Diy Bicycle Rack For Garage

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Custom Diy Bike Storage From Mini Penny

DIY Bike Rack for a garage

This may just be the perfect solution for those with small apartment spaces. Double up the old commuter as a decoration to get space-saving results. This is a very simple design and can be an aesthetic plus depending on the type of bike you have. The writer of the Mini Penny blog gives useful, detailed instructions to guide you through your process.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo: No Installation Bike Storage

The most popular horizontal bike stand is the Delta Cycle Michelangelo . And there’s a lot to like about it!

The best thing that you don’t have to “install” anything! You just put the pieces together and lean it against the wall.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Stand

Max number of bikes:

So it’s great for renters who don’t want to damage their walls, for those that dislike any form of DIY and for homes with walls that aren’t strong enough to support the weight of a couple of bicycles!The arms that support the bike frames aren’t fixed in place with screws so they can be moved up or down and twisted around to make an infinite number of configurations. This means you should be able to position them to support any bike geometry.The basic model is for two bikes. But they also make a free standing model that can support up to four bikes!

Infinitely adjustable

Diy Bike And Skateboard Rack

These DIY bike and skateboard racks are built from pieces of wood, two pallets, and four hooks. The instructions are easy to follow and will cost you less than $20 for this fun weekend project. They provide tons of efficient storage for your bikes and skateboards, improving your home’s curb appeal while making getting around town much easier! This project is for you, even if you’re not the most skilled handyman or woman!

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Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand

Style:Number of Bikes:REASONS TO BUY

The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand is a good option for storing/organizing up to 5 bikes. This freestanding floor rack has wheel cradles for 5 bikes, with an easily convertible design to adjust its capacity anywhere between 5 and 1. Since this rack sits on the floor, there is no need to drill into your walls, and loading bikes is as easy as rolling them into position in the wheel cradles/supports. This versatile rack can handle just about any size and style of bike and tires up to 3-inches wide. It’s also reasonably priced, and an affordable solution for storing all of the bikes in your household.

The Simple Houseware 5 Bike Stand works, but it is not without its faults. Our biggest gripe was that the wheel supports conflicted with the disc brake rotors on our mountain and gravel bikes, and they made contact with the drivetrain components and the frames/forks of most of the bikes we loaded into it. Bikes with very skinny tires also tended to tip to one side due to the 3-inch width of the supports. The side by side storage method may also result in some bike to bike contact in the rack. We found it to work best with strategic positioning and bikes of varying sizes. Lastly, this rack certainly helps to organize bikes, but they still take up a significant amount of floor space. Beyond those concerns, we feel this is certainly an affordable way to store every bike in your fleet.

Bike Storage On The Floor

Floor racks provide the most basic kind of bike storage and they’re really only one step up from a kickstand! However there are lots of reasons to like them…

On the Floor Bike Storage

  • Nothing to install
  • Take up valuable floor space
  • Not compatible with some bikes
  • Not the most stable

First of all, there’s nothing to install: you just chuck them on the floor! This also means that they’re really easy to move to a new space, should you wish.

They keep the bike upright and stationary much better than a kickstand! And they’re easy to use for kids as well as adults.

Most importantly: they also provide the easiest and quickest access of all the bike storage options. So they’re fantastic for kids.

There are some disadvantages with floor racks though. They take up valuable floor space which is what many people are trying to avoid.

And some of them aren’t compatible with smaller bikes wheels or with bikes that use disk breaks. They’re often not the most stable option either.

Floor racks: good for families and daily use

Floor racks are a form of bike storage that’s generally best for families with children and bikes that are used daily. Also somewhere with plenty of room and where floor space isn’t an issue!

There are loads of different floor stands ranging from low tech metal racks to more advanced spring loaded cradles…

I cover floor stands for storage below. There’s a separate article if you’re looking for a bike stand for repairs and maintenance.

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Stashed Storage Ceiling Rail

MSRP: $185 $1,000

Fits Wheels: 12 and up

Capacity: 1 12 bikes

**Ships from UK. Prices on site are in British Pounds**

For families with a lot of bikes, but very little room, the Stashed Storage system is a game-changer. The Stashed system is simple in concept but brilliantly executed to bring additional functionality to the simple bike hook. With the Stashed system, bike hooks are given a new life as they can slide left to right, twist 360°, and lock into place along a sturdy aluminum rail.

Like moving library shelves, the Stashed system lets you store more bikes in a smaller space by allowing you to shift bikes to the right or left to easily access any bike in the middle of the fleet. With the ability to hang bikes via the rear or front wheel, as well as rotate bikes so that the handlebars can face the wall, nesting bikes together has never been easier.

To help make the loading process even easier, the Stashed hooks lock into place along the rail when empty, so they wont run away from you if you accidentally hit the hook with your bikes tire when loading it up. For extra room, Stashed also sells a double hook to allow you to vertically stack one bike on top of another, allowing two shorter bikes to share one hook!

Ninja Mtb Hopper Smile Bike Stand

$57 $63

Ride Like A Ninja started out offering mountain bike instruction around the US, but it looks like theyve expanded to include bike products like the Smile Bike Stand.

This stand is cleverly designed to be able to accommodate a range of bike tire sizes from skinny road tires to extra wide fat bike tires just by adjusting a small piece of wood. That being said, if your tires are between sizes, your bike may be a bit wobbly in the stand.

Another cool feature about the Ninja MTB Hopper Smile is that it can be used as a vertical rack by placing the rear tire in the stand and leaning the front tire against a wall.

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Diy Bike Storage Rack From Single Tracks

This bike storage rack is especially useful for several adult-sized bikes lined up in a row. It keeps them separated enough to stop them from scratching or bumping into each other. At the same time, it still doesnt take up too much space. Get the idea from the cycling website Single Tracks.

Types Of Bike Storage

Hanging Bike Rack for Garage. Cheap and Easy DIY Storage

There are several styles of bike storage on the market to choose from. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll touch on them all briefly below.


Freestanding or floor racks are among the simplest of all. These racks rest on the floor of your storage space, can often be easily moved to various locations, and don’t require drilling holes into your walls. Bikes are typically easy to access, and you can usually roll them into and out of the rack with no lifting required. Most floor racks/stands support the bikes by the front or rear wheel and hold them horizontally, so they still take up a fair amount of floor space. The Feedback Sports RAKK, BirdRock Home 3 Bike, and Simple Houseware 5 Bike are examples of this kind of rack. The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is a unique freestanding model that supports the bike vertically.


Wall-mounted bike racks, hooks, and hangers are a good option for optimizing storage space. Wall-mount racks come in two basic styles that hold your bikes either vertically or horizontally. These racks typically require that you drill holes into your wall to mount them, and you will need to locate a stud for adequate support and have some tools to complete the task.



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Bicycle Storage Systems: Wrapping Up

When you’re deciding on a bike storage idea it’s important to balance security with practicality. If the solution you choose makes it more difficult to access your bike, you’ll use it less, which is the worst!

But equally, if you choose a solution that compromises the way you use the space where the bike’s stored then you’ve failed as well.

The perfect solution for you will depend on how many bikes you have, how many people use them, how often they’re used, what sort of spaces you have available and how safe your area is in terms of bike theft.

I’d say that , it’s worth spending a little more than you’d ideally like to spend, just to make sure you get something that’s decent quality and that won’t be incredibly frustrating to use!

I’ve tried to find the best options available, but if you have any other bike storage ideas that you think I should include, let me know below…

This page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. You will not pay any extra. More details here.

More Good Stuff:

How Safe Is Your Bike Storage Space

Over 50% of stolen bikes are taken from the owners home. Now, in this statistic “owners home” includes gardens, yards, garages and sheds as well as from inside apartments and houses.

Over 50% of stolen bikes are taken from the owners home!

But still, it’s perhaps surprising that your bike is more likely to be stolen from your home than it is from out in the street!

Indoors vs Outdoors Bike Storage

Ideally we wouldn’t want to keep bikes inside our homes. We only use them outside. They take up lots of room inside. They bring water and dirt into places we’re trying to keep dry and clean.

Even worse: homes without garages or gardens, tend to be smaller. So there’s even less room inside to use!

But the fact is that our bikes will be safer indoors.

So which should you choose, indoor or outdoor storage? Well it’s all about finding the balance between security and practicality that works for you.

Safe, yes but is it practical?

For example, I didn’t think it would be practical to store my bike inside. Until I had two successive bikes stolen from the back garden.

Suddenly I found a way to store the next one inside! I could have increased my outside security, but I found a workable balance inside instead.

Ultimately, wherever you choose to keep your bike, there are storage options that will make it practical and security measures that will keep it safe. It’s just a case of finding the right ones for you…

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What Is The Function Of A Baseboard

The main function of baseboards is to protect drywall against water damage. The baseboard in your garage is no different. Its most important function is that of protection and if installed properly, it protects the interior of your garage from all types of foreign invasion.

To understand why this is important, consider how your garage is built. You have a vertical wall sitting on top of a concrete floor. The joint between the wall and the floor is typically 1/16 to 1/8. If left unsealed, this joint can become a liability.

For example, no matter how small, insects will consider an unsealed floor joint to be an open invitation to come on in. Also, depending on the exterior structure of your home, an unsealed floor joint could become a source of water getting inside.

Take Care Of Your Ride With A Bike Rack Today

diy bike storage

If you are precious about your bicycle , make sure it has a safe home to live in when youre not our pushing the pedals. Weve given you a few DIY bike rack options so you can pick the best option for your space or aesthetic and get to work.

If you want to take care of your bicycle even more, check out these Taskers who offer a professional bicycle service. A regular service is important to keep you safe out on the road and ensure the longevity of your bike.

After youve made your DIY bike rack, check out our garage storage ideas blog to neaten up your space. The garage is often the spot where everything gets dumped, so bringing in a touch of organisation will make your life a lot easier!

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Smart Diy Bike Rack Ideas For Your Garage

Home » DIY Projects » Storage and Organization

Tired of tripping over bicycles in your garage or shed? Get them organized and out of the way with one of these smart DIY bike rack ideas!

Is it impossible to park your car in the garage without hitting one of your kids’ bikes? Do you have to weave around the handlebars and pedals to get to the storage shelves? Or maybe it just looks like this mess?

Put an end to the clutter and chaos and make one of these simple DIY bike racks for your garage or shed! Whether you’re looking for a vertical bike rack that you can mount to a wall, or just a way to park them neatly without falling over, I’ve got you covered!

Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Bike Rack

MSRP: $245

Fits Wheels: 12 and larger

Capacity: 4 bikes, or 6 with add-on kit

Weve tested a lot of different bike storage solutions, and the Saris Cycle Glide wins the prize for impressing us the most. Its so cleverly designed and incredibly easy to use, it has earned a permanent spot on our garage ceiling.

With sliding rails and sliding hooks, the Saris Cycle Glide effortlessly accommodates any size bike. Which bikes you store can be changed at any time by simply sliding the hooks along the rails to match the wheelbase of your bike. Basically, this ceiling bike storage solution is the ultimate choice for flexibility!

Because the four bike rails can move horizontally across the base, its easy to access and remove a single bike by simply moving the other bikes out of the way. The Saris Cycle Glide also allows you to remove or store bikes while your car is parked underneath the rack!

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How To Build A Bike Rack

Ever wanted to free up storage space but struggled to find a place to put your bike? This simple design will help you securely and safely store your bicycle and other items in less than an hour. A Bike Rack is designed to help you create a simple, rugged, and inexpensive bike rack at home. This article takes the reader through each step of planning and wood-cutting. The finished product can be placed inside your garage, attached to the side of your house, or used as part of an outdoor winter training station.

Step : Secure The Board To The Wall

DIY | How to make a bike rack for garage

Take the 2-½ screws and drill them into the 2×6 board in the pre-drilled holes. Only drill them as far as the board this will help when you install the board onto the wall.

Next, place the 2×6 board onto the wall in your predetermined location.

TIP: It helps to use clamps to keep the bottom of the board in place.

Use a level to align the board properly.

TIP: Again, clamps work but you can also use the help of a second person.

Once the board is level, secure the screws into the studs in the wall.

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Diy Bicycle Rack With Helmet Storage From Addicted 2 Diy

Simple is always a good place to start. This bicycle rack puts safety first since the creator assumed that helmets would need a home as well. The rack is made from wood and doesnt take long to put together. The choice of color is up to you and your kids. Get the plans from the Addicted 2 DIY blog.

Diy Free Standing Bike Rack

A basic and easy DIY freestanding bike rack gives you plenty of space for storing your bike. It is a good choice for people who don’t have much space at home yet want to keep their motorcycle secure and dry. This stylish, freestanding bike rack makes it easy to store your bike indoors during the winter and outside in the summer. With a few tools and materials on hand, you can have a beautiful bike rack up in no time! Can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also an excellent solution for bike storage in small spaces or as a replacement for your old hanging rack.

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