Craftsman Remote Garage Door Opener

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Best Universal Clicker: Chamberlain Universal Clicker In Black

How to Program a Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

Our top picks for the best universal remote is the Chamberlain universal clicker.

With 2 buttons and a rigid plastic design, this clicker syncs with practically any common system. This can operate two doors, including a Craftsman garage door unit.

Powered by a long-lasting lithium battery, this is a favorite among realtors and investors across the country.

Chamberlain Rjo70 Wall Mount Direct Drive

Heres another wall-mount direct-drive option to consider. The Chamberlain RJO70 offers a space-saving design that frees up ceiling space. The slim design of the opener makes it easy to mount in tight spaces.

Those in search of added security will like the deadbolt feature. This feature automatically activates with a reassuring click sound whenever the garage door closes.

The Chamberlain RJO70 also includes myQ smartphone control, which lets users monitor and control the garage door opener from virtually any location. A battery backup ensures the garage door opens and closes even without power.


  • Space-saving wall-mounted design with a battery backup
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and myQ app control
  • Nifty security features like an auto Garage Door Lock deadbolt and LED lighting


  • One of the more expensive garage openers you will find.

WARRANTY NOTE: 1-year warranty for parts, drive, and accessories, 6-year warranty for the motor.

Sears / Craftsman Compatible Remote Controls

Craftsman branded items have long been perceived as quality items offering good value. If your Craftsman garage door opener remote control is no longer made or the part number is obsolete we can confidently recommend a suggested replacement. These remote controls are easily programmed and guaranteed to be Craftsman-compatible. Due to the incredibly large number of Craftsman / Sears-specific part numbers used over the years for transmitters, we have built a cross-reference library to make it easy for you to find the best choice when you need to replace a Craftsman remote control.

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How To Program A Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

If you think this is a daunting task, you are probably overthinking this. While it may seem like a lot of steps, the process is actually quite easy, given you follow these instructions.

We have included the steps to program a 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener, as this is the most popular size. We are also including an instructional video from You can Fix It!.

We just love their detailed instructions. Nice work guys! Make sure to check out all of their videos on their Youtube channel.

The Best Garage Door Openers For Safer And Smarter Parking

The New Craftsman Wi

We compiled a list of the best garage door openers and outlined the different features you should consider when shopping. Keep reading to get to know what they are.

Garage Door Openers offer a convenient way to open and close garage doors without having any manual effort. They come in various models with modern features that include smart home integration, wi-fi connectivity etc.

What’s On This Page?

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Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mounted Opener

Instead of being mounted on the ceiling, the LiftMaster 8500 mounts on the wall next to the garage door. The end result is more vertical clearance for taller vehicles.

The motor itself features a variable speed smooth stop and start system that eliminates shudders and contributes to smooth, quiet overall operation. Theres also an auto-force feature that constantly adjusts garage door force according to varying factors, including temperature and door track movement.

The Liftmaster also makes use of myQ smart garage technology, along with Security+ 2.0 rolling code technology.

Key Points

  • Generous 6-foot power cord for easier connections
  • Lifetime motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty


  • Runs silent and with minimal vibration
  • Easy wall-mount installation with a sleek, space saving design


  • Not compatible with roll-up doors, or those with low headroom
  • Requires a front-mount torsion bar system

Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remotes

We have Sears Craftsman garage door opener remote control transmitters and other replacement parts for your Craftsman garage door operator at North Shore Commercial Door. Find remotes compatible with new and older model Craftsman garage operators. Replace a remote control transmitter for a 1993-1997 model, for a 1993-2004 model or for any Craftsman garage door opener made since 1997. Confirm the remote is compatible by knowing the year and model of your Craftsman residential garage door opener. Save money on hand-held and mini keychain remotes by LiftMaster and other brands that are compatible with your Craftsman operator. LiftMaster and Craftsman parts are often compatible because the same company makes them: Chamberlain. The Craftsman/LiftMaster three-function remote with billion-code technology can control up to three garage doors. Each remote is pre-programmed at the factory to one of more than 3.5 billion code possibilities. In addition to garage doors, these three-button remotes can control on/off operations of lights or small appliances inside your house. Our Craftsman AssureLink-compatible garage door opener keychain remote is made by LiftMaster, but is identical to Craftsman’s AssureLink rolling code technology system. Control up to three garage door openers or gates with this three-button remote compatible with Craftsman door openers manufactured since 1993.

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/2 Hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Kit

  • CHAIN DRIVE: Rugged steel construction delivers toughness and durability you can count on
  • LIFT POWER: Reliable Lifting Force of ½ HP is ideal for light daily use on a 7 ft. garage door extension kits are required for an 8 ft. door or for a 10 ft. door
  • SECURE ACCESS: Each time the remote is activated, a new access signal is sent from billions of possible combinations to prevent interception of the radio signal by would-be hackers

Craftsman Garage Door Opener

How to Program Craftsman Garage Door Opener remote DIY 1/2 HP and others

We purchased our Craftsman garage door opener in 1999. It worked fine for the first few years, then one of the remotes stopped working. When we reprogrammed the remote, the outside door opener stopped working and so did the 2nd remote. We reprogrammed the door opener and then neither remote would work. After a lot of similar programming circles… we can only get one remote device working at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks.

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Why Genuine Parts Matter

Unfortunately, many garage door parts offered for sale online are actually low-quality counterfeits. Even some sellers that seem reputable are selling knock-off, counterfeit products in order to keep their costs and their prices lower than the competition.

At, we stand behind all of our products as we have since 1964 at our local stores. We ONLY sell genuine parts that come directly from the original manufacturer. Those parts are guaranteed to meet exacting quality standards, and are eligible for all manufacturer warranties. At you can purchase with confidence, knowing that each product you receive is a true, genuine part.

Craftsman Belt Drive Cmxeocg572 Smart Opener

The snazzy trademark red and white casing makes the Craftsman Belt Drive CMXEOCG572 Smart Opener hard to miss. The reinforced belt drive system also makes it hard to hear, making it perfect for attached garages.

The solid Craftsman also shares myQ app compatibility with other Chamberlain garage door openers. This app gives you direct control over opening and closing your garage door via smartphone. Plus, you can also receive updates on the current door status.

The Security+2.0 provides added protection against break-ins by cycling through billions of potential code combinations with each click. This prevents burglars from intercepting and decoding the signal.


  • Dual function wall control controls garage door opener and lights separately
  • Program up to 3 garage door openers with 3-button remote controls
  • The 1,500-foot remote range ensures quick entry and exit


  • The installation process is a bit complex for DIYers
  • Not compatible with Amazon Alexa

QUICK NOTE: Its very similar to the Chamberlain B2405 Smart Opener, especially in design, motor, and smart features, but much smaller ½ HP.

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Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

The first step in Craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting is to ensure that it is the remote that is malfunctioning. Try opening the garage door using a different remote or the switch on the wall of your garage. If the door won’t open, the remote isn’t the problem. Check the Craftsman garage door sensors first and then move on to the other mechanisms.

Then, Garage Adviser recommends ensuring that there’s power going to the receiver. If it plugs into the wall, unplug it and test the outlet with another appliance, like a lamp or hair dryer. If that tool won’t turn on, there’s something wrong with the electricity to the outlet, and you should check your circuit breaker. If that’s not the problem, you may need to call an electrician. In the meantime, plug the garage door receiver into another outlet.

If the receiver is battery-powered, change the batteries and then try the remote again to see if that did the trick. If not, check the batteries in your remote. Change the old ones for new ones and test the remote with the new batteries. If it works this time, throw the old batteries away.

Best 3 Button Opener: Genie G3t

2 Craftsman 139.53879 Programmable Garage Door Opener Remote Controls ...

Our final pick is from Genie. This little keychain opener syncs to 3 separate units, including Craftsman garage door openers.

Its rigid design is meant to handle abuse, and its small enough to clip onto your key ring.

Its even advertised as one of the smallest openers available. Get your very own by clicking the button below.

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Can You Still Buy A Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

Fortunately for you, the remote control technology used in many garage door remotes is universal. Most systems use a 315 MHz transmitter and radio.

The remote sends a signal to the opener itself, which syncs up with the radio in the garage unit. However, nearly everyone has a garage door, so this presents a problem.

After all, you dont want your neighbors opener talking to your door. To solve this problem, manufacturers use a rolling code. This allows the opener unit to sync with the remote control to recognize a code that changes with every use.

But enough with the tech talk. What youre here to learn is how to get your Craftsman garage door remote synced up with a replacement remote. Dont worry, well get there in a second.

Before we do, however, you should know that many garage openers are universal. In fact, so are most keypads and key chain remotes.

The benefit to you is that you can buy a single universal garage door opener. With one tap of the learn button youll be synced with any of the following brands:

  • Sears/Craftsman

Of course, a universal remote control will work on nearly any system, including some generic units from home improvement stores.

A Type Of Garage Door Openers

Chain driven garage door openers use metal chains to drive the trolley up and down to open and close the door. They are known to be affordable and durable. However, they tend to be noisy due to the chain.

A belt drive garage door uses a rubber belt to move the trolley. This makes it quieter than a chain drive garage door. Belt driven garage door openers require less maintenance compared to chain-driven door openers. They, however, tend to be more expensive.

A screw drive garage door opener uses a threaded steel rod to move the door up and down by wrapping the wire around to pull the door up and unravelling to let it down. Speed-wise, they are the best option. These garage door openers are durable and reliable but require more maintenance. They are not equipped to handle larger, heavier doors. Hence, if considering these garage door openers, it’s best to stick to single-car doors.

Wall mount garage door openers use a motor that drives pulleys and cables to turn the torsion bar and raise the door. They are also known as jackshafts.

These are suitable for all types of garage doors and tend to be big ceiling-space savers. The downside is that they can be pretty expensive.

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B Level Of Horsepower

The horsepower determines the weight of a garage door that a garage door opener can lift and how effectively and efficiently it can move it.

Most garage door openers can be categorized into three levels:

Depending on the type of door, you want to ensure that you have enough horsepower for your garage door opener to function effectively.

  • ½ – Usually, ½ horsepower will work for most doors in newer homes. Garage door openers with this horsepower are ideal for dual car or sectional doors that weigh around 300 pounds.
  • ¾If your door is heavy and made of solid wood, ¾ horsepower may be better suited. This will allow you to lift and close the garage door with ease. This type of horsepower can lift up to 400 pounds.
  • 1-1 ½ – You can also get garage door openers that have 1 and 1 ½ horsepower. These are, however, better suited for commercial situations. Garage door openers with a horsepower ranging between ¾ to up to 1 ½ will most likely high tech and have high power.

It’s important to note that wood is considered the heaviest material for garage doors and can often be found in older garages. If you a lighter door, you can still buy a garage door opener with a higher power. It will simply fasten the process hence open the door quicker.

Belt Vs Chain Vs Direct Drive

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote Programming – How to Program Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote
  • Chain Drive Most common and loudest drive type, the bike chain style drive that everyone is familiar with. Simple but also the most affordable.
  • Belt Drive Throw out the metal chain and replace it with a toothed rubber belt. The strong, silent, and efficient replacement for the old chain style.
  • Direct Drive With no belt or chain dragging up the garage door, a direct drive puts power straight onto the lift mechanism. These also tend to run very quietly in comparison to old tech.

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Chamberlain B4613t Smart Myq

The Chamberlain B4613T switches out its formerly utilitarian looks in favor of a much sleeker casing. In spite of the new design, the basics that make this garage door opener a top choice remain present.

A robust 1 ¼-horsepower DC motor handles lifting duties, surpassing many of the other entries in terms of overall power. This same motor not only provides ultra-quiet operation but also offers soft start/stop functionality to prevent driveline shock and other unwanted noises.

The new casing also features an integrated LED light rated at 1,000 lumens. This light is also motion-activated for increased visibility.

The Chamberlain B4613T incorporates myQ Smartphone control. This means users can download the myQ app and control door functions straight from their compatible smartphone. Users can also get notifications if the door is left open by accident and even schedule when to open and close the door automatically.

Key Points

  • Sleek and stylish design fits in with any modern garage
  • Powerful yet quiet motor makes light work of lifting
  • Capable of up to 1,500-foot remote range and a battery backup feature


  • Doesnt work with Amazon Alexa
  • Some features require a subscription

Replace Your Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

As you can see, its easy to replace your Craftsman garage door opener remote. Simply order online from Amazon. Then, follow our step by step guide to programming your remote.

Make sure to let us know which model you chose, and check out our other detailed articles about practically any other topic you can imagine.

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Chamberlain B2405 Smart Opener Best Hp Opener

The Chamberlain B2405 Smart Opener represents a bargain when it comes to quiet smart garage door openers. This one also comes with a notable array of smart features courtesy of myQ, including the ability to receive alerts and control your garage door and lights based on a recurring schedule.

The quiet ½-horsepower DC motor also features a soft start/stop to reduce noise and prevent injuries. This opener also stands out for having one of the longest belt and motor warranties available, despite having only a 1-year parts warranty.

Key Points

  • Soft start and stop for quieter operation
  • Security+ 2.0 technology features strong code encryption
  • myQ Smartphone control and integrated Bluetooth technology


  • More affordable than other models
  • Designed with 7-ft garage doors in mind
  • Features a lengthy 15-year belt warranty and 10-year motor warranty


  • Needs extensions for 8-ft and 10-ft doors

Best Universal Door Keypad: Chamberlain Universal Clicker Garage Door Keypad In Grey

Craftsman Sears Remote Garage Door Opener Remote 139.53753 12381537532 ...

Theres no better way to avoid getting locked out of your home than a garage keypad. They are simple, secure, and easily installed.

This unit links to nearly all major garage door brands. Even better is that its highly reviewed, with over 500 people giving it an average of 4 stars. Pretty good!

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Caring For Your Craftsman Garage Door

According to Home Depot, you can do some things to keep your garage door working in peak condition. Every month, inspect your garage door by opening and closing it. Make sure the rollers move smoothly on the tracks and close and open completely. In addition, for safety, test the sensors by placing something in front of them and trying to close the door. The sensors should prevent it from closing on the item, and if they don’t, you’ll need to either get the Craftsman garage door sensors replaced or figure out what else is wrong with the door.

At least once a year, check the chain tension. In addition, lubricate the rollers, hinges and bearings with a white lithium spray grease. In addition, if your garage door receiver is electric but has battery backup, test the batteries by disconnecting the electrical power.

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