting climate of Georgia. They survive because they have natural oils which resist moisture and pests. This means that they will not warp, shrink, or rot as quickly as other wood species. As a plus, all three wood types have a naturally beautiful, rich grain in dark and red tinted finishes which complement any homes exterior.

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Faux Wood Garage Door Creation Process

Step 1: Hand Select Premium LumberWe start with carefully selected premium lumber that is milled with precision to uncover each boards unique grain pattern. Only the highest quality boards, chosen for their natural design and texture, become part of our Accents Woodtones family.

Step 2: Digitally Craft Each DoorHigh-resolution digital scanning captures each detail of the wood and allows our design engineers to digitally construct each door board-by-board. This craftsmanship provides a non-repeating grain pattern that reflects the true color and appeal of real wood.

Step 3: Flawlessly Create Every SectionIn order to ensure the classic woodtone appearance for the life of your door, the finished product is treated with an industry leading UV topcoat, providing years of protection from the natural elements.

Hurricane Rated Garage Door Cost


Hurricane-proof or impact-resistant garage doors cost $700 to $1,500 on average, depending on the wind-load rating. Bracing kits cost $150 to $500 to reinforce existing garage doors. Building codes require different wind code storm ratings depending on the county.

Hurricane garage doors:

  • Amarr doors have come from American manufacturers for 60+ years.
  • Amarr doors are up to 20 feet wide, and many doors come from recycled materials.

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Faux Wood Garage Doors At Unbeatable Rates

Demonstrating both durability and class, our Accent Woodtone garage doors are meticulously designed and manufactured using full color digital imaging and insulated steel to create the highest quality, most realistic wood tone doors available. Utilizing groundbreaking advances in design and technology, each Accent Woodtone garage door is as colorful and authentic as real wood.

Insulated Steel Carriage Style Garage Doors: $1000 To $5000

Carriage-style garage doors look beautiful on Tudor and Victorian homes. Match the finish of your garage door with the finish of your front door, and the exterior of your home will look orderly and lovely.

Durable, low maintenance and amazingly beautiful, this insulated steel carriage style garage door provides designs in Shaker, French Country, Tudor and Victorian to name a few, giving your home a unique appearance from the moment it is installed. This four-layer insulated steel garage door in an amazing 15 design styles that includes a hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked on polyester paint all of which equals durability, reliability and a hefty price point. The typical price range for a 16 x 7 ft. garage door is $1,000 to $5,000.

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Why Choose Real Wood Garage Doors

Wood is a premium garage door option and comes at a premium price point.

For some homeowners, the price break of a faux wood door isnt substantial enough to dissuade them from choosing wood. When you consider the lifetime of the garage door, the few hundred dollars between a wood and faux wood door become negligible. If you love the look of wood, then you should stick with a wood door.

Wood is attractive and durable, as long as it is properly maintained with painting or staining every few years. A water-resistant coating can help extend the lifespan of a wood door and protect against environmental damage.

Wood doors come in a wide range of styles and can be customized to match with the style of your home. For a high-end look, you might consider hemlock, cedar, or redwood.

Wood doors do not dent, which is great news for parents of active children, who may scratch a steel or fiberglass door during play.

The good news is, whether you select a wood or faux wood door, you are adding value to your home by replacing an old garage door with a fresh, efficient model. Start your next home repair project with help from the talented team at the Overhead Door of Oklahoma City.

Wayne Dalton Fiberglass Collection

Faux Wood Garage Door the right way

This collection gives you the warm, beautifully authentic look of real wood with the added benefit of durability. Molded wood-grain fiberglass is combined with steel construction to create a lasting door that looks like real wood. Here are some benefits to choosing the Wayne Dalton Fiberglass Collection:

  • Insulation: Strong foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation will help keep your garage at a constant temperature and block out street noise. You can save on energy bills and operate in a quiet environment with quality insulation.
  • Longevity: The unique construction of the Wayne Dalton Fiberglass Collection is built for durability and longevity. With this collection, youll have a garage door that you can use for a long time.
  • Aesthetic: In addition to its functionality, this garage door will also look great. You can choose from many garage door colors and designs to find the perfect option for your home. Pick where you want your windows and add hardware for a unique aesthetic. When its all finished, youll have a beautiful garage door that will increase the curb appeal of your home.

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Buyers Guide To Choosing A Faux Wood Garage Door

Home | Blog Posts | Buyers Guide to Choosing a Faux Wood Garage Door

Are you considering replacing your garage door? If so, you might consider installing a faux wood garage door. Many people love the aesthetic of a wood garage door, as it can give a home a natural, warm, rich look. But real wood garage doors arent for everyone.

Real wood garage doors tend to be quite a bit more expensive than garage doors made from fiberglass or steel and usually require more maintenance. Fortunately, with a faux wood garage door, you can enjoy the look of a wood door without the expense or the regular maintenance.

Cost Of Wood Vs Metal Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made from wood, steel, aluminum, or faux wood. The average cost to install a garage door will depend heavily on the material chosen. For example, the average cost to install a steel garage door is $1,400, while the average cost to install a wood garage door is $2,300.

The installation process for a garage door will also vary based on the material. Wood doors, for example, require more precise installation than steel doors. As such, they typically come with a heftier price tag.

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Garage Screen Door Prices

Garage door screens cost $375 to $2,500, depending on the size and type . Walk-through screens cost $30 to $200 with easy DIY installation. Garage screens are best for keeping out pests while allowing in airflow and light.

Garage Screen Door Prices

  • Closes with zippers, magnets, snaps, or roll-ups
  • Easy to install but may not create a tight seal
Retractable Screens
  • Opening options: spring-loaded, chain-assisted, overhead pull-down, or roll straight up
  • Optional passage door
  • Requires an electrician and professional installation
Sliding Screens
  • Slides to the sides for quick entry and exit
  • Often installed as a 4-panel system
Replacement Screen Panels
  • Single panels for replacing part of the screen.

*Material prices only.

Real Wood Vs Faux Wood Garage Doors

Ranch House Doors Model 200 Elements Collection faux wood garage door ...

Add the word faux in front of anything and its easy to assume that the fake material is a poor substitution for the original thing. Many consumers are wary of faux wood garage doors for this very reason, and yet faux wood doors have many properties that appeal to homeowners shopping for a replacement garage door. Compare real vs. faux wood garage doors to see the pros and cons of each.

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What Are Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Because the Georgia climate fluctuates so dramatically in the summer and winter, we always recommend insulated garage doors. Insulated garage doors upgrade the energy efficiency and noise control of your garage with a layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Polystyrene insulation comes in solid, foam-like blocks. It can either be attached to the back of a steel garage door, creating a two-layer insulated door, or inserted between a steel front and back for a three-layer insulated door. Polyurethane insulation is a foam-like substance thats injected inside the door and hardens. This type of insulation is only available in a three-layer insulated garage door which features a steel front and back.

There are four options for insulation when replacing your garage door. The first is what we call a pan door with no insulation . This is our cheapest garage door to install. The second is a pan door with exposed insulation inserted on the back side. We call this a double-layer garage door. The third option is a triple-layer garage door, 2 thick with polystyrene insulation. The fourth option is a 2 thick polyurethane insulated garage door. Choosing an insulated steel garage door is a great upgrade for your home. It adds to your homes value as well as increasing the energy efficiency and noise control of your garage.

How To Hire A Professional

Once youve selected the type of garage door you want, youll need to find someone to install it. Choosing the right person for the job is just as important as choosing the right garage door for your home.

These are a few things you should consider when looking for a garage door installer.

  • Do they offer a warranty? Its always better to expect the unexpected. Companies that include a warranty with their installation offer peace of mind in case anything breaks.
  • Are they licensed and insured? Garage doors are heavy, awkward to maneuver, and can involve electrical systems. If a company is licensed and insured, youll be covered in the event of any accident or damage to your house.
  • Is full-service offered? In addition to the installation, do they offer to discard your old garage door? Will they follow up with a repair if you have a problem in the future?

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Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series

Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series garage doors are created in the carriage house design. This time-tested look has the appearance of the authentic, swing-out doors of yesteryear. However, this modern concept allows for convenient upward operation. Not only are these faux wood doors functional, but theyre also fashionable, providing the warmth and classic appeal of wood with the low maintenance durability of wood-look.

This garage door is constructed with a steel base but finished with wood look composite cladding, which comes in a variety of colors: walnut, dark or medium finish, white wash, primed or slate finish. There are tons of other customizable options including specialty glass, hardware and more. Plus, it features Intellicore® insulation.

What Is The Cost Of A Garage Door

KELOLAND Living: DIY faux wood garage doors will save you thousands

Garage door price is determined by style, colour, insulation value and any extra work that might need to be done to complete your installation. Above is DODDS price comparison of different styles and sizes of garage doors. Salespeople can come to your home for free, evaluate the work and provide a no obligation free estimate. You should be skeptical of any company that provides a firm price over the phone.

If you need help determining if you need a new door you can read our article.

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Are Wood Doors Durable

The durability of wood doors is a complicated question. For denting and scratching, wood doors are difficult to damage unlike steel or aluminum doors. In day-to-day life with young children or outdoor activities, a wood door will stay steady. However, wood doors are much more sensitive to environmental conditions than other garage door varieties. For example, moisture and pests can become an issue for wood doors without proper maintenance. In terms of rotting and termite damage, you have to practice supervision to maintain the durability of your door.

Faux Wood Garage Doors Its Dams Arts

Our speciality is art paint. We create wood texture using brush and paint at flat surfaces like doors, garages, ceilings and pillars. If you want to bring some refinement to your home without investing a lot money with real wood, think green! Faux Wood is green friendly and will make your house shine in your neighborhood!

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Faux Wood Garage Door Features

There are several features of faux wood garage doors you can customize. Potential options are available for your garage door color, windows, panels and more:

  • Glass type, like clear, obscure, seeded, frosted, rain, acrylic and insulated

There are dozens of customizations available depending on the door style you select. Choose features that fit your needs and complement your home for an elevated faux wood door.

Two Layer Steel Garage Doors: $800 To $1000

Delightful Costco Garage Door Cost #4 Garage Door Costco Amarr Garage ...

The dual layer steel garage door is the middle grade option providing a layer of steel and a layer of insulation, which is perfectly suitable for garages that attached directly to the home, so there is no heating or cooling lost inadvertently. This durable and safely constructed option is also middle-grade in garage door cost, and also comes in traditional short, long and flush designs. The typical price range for a 16 x 7 ft. garage door is $800 to $1,000.

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Steel And Composite Four Layer Carriage Style Garage Doors: $1000 To $5000

These low maintenance garage doors provide the luxury of a wood appearance combined with a two inch steel construction with composite overlay, and is also available in an third layer insulated version. Available in four factory finish paint options, there are three series and six design options that allow buyers to install the gorgeous carriage style design, without the maintenance. The typical price range for a 16 x 7 ft. garage door is $1,000 to $5,000.

Chi Garage Door Price List

CHI garage doors cost $375 to $2,000 on average for builder-grade steel, aluminum-framed glass, fiberglass, or wood-overlay doors with internal steel frames. CHI offers both insulated and non-insulated doors with customization options such as colors, styles, and windows.

CHI Garage Door Price List

Door Type
8 10

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Diy Vs Professional Garage Door Installation Cost

You may have noticed that big box hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot sell garage doors. The advertised prices may tempt you to try to save money by installing a garage door yourself.

While there are some DIY garage projects, such as organizing and cleaning a garage, installing a new garage door isnt one of them. Garage doorseven small onesare bulky and cumbersome, which means youll need more than one person for the job. The heft of the door combined with all of the moving parts makes the job dangerous, too.

Installing a new garage door is best left up to the professionals. Not only do they have the proper training and experience, but they can also get the job done faster and more efficiently. That means your home wont be left open to the elements or pests.

Pros And Cons Of Garage Door Replacement

Faux Painting Mahogany Garage Door

There are many benefits to upgrading your garage, but there are also a few downsides to consider. Here are the pros and cons.

Increase curb appeal and resale value of your home

Maximize overall energy efficiency

Upgrade the security of your home

New doors can be costly to buy and install

Some materials wear out quickly, such as wood composite

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