Diy Wooden Shelves For Garage

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Diy Closet Shelves & Rods

Super Efficient 2×4 Garage Shelves | DIY Garage Storage

It is convenient to divide the closet into different shelves to store your stuff.

Take this plan, you have seven blocks available. Five of them are for small bags, and another two come with closet rods.

A tip is to screw furring strips to the walls so that the shelves will sit on top of the walls. Remember to nail the shelves one more time to improve the security.

Project details:

Diy Garage Storage Systems By Family Handyman

Let the Family Handyman show you how to turn that empty garage wall into an organized storage space with these DIY Garage Storage Systems. These instructions will teach you how to build garage shelves that span the entire wall for a ton of storage space. It includes pegs and hooks for storing bikes, power cords, tools, and more. Plus, there are plenty of shelves with many different mounting points so you can attach them at any height that suits you.

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Build: One day

ToolsNeeded: Caulking gun, Router and bits, Circular saw and guide, Drill/driver, Drill bits, Hammer, Metal cutting blade, Tape measure, Level, Stud finder

Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves By Jay Bates Woodworking Videos

These Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves by Jay Bates Woodworking Videos are another great way to kill two birds with one stone by utilizing that empty space in the top of your garage for storing all the stuff that currently doesnt have a home!

This is a very simple build overall. The only difficult part is attaching everything to the ceiling since youll need to be comfortable on ladders and not everyone is. But if youre not afraid of heights, this is an easy project that you can take on in a few hours and really increase the amount of storage space you have in your garage while freeing up some of that floor space by elevating the stuff you need to store!

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Build: 2-5 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Circular saw, Speed square, Drill/driver, Drill bits for pre-drilling, Tape measure, Level, Stud finder

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Diy Strong Garage Shelf

This DIY project takes a few hours to complete and is relatively cheap. It will enable you to store all your stuff in the garage. All the materials required for this project include a circular saw, plywood sheets, wood sources, a small and big hammer drill, screws, and an impact driver. The dimension of the shelves is 2ft×8ft installed in a corner. To start cut all the pieces needed for the project, then assemble the shelving. After this, mount the shelving tongue wall and install the plywood.

Prepare The Shelf Risers

How to Build Shelves for your Garage
  • Prepare the shelf risers by cutting 7/8-inch wide dado grooves with a router. Cut dadoes every 4 inches along the inside face of each 2- x 4-inch riser with the top and bottom dadoes about 12 inches from the ends.
  • Gang-cut the risers by laying them flat, clamping them together and attaching a straightedge guide to align your dado cuts.
  • For each cut, make several passes with the router, gradually extending the bit depth until the dadoes are ¾-inch deep.

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Diy Outdoor Serving Station

If you often spend time outside for grilling or drinks, the serving station shelf will be extremely cool and convenient.

Go prepare a cut list of two 18×43-inch pieces, two 22×1/2-inch pieces, one 10×7/8-inch piece, one 17×1/4-inch piece, and another 24×18-inch rectangle. Create a box from those cuts, using a nail gun and glue together.

More importantly, buy the hinges to attach the folding top into the box. You should leave at least a -inch gap so you can easily fold.

Project details:

Super Easy Diy Garage Shelves

This super easy garage shelving project is perfect for those who want to spend less money and time.

Use the 1×2 MDF to make cleats for the shelves, then attach them to the wall. Besides, you will also use a piece of 1×4 MDF sunk into each stud.

Attach the shelves and the shelf brackets. This shelving unit is strong enough to hold your stuff and some tools.

Besides handy, the shelving unit works to keep your stuff and tools in the right place.

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Stylish And Easy Corner Bookshelf

You want to take advantage of your spare corner? Go for this idea. This is a combination of corner floating shelves and some additional boards to divide the storing space into blocks.

No worries if the bookcase looks complicated at first. You only need three simple supplies: three wooden boards and one MDF board.

The project has seven levels, each having a round-cornered MDF on the bottom. They will then be installed on three vertical boards in their cuts. Each cut should be 2.4-inch deep and 0.7-inch wide.

Make the first cut and check to make sure the boards can go too easily. Otherwise, the shelf can be wobbly after a while. Paint the shelves in the color you prefer, and you have created new storage for yourself.

Project details:

Rustic Industrial Pantry Bookshelf

How to Build Garage Shelving – Easy, Cheap and Fast!

As its name suggests, the bookshelf looks like a pantry shelf that helps save spaces for kitchenware storage.

To make one yourself, you need two boards of 2x10x48 inches and another four boards of 2x10x36 inches. Drill the pocket holes and drill all parts together.

There are two interesting creations of this plan: metal slats that fit along the diagonal of the shelf and mobile wheels that move the shelf around.

Project details:

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Industrial Bookcase By Rogue Engineer

Its name reveals its characters. This bookcase is big and sturdy, which can even be sold for money. The dimension is 38 ½ x 15 x 81 inches.

In this plan, you will build the four sides first and then the face frame and the back support. Cut the cedar planking grid to size, ready to glue and nail in place with the brad nails.

In the end, install the pipe supports and flanges on the two sides to improve the sturdy performance of the bookcase.

Project details:

Attach The Plywood To The Frames

Apply wood glue or construction adhesive to the top edges of the shelf frames and place the plywood on top. Taking care to ensure that the frames are square, align the plywood as best as possible. Pre-drill around the perimeter of the plywood and attach it to the frame with 1 ¼-inch wood screws.

Repeat for the other three shelves.

Note: Its more important that the frames be square than the plywood. As long as the plywood isnt overhanging the frame, it will work. If the plywood does overhang the frame, assemble the shelf and carefully trim the plywood with the circular saw.

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Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Shelves

Do you want to add a chic, rustic look to your living space without breaking the bank?

These whole shelves are made of old barn wood pieces, so it offers a sturdy look and a strong performance.

Accordingly, you will need two thick and wide planks which are directly on the wall by big nailers.

Prepare 4 2×4-inch pieces with an angle of 45 degrees on the ends. You must sand the angles smoothly and glue one end onto the first two planks.

The other end will be glued with the shelving boards. Wait for the glue to dry before you load the books and other stuff.

Diy Live Edge Floating Shelves

Diy Garage Storage Shelves Plans / Cool How to build shelves in a ...

It is the material the live edge wood that makes this wood shelves plan special. The wood retains a natural edge along its internal side, having beautiful wood grain. You can sand off it a bit but only with a soft sanding block.

The project above uses the wood of 48 inches long and six inches wide in several spots.

Also, buy brackets at least one inch shorter than the width of board to avoid an exposure look. Drill a hole through the board to install the brackets and attach the anchors on the sides.

Project details:

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Diy Easy Corner Shelves Garage Pole

Modify the corner of your garage with the DIY garage shelves. This basic project is worth making, which good to make your garage cleaner and tidier.

Anchor the frame to the existing posts to make it sturdier. Use the joist hangers and screws to hold the boards together.

After that, you can install the shelves. Voila! The shelves are ready to store your stuff.

Diy Lockable Garage Shelves

However, the lockable shelves must be the best choice to store your tools and equipment safely. Try using the pegboard and combine it with the pinewood. Then, assemble and connect each part of the storage with the hinges.

Glue the long hasp blocks on the inside of the doors. Then, screw the blocks from the outside of the doors.

This kind of shelves offers you more space to store your tools and equipment without a needed spacious area.

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Diy Garage Shelf Plans That Will Help Fix Clutter

Published: Jul 31, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

Do you need more storage space in your garage? or you want your garage to be a little bit more organized? If yes, then you are in the right place. The benefit of making a garage shelf is that it will help fix unnecessary clutter.

We have listed for you 25 DIY garage shelf plans that you can make for proper organization. In here, you would find large and small shelf ideas. Pick the one that best suits you and start the building process.

Simple Custom Hanging Shelves

DIY Garage Shelves / Shelf / Workbench / Storage / industrial

Here is a guide to creating a 24 x 4x 1/4-inch hanging shelf. Prepare basswood and thick rope. Then, drill four ¼-inch holes, which are 1/2 inch inward from the pieces corners.

Cut the rope into two equal strands and have them go through the holes. You can use tape at the end of the strands to slide them more easily.

Complete the wooding task by nailing knobs and hanger bolts on the wall to hang the shelf.

Project details:

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Easy Build Garage Storage Shelves By Jason Explains Things

These Easy Build Garage Storage Shelves by Jason Explains Things offer tons of storage to help you organize your belongings. They stretch from the floor to the ceiling, making excellent use of every inch of wall space along one wall of your garage.

Even though these shelves offer lots of storage space, theyre very easy to build. The whole project is made from the most basic of materials 2X4s and plywood. If you can cut and attach them together, then you can easily build this project in an afternoon and have a completely organized garage by tomorrow!

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time to Build: 1-3 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Kreg pocket hole jig, Drill/driver, Level, Circular saw, Miter saw, Clamps, Tape measure

Simple And Clean Shelving Plan

This DIY project only required eight supplies and is super easy to build. Youll have to build the shelf frame, attach plywood to it, attach the shelves to the legs, paint everything, and then youre good to go. The builder recommends using a high gloss paint to help any storage bins you place easily slide out.

The paint will also prevent the wood from taking too much damage over the years. Obviously, it is also important to let this unit dry fully before loading all of your tools and supplies onto it.

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Diy Cantilevered Garage Shelves By Sawdust Girl

Get all of your important belongings off the floor and up on shelves, freeing up that floor space for other uses and keeping y our stuff safe on shelves. These DIY Cantilevered Garage Shelves by Sawdust Girl will help you do it. Theyre not too time-consuming to make, but theyre strong enough to support your weight hanging from the brackets!

Because of the angle of the brackets, these shelves are going to take a bit more skill to build than some of the other, simpler shelves weve covered so far. But if you want to improve your skills and take on a challenge, the final result is a great set of extremely sturdy shelves to house your stuff safely off the floor!

Project Difficulty: Advanced

Time to Build: 2 Days due to drying time

ToolsNeeded: Circular saw, Miter saw, Nail gun, Drill/driver, Stud finder, Level, Tape measure

Easy Floating Shelves Diy

24 Cheap Garage Storage Projects You Can DIY

Have you ever sat in your living room and thought to yourself, “I wish I had some shelves to put these things on”? If so, this Easy Floating Shelves DIY tutorial that you ever wished. With shelves like these, you can turn any room into an organized space. This guide is easy to read and offers a step-by-step formula for success. Plus, its an easier build than most of the other DIY floating shelves out there!

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Get Creative With That Storage Space

The best part of all these different plans and designs is that you can use any of them creatively to fit your exact needs. Convert the full-wall design into a smaller space or make multiples of small corner shelves or overhead shelves to create your perfect full-garage storage space.

Just remember to thoroughly read all tutorials before you start the project and gather all tools and materials ahead of time to ensure everythings all set to go. This will save you time, money, and hassle, every time.

Diy Hanging Rope Shelf With Driftwood

You can use two pieces of driftwood which are about 15-20 inches long and five inches wide. Otherwise, you can use regular planks or reclaimed wood pieces in any shape to make your shelves more interesting.

However, it is better to seal the sides of a polyurethane spray paint to prevent moisture.

Then you attach boat cleat on the wall and hang out rope loop over.

Project details:

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How To Build Garage Storage Shelves

Building garage storage shelves is easy and affordable. You don’t need to be a master carpenter to build these shelves, so let’s get started! To build these garage storage shelves for your home, you’ll need a tape measure, a circular saw, a drill/driver, some 2×4 boards, and half-inch OSB . You’ll also need some screws and glue. Your tools should be ready to use before you start buildingif you’re using a new saw blade, make sure it’s sharpened before you start cutting. If you’re using a new drill bit, make sure it’s sharpened.

Garage Ceiling Mounted Shelves

The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project #anawhite

The garage ceiling mounted shelves should be the best option if your space is too small for all of your stuff. It is the best option to collect everything in one place tidy.

Just like the other wall-mounted shelves, you have to install the support board on the wall to make the shelves way stronger.

After that, you can install the shelves along with the posts.

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Diy Minimalist Garage Shelves

It is also important to keep your garage looks pretty, tidy, and clean. You can play with the color of the room, which is complemented by the stuff surrounding it.

Create bigger shelves so it could hold lots of tools and equipment and keep them collect in one place. The minimalist shelves are made out of wood with a white accent, which looks contrasts beautifully with the wall.

Create more shelves on one side to store some of the plastic containers. Then, create the longer one on the other side.

Diy $40 Garage Shelf Plans

With this easy DIY garage shelf plan, you can build a versatile storage cabinet to fit where you need it most! Garage shelves are great for shelving tools, equipment, and other materials. They can make anywhere and let you organize everything from a single toolbox to every tool in your arsenal. A simple wood garage shelf plan with detailed illustrations and cutouts will help you make this project quickly. The details make the difference between a professional job and a messy one.

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Garage Organizer Shelves By Dont Worry Be Happy Keep Learning

If youre anything like us, or the maker of these Garage Organizer Shelves, Dont Worry Be Happy Keep Learning, then you probably have a good deal of scrap wood somewhere that you can repurpose into something useful. These shelves are a great choice since theyll also help you make space for storing some of your extra stuff thats currently cluttering up your garage.

Dont have any scrap wood lying around? Dont worry. All of these materials can be purchased inexpensively at your local home improvement store. And since this build is so simple, youll hardly even need any tools.

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time to Build: 1-3 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Miter saw or miter box with a hand saw, Tape measure, Drill/driver, Circular saw, Level, Stud finder

Diy Industrial Shelves By Beneath My Heart

Gorgeous 8 Shed Wooden Shelving Ideas for Useful Storage / ...

The main supplies for this project include ¾-inch black iron pipes coming in 1 inch or ½ inch according to a load of your shelves, as well as two wood pieces 2 inches thick they can be available in different lengths.

Install the pipes onto the wall and from the floor up. It is important to line up the pipes to create a stable foundation for the shelves.

This cool industrial shelf will help you organize items clutters for succinct with more space amazing to store.

Project details:

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