Decorative Hardware For Garage Door

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How Can You Locate The Most Fitting Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kit For Your Demands

Installing Decorative Handles on a Garage Door – Great Looking & Functional

Number of elements included

The primary thing that you should pay crucial attention to is the number of elements included in the garage door decorative hardware kit.

  • Handles The handles are a great option for any garage door that opens from the center. Not only do they provide you with a better appearance overall, but theyre also extremely functional . There are all kinds of handles available , so the final choice will pretty much depend on your individual demands.
  • Hinges Next up, we have hinges. These little pieces add rustic elegance to any homes exterior. Most people tend to place the hinges on the sides of their garage door .
  • Clavos Clavos are fundamental decorative pieces- they look pretty similar to bolts, except theyre only intended for decorative purposes. You can acquire them in several different shapes and styles Pyramid Clavos, Round Clavos, and Studs.


The next thing you must evaluate is the material of the garage door decorative hardware. Make sure that all of the components in the packaging will be able to perfectly handle any kind of weather conditions.

Guarantee policy

Lastly, look for a guarantee policy. Generally, most of the garage door decorative hardware kits available on the market come with a 30-Day Money-Back policy.

Just remember to read the entire return policy and see all the exclusions you can find it somewhere in the product description.

Circuit Board Has Failed In Garage Door Opener

If you have tried everything else on this list to solve the no power issue on your garage door opener, then you may have a bad circuit board. This is the last step I would take, considering how expensive circuit boards can be. A good way to determine your circuit board has failed is to press and release the learn button on the back. If the light does not come on, then you most likely have a bad board.

Choose A Set That Complements Your Architecture

The architecture of your house is a good place to start your search. From modern to antique and everything in between, come in a dazzling variety of designs, but not all of them can work for every home. If you have a traditional carriage house door, you want to set your eye on decorative garage door hardware with an old-world feel think blackened or bronze finishes, rounded spear ends and forged or cast handles.

On the other hand, to avoid weighing down the streamlined structure of a contemporary house, its best to go with a simpler, industrial-inspired style in stainless steel or polished metal. If youre feeling stuck, browsing through garage door decorative are pictures online can steer you in the right direction.

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When To Install Garage Door Hardware

Garage door hardware is all about dressing up the appearance of the entry without investing a lot of money. While they might seem like simple garage door decorations, there are some instances when installing this hardware can make a big difference.

For instance, homes in many developments tend to look very similar, and some homeowners may feel the need to break the mold. In these cases, prominently-placed garage doors are the perfect place to show a bit of style and personality with simple, tasteful upgrades like hinges and handles.

Additionally, installing garage door decorative hardware can be a great idea before listing the home for sale. Curb appeal sells, and giving that blank, dull slab hiding the garages contents a facelift can help the home sell faster and for closer to the asking price.

Finally, for folks with garage doors that are still in good shape but simply boring, installing garage door decorative hardware can make all the difference. One with handles, some faux hinges and a lockset can look much more put-together.

Gfci Outlet In The Garage Has Tripped

Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit (Black)

From what I can gather online, in 2008 the NEC started requiring garage door opener outlets to be wired through a GFCI circuit in the home. Most of these homes will have a GFCI outlet located on the front wall you stare at when driving into your garage. The power to the opener is running through this GFCI outlet. If your garage door opener does not have power, first, try resetting the GFCI outlet in the garage to see if that solves your problem. 9 out of 10 times, this will solve the issue immediately. If not, lets move on to the next tip.

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Measure And Mark The Center Of The Door

Determine the desired height of the handle. For vertical handles, this is typically in the middle of the second or third panel. For horizontal handles, this is usually toward the bottom of the second panel.

Use the tape measure to find the exact center of the door from left to right and draw a small pencil mark. Use the bubble level or laser to draw a plumb, vertical line on the door along this mark, around the desired height of the door handle. Place the door handle on this mark and mark the screw holes.

Strap Hinges & Latches

No matter what type of decorative hardware you are looking for, make sure the garage door still looks functional. Hinges and latches should be placed on the sides of the garage door at the top and bottom. The top and bottom hinges should be the same length, but any intermediate hinges , can be shorter.

The picture on the left indicates this garage as a very wide single door and has a much simpler look to it. The right photo imitates two side-by-side swing style doors with a more decorative look through the use of garage door hinges.

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How Much Do Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kits Typically Cost

Are you shopping for your new garage door decorative hardware kit? Well, you should be expecting to pay from as little as $8 and all up to $80 for some collections. The price range can considerably vary depending on a few decisive things, including the total quality of the fabrication materials, the manufacturing process, the number of elements included in the collection, and the brand that stands behind the product.

Note: We heavily suggest that you avoid the low-priced garage door decorative hardware kits. Instead, you should go with some of the middle-priced models for the best value possible.

Why Invest In Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Cre8tive Hardware Garage Door Handles. Magnetic, Decorative Kits

Curb appeal is often a hot topic when selling a house or making improvements to a home you plan to stay in, and decorative garage door hardware can be an easy way to spruce up an existing door to make it feel more special. It is all about how your house looks from the street.

Studies show that 71% of homeowners use their garage door as their main entrance. Adding decorative hardware is an easy way to give your garage door a cost-efficient makeover so you can start describing it as a breathtaking transformation or bright and beautiful

You may want to add garage door hardware to your home for multiple reasons including making a great first impression to house visitors or to invest in your future. If youre thinking about selling your home, having a spruced-up garage door will increase the value of your home and youll receive just under 94% of the costs spent on making these improvements.

Before you decide what decorative hardware to choose, you want to determine your purpose for adding new hardware, you can do this by asking yourself some basic questions:

  • Do you live in a snout house where the garage faces the street and is more prominent than your front door?
  • Is your garage tucked around a corner or the back of your house, where you are decorating it mainly for your own pleasure?
  • Does your garage door compete for attention with the front door?
  • Do you want to draw attention to your garage doors or just freshen them up?

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Map The Hinge Locations

Start this project by choosing the hinge locations. On most four-panel overhead garage doors, hinge straps look best with one between the first and second panel and another between the fourth and fifth panel on each side. Also, avoid installing the hinges where they may overlap the seam between two panels.

Poke the pencil through a screw hole in the bracket to leave a small mark on the door. Remove the hinge, place the bubble level on the mark, and draw a level line on the garage door. Or, set up the laser level so it lands on the mark. Hold the hinge in place and mark the other screw holes.

Repeat this at all hinge locations.

No Power To Your Garage Door Opener Heres Why

Now more than ever we receive phone calls from homeowners saying their garage door opener has no power. They go outside and hit the wall button or their remote and nothing happens. Not a peep. No sound at all is coming from the motor head hanging on the ceiling. Lets jump right into what could be the problem.

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Garage Door Decorative Kits

Garage door decorative accessories can make a big impression. While larger exterior staples like doors and windows are important, in the end, its often the small finishing touches that pack the most powerful punch. After all, when you want to create the kind of curb appeal that increases your property value and earns you the coveted title of prettiest home on the block, you need to go above the basics.

It helps to think of your garage door as a cake. While a plain cake still makes for a perfectly good dessert, it just doesnt have the same irresistible allure without icing and decorations. Like eye-catching edible toppers and swirls of colorful icing, garage door decorations add that something special that instantly makes your house stand out from the crowd.

The great thing about is that they include matching handles, clavos nails, and decorative garage door hinges, so even if youre a little fuzzy on style, material or finish, you dont have to worry about getting every detail down to a science. What you do want to pay attention to is quality. Most sets sold at big-box retailers are stamped out of sheet metal, so while their price tags may be low, they lack the depth and dimension of hand-wrought and cast materials. In terms of durability and aesthetics, quality craftsmanship makes all the difference, so a well-made kit from a reputable supplier is well worth the investment in the long term.

How Did We Manage To Find The Top Garage Door Decorative Hardware On The Internet

Decorative Garage Door Hardware Guidelines

We meticulously assessed various garage door decorative hardware kits on the market and selected the best models obtainable in the entire marketplace. Here are some of the main principles that we took into consideration while performing the entire review process:

Buyer testimonials

After going through countless buyer testimonials, weve managed to see what people really think of each product and whether they suggest it to other users as well.

Total rate

There are a lot of garage door decorative hardware kits that can cost you a lot of money without providing you with a lot in return. Thats why we only included models that offer first-tier quality and feature a rational price tag.

Brand name

While we were scrolling through various garage door decorative hardware kits, weve also paid immediate attention to the history and authenticity of the manufacturer.

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A Buying Guide To The Nicest Garage Door Hardware

From traditional to modern there are literally all kinds of garage door decorative hardware kits obtainable on the market. But, remember not all of them are entirely suitable for your preferences. So, in order to assist you with the final decision, we will be mentioning some of the most fundamental things that you should be paying attention to when shopping. Lets begin, shall we?

Drill The Holes And Install The Handle

Using the same technique as before, drill small holes at the marks made in the last step, being careful to stop when the bit breaks through the door. With the holes drilled, install the handle using a screwdriver to prevent damage from overtightening.

Compare Quotes From Top-rated Garage Builders

Free, No-commitment Estimates

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What Type Of Decorative Hardware Can I Use With My Garage Door

Are you looking to bring some rustic, country charm to your garage door? We have the just the hardware items, reminiscent of wrought iron, to bring the look of those carriage house doors of days gone by. Whats more, you can install this decorative hardware yourself. We would be happy to provide you with the installation instructions you need, or we can do it for you. Contact us.

Here is a partial list of the parts and accessories that we keep in inventory:

Ready To Enhance The Look Of Your Garage Door

DIY HIP Chicks- How to Install Garage Door Decorative Hardware from Coach House Accents

If you want to add decorative hardware to your new or existing Wayne Dalton or Richards-Wilcox garage door, contact the team at Creative Door, or request a free quote from one of our eight locations across Western Canada in Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg.

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Gfci Outlet On The Back Patio Has Tripped

Did you say back patio? Yes, I did. I know this may sound odd, but some home builders protect the outlets in the garage by running a wire back to the GFCI outlet on the back patio. I have had two family members with newer homes that were wired this way, and many customers have told us the same thing. They reset the GFCI outlet on the back patio and everything started working again. Dont look at me, I didnt run the electrical.

Pull Handle & Ring Pulls

Pull handles or ring pulls are a popular choice for carriage-style garage door hardware, and they add an elegant touch to your home. If your garage door opens from the middle, you may want to have hardware installed. These should be placed just above the shoulder height of the driveway and always be installed in pairs.

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What Not To Do When Picking Garage Door Decorative Hardware

As stated before, you want to make sure the decorative hardware enhances and supports the garage door, rather than making it unbelievable or overbearing. This means not adding too much hardware onto your door, or too little hardware if you have a double garage door.

If your garage door looks more modern or is an overhead door, do not add strap hinges. Traditional swing doors, however, are the right choice to be accented with strap hinges. Just make sure these accessories are not too short or thin, and that you position them at the top and bottom rails.

Handles and ring pulls should be installed in pairs rather than by themselves. When you are replacing garage door handles or hinges, make sure to properly take off the old ones so the new door has a clean and finished look.

Check Ceiling Outlet For Power

Stamped Steel Yorktown Pull Handle Decorative Garage Door Hardware

First thing you must do is check to see if the outlet in the ceiling has power. The quickest way to determine you have no power to your garage door opener is the lights on the inside wall button and safety sensors will not be shining. You can also try activating the built-in light on your garage door opener motor head to see if it comes on. The ultimate test to determine if you have no power to your garage door opener is to plug something into the ceiling outlet. If there is no power to the ceiling outlet, lets figure out why.

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What Is Decorative Hardware

Our decorative hardware captures the rich nostalgia of a bygone era. Decorative hardware refers to ornamental garage door accessories such as handles, knockers, and studs. Both wood and steel garage doors can accommodate decorative hardware. Screw-in pieces are available for wood garage doors and magnetic pieces for steel garage doors.

Your Options For Decorative Hardware

When picking out garage door accessories, you want to make sure it emphasizes the style of your home. Most decorative hardware mimics the look of working door hardware, for example, garage door hinges and garage door handles.

Below is an example of each decorative piece to help you visualize what would work best for your garage door.

Weve also provided some before and after photos to help you envision the positive effects of garage door decorative hardware.

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Garage Door Decorative Hinges

The biggest pieces in your kit and so the most visible from the street garage door hinges should coordinate with the rest of your homes exterior. With no shortage of , its easy to find a good fit for any type of architecture, from extravagant Greek revivals to quaint oceanfront bungalows..

In addition to picking a style, you can play around with sizing to create the exact look you have in mind. are available in a wide range of lengths, which gives you complete control over how much of a statement you want to make. As long as the mechanics of your garage door dont interfere, you can go as long or as short as you want on your hinges. Just remember that their thickness, known as projection, should comfortably clear any trim or molding around your garage doors opening.

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