Commercial Garage Door Size Chart

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Aluminum And Glass Full

Garage Door|What Sizes Are Available?|Hamilton|Niagara

Choosing the right commercial aluminum or glass garage door adds a pleasing sparkle to any space. Due to the transparency of this garage door style, natural light can make its way into your office, warehouse or indoor-outdoor space. Car dealerships, restaurants, firehouses and modern commercial retail spaces often make use of these beautiful garage doors.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying New Garage Doors

Are you buying a new garage door for an existing garage or are you building a new garage? If youre looking for a garage door replacement, your goal is to determine the exact size of door you need. This is where precise garage measuring will come into play which we will discuss later.

In particular, you must know the amount of space you have in your garage for the lifts. Lifts are the tracks installed in your garage that allow the door to open. Your goals for your garage and the amount of space you have will determine which type of lifts to buy.

On the other hand, if you are building a new garage, you need to think about what function you need the garage to serve. How many vehicles do you plan to park in the garage? How big are they? What is the architectural style of your home?

A certain garage size does not mean you have to have a certain garage door size. Two garages of different sizes can have the same size doors. Two same-size garages can have different door sizes.

All of these are factors that play a part in your purchase of new garage doors and determining what size is best for your garage.

Commercial Garage Door Service And Repair

A broken commercial garage door is not just inconvenient its also a safety hazard to your employees and customers. In addition to this, a door in need of garage door service or repair can threaten the security of your businesss location.Since closures and entry doors are a huge part of any commercial garage door service company, we have trained our technicians to handle any repair involving these parts in as little time as possible without sacrificing for quality work. Throughout the service and repair process, our technicians will constantly communicate with you so that youre aware of whats going on at all times.If youre in need of a service provider to take care of broken entry doors, closures, springs, rollers, or any other component of your commercial garage door in a flash, call us today 647-931-0097 !

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Ordering Your New Garage Door

Once youve determined your garage door size and are ready to move forward with purchasing a new door, well be here to help. Call , and a member of our team will be available to assist.

Please be aware, though, that as of summer 2021, supply chain issues such as material availability, labor shortages, and shipping delays continue to affect product availability and installation timelines. Even common-sized garage doors may require special ordering. Our team is doing everything we can to ensure you receive the best product in a timely manner, but we ask for and appreciate your continued patience.

Importance Of Keeping Commercial Doors In Good Condition

Standard Garage Door Dimensions and Sizes (Charts)

We at Commercial Door Repair Richmond Hill are one of the most reputed companies in this space and ensure that you are provided high grade services at pricing that fits in perfectly with your needs. Take a look at why timely Commercial Door Repair is important:

Mechanical doorways that dont function well can be a major hazard to people visiting and working on your property.

The bases of the doorways have to be aligned perfectly with the pathway or it can lead to tripping accidents and injuries. In turn, this can expose your company/ business to lawsuitsNon-functional doors create a very bad impression on customers and it can impact the profitability of your business.

Doors that operate erratically or look shabby because they are ill-maintained will mar the appearance of your property.

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Double Garage Door Sizes

Double sized garage doors can be twice the size of a single garage door plus about three feet of space between the vehicles parked in the garage. Such doors can be convenient as opening for a large space, but consideration is the door is much heavier and is going to require a more powerful garage door opener motor, and is going to need heavier springs and pulleys as part of the opening system.

How Much Do You Wish To Spend

Because different commercial garage doors are made from different materials and in different designs, it goes without saying that their prices will vary from material to material and from design to design.

Think upfront about your budget to avoid wasting time on doors you are not going to buy. Do your research to know how much the installation is going to cost and what extras you will be required to buy.

However, be careful about compromising on durability or safety just to save a few bucks. It may cost cheap now but drain all your savings later in repairs and maintenance. So, even if you are on a budget, try to go for the highest-quality product you can get for the money.

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Commercial Doors Vs Residential Doors

Typically, commercial garage doors are suited to whichever commercial application for which they are designed. As a result, there is a huge variety of commercial garage doors in terms of size, shape and material. Residential doors are designed specifically for use in residential homes and are of a more standardised size and material, but do offer a greater number of aesthetics and design choices.

Commercial garage doors can be used much more often than a residential garage door. Some commercial garage doors open and close dozens or hundreds of times throughout the day , while some are only used once or twice per day . Some commercial garage doors are huge in comparison to even the largest of residential garage doors . Additionally, cost, reliability and ease of repair are of greater importance in the case of commercial garage doors. As such, roller doors are generally preferred above sectional garage doors.

Given the wide range of different applications, there is an equally wide range of commercial garage doors. The best way to determine which set-up is the best for you is to give us a call on and talk to us about the application for which you will be using the door. Well be able to walk you through the options and help you determine which is the best option for you.

Learn More With Banko Overhead Doors

Garage dimensions- what size of garage and garage door(s) should you build?

At Banko Overhead Doors, we have over 30 years of commercial garage door installation, repair and maintenance service throughout Tampa, FL, and its surrounding areas, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Herndon, Manatee, Sarasota and Polk Counties. We offer a wide selection of commercial garage doors that can suit your business needs, and many styles are available in customizable sizing options. For our customers convenience, we also offer free installation estimates, rapid response times and fair pricing with no hidden costs.

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What Type Of Garage Door Opener Should I Buy

Three common types of garage door openers are Belt Drive, Chain Drive, and Jackshaft Drive. Chain Drive garage door openers are strong and reliable, but they can be noisy.

Jackshaft garage door openers are also sometimes called wall-mount garage door openers. These are not recommended for all garages but are great for some with certain conditions. They work for garage doors with low headroom, garages with large windows above the door, and garages with cathedral ceilings.

OGD recommends Belt Drive Garage Door openers because they are strong, reliable, quiet, and require less maintenance.

Garage Door Extension Spring Size Chart

Extension Spring Chart
25-42-300 TAN

If the door weighs 115 to 125 lbs, itll need a green extension spring which is 25 long at rest and 67 when stretched. It has a 150-inch wire diameter and 1.34 outside diameter when the spring is at rest.

The blue color is for ones that weigh 135-145 lbs. They are 170 in wire diameter and 2,50 of o/d. Accordingly, the length in the rest state is the same as in green and the other following colors.

For 155-165 lbs of weight, youll need a purple spring that is 160 o/d and 180 of wire diameter.

Finally, the orange color is the one you should choose when the weight fits into the range of 175185 lbs. In this case, the wire diameter will be 195 and o/d 1,75.

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Up And Over Type Door: Benefits

  • This type is one of the most popular ones. Why? Because this garage door is easy to install. The simple construction consists of a one-piece panel, so its easy to use too.
  • The canopy mechanism provides a full drive through width when open. You can also convert it to use with the remote control.
  • The up and over type serves best as a single garage door for one car.

You may find these tips useful when installing an up and over garage door.

Commercial Rollup Door Sizing Guide

Gliderol Roller Garage Door Technical Specification

When designing a commercial space or replacing an existing rolling door, architects, designers, contractors and other involved parties need to find a door that will fit the opening. When you work with Cornell, any rollup door you order will be made to fit. We love solving unique specification challenges and offer more sizing and design flexibility than other products on the market. We’ll work closely with you to determine your sizing needs and can even spec out your rolling doors for you.

Learn more about the custom rollup door sizes we offer and how to measure an existing doorframe for a new Cornell rolling door.

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Standard Garage Door Sizes: Double Garage Door

The most popular size garage door for garages accommodating two vehicles is 16 feet but they can go as large as 20 feet. While some double garage doors come in 14 feet, that will be a very tight squeeze for two vehicles. A 14-foot double garage door could work for you if you plan to park a car with a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle.

How To Measure Up And Over Doors

Measurements for up and over garage doors are quite simple. In most cases, all you need to know is the height and width of the garage opening. Although, theres one thing to keep in mind.

Measurements do differ depending on how exactly you want to install the door. An up and over garage door has an inner frame and operating gear. It will take up extra space, so the actual opening will be smaller. Frame legs are usually around 60 mm wide.

Installing the door behind the opening gives you more freedom. It lets you use all of the opening width.

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Commercial Overhead Garage Doors Offer Your Business The

According to wikipedia’s research, commercial garage door size chart, which grows 23.8% every year, gives a happy life to 7 out of 10 people. Below you can find pages that will show you all the door models available in some of our most popular sizes. A typical truck will be able to drive in and out of any of these doors with ease.

How To Measure Sectional Doors

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes

Apart from standard measurements, you need to keep in mind a few more things.

  • Sectional garage doors require 90 mm on each side of the opening to install. To function properly, it also needs around 100210 mm of headroom above the top doors panel.
  • As it goes further into the garage on the horizontal rails, you need to have enough free space inside the garage . Its the height of the door plus approximately 350600 mm.

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Commercial Garage Door Sizes

Before investing in a new commercial garage door, its essential to understand your style and sizing options to ensure the product you install facilitates easy entry for trucks and safe loading and unloading. A commercial garage door can add style, versatility and functionality to your property.

The two most common types of commercial garage doors are overhead and roll-up options:

  • Overhead Doors: Standard overhead garage doors are 32 feet by 2 inches wide and 24 feet by 1 inch high. When considering which commercial garage door will best suit your daily activity, determine if this size will fit your needs. If not, look into finding garage door options that can be constructed with extra height dimensions or search for a larger type of commercial door, like a roll-up commercial door, with larger standard widths and heights. Overhead garage doors offer supreme weather resistance, high security and increased energy efficiency. Depending on the size of commercial overhead door you need, the style you want to achieve, and your garage space, you may want to consider different industrial options.

Whats The Door Used For

In other words, what will you be storing in your garage? If it is something that can be harmed by extreme weather conditions, itâs best to have an insulated door.

But looking at the table above, we can see that insulated doors are usually smaller than ordinary overheads or roll-ups, meaning they may not fit in applications where the garage will be storing extra wide or tall vehicles or materials. So, think about this before you place your order.

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Side Hinged Door: Benefits

  • This is another classic type of garage door. It has proven to be reliable and now gains popularity once again. Its practical and exceptionally simple.
  • The doors usually hinge outwards and dont take any space in the garage itself. This door type makes it possible to open only one leaf to access your garage. Side hinged doors last longer because they have the minimum of moving mechanical parts.
  • Its a perfect option for those who often need quick access to the garage. It makes a good single garage door. And it works even better for vehicles other than the car.

Two Single Garage Doors Or One Double Garage Door


Before we continue with other standard garage door sizes, those needing to park two vehicles may be wondering if they should choose two single garage doors or one double garage door. The most common choices are between two 8-foot single garage doors or one 16-foot door.

Which is a more inexpensive option? Which is more practical? Which looks better?

Imagine a garage door malfunctions. If you have a second garage door, you still have access to one of the vehicles until youre able to repair the broken door. On the other hand, if you have a double door and it breaks, both of your vehicles will be stuck in the garage.

Therefore, two single garage doors can be slightly more practical. Price

The cost of a double garage door or two single garage doors is about the same. However, if you plan to install an automatic garage door opener, you will have to pay for two systems for two separate doors. A double garage door only needs one opener, making it a slightly cheaper option. Aesthetics

Choosing between the look of two single doors vs. one double door comes down to a matter of taste.

Two single garage doors will have a central post of column separating them, which could be a stylistic detail that complements certain architectural styles.

On the other hand, a double garage door can create a more symmetrical look in the overall architecture of the home.

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Standard Garage Door Sizes

Single Garage Doors

The most common single garage door sizes are 8 x 7, 8 x 8, 9 x 7, and 9 x 8. They can be anywhere between 7 8 ft tall and 8 10 ft wide. Less common garage door sizes are 9 12 ft in height.

Some companies do offer 9 12 ft tall garage doors, and theyre becoming more common in recent years. You can also order these sizes as custom garage doors.

Double Garage Doors

The most common double garage door size is 16 x 7, though they can be anywhere between 7 8 ft high and 12 20 ft wide.

If you need a double garage door in a nonstandard size, these can also be ordered custom.

Triple Garage Doors

For triple car garages, youll have multiple garage doors with a post between them for structural stability. This is typically either:

  • Three single car garage doors
  • One single garage door and one double garage door

There are currently no standard sizes if you want to put one large garage door on a residential three car garage.

Is There A Standard Size Garage Door

Single garage doors are often 8 feet wide by 7 feet tall with double car garages 16 feet by 7 feet. A custom sized garage door is not more expensive than what many call standard size doors. The benefit of working with Dodds is that all garage doors are built to your custom specification. There are very few sizes that we cant make.

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Double Car Garage Door Size

A double car garage door is one door unit that is big enough to accommodate 2 cars. Some homeowners with just one vehicle opt to install double doors, so they can have space for cabinets, garden tools, and a work shed. Sizes for such doors are usually 12 feet to 18 feet in width and 7 feet to 8 feet in height.

Double Garage Door Size

How to Get the Right Size Garage Door Spring

If you prefer the look of a double-wide garage door, then you would be looking at standard measurements of 12×7, 14×7, and 16×7. If you use your garage for more than just storing cars, this may be the option to choose when building your garage, as it allows you some flexibility around where you park your car, otherwise, they will fit two common vehicles much the way a standard garage door would.

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