Epoxy Garage Floor Cost Per Square Foot

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Resealing Your Epoxy Garage Floor

How to Epoxy 4000 sq ft by Yourself

Your epoxy floors may crack, wear down, or spot rust over time. Therefore, resealing may become necessary at some point.

Luckily, resealing is a lot more affordable compared to getting new epoxy floors. In general, resealing epoxy garage floors cost $0.38 to $0.58 per square foot, less than half of what new epoxy floors would cost.

Remember, you will need to pay extra if you want to strip off the previous layer of coating first.

So Where Do You Start

There are literally thousands of different formulations, and this can understandably be overwhelming when youre trying to find the best one. In addition to there being thousands of formulations, there are also lots of successful product manufacturers and installers. So again, how do you narrow all of this down?

Our team has done this research for you so you dont have to worry about it. Weve compiled all the information that we think will be helpful to you in making your decision.

Resinous Floor Solutions: A Cost

Resinous flooring is a commercial-grade product that has multiple applications, including use on garages and workshops.

Resin floor solutions are manufactured with trowel applied coatings on concrete floors for residential or commercial. They provide incredibly high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to acids, alkaline, and oil-based products.

Urethane modified concrete sealers and coatings also provide excellent slip-resistant properties, ideal for wet areas such as showers and utility rooms where falls can cause severe injury and time off work to recuperate.

One of the main benefits is that your floor will last longer and require less maintenance making it a more cost-effective solution for your company.

It also provides greater comfort for staff members to help increase productivity.

Employees feel fresher with reduced fatigue-related injuries or complaints, resulting in increased production levels often related to better morale within the workplace.

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Cost To Repair The Concrete

You must repair any cracks and damages on the concrete before installing epoxy floors. If you are repairing by yourself, you will only be paying for the materials. Simple patching compound costs as low as $3 per square foot.

However, if the cracks are related to structural problems, your cost could quickly go beyond $3,000 to $5,000. If foundation repair is necessary, your total may be between $8,000 to $30,000.

How Much Do Epoxy Garage Floors Cost Per Square Foot

Epoxy Flooring Professional Garage Floor Epoxy

The most common method of calculation for flooring cost is by the surface area. On average, epoxy garage floors go from $3 to $7 per square foot, including labor. The price can go up to $12 per square foot if you are hiring a big company to do the job.

An average one-car garage is approximately 250 square feet. Therefore, it could cost $750 to $3,000 for epoxy. A two-car garage is about 400 to 600 square feet, and the epoxy cost ranges from $1,200 to $3,500. However, the price to add epoxy flooring to a large garage could go up to $6,000.

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Basement Epoxy Flooring Cost

If youre hoping to install epoxy flooring in the basement of your home, this will also be much less expensive than having it applied on concrete thats outside. The same rules apply here for how many gallons are needed per surface area or room and so forth but expect prices around $100-$200 per gallon with each being able to cover about 350-400 feet. As far as finishing materials go, there is a wide range of choices when looking at what kind of look you want including textures such as glass beads mixed into the coating itself which creates an amazing shine while still remaining durable enough for use inside garages or basements without costing too much money for just one gallon.

In addition, if you dont DYI be aware that you have to pay for a professional epoxy flooring contractor.

Additional Floor Prepping Services

There are a few situations where you will need other services to prep your concrete. These situations include:

  • Removing previous coatings. If there were old epoxy or any other coatings, you must remove them before adding the new epoxy floors.
  • Severe stains like glue and paint spots.

The typical solution to concrete prepping is shot-blasting. A professional blaster will also etch, clean, and detail your concrete after the blasting process. Blasters usually charge $100 to $175 per hour.

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Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants

Epoxy is commonly used for the flooring in kitchens and restaurants. These environments are incredibly busy and are prone to various spills. If your flooring does not have proper protection, a vat of hot oil is not going to do it any favors. A regular concrete floor covered in water or oil is bound to cause someone to slip and injure themselves.

Options like tile flooring also absorb food, oils, and other materials into the grout, increasing bacterial growth and the risk of foodborne illnesses. Unless you want the USDA on your doorstep, you need a floor that does not soak up spills and is easy to clean.

Kitchen flooring needs a surface that prevents water, oils, and food from getting in, so we use a moisture tolerant primer in our epoxy coats. This makes it much easier to clean, so you can maintain a sanitary kitchen environment. We also scatter aluminum oxide across the floor to create a high-traction surface, preventing anyone from getting hurt while working or cleaning.

Small Basement Finishing Ideas

DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

The cost to finish a small basement can be as little as $19,000. In addition to our Additional Rooms and Features suggestions, consider refinishing the entire space in your small basement as one room for a

  • Craft Room build in plenty of cabinets and shelves for supplies.
  • Playroom Build in plenty of storage, reading corners, and secret spaces.
  • Music Room Soundproofed.
  • Cellar Store all your wine or cigars in a perfectly cooled room.
  • Home Office or Workshop Provide plenty of 22V power to the workshop space for power tools, or your desk and computer setup.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Especially useful if you have no garage.
  • Study Install multiple outlets to handle technology needs.
  • Gym Put foam mats on the floor instead of other materials.
  • Dance Studio Install dance floor tiles.
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    Epoxy Flooring Characteristics And Floor Types:

    Chemical Resistance

    Many types of epoxies are very effective at withstanding exposure to chemicals and acids, such as car fluids and cleaning products. Chemical resistant epoxy is one of the most popular types available on the market today. Most of them are engineered with a chemical-resistant additive that, when combined with high-quality resins and pigments, provides superior protection against daily exposure to chemicals and acids. Chemical-resistant epoxies are ideal for garages, workshops, and basements where theyll be exposed to chemical spills.

    UV Protection

    Expose your epoxy floor to the sun for too long, and it will start to lose its color intensity, glossiness, and may even begin to fade away or lead to loss of structural integrity. A UV additive can be added to almost any type of garage flooring product to protect it from the sun. Ultraviolet light is one of the most destructive forces when it comes to epoxy flooring products. Many types of epoxies on the market today are designed with a UV additive, which serves as a protective layer for your garage flooring. UV resistant epoxy is popular among those who store vehicles or equipment in their garage, as the UV additive makes them more long-lasting and durable.

    Weather Resistance



    All-purpose Resin

    Low Odor


    Whats The Average Cost To Epoxy Garage Floors

    A standard 2-car garage dimensions are 24 x 24. Taking these numbers would give us 576 square feet and would roughly cost between $2,500 $5,500. Also take into consideration that these numbers can go up and down depending on surface conditions. If you have a lot of cracks or chips in your flooring, they would need to be filled. Any kind of contaminants like grease stains, etc. would need to be removed.

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    Average Labor Costs To Epoxy Garage Floor

    Installing an epoxy floor in a garage can take up to three days. This is because the garage floor requires prepping before installing the epoxy.

    That means you could pay for one day of prep work and one day of actual installation labor. Then the workers must return and seal the coating.

    Depending on the amount of work and whether you do your own prep work, labor costs will vary between $2 to $5 per square foot.

    How Much Does Painting Cost Per Square Foot In Your House

    Garage Metallic Epoxy Flooring Service at Rs 75/square feet
    Cost of paint

    A 10-by-15-feet room with one window and one door come to 367 square feet of surface to paint. The calculator will suggest about 2 gallons and 1 quart of paint. Paint cans cost about $20 or $60 per gallon so that this room will cost about $40 to $120 just for the paint.

    How much do painters charge per square foot?

    The cost of paint amounts to about 10 to 25 percent of the cost of an interior residential painting project. Now that you have a general idea of paint cost hire a professional painting contractor who will do a pristine job. Painters generally charge per square foot for interior house painting. Average prices range from $2.25 to $3 per square foot depending on the complexity of the project.

    If the room is simple without any features other than a window and door with basic trim, and the walls are 8-feet high, then a 10-by-15-foot room will cost from about $338 to $450. If your walls are higher, such as 9 or 10 feet, then add 10 or 15 percent to the price.

    While most painting contractors in Toronto dont include the cost of the paint most can get a discount on paint for you. Discuss paint prices and quality with them and whether one or two coats will be necessary for your particular job.

    Calculating the cost of house painting per square foot

    Painting complicated rooms

    Cost of tools

    Cost of painting trim and ceilings
    Preparation work costs

    Contact Us For A Free Calculating Cost of Painting a House Interior Estimate!

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    Epoxy Floors Visual Aspect

    The cost of epoxy garage floors is a commonly occurring question in auto enthusiast circles, and it is understandable why. Auto enthusiasts have a deep passion for the vehicles they own, and nothing has more impact on a vehicle than its engine bay or trunk. Some people will spend upwards of $50,000 on their cars. Despite this, it is unusual to find the average car enthusiast considering the cost of their garage flooring. After all, most garages are home to some of the more expensive tools and equipment you own. An investment in a durable epoxy garage flooring system will provide you with decades of trouble-free service. While several factors can affect the final price of your epoxy garage flooring, you may be surprised at how affordable it is compared to the value it provides.

    Epoxy floors are durable and beautiful and will typically add value to your garage space. If you are looking for a durable coating that can stand up to heavy use and harsh conditions, epoxy floors are great options.

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    The Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

    Though it may be tempting to cut costs by trying a DIY epoxy application, choosing a professional garage floor installation gives you far better results in less time and all youll have to do is clear your garage of your belongings before the crew arrives.

    Once youve chosen the type of coating including its color and texture the team will begin the installation process by checking your concrete for cracks and gouges. Theyll repair these breaches with filler to ensure a perfectly smooth finish for your new epoxy floor. Once these polymers have dried, the team will apply a primer to seal your concrete and create a good base for the epoxy to adhere to. Finally, the epoxy coats are applied and any texture added.

    The whole process takes about two days, which allows for each coat to dry thoroughly between applications. Weather and humidity can affect the drying time, and youll need to wait another day or two after installation before using your garage again. This is to allow the epoxy to cure, or dry thoroughly to its rock-hard finish. Once it does, youll get years of enjoyment out your durable new flooring.

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    Initial Epoxy Flooring Cost Considerations

    While its easy to say that affordability is the driving factor in most commercial floor decisions, its in your best interest to consider the factors which affect longevity and durability. The only way to truly realize a floors value is to develop a commercial or industrial floor system that can withstand the elements of its specific environment. Only then will you get the lasting solution you desire. Consider the following epoxy floor cost considerations as a jumping-off point to helping you determine what necessary additives may be needed to engineer the right solution.

    1 Susceptibility to physical damage

    Post installation you are left with a shiny, new flawless commercial floor. But how will it look a year or two down the line? Enduring objects being dropped and organic materials seeping into the substrate can ultimately corrode or destroy your floor. The cheapest option up front, may end up costing you much more than you bargained for. Materials like vinyl tiles are cheap to install, but they can also be easily damaged and will need to be repaired frequently. A tough resinous surface like epoxy flooring may appear slightly pricier up front but a durable floor coating will greatly cut down on your need for repairs and replacements.

    2 Effect of dirt on the flooring

    3 Chemical resistance

    4 Design considerations

    Some Pricing Averages And Rules Of Thumb

    How to do Epoxy Floors – STEP BY STEP GUIDE – S3E3

    The national average cost to install it in your garage ranges from $1,870 $2,700.

    How much you pay will depend on the size of your flooring, the condition of the existing concrete, and any add-ons you choose.

    A rule of thumb I often hear in the industry is that you should expect to pay, on average, about $1,000 per garage stall for an floor coating. Of course there are regional differences that will affect the installation price of your epoxy garage floor. However, Ive found that a range of $800 to $1,200 per parking spot is a good general rule of thumb when youre trying to estimate the approximate price for an installed epoxy garage floor.

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    Epoxy Garage Flooring Types

    You can use three main types of epoxy flooring to renovate your garage floor based on the materials and process used to make it.

    Water-Based Epoxy

    A water-based epoxy contains three ingredients. It has water, epoxide resin, and a hardener. During the curing process, the water will evaporate from the mixture due to the exothermic reaction.

    The result of the reaction leaves your garage floor with a thin epoxy coating with a glossy finish, few volatile organic compounds , and a durable polymer structure.

    Unlike other types of epoxy flooring, water-based epoxy isnt scratchproof or resilient against chemical exposure.

    Typically, it lasts up to three years, so you will have to reapply a new coating eventually.

    Depending on how much use the garage floor sees on a daily basis, water-based epoxy flooring might only last a year.

    Using water-based epoxy garage flooring in commercial and industrial applications is not recommended.

    That said, its the cheapest option on the market, and is relatively easy to install. Water based epoxy material and labor costs make this an ideal garage floor epoxy choice for someone with a tight budget.

    Solvent-Based Epoxy

    If you cant yet afford a premium epoxy garage flooring but you need more durability than water-based epoxy offers, solvent-based epoxy flooring is a great option for you.

    The durability of solvent based epoxy garage floors is greater than that of water-based epoxy, but it does have some drawbacks.

    Solid Epoxy

    Why Invest In Epoxy Garage Floors

    Epoxy garage floors are the perfect solution to your old, worn-out concrete. It is easy to install and looks great in any space. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns that will make your home stand out. Additionally, epoxy floors are available in a variety of attractive colors and textures, so they can be used for aesthetic purposes as well as functional purposes. Plus, it is durable enough for even the heaviest vehicles so you do not have to worry about cracks or chips over time. Some epoxy garage floors are made with high-quality materials that will not chip or peel like other products on the market today. With just one coat of paint, you can transform your entire garage into something truly special all while saving money compared to other options on the market today!

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    The Size Of Your Garage

    We briefly mentioned the cost of sealing an average one-car or two-car garage earlier. As a general rule, the most basic epoxy flooring costs $4 to $12 per square foot.

    We made a pricing form for epoxy garage floors by garage size for your convenience.

    How much do epoxy garage floors cost?

    Garage Capacity
    704 $2,100 $5,000

    Again, the actual quote you receive might exceed this price range if your garage has an unusual shape. Think about other cost factors in this article to better understand your epoxy garage floor cost.

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