Electric Garage Heater 240v With Thermostat

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Why Should You Choose An Electric Heater With 240v

Dyna-Glo 7500W Electric Garage/Shop Heater with Nest Tstat Install-NOT THIS model?-read desc-volts!

Well, this particular question can only be answered by the potential buyer aka you. Even though you are naive about the whole heater and any electric device in general, one thing you still know is how big your garage is and how much your power source voltage is. Thats what is going to play a vital role in selecting the perfect garage heater for you.

A 240v heater offers the capability to support more wattage which means a higher amount of performance, however, lets not forget, before your buy a 240v heater, make your power supply is eligible for it, otherwise you are not going to get the optimum result you are intending for. For instance, a 120v heater is capable of heating up less than 150 square feet of space, while a 240v heater can cover up to 300 square feet of space.

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Stiebel Eltron Cns 240

Stiebel Eltron has been highly competitive on the international market of the heating equipment. Being a German brand, the company sells their products around the globe and provides the advanced solutions and technologies in this field on a continuous basis.

This convection heater is a space-saving option capable of delivering up to 2,400W output. This model is designed to be hard-wired into a 208/240V circuit, thus ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation. The temperature can be selected by means of an integrated thermostat. Despite the efficiency of this unit, the operation is noiseless and draft-free. More than that, the 240-2E comes with a built-in overheat protection. Its anti-freeze system maintains room temperature above 32°F. The design is very slim and fancy, fitting any spaces with ease.


  • Lower temperature ranges
  • Slower heating up

It is a great option for those who aspire for the comfort with no feeling of being affected from outside. That is, it comes noiseless, draft-free with the natural-like hot air distribution, creating the warmth and comfort in a discreet manner.

Stiebel Eltron: Check the current price

V Electric Garage Heaters At A Glance

Heating up the large workspaces, basements or garages require a lot of efforts of their owners in terms of picking up of the appropriate alternatives and spending the incredible sums of money for the energy consuming heating beasts. Thus, if you belong to the holders of the larger space, it is better to focus on a powerful 240V electric heater. The latter will be a valuable and durable option. Below, you are going to learn about peculiarities of the advanced professional-grade 240V units. The usage of such equipment for heating the commercial and industrial facilities and home-based large working areas will lead to considerable savings related to maintenance of the required temperature indoors and outdoors.

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Cons Of The Fahrenheat Fuh54 240v Garage Heater

There are a couple of downsides to the Fahrenheat FUH54 240v Garage Heater. Firstly, this model can be pricy, so it might not be recommended if you have a tight budget.

Besides that, it tends to project warm air to the back instead of the front. On top of that, the garage needs to be well insulated before the heater can be of good use.

It is also not a plug-in unit, and that requires electric knowledge to hardware the unit into your electrical system before it can be effective.

Requires hard wiring
Adjustable thermostat

Dr. Infrared Heater is a famous brand for garage heaters, so it is no surprise that their DR966 model would be on this list too. With its versatile heating options and highly durable construction of a steel front cover, this heater is a commercial-grade heater that heats large areas well.

Besides that, it also has mounting options of either wall or ceiling mounting. It also comes with adjustable louvers. This allows directional freedom when installing the heater to areas that need the most heat within the garage.

On top of that, it also has adjustable thermostats of high or low heat. You also get the freedom to choose the power output options of 3,000 W or 6,000 W, respectively. Through this, you can adjust the temperature according to what you require for your garage space.

V Electric Garage Heater Buyers Guide

Electric Garage Unit Heater, 5000 Watt 240V

Working in the garage in the winter can be a mighty cold experience-but its nothing that a top-notch electric heater cant fix! By now, you know the different kinds of premium heaters available today, but again, you may face some confusion to choose the product that fits your needs.

To help you out in this challenging journey of choosing the best heater, we have listed down certain significant points you should keep in mind before committing to the final product. These are as follows-

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Installing 240v Electric Heaters In The Garage

Models capable of being mounted tend to be more efficient when they are installed. Wall mount options will heat the air, and as it rises, new, colder air flows from the bottom, completing the cycle and heating the space. If they werent mounted, they wouldnt be as efficient since they couldnt draw colder air in as effectively.

There are also ceiling mounted and ducted models that are generally designed for a permanent installation. Some will use bracers or brackets, and these should be included in your purchase or as a kit on optional install models.

Wall mount heaters will require studs for stability and may benefit from a shelf. In almost all cases, installation is a simple DIY process and can be accomplished by following the model-specific instructions in the owners manual.

Best Electric Garage Heaters: Our Top Picks For Heating Your Garage In 2022

Garages are great places to store vehicles or set up a workshop or home gym. An electric garage heater is a great way to heat your garage in winter.

I mean, who would want to hang out or work in 20-degree or below weather? No one! Lets explore our best garage heaters.

This article will discuss what different garage heaters there are, what features to look for, and if you prefer a portable or mounted garage heater. This is your ultimate guide to choosing which heater will best suit your needs!

Best Heater – 110v

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Best 240v Electric Garage Heater To Keep You Warm Through The Winter

When the temperature drops, it might become difficult to work in your garage. To alleviate the cold weather, youll need a good heater.

We recommend electric heaters because theyre safer than gas heaters. Thats especially important in a garage containing gasoline, paint, and other highly-flammable substances.

Another benefit of electric heaters is they dont require you to refill gas bottles every week. Depending on how strong you are, these bottles can get extremely heavy although, maybe the team here at Garage Spot needs to hit the gym more often. You be the judge.

Most people assume electric heaters are expensive, but thats not always the case. The great thing about them is they only heat the room theyre in. If you decide to use standard heating, it would automatically heat the whole house, costing you more electricity.

That being said, trying to find the best 240V electric garage heater online can be time-consuming, especially if you dont know what youre looking for. Dont worry though, our team of experts has put together a list of the top 5 heaters for your garage.

Best 240v Electric Garage Heaters In 2022

Best Electric Garage Heaters 240V (2020 Round-up) | HVAC Training 101

If you are doing a lot of garage work in the winter, you might have to consider getting a heater for your garage. Besides preventing frostbites, a heater is also essential for productivity.

It is hard to achieve much when you are focused on staying warm. Hence, you should invest in a quality heater for these cold winter months.

However, there are many types of heaters around, and one might face buyer fatigue from browsing through the hundreds of selections. Fret not, as this article aims to list out the features to consider during your heater purchases, as well as listing out our 7 best 240v electric garage heaters that you should buy in 2022.

In this article, well also go through:

  • Features to consider when buying an electric garage heater
  • The pros and cons of the best 240v electric garage heaters
  • Frequently asked questions about maintaining an electric garage heater

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What Is The Most Efficient Electric Heat

If you are talking about the most efficient form of electric heat, I would go with Electric radiators and infrared panels heating system.

While most electric radiators produce 67% of their warmth as convection to heat up a room quickly, the rest of the heat is produced as radiation. This creates a long-lasting background warmth that does not go away even if you make movement from one room to another. This is also known as radiant heat.

Radiant panels, on the other hand, produce 100% radiant heat which works great for home and business. Unlike the electric radiator, it takes a relatively long time to warm up a room from cold. As it turns out, if we compare the efficiency level, an Electric radiator is undoubtedly is better for electric heat.

Comfort Zone Cz230er Ceiling Mount Heater

Comes with a heavy gauge steel body and can easily be operated with remote control, Comfort Zone CZ230ER Ceiling Mount Heater is something you can count on when it comes to quality performance and convenience, and safety. Lets take a look at its key features:

  • Item Dimension: 17.3 x 13.55 x 14.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 23.60 lb
  • Might cost extra for hiring an electrician to install
  • May shut off prematurely

Bottom line

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your winter garage heating problem, this heater could be a perfect choice for you. Its safety and remote control features are some of the most important factors that would make it stand out. It comes with some drawbacks, regardless, it can offer a lot more than that. You can easily go for it depending on your requirement and budget.

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Dr Heater Super Electric Garage Heater 240v

  • Heavy Duty 240V Single Phase 3000/6000W Commercial Electric Heater
  • Hardwired Power cord not included in the unit. Dimensions: Overall Height Top to Bottom: -14.5. Overall Width Side to Side: -13. Overall Depth Front to Back: -14.5
  • UL/CUL Listed Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heater Bracket Included
  • Adjustable Thermostat with HIGH and LOW Setting. A dynamically 8 inch fan provide maximum air flow with minimum turbulence and noise, gently distributes warmth through your area
  • 5 Adjustable Louvers for to Direct Airflow
  • Product Dimensions 14.5 x 14.5 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight 27 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 29.8 pounds

Our partners notice:

It has fair price. I would give it 3 stars, if I paid $400 for it. The functions are good, and it gives enough warm to the 500-sw feet garage within an hour. It means that I will have 65 degrees in a while, and I usually have about 30 degrees in the garage. I installed the heater over the work bench, and it points the heat where I stand. And so, when the entire garage may be cold, my working area is warm enough, and for me it is convenient to work there. And then in an hour I will have warm and nice space to stay there.

Cons Of Cadet Rcp502s Space Heater

Electric Garage Unit Heater, 5000 Watt 240V

Unfortunately, this model does not have a carrying handle. Essentially, it will not be very portable for something intended to be mobile. You would have to make direct contact with the case to carry it around, which also makes it easier to burn yourself.

Besides that, the Cadet space heater also might not be suitable for large garages. It works better for spot heating as opposed to uniform heating over a wide region.

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Ventisol 5000w Electric Garage Heater 240v Heavy

4-16 days

  • Powerful& Noiseless: Offering powerful heat in a compact size of 13.98*10.83*12.8inches, 17,065BTUs, good to help you survive the chilly winter days of the year. Low noise will not disturb your resting, reading,working, create a quiet space with extra comfort for you.
  • Hard-wired Installation: The 5000W fan-forced heater is with heavy gauge steel body, durable construction, power cord not included in the unit. We suggest asking a professional electrician to help you install it. Once your heater is hardwired, your warm workspace is only a switch away.
  • Adjustable Vertical & Horizontal Angles: Louvers and a variable mounting bracket provide different angles to spread the airflow where you needed. And the ceiling design help save spaces, its a great energy-saving supplement to your home, warehouse, workshop, garage, storage area, anywhere you can imagine.
  • Easy to Use: With dual knob controls, includes an adjustable, front-mounted thermostat that offers a simple way to control the level

Powerful& Noiseless^^Hard-wired InstallationVertical & Horizontal Angles^^Easy to Use

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Can I Use Electric Heaters In Other Rooms

You can, but we dont recommend using the ones from this list. The heaters on this list are commercial and designed for garages.

If youre looking to get an electric heater for a different room in your house, we recommend the Trusttech Space Heater. This heater can be adjusted between 50-95° F and heats up in as little as 3 seconds! It also comes with remote control and an ultra-long distance sensor, which is great for adjusting the setting while watching TV.

If that wasnt enough, this heater also works on a set timer, meaning you can have it turn off after a certain number of hours. It also comes with safety features in places such as tip-over and overheating protection.

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Information About Industrial Heaters And Garage Heaters

The first thing to determine when choosing a commercial heater is the heater size. Compact commercial heaters offer quick, direct heat at your work area or lab station. These portable industrial heaters are easy to carry around and provide immediate spot heating for a few people at a time.

Our electric utility heaters deliver instant, focused warmth with easy portability. Some models are equipped with rolling wheels or safe rubber feet.

Also available in our industrial heater collection, garage heaters help you stay warm in your garage or workshop. Electric garage heaters distribute over 15,000 BTUs of powerful heat with thermal overheat protection for safe operation around your equipment or stored valuables.

We offer a variety of heavy duty electric heaters from the industrys most trusted brands.

units are industrial garage heaters that produce fast, fan-forced heat. Featuring built-in thermostats and heavy-duty stainless steel cabinets, our Dimplex heaters are ideal for heating garages, workshops, and warehouses. Some models are equipped for wall-mount or ceiling installation for flexible, space-saving design.

For handymen and industry professionals who need multi-purpose commercial space heaters, King Electric heaters provide immediate heating in tough conditions, using different wattage options for garages and warehouses. Powerful BTUs heat from floor to ceiling, and included bracketing hardware makes installation easy.

Shop Industrial and Garage Heaters By Need

Tpi Classy Portable Heater For Garage 240v

How to Add an External 24V Thermostat to an Electric Garage Heater
  • Infrared Heater: heating tube features gold anodized Aluminum reflectors and end caps. Easy to operate and maintain. Lightweight heating device for quick and quiet performance. Effectively delivers all three fundamentals of heat transfer convection, conduction, radiation
  • Reliable Space Heater: ideal for small spaces with low traffic like bedrooms, workshops, garages, laundry rooms. Uniform heat distribution from ceiling to floor. Hassle-free installation. Effective area heating, spot heating and freeze protection. Provides upward and downward flow of air
  • Portable Heater: travel friendly heating equipment. Can be equipped as a forced air circulator, drier or room heater. Lightweight garage heater is easy to carry. Corrosion resistant and moisture proof heating device
  • Energy Efficient Home Heater: tan color heating element. Painted steel finish. Electric heating equipment with corded electric power source. 2000 W heater. Weighs 16 pounds. Electric garage heater is shockproof and safe. Ideal for damp and harsh environment
  • Care Instruction: wait for the heater to cool after switching off. Clean the surface with dry cloth or feather duster. Remove loose dust and wipe with damp cloth. Low maintenance workshop heater
  • Product Dimensions 8.5 x 16 x 16 inches
  • Item Weight 16 pounds

Our partners notice:

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How To Know Which Electric Heater Is Energy Efficient

As stated before, all electric heaters convert almost 100% of electricity to heating output. A 1500W 120V heater will produce 5118 BTU of heating output when running at 100% output.

Here are the costs of running an electric heater per hour when operating at 100% output and at the US national average electricity cost of $0.1319/kWh:

  • 1500W heater will consume 1.5 kWh of electricity per hour. That means it will cost about $0.20 per hour to run a 1500W heater at 100% output.
  • 5000W heater will consume 5 kWh of electricity per hour. That means it will cost about $0.66 per hour to run a 1500W heater at 100% output.
  • 7500W heater will consume 7.5 kWh of electricity per hour. That means it will cost about $0.99 per hour to run a 1500W heater at 100% output.
  • 10,000W heater will consume 10 kWh of electricity per hour. That means it will cost about $1.32 per hour to run a 1500W heater at 100% output.
  • 15,000W heater will consume 15 kWh of electricity per hour. That means it will cost about $1.98 per hour to run a 1500W heater at 100% output.

Obviously, you want to reduce the running cost of an electric heater as much as possible. This means you have to get a heater that is energy efficient but what does energy efficiency even mean if electricity is directly converted to heat at 100% efficiency?

Well, there are two kinds of heaters:

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