Double Wide Mobile Home With Attached Garage

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Chris And Karen Cronan

JAW DROPPING Double Wide Manufactured Home with a GARAGE! | Mobile Home Tour

Dear Peter, I’d like to take this moment to let you know that we are more than happy to recommend Showcase Homes of Maine and particularly you to any prospective clients you may have. As always, please feel free to use our restaurant to share our positive experience working with you, your employees and subcontractors. Your work ethic has attracted a very professional, neat and courteous group of knowledgeable craftsmen. I do not mean to imply the entire process went without a hitch, however, if and when a problem did arise, both during and after construction, Showcase Homes was always quick to respond. Issues were resolved to our satisfaction without hesitation on your part. It is amazing to think that the Harbor View Restaurant has already been in business for almost two years it seems like just yesterday that we were breaking ground. Having had such a great experience the first time, we certainly wouldn’t think twice about having Showcase Homes of Maine general contract another project for us.

Double And Triple Wide Mobile Home Additions

Add an Extra Bathroom

An extra bathroom can be very important and necessary for a growing family. We all know that having one bathroom can create logistical issues. It can be a very wise and practical decision to add another bathroom to your double or triple-wide mobile home. In terms of a bathroom, the addition makes sure to consider the space and some mobile home remodeling tips that can help you optimize it effectively.

Guest room

f you have the budget for some innovative mobile home additions, a guest room is indeed an add-on you should have. Even if you don’t have any relatives that might come and stay overnight, a guest room becomes your silence corner where you can take naps, relax or perhaps meditate. Also, an additional room can greatly increase the value of your house. There are many room addition kits for mobile homes that can be found online. You can look for ideas and tips.

  • Garage addition to mobile home

Parking area

If you dont have a parking area around your mobile home then this addition will really be necessary for you and your family. Having to park the car away from home is not always convenient. It is inconvenient to carry bags, groceries, or anything else from your car to your house.

  • Porch addition to mobile home

How Much Does A Mobile Home Addition Cost

Im looking to add a bedroom to my mobile home. Can it be done at $2000 or under? Im thinking of either a nursery or the master. Thinking if Im going to add might as well get a bigger bedroom. Im assuming I have footings because I dont have blocks.

Im thinking of either a nursery or a master bedroom. Thinking if Im going to add might as well get a bigger bedroom. Im assuming I have footings because I dont have blocks.

The simple answer to your question is no. There is little chance that you can legally build a complete bedroom addition for less than $2000. Materials alone will cost at least $2000 and then you have labor and inspections to pay for.

The foundation of your manufactured home will not matter because the addition must be built as a completely separate structure. New footers or slab foundation will be required for the addition.

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Can I Add A Garage Beside My Manufactured Home

I have a 1300 sq ft home on a permanent foundation in rural Colorado. Last year I had cedar log siding put on the outside .

Is it possible to add to the end of the place an attached double car garage with a small apartment above? My building department told me if I add 33% SQ footage to the home, it changes from mobile to standard construction. I am thinking of a 20 x25 addition. An apartment could be rental income.

You should have no issues building a separate garage with a second story beside your manufactured home assuming it meets your local codes.

Additions arent truly attached to manufactured homes. They must be built as a completely separate structure with its own foundational support. Typically, an addition to a manufactured home will be close to the home and then sealed together at the roof and sides. Siding is then wrapped around to create the illusion of a single home. Structurally, the manufactured home will move, settle separately from the addition of any size.

Structurally, the manufactured home will move and settle separately from the addition.

Make sure to research insurance and tax increases if your home changes to real property. Manufactured homes usually have low taxes so if you transition the home into real property your tax liability may increase significantly.

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Garage Addition To Mobile Home

Double Wide Mobile Home with Garage

If you dont have a parking area around your mobile home then this addition will really be necessary for you and your family. Having to park the car away from home is not always convenient. It is inconvenient to carry bags, groceries, or anything else from your car to your house.

Another thing is that the car stays outside which means during winter time it will be hard to keep your car from frosting and you will have to scrape snow and frost off your car. Even if you live in a warmer area, leaving your car unattended away from home is not always safe. A parking area will be a very wise mobile home addition.

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Insulate And Sheetrock The Walls

Now lets talk about creating some energy efficiency for your mobile home. By adding insulation and sheetrock walls to your mobile home garage, youll reap the rewards of energy efficiency. This is a must if youre connecting heating and air to your garage. Theres so sense in seeing that energy seep through your walls and watching your electric bill rise at the same time!

What Does A Buyer See

You may be here as a mobile home owner whos looking to add a garage to your property or as a seller whos looking to increase value or youre just curious about what a mobile home with an attached garage looks like. Whatever your status, we hope to shed some light on your questions pertaining to your mobile home journey.

So what is it that a buyer sees when it comes to an attached mobile home garage? To answer that question, well need to delve into what it means to say that a garage is detached and how that differs from an attached mobile home garage. Lets break it down together.

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Prefab Home Garage Design Ideas

Adding a garage can be about more than just adding a new space for your car to park. You can transform your new garage for an array of different uses, including storage, additional living or work space, and more. Many homeowners also prioritize the aesthetic of their home by picking a garage that looks similar to your current home, the garage will blend in seamlessly and increase your property value.

Manufactured Home Garage Addition 2021 Guide: Attached Vs Detached

Double Wide Modular Garages in Five Hours

So, you are resting in your family room one seemingly calm evening after an eventful day when all of a sudden you hear drizzles and a clap of cracking thunder.

You immediately grab your smartphone, check on the weather app, and see a hail storm in forecast updates.

Worried, you peek through your curtains only to witness your new car being pummeled by those icy drops of doomdamn! Dont you wish your car was parked in a garage?

Manufactured home garage additions are becoming one of the popular projects carried on both private properties and those homes installed in land-lease parks and communities.

More and more homeowners are probably realizing that there is more to garages than protecting the car from the weather.

Security, extra square footage, and added storage are some of the perks that come with an added garage.

  • Final Thoughts
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    Examples Of Mobile Home Additions

    Below you can see a mobile home addition that passed inspection and can be found on The Inspector Blues blog.

    It is independently supported, has wired smoke detectors, an exit, sits on an 18 grade, and is built with pressure-treated wood. It may not be great looking but it had what it needed to pass its inspections and current codes are not lax at all.

    Heres a park model manufactured home getting an addition built onto it. Notice how theyve done the roof:

    Another park model manufactured home addition and carport built by HorseFly Construction:

    The next photo shows a huge addition built onto a double wide manufactured home by Addon Rooms:

    Weve featured a few homes with additions:

    Questions and Answers about Mobile Home Additions

    Its not hard to grow out of a home. We had two adults, a child, and 3 fur babies living in a 1978 single wide with 696 square feet of living space. I often dreamed of building an addition onto the home!

    The following questions about mobile home additions cover topics such as adding a garage, living in a home while the addition is being built, and the cost of an addition.

    Connect Utilities To It

    If you dont have electrical or HVAC in your garage, you could increase appeal but getting those systems set up. Having electrical and HVAC in your garage can make it a more comfortable place for you to pursue your hobby. Or it could simply help with visibility as you load and unload your vehicle. There are certainly benefits to such an addition.

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    Find A Trusted Modular And Manufactured Home Builder

    When youre looking for a professional to construct your new garage, it is important to find someone you can trust. Look through reviews online or ask your local home center for suggestions. You should also consider whether or not they have licensing and insurance, any reviews you can find online, their years of experience, and more.

    Mobile Home Room Addition Cost

    Remember This When Buying A Mobile Home In Minnesota

    A big disadvantage of building an addition on your mobile or manufactured home involves financing and insurance. It may be harder to obtain both if your home has been modified in any way. If you didnt get the proper inspections and permits you may run into serious issues if you try to sell the home later.

    If you are thinking about the cost of mobile home room addition then you should look for different offers. The cost can vary depending on the condition of your mobile home and the contractor. Always talk to a mobile home contractor before starting any work. There are some special considerations you may need to think about before building.

    There is a little chance that you can build a complete bedroom addition for less than $2000. Materials alone will cost at least $2000 and then you have labor and inspections to pay for.

    Some approximate costs of mobile home room addition*

    Room Size
    12×12 $12,400 $22,300

    Putting an addition of any kind onto your mobile home is a thrilling prospect. It may be for practical purposes like creating a bedroom for a new baby, or purely for your enjoyment, like adding a media room, deck, or extra bathroom.

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    Can You Add A Garage To A Mobile Home

    Absolutely YES. Garages are popular add-ons for mobile homes. Adding a garage to your mobile home is a fantastic idea as it can improve your propertys convenience and enhance the security of the vehicles and tools that you will choose to store in it. Importantly, some types of garages can only be added to a home that is designed and approved to accommodate the load and stress of the garage.

    If you are a first-time homeowner and are considering additions, a well-constructed mobile home garage should take priority.

    With a garage, you get extra square footage where you can store your belongings and protect them from the potentially harsh weather conditions.

    Read on to learn more about the idea of adding a garage to a mobile home.

    Judy And Peter Classen

    Hello Matt, Warm greetings! We are coming up on the first-year anniversary of our house arrival at our lot in Somesville, and we want to thank you and the Showcase team for a great experience overall. We are really pleased with our home and enjoyed working with you throughout the process – you are an amazingly patient and helpful modular home professional. We had a visit, today, from one of the flooring specialists at Phil Bouchard’s company, and were very pleased with the fabulous job he did removing the bumps and wrinkles in the vinyl flooring. Thank you for arranging this follow-up repair work. We have one final house issue that has just appeared and we would like to ask if you could keep this on file for the future. A 28 inch long ridge has developed in the ceiling of our master bedroom along the line where the two modular boxes come together. If this progresses into a full-fledged ceiling crack, we would like to be able to request repair assistance from Showcase Homes at a future date. We hope this is acceptable with you folks!

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    Rustic Double Wide In Mississippi For $155000

    This 2001 3 bedroom and 2 bath mobile home is a little pricier than what we would usually share, however, it was just too nice to pass up. Take a look at this listing:

    This well-kept home is such a great place to relax! Front and back porches and a HUGE separate outdoor living area provide loads of space to entertain . The outdoor living space includes a fireplace, bar, and bathroom. Two storage buildings, a greenhouse, and a 3 car carport offer plenty of room for additional storage!

    Complete Mobile Home Additions Guide 2022

    Connecting Two Shipping Containers Together! Double Wide Home, Garage, Warehouse – DIY – NO WELDING!

    If you are an owner of a brand new mobile home congratulations, it is time to look for new mobile home additions and customizations to fulfill every need of your family. One of the main advantages of mobile homes is that besides being much more affordable you can add many customized additions and inputs. There is a wide range of options for single-wide mobile home additions. If you have a multi-section manufactured home, there is nothing to worry about.

    Double wide mobile home additions ideas are offered by many companies and providers. It is all up to you and your creativity! One thing to consider indeed is the regulation and what is exactly allowed for your area and your mobile home.

    Its much more affordable to grow as you go than it is to buy a whole new home. Explore a full guide on mobile home additions and pick out some ideas you can use for your home!

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    How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Double Wide Mobile Home

    Thats a great question. Before we get into the details of double wide mobile home prices, lets cover a couple of house keeping items. First off, if you just want to see the prices, you can shop our double wide mobile homes with posted prices, including base price, delivery, and installation, on our website. Unlike other mobile home dealers, we proudly display the price of every home on our website.

    If you were hoping to understand the cost of a double wide including land, utilities, and extra buildings, you may want to read our post How Much is a Mobile Home? when you are done with this post. On this page we are only going to cover the cost of a double wide home by itself, and we are talking a typical, new double wide manufactured home because there is no limit to how much you can spend on a home if you want to go over the cliff with your pocket book.

    If you were hoping to learn about single wide mobile homes, we put together a blog about all the aspects of buying a single wide mobile home here.

    Finally, what we all a call new double wide mobile home is technically a new double wide manufactured home. Since most of yall still call them mobile homes or simply double wides, we are going to go with the flow and join you, but when you see manufactured home, know they are the same thing.

    Complying With Local Zoning Laws

    Modular homes are subject to the same zoning laws as site-built homes, another characteristic that makes them more like traditional homes than manufactured ones.

    Manufactured homes, on the other hand, dont need to comply with local building codes. Instead, theyre constructed according to a code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development . When it comes to zoning, this means that local ordinances on land use can restrict where manufactured homes can be placed.

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    How Much Will It Cost

    Garages can vary greatly in cost depending on when you install it and whether you choose to install a detached or attached garage. The cost will also differ depending on the contractor you choose to work with, so make sure to get quotes ahead of time.

    Generally, the cost of a detached garage, regardless of when it is installed, will cost at least $20,000. Adding on additional features, such as insulation, aesthetic components, etc., can increase the price.

    For attached garages, you should be prepared to spend at least $25,000 if the garage is built with the home. If you decide to add on an attached garage after your home is already built, the cost will run upwards of $30,000.

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