Extension Springs For Garage Doors

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Quick Garage Door Repair In Richmond Hill

How to Replace a Garage Door Extension Spring

You can count on our company for any & all garage door repairs in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We understand that the garage door tracks may become damaged, the motor might stop working, and the cables might snap and are ready to dispatch a pro. In such situations, the speedy response of the tech is our first priority. Rest your mind at ease by knowing that the pros are experts in all garage doors and qualified to service any brand. They have the skills, but also the tools and garage door repair parts to do any job correctly. They don’t only come out quickly to replace the broken garage door spring or the damaged tracks but perform the service with precision.

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Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill Ontario, offers garage door, gate and operator repair, replacement, sales and service. Our years of combined professional experience can handle all of your garage door and gate problems you encounter, big or small. Our technicians are trained to repair and install any model of garage door or operator. We pride ourselves on the fact that you can trust our technicians to get your garage door up and running without up-selling you parts you dont need.

We carry only the top product lines from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Last but not least, Ontario Door Repairs strive to provide the best customer service in Richmond Hill Ontario and the GTA area.

Wouldnt it be nice if owning a garage door was simple? Its frustrating dealing with problems that can spring out of nowhere, especially the headache broken garage door springs can be. Most standard torsion springs are rated for 10,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first.

The torsion springs allow the garage door to function smoothly and properly. The tremendous tension that the spring is under, which is why springs are very dangerous to be around, is what allows the garage door to operate. This is why it is recommended to replace both springs when only one is broken. Garage Door Spring Service.

Which Is Better Torsion Or Extension Springs

Most garage door springs are extension springs as these are usually much cheaper. Although they are more costly, torsion springs are able to support more weight and last twice longer due to their durability.

Now that you know what kind of springs you have, now you need to find out what size you need.

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How Long Do Garage Door Extension Springs Last

How long extension springs last will depend on how often the garage door is used. On average, garage door extension springs can last between seven to nine years. With excessive use, the lifespan could drop to four to six years.

Worn extension springs have gaps between the coils when the spring should be retracted. If you have to replace your garage door extension springs or ones for customers, IDC Spring is here to help.

Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage Door Extension Spring KIT Double Looped for 7

On this page, you can learn more about extension springs, determine which replacement extension springs you need, and see how to order springs. These springs are for sectional garage doors. If you have a garage door that does not bend as it rolls up into the horizontal tracks, if it is one rigid piece that pivots, go to our One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs page.

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What Is The Difference Between Torsion Springs And Extension Springs

You can generally split the differences between torsion springs and extension springs into categories like appearance, location, uses and performance. Some of these categories, such as appearance, will obviously make it easier to identify than performance. But knowing each individual difference can help you identify what went wrong and tell you whether the spring is suitable for your garage.

What Is A Garage Door Extension Spring

Garage door extension springs use resistance to help a door function. Theyre tightly coiled and extend and retract as a garage door operates. In general, extension springs return a moving object to its original position. Something moves, which extends the spring, and the resistance in the spring pulls the object back. Thats how garage springs work. In a garage door system, extension springs attach to pulleys and go above the doors horizontal track. Tension in the spring then helps the door to operate.

The springs initial tension is often standard, but you can customize it if needed. The initial tension will hold the spring together, and the force of the door needs to be higher than the tension. That ensures the spring will extend and the door will operate correctly.

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Best Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage door systems are made up of lots of moving parts. As one of the most used features in our home, it makes sense that eventually a spring or more will wear out and break. Finding a good replacement part can be a challenge because there are so many options available. In this post, well tell you more about garage door springs and introduce you to the best garage door extension springs.

Youll learn about some of the most trusted extension spring makers and youll learn how to choose the right extension springs for your door.

Know It All Garage Door Springs Extension Springs

How to replace garage door extension springs

In additionally to the types of springs covered in the previous two Know It All! posts, Torquemaster and torsion springs, some doors may be counterbalanced using garage door extension springs.

While most garage door extension springs will be oil-tempered, some are galvanized steel. Extension springs counterbalance the garage door via a cable pulley system. One end of the spring is affixed to a bracket on the horizontal track, while the other is connected to the door by a pulley. One end of the cable will be attached to the bottom of the door, while the other will be connected to the horizontal track using an S-shaped hook.

As its name implies, the spring is stretched upon opening the garage door, counterbalancing its weight.

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What Size Garage Door Extension Springs Do I Need

When it comes to garage door extension spring sizing, there isnt one option that fits all. Instead, we create components specifically for a garage doors weight and height. A 7-foot door, for instance, doesnt use the same spring as an 8-foot one. Because you need specific parts for your doors, you have to know how to determine extension spring size for a garage door.

To determine extension spring size for a garage door, you need the door heights and weights. As a manufacturer, you likely have this information on hand from engineering. If you dont, measure the doors heights and weights before ordering extension springs.

With those numbers in mind, you can pick the appropriate spring. In your search, understand that residential and commercial garage door extension springs have a color-coding system to identify what weight theyre suitable for.

Torsion Springs Vs Extension Springs On Your Garage Door

Garage Door Service & Repair, General, Installation

There are two kinds of springs when it comes to whats used on your garage or overhead door: torsion and extension .

When The Door People at Overhead Door Company sell and install a new garage door for a customer, they almost always use torsion springs. This also applies to selling and installing a commercial door for local businesses. There are only rare circumstances that would ever lead us to using extension springs, such as very low headroom and the inability to use a rear torsion spring for the door. Here are a few reasons why torsion springs are growing in popularity and in our opinion, are a better investment:

One other item to consider if you have a garage or overhead door that is currently using extension springs, we can assist you with converting your extension springs to torsion springs. Overhead Door Company carries and sells springs and all garage door parts for our customers. You can cash and carry the parts you need, or wed be happy to install them for you.

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Shop Garage Door Extension Springs For Sale

Garage door extension springs run along the doors horizontal track and help to open and close your garage door as the springs stress and compress. Extension springs are manufactured specifically for the height of a garage door.

Understanding the Numbers

Lets say youre looking at a seven-foot extension spring 25 x 42. This extension spring is used on a seven-foot garage door. It has a 25-inch relaxed or compressed length and a 42-inch stretched length, which is how far the spring should be stretched when the garage door is closed.

As you might expect, longer springs tend to be used on taller garage doors. If you use an extension spring with a different first number, you need to adjust your cable length to achieve the necessary 10 percent of stretch when your door is open.

Dont ever use a seven-foot extension spring for an eight-foot garage door. This forces the spring to stretch farther to allow the door to close, which creates extra tension, affects how the door is lifted and compromises the life of the spring.

We Send Equipped Techs To Fix Extension And Torsion Springs


Whether you face some problems with the extension springs or need torsion spring repair, we are at your service. Both spring systems are under a lot of pressure, and still extremely vital to the balance and movement of the garage door. Wouldnt it be best to have even minor problems fixed quickly? Wouldnt you want the tense springs serviced by the book so that you wont face additional problems tomorrow? Turn to us. Do you hear a strange noise? Is your garage door not staying at its opening position? Is the garage door not opening? Whether theres a need for broken spring replacement or another service, dial the number of our company. We send techs to offer any spring service is needed.

  • Replace torsion spring brackets or cones
  • Add safety cables to extension springs
  • Check the balance of the garage door
  • Fix garage door spring tension
  • Replace springs

Instead of stressing over spring problems, reach out to our team. We have solutions to all spring problems and are ready to send a tech. Get quick solutions to your problems and make sure the Richmond Hill garage door springs are fixed correctly by turning to us. Call if you deal with troubles now.

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Introduction To Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs

Sectional garage doors are hinged, and they bend in the tracks as the door opens and closes. Many of these doors are counterbalanced with extension springs, also designated “stretch springs,” and they have seven characteristics. The length is the measurement of all the coils pressed together. This, along with the inside diameter of the coils and wire size – the thickness of the wire from which the springs are made – determine the stretch, the distance the spring is extended – normally half the door height, and pull, the force the spring pulls when stretched its normal length. The type of ends determine how the ends of the spring are mounted. The initial tension is the percentage of pull needed to separate the coils. This is determined by the pitch with which the springs are wound. On sectional garage door springs, this normally is 15 percent. For example, a 100-pound pull spring requires 15 pounds of weight to separate the coils when a door is open, the two springs will support 15 pounds of door weight without any stretch.

Most extension springs are made of oil tempered wire. These are normally coated or painted. Some springs are made of galvanized wire.

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    Even with all this knowledge of garage door springs and operations, it can be tough to navigate the intricacies of your garage system. To ensure your safety, you should get in contact with a trusted, reliable garage door service that can help you with everything you need.

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    How To Order Springs

    How to Install Standard Extension Springs on a garage door

    Notice below the two tabs for selecting extension springs.

    Order by Door Weight. If you know your door weight, click the “Find by Door Weight” tab. You will then select the number of springs on your door, the door height, the spring length, and the door weight. You’ll notice that the menu provides lifts in 10-pound increments. If your door falls between two-door weights, select the lower weight. For example, if your door weighs 168 pounds, select two of the 160-pound lift springs. It’s better to go under than over so the door stays down when closed and up when opened stronger is not better. The cable and pulley system limits the amount of adjustment if the springs are too strong for the door.

    After you click “Go!” a new page will appear with up to three options for spring ends: open loops, closed double loops, and clips. You’ll also see the spring part number, length without the end loops or clips, the spring weight, and the lift or pull of each spring. You’ll also see the unit price of each spring. If you have more than one door, you can save on the price of the springs as well as on the shipping cost. If a long life spring is available, it will appear below the first option or options above.

    Next, you can then click the part number for more information, and then click “Add to Cart.” Or, you can simply click the “Buy” button and then follow links to purchase the springs.

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    What Are Garage Springs

    Garage springs are vital parts of any homeowners daily life. Without them, you wouldnt be able to open your garage door and youd need superhuman strength just to lift that 150-pound door up over your head.

    Garage springs make lifting that door possible using a mix of mechanisms and forces that work to overcome gravity. There are different types of garage springs, so its important to be able to differentiate between the types and know which one you have in your home.

    What Are Extension Springs

    If youre here, you probably already know what extension springs are but well recap anyway. Extension springs are one type of springs used in garage door systems. This type of spring system uses at least two springs, one on each side of the garage door. Unlike the other popular spring system, extension springs run along the doors horizontal track overhead.

    Like other springs, extension springs store and release energy that provides the force needed to lift and lower a garage door. Extension spring systems function through extension and compression.

    A properly balanced garage door needs the right amount of springs to counterbalance its weight. In this case, garage doors with extension spring systems need the same amount of springs on each side of the door. The length of the spring is also important.

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    Can Garage Door Extension Springs Be Too Strong

    Garage door extension springs can be too strong or too weak. If you select the wrong overhead garage door extension springs, you risk creating unbalanced doors. If the tension is too high, the doors wont stay closed. Thats because the force of the springs retracting opens a door back up. If the spring tension is too weak, the door wont stay open, creating a dangerous situation.

    Select the right specs to replace garage door extension springs and ensure you create a balanced door. That will keep your doors closed and open when they should be, giving your customers reliable garage door systems.

    Extension Garage Door Springs


    Our Springs are American-made highest, quality garage door springs with a Lifetime warranty. We stand behind our springs for as long as you own your home.

    If it breaks, we replace it.

    Know your size? Or is weight needed? Use the simple search bar below to find the spring you need.

    7 ft. 150 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Red Extension Spring


    7 ft. 50 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Red Extension Spring


    7 ft. 60 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Brown Extension Spring


    7 ft. 70 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Orange Extension Spring


    7 ft. 80 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Gold Extension Spring


    7 ft. 90 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Light Blue Extension Spring


    7 ft. 100 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Tan Extension Spring


    7 ft. 110 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. White Extension Spring


    7 ft. 120 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Green Extension Spring


    7 ft. 130 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Yellow Extension Spring


    7 ft. 140 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Blue Extension Spring


    7 ft. 160 lbs. 25 in. x 42 in. Brown Extension Spring


    8 ft. 70 lbs. 27 in. x 48 in. Orange Extension Spring


    8 ft. 80 lbs. 27 in. x 48 in. Gold Extension Spring


    8 ft. 90 lbs. 27 in. x 48 in. Light Blue Extension Spring


    8 ft. 100 lbs. 27 in. x 48 in. Tan Extension Spring


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