Emergency Release Garage Door Lock

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Lift The Door Manually If You Need To Get Your Car Out

How To Install A Garage Door Emergency Key Release Video

Once your garage door opener has disengaged, you can step down from the ladder and use the handle on your garage door to lift the door. On some garage doors, this handle is located in the middle of the door. Other doors have this handle on the side.

Once you pull the door up just a little bit, the momentum of the door should carry it up to the track the rest of the way.

If the reason your door was stuck is because of a power outage, then you should be able to lift it safely with no problems. However, if you arent sure why your garage door was stuck, then practice extreme caution as you are lifting the door. If the reason it was stuck is due to problems with the spring or other parts of the door, you risk the door crashing back down as you open it. If there is someone in the path of the door, this could cause an injury.

Once the door is up, safely back your car out of the garage and park it in your driveway.

Remember to remove the remote to your garage door opener from your car when you park it. Burglars have been known to break into vehicles and use garage door remotes to gain access to houses. Yes, the garage door opener is currently disengaged, but its better to keep the remote with you until youve re-engaged the system and safely returned your car to the garage.

Use A Zip Tie To Secure The Emergency Release

Youve just learned how easy it is to exploit the emergency latch of the garage door using a hooked wire or a coat hanger. You can use a small zip tie through the holes in the release lever and to another hole that slides the door open. This will create resistance when pulled using a coat hanger or hooked wire but still allow you to use the emergency release if theres an emergency by breaking the zip tie.

What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Garage Door Lock

If your garage door opener is compatible with an electronic garage door lock, we strongly suggest you choose it over the manual one. Your garage door opener will always unlock it automatically and lock it back at the right time. It will eliminate human error while still providing an extra level of security. Some garage door openers even come with an electronic lock as a set, so if youre thinking about upgrading, a Liftmaster 8500W will be an excellent option.

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How To Reconnect An Opener With An Automatic Trolley:

Most garage door openers have an automatic trolley. If your door has one, the process of reconnecting the garage door with the opener is simple. All you have to do is reset your garage door after the power outage is over.

  • Shut the door: Make sure the garage door is completely shut. There should be no gaps between the door and floor.
  • Plug the opener back in: If you still have the automatic opener unplugged, youll need to plug it back in to reconnect it automatically.
  • Activate the remote: If there are two separate buttons to open and close the door, press the button to close it. Doing so should engage the opener and allow it to reconnect on its own.
  • Watch it reconnect: Wait for the reconnection process to complete. The chain should move the trolley into place and connect it to the arm on the garage door.
  • Open and close the door: Once you have the door reconnected, operate the garage door opener once or twice to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • What Are The Main Types Of Garage Door Locks And How Do They Work


    Garage door locks can be divided into two categories, manual and electronic locks. They both have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before buying one. Of course, nothing prevents you from having both manual and electronic garage door locks simultaneously, yet we would consider that an overkill.

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    Automatic Garage Doors: Safety & Security Working Together

    This information is provided on behalf of UL, the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association , the International Door Association , and the following garage door opener manufacturers: Chamberlain®, Guardian Access and Door Hardware, The Genie Company, LiftMaster®, The Overhead Door Corporation, Raynor and Sommer.Recently the industry has become aware of some local news reports and social media posts relating to home owners being advised to use a zip tie to secure the manual release latch present on automatic garage door openers. The manual release feature, often referred to as the emergency release, is REQUIRED to be operable in all residential garage door operators certified to UL 325, the American National Standard for Garage Door Operators. The manual release is also required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission per the Code of Federal regulations and as such is required by Federal Law for all residential garage door operators sold in the U.S read here.

    This manual release is the method to release the door in the event of an entrapment situation. If somebody or something is caught under a door that is moving downward, and for some reason the door does not reverse properly, the emergency release can be used to disconnect the door from the operator, thus removing the operator from putting downward pressure on the door. This release mechanism is tested and required to be able to be released with 50 lbs. of force or less.

    Pull The Cord Towards The Interior Of Your Garage

    Once you hear the click, the garage door is disengaged, but youll want to check to make sure it disconnected correctly. To do this, pull the cord back toward you and the interior of the home. Youll be able to see that the spring inside of the opener carriage is elongated. This means that the opener is disengaged, and you can safely operate the door manually. You can also pull the cord toward you and the interior of your home to verify that the spring is, in fact, elongated.

    Dont skip this step you need to verify that the spring and the opener have disengaged before you can proceed with moving your car out of the garage.

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    When To Contact A Professional For Garage Door Help

    If anything seems off about your garage door, dont take the risk of trying to operate it yourself. Whether or not youve operated the door manually, you may notice a problem with your door after some time. You may not even be able to open your door manually if you have a damaged door or opener. Some issues that require a professionals help include:

    • The door itself is broken
    • Broken or damaged springs
    • The door is off the rail
    • A damaged motor in your opener

    Those problems can come from any range of sources. Your garage door may be old or damaged by repetitive use or a storm. Be sure to watch for any changes in how your garage door operates and check your system for damage after a storm. Any of the above problems could lead to a dangerous situation if you dont contact a professional for help, so keep your garage secure if you notice any of these issues. Keep an eye and ear out for these signs of an issue:

    • The door is making a lot of noise.
    • You cant manually open garage door.
    • There is a delay when the door responds to the remote.
    • The door appears crooked, dented or damaged.
    • The garage doors manual release is not working.

    Warranties That Last A Lifetime


    Emergency Garages proudly offers lifetime warranties once all further garage open installations. Weve got you covered! all ration upon your open is protected by a warranty so that if anything happens alongside the road next you garage gain access to system, you wont ever have to distress virtually paying for garage get into parts. Our mean later each and every installation is to create you a customer for life. We try to attain that by offering friendly, vibes advance and lifetime warranties upon every additional garage doors.

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    Pull The Red Cord Down To Release The Door From The Opener

    What happens when you pull the red string on a garage door? Everyone has seen that cord hanging down and wondered what would happen if they pulled it. Heres the scoop.

    Once you have confirmed that the door is in the down position, locate the red cord hanging from the trolley. It doesnt matter what brand of garage door opener you have, they all have a red pull cord connected to the trolley. You will most likely need a ladder to access this cord. Take proper safety precautions when using the ladder, and have someone nearby to spot you or steady the ladder.

    The red cord is connected to the trolley which is connected to the opener carriage the part of the garage door opener that moves the door up and down. The opener carriage contains a spring that is deactivated and later reactivated by the red pull cord.

    To release the garage door opener, pull down on the cord. You will hear a click when the garage door opener disengages. When you hear the click, it means that the trolley has disconnected from the opener carriage, and the garage door should be able to slide along the track without assistance from the opener.

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    How To Open A Garage Door Manually From The Inside

    • Unlock the door: Find any locks or latches near the outside of the garage door and make sure theyre open so they wont interfere with you manually opening the door.
    • Unplug the opener: Disconnect the power cord to the automatic door opener.
    • Find the emergency release cord: Locate the emergency release cord, which has a red handle and hangs from the center rail of the garage door track. This red cord attaches to the trolley, which connects the arm of your garage door to this center track. Only use the emergency release handle when the garage door is closed.
    • Pull the cord: Pull down on the emergency release handle. This cord should disconnect the garage door from the trolley and allow you to move the garage door manually.
    • Lift the garage door: You should pull straight from the bottom until the door stops moving, making sure it stays in place before letting go and backing your car out of the garage.
    • Close the door: Once youve made it outside, pull the door down by hand to close it again. If your door has a lock bar, manually slide it to lock.

    Customer Service Is Our Priority

    Universal Emergency Release Kit (Keyed Garage Door Lock)

    We put your needs ahead of ours, making our garage approach fix company one of the best in town. once 20+ years in the business, we each time manage to pay for every our clients taking into consideration a forward-thinking level of service. This gives us a competitive edge beyond further companies in the industry. We can diagnose any problems as soon as garage doors and find the money for an energetic solution. considering our company you acquire fast and excellent results subsequently you employ our technicians for any garage entrance issues.

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    And To Help Ensure Continued Safe Operation Of Your Garage Door System:

  • Test your door operator monthly to ensure it reverses off a 1-1/2 inch high object . In the event the door does not reverse upon contact, adjust, repair, or replace the operator. The garage door safety label inside your garage and your garage door operator instructions provide additional guidance.
  • Keep your garage door properly balanced, and in proper mechanical working order. An improperly balanced door increases the risk of severe injury or death. Have a qualified service person make repairs to cables, spring assemblies, and other hardware.
  • When using the emergency release, when possible, use the emergency release when the door is closed. Use caution when using this release with the door open. Weak or broken springs are capable of increasing the rate of door closure and increasing the risk of severe injury or death.
  • How To Avoid Needing To Open A Garage Door Manually

    When you have a garage door that wont open or is not working after a power outage, you might wonder if theres anything you can do to keep it running even without electricity. Its always a good idea to know how to manually open your garage door in case of a power outage. Still, you can avoid the panic and the hassle by installing an automatic garage door opener with a backup battery feature.

    With a backup battery, your garage door will open even when the power is out and your keypad, opener and safety sensors will operate, as well. When youre looking for an expert garage door installer to install an automatic garage door opener for your home in Kitsap, Kitsap Garage Door is here for your convenience and peace of mind. Contact us with all your garage door repair needs today.

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    Last But Not Least Test Your Installation To Besure It Works

    This is especially important if you have tied the cable up with a twist tie as described in the last step! Enjoy!!

    BTW, The two uppermost graphics are courtesy our buddies at Genie, a leading manufacturerof garage door openers. The lower graphic courtesy NH trying his best notto fall off the stepstool! Eeek!

    Keep The Garage Door In Good Condition

    Emergency Release Cord-Liftmaster, Chamberlain,T-Rail

    Take care of your garage door and maintain it regularly. The old, faded, and warped door without a tight door seal cant protect your possessions adequately. Therefore, you should repair or replace it with a modern model available on the market to keep the garage properly secure.

    Investing in a high-quality garage door is one of the best things you can do to improve your homes security. Pick out the model made of high-quality materials, such as wood or metal, and no one can break it manually. Plus, it will add some value to your house.

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    There Is Agarage Door Accessory Called An Emergency Release Kit

    It can be used onvirtually any garage door opener. The lock mechanism is installedinto a hole on the garage door. The cable is unrolled andattached to the emergency release lever on the garage door opener’s trolley.

    Whenthe key is turned, the body of the lock can be pulled through the door, bringingthe cable with it. A sharp pull of the cable will release the trolley fromthe opener’s drive chain or belt, allowing you to lift the door manually.

    As you can see in the graphic to the left, the end of the emergency releasecable can be attached to the emergency release rope for easier installation. In fact, the most difficult part of the installation is drilling a hole throughthe door!

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    What Are The Downsides Of The Manual Garage Door Lock

    The biggest downside of the manual garage door lock is that it is easy to forget to unlock it before you hit the open button. As a garage door repair company, we often get service calls after such incidents. The consequences of forgetting to unlock your garage door can be disastrous. For example, if your garage door opener starts to lift the door while the lock is engaged, youre risking stripping the internal gears of your operator or messing up the limit settings. But, in more extreme cases, even damaging the door itself to the point it has to be replaced.

    Some homeowners install an internal lock before leaving for a lengthy vacation to ensure no one breaks in while they are away. However, it is essential not to forget to unlock it first after returning home. Otherwise, the repair bill may be expensive.

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