Diy Faux Wood Garage Doors

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How To Paint An Ordinary Garage Door To Look Like A Wood Garage Door

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door

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Here’s an inexpensive DIY faux painting project that you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home especially if you have a boring white garage door. For most homes, the garage door occupies more than 30 percent of the frontal view so upgrading your garage door will definitely help improve curb appeal. With a few inexpensive tools and supplies and patience, anyone can turn an ordinary white door into one that looks like wood without spending the thousands usually required for a custom made one.

Paint The Garage Door With An Undercoat Of Yellow

Once the primer is dry, I put two coats of yellow paint/primer on the door. Why yellow? It is the under color that is needed to make the topcoat/glaze color look more like stain than paint.

Both the UPS delivery guy and one of my neighbors, skeptically questioned meYoure painting your garage door yellow? I had to explain to them that it was only a base coat and they would soon see why it was needed.

The Look For Less Diy Faux Wood Garage Door

Since posting a video of these DIY Faux Wood Garage Door to our account last November, weve gotten a multitude of questions and great feedback about it, so I decided to make a quick How to post about it.

I have always loved the look of Wooden Garage Doors, however real ones can set you back a few thousand dollars and not everyone is willing to spend that kind of money. A little while back, while browsing through Facebook I came across the video Fake A Wood Garage Door at the DIY with Hometalk channel that I thought would be great to follow. While we followed a similar procedure, we did use a bit of a different technique and went darker on our colors to achieve a richer wooden look. The final look is one that I absolutely love. While the technique itself is not hard, you do have to be a bit patient with this project since its not something you can do in a couple of hours, however it is very rewarding.

Pretty soon you will want to paint all kinds of things to look like this.

Lets get started, time to gather your materials.

Note: We didnt use any primer on this project since we used the Chalk Paint® as base, however if you are not using Chalk Paint® as the base, I recommend starting with two coats of an oil based primer of your choice. Follow this with a light brown standard paint, to make your base color.

TIP: You can paint over an oil based primer with water based paints and glazes, but not the other way around.

Breakdown of cost for this stunning makeover:

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Choose The Right Stain Color

Weve been adding small wooden accents to our house, little by little. As weve been painting our home a creamy white color , were also adding in some black details, like on our front door makeover, and wood accent pieces. More wood accents to come, btw! I wanted our garage door to match the wood weve already been adding, so that was the color of gel stain that we chose.

Since our garage door was already a creamy yellow color, it worked well for a base coat. Most neutral colors would work great for this, but if youve got a bright or bold garage door color, you may consider painting it neutral BEFORE adding the gel stain. Part of the process of staining a garage door to LOOK like wood is using brush strokes to allow the base color to come through, just a little, to give it that woodgrain look.

Dont Forget To Clean Your Door

Metal garage doors, Faux garage doors, Faux wood garage door

Its very likely that your garage door is covered with dirt like ours was. Heres our sad garage door as it was getting a good power wash.

You can see it was a very faded brown from all that heat on the metal door. If you dont have a pressure washer Id recommend cleaning it well with your hose and then giving it a good cleaning with vinegar and a sponge and finish with a good rinse. Or you could use a bucket with soap and water to give it a good scrub.

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Can You Paint Garage Doors To Look Like Wood

Yes you can paint garage doors to look like wood, and you can do it without needing an expensive paint kit. If you have ever painted a wall in your home or a piece of furniture, the preparations are the same except you need to use a primer and exterior paint.

I painted my green garage door to look like stained wood using a very easy faux finishing wood graining technique that anyone can master in 20 minutes. By DIYing it, I saved myself a lot of money. I am thrilled with the results.

Can You Stain A Garage Door

YES! You can stain most garage doors. If you have a wood door you absolutely can stain it, but if you have metal as I do and most are nowadays, you can with most! I highly recommend you do a test patch at the bottom corner of your garage door to see how it looks. But when you use gel stain its very different than traditional stain. We have an aluminum garage door, but I know others have used it on fiberglass as well.

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Dodds Garage Doors Platinum Series

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Diy Faux Wood Garage Doors Will Save You Thousands

faux wood Garage door tutorial/Garage door painting / woodlike garage gel staining garage

Posted: Aug 11, 2020 / 03:15 PM CDT

Posted: Aug 11, 2020 / 03:15 PM CDT

Cassie Beech is an Interior Stylist and owner of Made with Grace and Grit. She recently completed a faux wood garage doors project and is here to share the step-by-step process in case youd like a more affordable way to create that custom, high-end look.

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Diy Faux Wood Garage Doors

Diy Faux Wood Garage Doors. My garage doors are wood, flat panels with no wood grain or details, and we were still able to achieve the wood look i was hoping for. Sealed with polyurethane so it would gradually patina/golden over time.

My garage doors are wood, flat panels with no wood grain or details, and we were still able to achieve the wood look i was hoping for. Last summer when we completed our kitchen refresh i kept hoping to find an old vintage wood paned door we could use. I have windows on my garage doors but too plain.


My first problem was that i could probably build doors just fine, but there is brick on both sides of my garage door opening. If you know anything about wood doors theyre both pricey and hard to come by in specific sizes.


You can take your boring, old, unattractive, builder grade door to a work of art just by following a few steps. reply.


You can take your boring, old, unattractive, builder grade door to a work of art just by following a few steps. July 18, 2013 at 10:27 pm.


Im surprised the sir henry joseph wood isnt as well heavy for the garage threshold love the novel our garageskins systems leave you to tra. Diy faux wood carriage door.


Most newer metal garage doors have the wood grain in them, so it would look even better on a metal door! A more expensive option is to install a faux wood garage door.

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Faux Wood Carriage Garage Door Tutorial

We dont want the exterior of your home to feel left out of #ShutTheFrontDoorDIY week doors of all sizes, shapes, and colors deserve to be amazing! Larissa is here with an awesome garage door update, and dont forget to come tell us a joke for a chance to win, plus link up your projects here.

Spring is in the air and its time to add some curb appeal! Im Larissa from Prodigal Pieces, where DIY is where its at. I dont know about you, but Im beyond anxious to get outside once springtime arrives to tackle home projects that have been brewing all winter. If you want to add instant curb appeal to your builder grade garage door, then this faux wood carriage door tutorial is for you.

It has long since been my husbands and my desire to give the exterior of our home a long overdue makeover. When we originally purchased our house we didnt have a garage, but a carport with lattice as a wall on the one side. A few years ago we walled in the garage and added a builder grade garage door with carriage windows.

That suited us just fine and matched our scheme, but once we got to work adding a new color and stone veneer, that BIG white door just didnt suit the rustic feel we were after. Here it is in its prep mode.

I wanted some pizzazz, some curb appeal, some I-dont-look-like-I-came-from-the-big-tool-store-type attention. Mind you this was a vast improvement over no garage door which showcased our auto loveliness.

Want to give it a try? Ill show you how.

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Faux Woodgrain Painted Garage Door After

After the door was painted to look like stained wood. We had the teal trim on the house painted in a Glidden paint color called Khaki Bronze.

It made the painted garage door look even better.

I also did an aging finish on the black metal planter by the side of the garage. You can read about how I created it in this post: Creating a Rusted Patina

I am very happy with how my painted garage door turned out. I especially like the fact that the garage door now coordinates with the other wood elements on the front of the house.

Add Fun Garage Door Accents

DIY: Faux Stained Wood Garage Door Tutorial (With images)

To complete the look, we added in this black rustic garage door hardware to complete the look. The great thing is that there are even magnetic accent pieces you can add no drilling needed!

Pro Tip: Gel stain can be hard to remove from your hands. Wash your hands with water and cooking oil and watch the gel stain peel off easily.

For kicks, below is a look at the front of our house when we bought it, and then with our current updates for curb appeal and the DIY wood garage door makeover!

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Faux Wood Garage Door

I have been ask a LOT of questions about my faux wood garage door project. I did not expect this to be so attention grabbing, down to people stopping in the road to watch me paint and calling our company number off our cars to ask who we hired. This is actually a service we offer. I will actually do this for people locally if youre interested ! But its time consuming and Im all for DIY when it makes sense! So Im going to share with you what I did so you too can have the look of a fancy wood door without the price or upkeep of actual wood!

You can skip to the video showing part of the process here.

  • TSP and rags for cleaning
  • Base paint color in exterior appropriate oil based paint
  • Foam roller and brush for base painting
  • Cheap chip paint brushes so you can throw them away and not worry about washing out brushes
  • Large dry brush
  • Rags for keeping dry brush clean and working gel stain
  • Gel stain in one or more colors
  • Exterior, oil based, UV blocking sealer

Creating A Faux Wood Finish On Your Garage

If you want to revamp the appearance of your garage door, but want to avoid the expenses associated with purchasing a new garage door in Jacksonville, consider creating a faux wood finish on your aluminum doors. This video demonstrates the steps of painting your garage doors with a mahogany finish. After you have painted your garage doors a solid shade of brown, you can mimic the color of mahogany using a gel finish.

Whether you are ready for a garage door replacement, or you want to spruce up your current doors, trust the experts of a local garage door company . Your technicians will have access to the special tools that are needed to paint, repair, and restore your garage door to beautiful condition.

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Garage Door Painting Faqs Answered:

Do I Need to Prime a Garage Door Before Painting?

Yes you need to prime, but to save time, make sure your base color of paint is a paint and primer in one formula of paint.

What Paint Finish is Best for Garage Doors?

The best paint finish for a garage door is semi-gloss or gloss. I used semi-gloss on my door. It is durable and easy to wipe clean when needed. A matte finish would get easily smudged and hard to clean.

Does Paint Last on a Garage Door?

Update: 08/1/22It has been 3 + years since I posted this wood look garage door painting tutorial and the door still looks amazing! If you follow the steps I did you can have a long lasting wood look garage door completed in a weekend.

Should Garage Doors Be Painted the Same Color as House or Trim?What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Garage Door?

For lasting durability and to hold up to the weather use a brand name exterior primer and paint in one formula.

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint a Garage Door?

I used a half gallon of each the base color, top color and glazing medium. This can vary depending on your garage doors material, size, as well as the color of the paint youre using as it compares to the color youre painting over.

Is Garage Door Paint Necessary?

Diy Wood Overlay Garage Door

DIY garage door makeover

Diy Wood Overlay Garage Door. My first problem was that i could probably build doors just fine, but there is brick on both sides of my garage door opening. On the list of the many necessary and not always pretty things in life, garage doors rank pretty high.

Here it is in its prep mode. I wanted a faux wood garage door, and i decided to dim . Whether you own steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, or veneer garage door, this process is the same.


In this show, i’ll show you the process of how my carpenters clad this door with cedar. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.


A more expensive option is to install a faux wood garage door. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.


I also was unable to find any informative information though i need view some website of custom wood garage rollup doors that gave me ideas. Be sure to check out.


Overlay garage doors feature steel or wood panels that are placed on top of the original door to create an appearance of depth and subtle sophistication. Also, it doesnt matter the material used for the garage door.


Our cedar wood overlay doors are constructed on. Overlay carriage house steel shown in sandstone with optional arched madison window inserts.


The newer generation faux wood door looks identical to a real wood door but is cheaper and requires less upkeep compared to a real wood door. Diy wood overlay garage door.


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Transform Your Garage Door To A Gorgeous Faux Wood Door With This Easy Gel Stain Diy Garage Door Makeover

Weve been dreaming up garage door makeover ideas since we first purchased our home, and though weve been making over just about every square inch of our house, our garage door was working and in great condition. It just wasnt a style we liked, in fact, I wanted a wood garage door.

You guys, wood garage doors are expensive! So with a wee bit of time on our hands, and a little bit of research, we decided to DIY our own garage door makeover with gel stain to make it look like wood.

No new garage door, no expensive installations, no crazy overhaul. Just a few dollars and a couple of hours, and we had ourselves the look we wanted at a FRACTION of the cost.

How To Gel Stain Your Garage Door To Look Like Faux Wood


Youll first want to thoroughly clean your garage door with soap and water or a pressure washer. Once complete, wait until completely dry.

Before you start to stain, be sure the metal door isnt too hot or in direct sunlight. The stain will dry quickly and youll want to be able to get the right wood grain effect.

Working in sections, use your chip brush to apply the gel stain in a horizontal direction. If your garage has squares, you can work in each individual square. For longer areas that arent broken up, be sure to make long brush strokes, feathering out at the ends.

This process will go rather quickly. The total time for completion will be around an hour or two. I just love a quick and inexpensive DIY with a huge transformation!

I love that some areas are darker than others which really creates a realistic wood grain look.

You can add magnetic accents to your metal garage doors. I used these window magnets, but theres so many different options.

The total cost for this faux wood garage door makeover was around $40! Stay tuned because we have so many more projects planned to bring the exterior of our home to life!

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