Craftsman Garage Door Opener Installation

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How To Install A Garage Door Opener

How to install a garage door opener! (Craftsman Smart Garage door opener Model #57918)



2-4 hours

Garage door openers must be installed properly to ensure the mechanism fits to specifications and operates safely. Most garage door openers feature a carriage that runs on a rail or along a tube from a motor to the front of the garage, and an arm that connects the carriage to the garage door. Popular chain drive garage door openers connect the motor to the carriage with a chain. In a belt drive garage door opener, a belt connects the motor and carriage. In a direct drive garage opener, the carriage travels along a large, threaded rod.

This guide reviews how to install a garage door opener and offers tips for successful garage door installation.

Installing a garage door opener is a moderately challenging task that can be accomplished in an afternoon using essential tools you probably already have in your home collection.

Page 1: Install The Header Bracket

  • Page 14 INSTALLATION STEP Attach Rail to the Header Bracket Position the opener on the garage floor below the header bracket, Use packing material as a protective base, NOTE: If the door spring is in the way you’ll need help. Have someone hold the opener securely on a temporary support to allow the rail to clear the spring.
  • Garage Door Opener Installation

    Garage door opener installation is not an annual project. Its not even part of your home improvement projects. Its a way to upgrade the overall electric garage system, increase further the security of your house, and gain some more protection. With new openers, you get some extra features which make even remote access possible. And when it comes to such high tech systems and your safety, you must be certain of the skills of the techs. You can completely trust the expertise of our professionals at Garage Door Repair Vaughan, Ontario.

    We dont simply bring experience into every single project but also respond quickly when you need opener repair services in Vaughan and have the qualifications to install any branded opener. So call us to schedule garage door opener installation in Vaughan and lets start by focusing on your needs.

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    Serving Markham And The Surrounding Areas

    Markham Garage Doors is the premier expert in residential and commercial garage door installation, repair and maintenance for homeowners throughout , Ontario, and the surrounding communities including the Aurora, Newmarket and Richmond Hill areas. Learn more about our garage door services by visiting our Markham showroom, speaking to one of our team members at 905-472-9178, or completing our online contact form.

    Hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener With Anti

    1/2 Horsepower Chain Drive Craftsman Opener

    You can choose from one of many models of garage door openers offered by Craftsman, but one of the most popular is the 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with Anti-Burglary Coding. This state of the art garage door opener comes with a Posilock system that ensures the garage door is always secured after you have closed the door, along with an extra gentle and quiet 1/2 HP motor. Also, the anti-burglary feature sends a new code each and every time you use your garage door, making it nearly impossible for thieves to break into your house through the garage, which studies tell us is a popular option among criminals.

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    Quiet And Smooth Performance

    Another benefit of using craftsman garage door opener is their zero noise performance. With advanced belt drives manufactured with reinforced steel, the garage openers of this brand are capable of offering smooth and quiet performance for years to come. If your garage happens to be in or around a living area then this will be the brand to invest in.

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    Mount The Header Bracket

    The garage door opener mounting bracket, also called the header bracket, secures the carriage tube to the wall above the door. The exact location depends on the type of door, but it is usually installed at the door center point.

    • Manually lift the garage door to find the point of highest travel. Use a level and mark the wall above the door for this height.
    • Measure two inches above the first mark and make a second mark.
    • Line up the bottom edge of the header bracket with this second line, then attach to the wall with the appropriate fasteners.
    • Lift the free end of the carriage tube and attach it to the header bracket. Make sure the power unit is resting on a pad to prevent it from getting scratched.
    • Once the carriage tube is attached to the header bracket, raise up the power unit. Set it securely on top of a stepladder so it’s close to the ceiling.

    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manual: All Models

    How to Assemble and Install a CRAFTSMAN® Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

    In this post, youll find downloadable links to all models of Craftsman garage door opener manual. Craftsman, over the years, has made over 200 different models of garage door openers. Because of this, it can be quite daunting looking on the internet to find the right manual for your specific model when you need it. Which is why I compiled all the owners manual for Craftsman garage door openers in one post.

    Something worth knowing is, if you are looking to fix a problem with your Craftsman opener, I have a much simpler and easy to follow guide on how to troubleshoot Craftsman garage door openers. I recommend you check it out.

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    How To Troubleshoot Your Craftsman Garage Door Opener

    Craftsman garage door openers are one of the best on the market. Exceptional technology and high-performing products are what have made Craftsman one of the most trusted brands. But like many household appliances, they experience wear and tear that can affect performance. Most issues can be fixed with the help of a Craftsman garage door opener manual which is full of tips and suggestions to keep your unit working efficiently. The craftsman garage door sensor also provides alerts to potential issues which can help prevent damage and avoid injury. Lets review some Craftsman garage door opener remote troubleshooting solutions so you can quickly identify the problems and ensure your unit is operating the way it should.

    The Best Hp Craftsman Belt Drive Opener

    A simpler Craftsman garage door opener choice would be the 54915 ½ HP AC belt drive model. Its best quality is that it provides quiet operation thanks to the motor vibration isolation system, but it doesnt connect with internet nor has a battery backup function. Other than that, it features all the safety and security systems included in the 54990 model and is an inexpensive choice for doors weighing up to 300 pounds.

    The Craftsman opener repair services we offer

    Whichever Craftsman opener you own, you can rely on our professional team for service. We do take care of unexpected problems and especially with issues related to your safety and the security of your home. Any problem with the chain or belt, sensors, wiring or motor is fixed as fast as possible. We fix all types of Craftsman residential openers found on the market of Ontario and provide quick assistance to our customers in Toronto. Our services extend to opener maintenance, replacement and installation. We replace and install Craftsman openers, change the damaged parts, troubleshoot problems and check the system. Call us if you need Craftsman garage door opener repair now!

    Our Services

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    /2 Hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Kit

    • CHAIN DRIVE: Rugged steel construction delivers toughness and durability you can count on
    • LIFT POWER: Reliable Lifting Force of ½ HP is ideal for light daily use on a 7 ft. garage door extension kits are required for an 8 ft. door or for a 10 ft. door
    • SECURE ACCESS: Each time the remote is activated, a new access signal is sent from billions of possible combinations to prevent interception of the radio signal by would-be hackers

    Find The Learn Button On The Garage Door Opener

    craftsman 1/2 hp chain drive garage door opener installation

    The LEARN button is crucial when programming your garage opener. The LEARN button establishes communication between the opener and the remote.

    The location of this button revolves around the different models, but its usually close to the antenna in most garage door openers.

    The wire of the antennas color matches the color of the button, so if the wire is yellow, the button will be yellow too.

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    Q: What Are The Benefits Of Craftsman Garage Door Openers

    A: Following are the major benefits of the Craftsman garage door openers:


    Imagine a scenario in which you have just returned from the grocery store. Would you prefer opening the garage door from the comfort of your car via remote control?

    Of course, you would. Especially when the other option would be for you to leave your car, walk to the garage door, and manually open it. Thats how garage door openers add convenience to your life.


    Make sure you get a garage door opener with rolling codes. These devices change their built-in password every time you press the remote button, meaning only you can access your garage.

    Another great option that some garage door sensors provide is Vacation mode. Activating it will disable the remote and wont let anyone open the door from outside, thereby keeping thieves and burglars at bay.


    One great feature that most modern garage door openers come with is built-in lighting. They have small LEDs dotting the entire upper strip of the opener that would otherwise have lay vacant.

    This type of lighting can be invaluable, especially if theres no street lighting in front of your home. It will also come handy in bad weather or during the long winter nights.


    One study has found that garage door openers pose a risk of death or severe brain injury to children. The danger is realized when children walk past malfunctioning openers and are crushed by them.

    Low energy consumption


    Peace of mind

    Get Access When You Need

    Imagine gaining access to your home, even when you are not present there in person. Thanks to unique internet enabled interface of Craftsman openers for making that happen. You can now use your Smartphone and let your friends and relatives enter your house, even in your absence. Moreover, with the availability of this particular feature, you can close your garage

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    Can Homeowners Repair Craftsman Garage Doors By Themselves

    It might seem like a sound cost-cutting measure to fix your garage yourself. You can find troubleshooting tips on YouTube, blogs, and social media. However, unless you have professional training in garage door repair, it is not a good idea to attempt a DIY repair.

    The garage door is a heavy piece of equipment. If you do not install the belt or chain correctly, you increase the risk that the garage door might not work correctly or might descend abruptly, causing a safety hazard.

    Attempting to fix your garage door opener by yourself might void the warranty and expose you to repair costs if you need a professional to fix it later.

    Many garage door components, such as the torsion spring, are under pressure and can cause injury if you do not handle them properly. If you have not replaced a belt, chain, or spring on a garage door before, leave the task to a professional for the best results.

    Even if you get your garage door working, you might not be able to notice problems with the repair job that could eventually cause the garage door to fail or wear out prematurely.

    When you call Melikson Garage Door in Santa Clara, CA, they will carefully test and inspect your garage door opener before signing off on the job.

    Test The New Remote Control

    Very Detailed Install of the Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener

    Before you put the ladder away and call it a day, you must test the new remote control. You can stand in front of your garage and press the Open button on your remote. If the door opens, it means youve successfully programmed the garage door opener. If it doesnt open, repeat steps four and five.

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    Keep Both The Buttons Pressed

    Once you have pressed both buttons and held them down for a few seconds, the indicator light on the garage door opener will start flashing. This might take anywhere between a few seconds and half-a-minute.

    As the light starts flashing, let go of the buttons you have pressed. Its an indication that your old Craftsman garage door opener has been programmed with your new remote control.

    Craftsman Hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener With Two Multi

    For homeowners who are in search of a powerful garage door opener that has a lifting capacity of up to a 7 high garage door, that is easy to install and is low-maintenance, there is no better opener for you to choose other than the CRAFTSMAN ½ Hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with Two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad.

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    Assemble The Carriage Tube

    • Before assembly, confirm that you have all the required garage door opener parts.
    • Assemble the carriage tube as directed by the manufacturer. The carriage tube will allow the carriage to travel from the power unit to the front wall of the garage to raise and lower the door.
    • Make sure to seat the carriage tube pieces securely.
    • Measure to verify that the assembled length matches the length required by the manufacturer.
    • Make any necessary adjustments with a socket wrench or other tool as directed.

    Tip: Have a helper on hand to make the installation go more quickly.

    Craftsman Garage Door Replacement

    Looking for Craftsman model 13953479 garage door opener repair ...

    If you have faced the need for Craftsman garage door opener replacement, you are also welcome to contact STI Garage door for professional assistance. Our experts will be able to suggest the best option to replace the door with.

    Whats more, sometimes extending the service life of the old door can still be possible. For example, there may be a need for Craftsman garage door opener repair, and surely, it will cost less than replacing the whole door. Being guided by our practical experience, we will be able to suggest the best option for your case, saving you from extra costs.

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    Safe Customers With Correct Garage Door Opener Installation

    Which motor is best for your door? Is it necessary to get a chain drive opener? Will you prefer a belt drive motor instead due to its quieter operation? From chain and belt to screw drive opener choices, rest assured that there are many options among the best brands worldwide. You can trust the help of our staff when choosing to install garage door opener units because we assist you wisely. The characteristics of your door make all the difference when you choose openers and our technicians are masters in such tasks.

    We are devoted to your needs and since these have to do with your comfort and safety, we focus on these aspects during our Vaughan garage door opener installation services. We connect the wires, hang the unit, make adjustments, test the safety features, and only leave when the opener system is fitted perfectly. Its vital for all opener components to be properly aligned, adjusted, and connected and thats why we fix any problematic part quickly.

    Rest assured that we can install but also maintain and fix any brand. From the most recent Liftmaster and Genie openers to Marantec and Craftsman operators, we offer garage door opener repair and installation to the full satisfaction of the client. Contact our team to start planning the replacement of your opener. Or call us for repairs.

    Our Services

    How To Easily Find The Manual For Your Craftsman Garage Door Opener

    If you know your Craftsman opener model number, awesome. If you dont know, then follow the steps described above to know the model number of your garage door opener.

    Below is a table with all models of Craftsman garage door openers and their owners manual. The long exhaustive way to find the manual is to go through the list till you find the model number of your opener and then download the manual. I dont recommend you do that.

    Alternatively, simply type the model number of your Craftsman garage door opener in the search bar. The table will reload and show only the manual which corresponds with the model number you typed.

    Something to note is, some of the manuals are made for multiple Craftsman opener models. This means you might find your model number in the same row as several other model numbers.

    Model Number
    Owner’s Manual

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