Craftsman Garage Door Opener Sensor

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Garage Door Reverses After Fully Closing

Safety Sensor Eyes for Liftmaster,Chamberlain & Sears Craftsman Garage Doors

All craftsman garage door openers are equipped with a reversing feature. This is a safety feature that prevents accidents and also protects the opener from damaging. When the garage door opener is first installed, it is programmed to learn the fully open and fully closed position, and then it stores it to memory.

When the garage door is closing, and it doesnt reach the fully closed position, it assumes there is an obstruction in the way, and then it reverses. This helps protect objects which may not have been detected by the safety sensors.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to follow when your Craftsman garage door opener reverses after fully closing

Check The Safety Sensors Connection To The Garage Door Opener

If the Diagnostic LED on your Craftsman garage door opener blinked two times, then it means the safety sensor is disconnected from the garage door opener. To troubleshoot this, first, check if any of the safety sensor wires have been disconnected behind your Craftsman opener. Also, verify that the wires are properly connected to the safety sensors as well.

Also, inspect the sensor cable for any signs of damage. A damaged cable may be the reason why there is short-circuit. If the cable is damaged, then you need to have it replaced.

Why Is The Green Sensor Flashing Or Flickering

If one of the sensors flickers, theres a poor signal reception on this receiver sensor. There are typically three reasons for that.

  • Dirty lens on one or both sensors.
  • Sensors are not perfectly aligned.
  • Wiring issue with a poor connection.

First, clean both sensors. Then have a quick look and see if one of them is not facing sideways. It is easy to accidentally bump into one of them and get them out of alignment. If all looks fine, grab the receiver sensor and twist it gently towards the garage door while looking at the LED indicator. If the light changed from flickering to solid theres a good chance you just fixed your issue. If that didnt help and the light still isnt turning solid, inspect the wires and look for damage or poor connections. Finally, if nothing helps, this is the time to pick up the phone and call your local garage door repair company. They will be able to troubleshoot, repair or replace your garage door sensors if needed.

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Watch This Video To See How The Pro’s Do Itthis Video Will Help You In Wiring Up Your Safety Sensors If You Have P

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What Do Garage Door Sensors Do

Chamberlain / LiftMaster / Craftsman 801CB Garage Door Opener ...

As you have most likely discovered a garage door sensors purpose is to prevent your garage door from closing. Dont worry. Obviously, you are not the only one. Thousands of homeowners have this issue daily. once you have fixed it once you will practically be a pro. Well, at least at dealing with this simple garage door repair issue.

Sometimes there is a good reason for this. In those cases we actually do not want the door to close, even though we think we do. In those rare instances it is vital that the issue is addressed and that we do not just bypass the garage door sensors.

These scenarios bring us to step one.

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Craftsman Garage Door Sensor Wiring

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Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting The Safety Reversing Sensor

If the sending eye indicator light does not flash steadily after installation, check for:

  • Electric power to the opener. The sensors should receive sufficient power from the motor unit. Replace any short circuit or damaged wire at the power outlet.
  • A short in the white or black wires. Power surges and heavy storms can cause a short circuit at the staples or the opener connections. Use a multimeter and test for continuity, and replace the wires as required.
  • Incorrect wiring between sensors and opener. The white wire should connect to the white and black wire to black.
  • A broken wire. Pests and bad weather can damage sensor wires. Replace the wires as required.

If the sending eye indicator light is steady, but the receiving eye indicator light doesnt:

  • Check the alignment of both sensors. Adjust the sensors until the bean light touches the opposite sensors lens and then tighten the brackets.
  • Look for an open wire to the receiving eye and replace it.

If the receiving eye indicator light is dim, realign either sensor.

When the beams path is obstructed or misaligned while the door is closing, the door will reverse. If the door is open, it will not close, and the opener lights will blink ten times.

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How Do I Reset My Garage Door Opener

  • Press the Learn button on the motor unit and release it after a few seconds. The Learn indicator light will glow steadily for about 30 seconds and then wait for the light to turn off.
  • Within 30 seconds, reprogram the hand-held remote control. Press and hold the button on the hand-held remote that you wish to operate your garage door.
  • When the motor unit lights blink, let go of the button on the hand-held remote. The motor has learned the code. If you have the light bulbs, you will hear two clicks from the motor.

To reset all devices, including MyQ-enabled accessories:

  • Press and hold the Learn button on the openers motor for about 6 seconds until the learn LED goes out.
  • Press and hold the Learn button again until the Learn LED goes out. The motor will delete all the codes from the openers memory. Reprogram any accessory you wish to use.

Check The Power Supply

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Assembly

The first thing you want to check is the socket your Craftsman opener is connected to. If the garage door opener is not powered up, it wont work. So, get a ladder and place it under the opener. Unplug the garage door opener from the socket-outlet, and plug in another device. This is to verify if the socket works.

The next thing to check is your homes circuit breaker or fuse. Check if the garages fuse is in good condition or the circuit breaker has not tripped open.

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How To Bypass Garage Door Sensors A Simple 1 2 3 Approach

You are here. That means you know what a garage door sensor is and what it does. You are most likely having a problem that has become a big headache for you. We know it is inconvenient anytime your garage door wont close. Now you just need to know how to bypass garage door sensors so you can go on about your day. Keep in mind this guide is only if you know for a fact the sensors are the issue. If you are unsure what the issue is call a professional garage door repair company.

Worn Out Garage Door Rollers

Door rollers are the most used parts of the garage door. Therefore, they are prone to wear over time. Door rollers have a lifespan of about 10,000-15,000 cycles when well maintained, and if you open and close the garage door about three to four times a day, your door rollers will last approximately six to seven years. Worn-out door rollers do not slide smoothly, causing a clicking sound during the opening or closing cycles. Replace your rollers when they show signs of wear. Maintain the rollers for longer through regular lubrication and annual maintenance.

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Check For Binding Or Sticking Of The Garage Door

When the garage door tracks or rollers are damaged, or the garage door is not balanced, your Craftsman opener will stop when opening. Thats because to overcome such problems, the garage door opener will operate excessively, and that can damage overheat and damage the motor. So heres how to check if the garage door parts are not damaged, and its properly balanced.

  • Disconnect your Craftsman opener from the door by pulling the emergency pull cord.
  • Lift the garage door manually. If the door is balanced, it will very easy to lift, even with one hand
  • Pay attention to the areas where the door binds or sticks. Inspect the tracks at the areas where the door sticks. Check for dents or any damage.
  • Repair the damaged part if you can, or call a garage door technician
  • To reconnect the garage door opener back to the door, activate it. It should connect automatically.

    Additional Note: The Sun May Block Your Garage Door Sensors

    Chamberlain / LiftMaster / Craftsman Garage Door Opener Replacement ...

    One thing that can block the sensors that you may not notice right away is the sun. To determine if the sun is the issue there is a simple test you can do. Simply stand outside of the garage door and use your shadow to cover the garage door sensor. Using your remote test the garage door. If it closes you have to switch which side the sensors are on. This should solve your problem. You only need a few tools. A pair of wire strippers, electrical tape and possibly a philips head screw driver and possibly a screw gun.

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    How To Bypass Garage Door Sensors

    First of all, you will only be able to bypass your sensors from the wall button. Sorry, this is not a permanent hack of the opener. It will however, work on any garage door opener no matter the brand. It is not a good idea to have sensors that do not function properly. The opener may not be smart enough to know that there is nothing really in the way so we have to convince it we know better. So, all you need to do is hold the wall button down . You must hold the wall button all the way down until the garage door hits the floor then release. If you let go of the button before the door hits the ground the sensors will kick back in to action and the door will reverse. This will allow you to close the door and have it locked into the down position using the opener. Now at least you do not have to leave the door up all day or night.

    Garage Door Opener Craftsman Closing Problem Sensors

    I’ve got a 6-year old Craftsman opener that works great in most every way but when it needs to close. Currently I have to hold the operator button down during the full close cycle. It is due in some manner to the fact that there seems to be something wrong from the door sensors, although they are aligned well and have never been bumped, knocked out of align, etc.

    The issue originated as a come and go occasional problem but has upgraded to a full time problem.

    During the problem time periods, the light on the sensors is either dim, very dim, or non-existent.

    The only other condition with the opener – although I don’t know if this is related to the main closing problem but it appears it could be – is that over the time I’ve had the opener, I’ve had to increase the down force adjustment knob several times to where it stands currently. And currently it is set to the limit of it’s adjustment range where the highest force to the door is being applied to close it.

    Anybody have any ideas as to what is wrong or bad, and can it be fixed or is this something that requires an entirely new opener. Thanks for any insight or experience you may have that could help me on this matter. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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    Wall Control Not Working

    When your Craftsman openers wall control is having a problem, the Diagnostic LED will blink three times. Also, the LED on the wall control will be off. On the newer models, the UP arrow button flashes once, and the down arrow flashes three times. This means there is a short-circuit in the wall control wire connection, or the wall control is faulty.

    To troubleshoot this issue.

  • Remove the wall control from the wall, and disconnect the wires from the back. You will need a screwdriver for this
  • Touch the bare ends of the wire together to see if the garage door activates. If the garage door opener works, it means the wires are in good condition, but the wall control is faulty, and you need to replace it with a new one. If the opener does not work, perform the next steps
  • Disconnect the wall control wire from your Craftsman opener.
  • Cut a 3-inch strand of insulated wire and peel the ends. You will use it as a jumper wire in the next step
  • Insert the jumper wire into the wall control terminals on the garage door opener to see if the garage door moves. If the garage door opener works with the jumper wire, then there is a break in the wall control wiring, and you have to replace it.
  • If your wiring was damaged, you need to have it replaced, and this Universal Garage Door Wire is an excellent wire for the job. Its about 90ft long, which is more than enough for the entire wiring without having to join wires. It simply gets the job done.

    Interchangeable Garage Door Sensors

    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Replacement Safety Sensors

    All garage door sensors produced by Chamberlain Group will work for all openers manufactured by the daughter companies.

    Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Raynor, and Craftsman garage door openers will all work with a set of standard Chamberlain sensors. In some cases, you can even get away with installing Chamberlain sensors on a Linear opener, but that is a hit and miss. Some models will work fine with a foreign set of sensors, and some wont. Therefore, hiring a professional garage door company is essential if you need your sensors replaced. Otherwise, do proper research before buying a set of sensors for your garage door opener unit to avoid returns and loss of time.

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    Adjust The Force Settings

    Over time, weather, dampness, and corrosion change the condition of the tracks and rollers, which also affects the opening and closing cycles of your Craftsman garage door opener just as it would affect a Chamberlain opener. You need to increase or decrease the openers force to compensate for these changes on the tracks and rollers. The force setting is the power that controls the drop and rise of the garage door.

    Where Are Garage Door Sensors Located

    If youre trying to troubleshoot the garage door not closing issue, this will be an important question to ask. Garage door sensors are located at the bottom of the vertical tracks, one on each side of the door. Usually, they are mounted 10-15cm from the floor and look like a tiny black box with LED indicators. In order to start troubleshooting, you will need to understand which sensor sends the signal and which one receives it.

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    How And When To Adjust The Garage Door Opener Limits

    • Locate the limit screws on the left panel of the motor unit.
    • If the garage door opens at least five feet from the ground, use a screwdriver to turn the Up clockwise limit screw. One complete turn of the screw equals two inches of travel of the door.
    • If the door does not close completely, turn the down limit screw counterclockwise.

    Check The Tracks And Rollers For Sticking And Binding

    41A4373 Liftmaster Safety Sensors fit Garage Door Opener manufactured ...

    Inspect the tracks and rollers for any bends and damages. Crooked tracks and damaged rollers will not allow the garage door to close completely. If you notice any bends on the tracks, use a hammer and camps to straighten it or call a garage door technician.

    For the rollers, replace them and lubricate them with white lithium or silicone-based grease.

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    Why Genuine Parts Matter

    Unfortunately, many garage door parts offered for sale online are actually low-quality counterfeits. Even some sellers that seem reputable are selling knock-off, counterfeit products in order to keep their costs and their prices lower than the competition.

    At, we stand behind all of our products as we have since 1964 at our local stores. We ONLY sell genuine parts that come directly from the original manufacturer. Those parts are guaranteed to meet exacting quality standards, and are eligible for all manufacturer warranties. At you can purchase with confidence, knowing that each product you receive is a true, genuine part.

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    Craftsman Garage Door Sensor Wiring

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    Craftsman Garage Door Sensor Wiring

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