Craftsman Garage Door Opener Wont Close

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Garage Door Wont Close Light Flashes

Craftsman garage door opener won’t close – diagnosis

When the garage door does not close, and the lights flashes, it means the problem is with the safety sensor. There are a few things which can cause this. With the diagnostic feature on Craftsman, you can know what exactly the issue is. The table below shows how to identify the issue with the diagnostic code.

Older Models

Here are the steps to troubleshooting a safety sensor issue

Garage Door Opens Or Closes Halfway

When your garage door is only opening halfway, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here are some helpful tips. Check for Binding of Garage Door if the trim board is too close to the garage door, it can cause it to bind. A shim can help reduce the gap and allow the door to open more smoothly. You can also shave off any excess trim to make the movement of the door easier.

Adjust Travel Limit as noted earlier, reset your travel limit so that your garage door opens and closes at the distance points you prefer. Adjust Force Settings as your garage door ages, it may compromise the force settings. Increasing these settings will help maintain the power required to lift and lower your garage door. Replace RPM Sensor the RPM sensor monitors the speed of the garage door motor. Your garage door technician can calibrate these sensors to ensure that your unit is operating at a safe speed.

Common Garage Door Problems

When your garage door wont stay closed and youve done everything to repair it then its time for a replacement. At Feldco, we have everything from standard to carriage garage doors. All the garage doors are customized to fit into the opening and they come in a variety of different colors to bring out the curb appeal. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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Contact Marvins Garage Doors For Service

As the largest, heaviest and most technologically complex entrance to your home, the garage door is one of the most important security features of your house. Whenever your garage door fails to function as expected, the problem should be serviced as soon as possible.

Marvins Garage Doors provides 24-hour emergency service for homes in the Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro and Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Contact Marvins Garage Doors whenever you need service for your garage door.

The Garage Door Opens And Closes By Itself

Garage Door Won
  • Is there a neighbor with a garage door opener using the same frequency code? Change your code
  • Check to be sure that none of the transmitter push buttons is stuck in the down position
  • Remove bell wire from opener terminals and operate from transmitter only. If this solves the problem, the wall push button is faulty , or there is a short or broken wire between the push button and the opener.
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    Ways To Fix A Garage Door That Wont Close

    Are you dealing with a garage door that wont close? Dont call the repair service just yet, as you might be able to fix it yourself. This guide will help point out some of the most common issues to look for when a garage door wont close and how you can fix them

    If your garage door isnt closing like its supposed to, the situation can get pretty frustrating. After all, the garage is where most homeowners keep valuable tools and hobby gear, so security needs to be a priority.

    Instead of worrying about your garages contents until the repairman can get there, try the following steps. More than likely, youll be able to make the repair yourself and save money on a service call.

    Craftsman Garage Door Opener


    I replaced the whole sprocket system in my Craftsman 1/2hp chain garage door opener now. Prior to doing so, I had played with the travel and force knobs in trying to figure out why the chain wasn’t moving. And now that the sprocket system has been replaced, the opener works, sort of. But now it won’t open the door more than 6-12. It moves on way that amount, and then reverses that amount, then stops.

    I’ve toyed more with the travel and force knobs, but to no avail.


    Michael, I can’t tell whether you have read the attached article or not, but if you read it, and all subsequent postings that accompany it, you should be able to tell where you went wrong.

    Thanks much for the link. I read through and verified everything I needed to do. I have the close position set perfectly. The door no longer reverses once it hits the down position. However, when I hit the button to open the door, the door still only opens about a foot. The open travel setting is set at about half way from the contactor, so nothing should be stopping it from moving up, right? Plus, the force setting is about 3/4-4/5 of the way up already, so it’s not for lack of power.

    Any other ideas?

    PS. Couldn’t quite follow Kate’s description of needing to tighten a coupler. But I’m pretty sure I made sure everything was installed tightly.

    Could this be caused by the bushing not being installed properly on the drive shaft?

    Any ideas anyone?

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    Stripped Gear In The Opener

    As a garage door assembly ages, the stress of daily activity can have a cumulative effect on the opener. Once the gear becomes stripped, the opener will no longer function.

    Like springs and cables, gears can wear down, too. A stripped gear is a major problem, and youll want to call a service to get the opener replaced.

    A common giveaway is when the opener makes a humming noise when prompted but wont open. In some cases, the gears can be replaced. Often, however, the only way around a stripped gear is a new opener. In the meantime, use of the door must be limited to manual activation. In any case, the replacement of your opener should only be performed by a garage door service professional.

    How To Fix Craftsman Garage Door Opener Problems

    Garage Door Won’t Open or Close: Force Adjustments

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    Comfort has taken over our lives, and the Craftsman garage door opener makes accessing your garage a pleasurable experience. An automated garage door gives more than just comfort it provides safety and security. With comfort and security as the main reason to own a craftsman garage door opener, ensuring it is in good working order is important.

    Craftsman garage door openers sometimes have problems. Here are some Craftsman garage door opener problems and their solutions:

    1. Garage door wont close

    2. Garage door wont open

    3. Garage door opener faulty

    4. Garage door not moving

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    Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Wont Close With Remote

    Chamberlain garage door opener is designed to hold out years of heavy use. But with time, you might encounter issues with it, such as the door opener being unable to close with the remote. Usually, the primary source of this problem is an obstruction in your garage doors path.

    In addition, the problem can be with misaligned sensors. The safety reversing sensor positioned inside your garage door should be appropriately aligned to close the garage door opener. So examine to see if the sensor path is blocked and remove the impediment for the garage door opener to close with the remote.

    Another cause for your Chamberlain garage door opener being unable to close with the remote is because the wires at the motor head might be hanging loose. If this is the case, reach for the loose wires and tighten them as needed.

    Check The Tracks And Rollers

    If your sensors are functional but the garage door still wont close past a certain point, check the tracks to ensure there arent any obstructions blocking progress.

    A bent track or damaged roller can have the same effect. Inspect both tracks to ensure there arent any signs of damage. If you find a damaged section, you can often bend it back to position with clamps or carefully-placed hammer strikes.

    Be sure to check the overhead track coming from the garage door opener as well.

    This is a good time to check the rollers and grease them with white lithium or silicone-based grease. Several stuck rollers can trick a garage door opening into thinking the door is hitting something.

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    Safety Box Or Board Test

    Contemporary garage doors have a safety feature designed to react and open immediately when someone or something is placed under them. It is an excellent way to prevent hurting kids or pets when walking there accidentally.

    When your door wont close appropriately, and you suspect something is wrong with this system, you should check the safety feature with the simple box or board test. Adjust the limit on your garage door and then put a box under it. Another option is to lay a board on the ground.

    Then, you should try to close your garage door. If it reacts and starts opening before reaching the box or board, there is no reason for worry. Otherwise, your garage door is a potential danger, and you need to fix it to keep your family safe.

    Remote Control Not Responding

    Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Won T Open All The Way

    If pressing the button on your garage door’s remote control doesn’t work, check the batteries first. Simple but true, the remote transmitter needs power to send a signal to your opener. If batteries aren’t the issue, be sure you’re pressing the button within range of the opener. Try turning into your driveway before pressing the button. If fresh batteries nor a closer range solve your issue, try reprogramming the remote by following the instructions in your opener’s manual.

    If your garage door opener’s remote isn’t working, try fresh batteries, a closer range or reprogramming the remote.

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    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Not Closing From Wall Switch

    Sorry for the duplicate post. Last one wouldn’t allow me to have email sent with replies . . .

    Okay, I’m having an issue with my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. Not exactly sure of the model number, but can dig it up if that’s necessary.

    Symptoms:1) Door opens fine from either wall button or remote

    2) Door closes fine from remotes

    3) Press and release the wall button, it starts down, and then stops and backs up like something is blocking the sensors. Sensor lights are green.

    4) Press and HOLD the wall button and the door will close completely.

    5) Close the door from any remote control and it closes fine EVERY time.

    6) Problem seems confined to the wall button.

    7) Unconfirmed, but it looks to be an issue only at night. In other words, if there is sunlight spilling in the open door, the wall switch works fine.

    8) Have cleaned the lenses on the sensors and, again, they are always GREEN, even when it’s malfunctioning.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    What Causes Your Garage Door Opener To Click

    If your garage door opener is clicking, it is probably also flashing a light on and off. If this is the case, you have likely locked your opener by mistake. A lot of homeowners will accidentally put their opener into lock mode by sliding a switch or holding a lock button too long on the wall control station.

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    The Door Track Is Misaligned

    When it comes to the workings of a garage door system, the operating mechanisms activate the door, and the cables lift and lower it physically while the springs manage the tension. However, none of these actions could possibly remain centered along the garage doorway and ceiling if not for the metal tracks that keep the door in line. Therefore, the tracks that guide the door must be straight and even on both sides.

    If either track becomes slightly ajar, it can slow the movement of the door. As time goes on, the problem is liable to get worse. For instance, a bend at any point along one side is bound to pull on the door, which, in turn, will put pressure on the other side and effectively duplicate the problem on the mirroring track.

    Pressure and natural wear and tear can cause misaligned door tracks. Always call a service to get these tracks replaced and get your garage door working again.

    If one or both tracks is bent, you might hear a squeaking sound as the rollers pass the affected area. The movement of the door might slow just slightly as it passes this spot. A problem like this can grow out of hand as the months wear on, and the weight of the door causes further stress. If you know or even sense that your door tracks have lost their alignment, call a service specialist immediately.

    The Transmitter Has A Short Range

    Garage Door Won’t Close: Lights Blink 10 Times
  • Check battery test light If the light is dim, change the battery
  • Change the location of the transmitter in the car.
  • A metal garage door or foil-backed insulation or metal siding will reduce the transmission range Antenna extender kit is available from any Sears Store or Service Center.
  • Check to be sure the antenna on the back panel of the opener extends fully downward.
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    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Step By Step Guide

    Craftsman has remained one of the top garage door opener brands for a very long time. They have been consistent in providing the latest features and technologies in their openers, and this has kept them very relevant in the garage door industry.

    Craftsman garage door openers, just like any other garage door opener on the market, can have problems. Most of these problems can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps, and in this post, you are going to learn how to troubleshoot a craftsman garage door opener.

    Craftsman openers are self-diagnostic. This means they can detect the reason why it is not working, and then gives you a diagnostic signal. This is indicated with the Diagnostic LED found on the garage door opener. On the newer models, the diagnostic code is indicated by the Up and Down Arrows on the garage door opener. The number of times the LED blinks tells you the troubleshooting steps you need to perform. Now lets get into it.

    The Door Doesnt Open Completely

  • Is something obstructing the door?
  • If the door opens at least 5 feet, travel limits may need to be increased. One turn equals 2 inches of travel. REPEAT SAFETY REVERSE TEST after the adjustment is complete.
  • If door has been working properly but now doesnt open all the way, increase the UP FORCE. REPEAT SAFETY REVERSE TEST after the adjustment is complete.
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    The Operator Receives No Power

    Sometimes, a garage door wont open or close for one reason only the garage door operator has no power connection. In the funniest of scenarios, the problem will simply be due to an unplugged power cord. You might have absentmindedly unplugged the operator as you were exiting the garage through your internal door to the house. People sometimes do such things and forget having done so.

    Often, a more serious issue will prevent an operator from receiving power, such as a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Problems with the circuit breaker should only be handled by a professional.

    To summarize, if youre having trouble with your garage operator, its probably either unplugged or it may have blown a fuse. You can plug the cord back in or have a professional service reset your fuses.

    The issue could even be due to a faulty outlet. If you plug an electric tool or lamp into the socket, and that also fails to power, the outlet is likely the culprit in which case the operator just needs to be plugged in elsewhere until the faulty outlet is repaired.

    How And When To Adjust The Garage Door Opener Limits

    Open Your Garage Door With Your Smartphone
    • Locate the limit screws on the left panel of the motor unit.
    • If the garage door opens at least five feet from the ground, use a screwdriver to turn the Up clockwise limit screw. One complete turn of the screw equals two inches of travel of the door.
    • If the door does not close completely, turn the down limit screw counterclockwise.

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    The Keypad Is Out Of Sync

    The remote is not the only activation device that sometimes needs to be reset. If your remote works but the keypad doesnt, it might be time to reset the code. In most cases, this issue can easily be handled with the help of a users manual. You could also consult a troubleshooting guide to address the problem.

    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

    Even though these products are usually of high quality, they need repair from time to time. To find out whats wrong with your door opener, use the Craftsman garage door troubleshooting charts below. This information can be a valuable addition to the Craftsman garage door opener manual. As soon as you understand the problem, you will be able to decide whether you can make Craftsman garage door repair by yourself.

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    Craftsman 1/2 Hp Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

    If you are having problems with your Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener, you may be wondering how to fix it. This article will provide some troubleshooting tips that may help you solve the problem. We will also discuss some common causes of garage door opener problems and how to prevent them.

    A chain drive powers numerous versions of each Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener. The basic operations and functions of each model are similar. When difficulties occur, performing some simple troubleshooting measures may help you figure out whats wrong. The owner can handle most little repairs with Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door openers.

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