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Garage Door Opener How To Program A Wireless Chamberlain Universal Keypad

Made by an absolute powerhouse in home control manufacturing, Chamberlain garage door openers and other smartphone-enabled products can be found in homes throughout the world. Not only do Chamberlain products offer reliability, intelligence, and efficiency, they also bring simplicity to the installation side of home control. Enhance your life the easy way with Chamberlain.

Chamberlain Group B503 Ultra

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener B503 is made of high-grade materials for longevity and ultimate performance. It incorporates a MED lift power system, which offers a lifting force equivalent to ½ HP. It can be upgraded to MyQ smartphone control to get to know garage door status from anywhere. Chamberlain Garage Door Opener remote provides a superior range of 1500 feet with its exclusive triband technology.

Encryption protection is enabled against RF hacking using unmatched security +2.0. 100 billion code encryption. Also, Posilock anti-theft feature ensures that door stays locked after closing to stop any attempt of forced entry. Being provided with pre-programmed remotes, snap-lock rail systems, and tech support, Chamberlain Remote Garage Door Opener is easy to install.

Chamberlain B550 Garage Door Opener

B550 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is the latest generation of opener technology from Chamberlain. This best Garage Door Opener is extremely quiet and has improved to be more secure and convenient than earlier models. Chamberlain B550 is fully compatible with your smartphones and almost any smart home system. This Garage Door Opener has an electric motor of ½ horsepower, ideal for steel or aluminum garage doors measured 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall. But as B550 powered by Chamberlains Lift Power System, it can handle a heavier garage door, such as a wooden garage door is better than a typical belt drive Garage Door Opener. However, you love the fact that you can use a remote to open a door from 1,500 feet away because of its exclusive Tri-band technology.

Moreover, its very convenient as it allows you to get into the house very fast, especially in winter when outside weather is extremely cold. Like other Chamberlain Garage Door Opener models, this belt drive Garage Door Opener features built-in WiFi and Chamberlain MyQ App. Hence, you can get real-time alerts, open, close, and know your garage doors status from anywhere. As B550 is the latest generation of Chamberlain Garage Door Openers, it is equipped with the highest encryption and monitoring level. Hence, this can protect your home from every hacker. Finally, to lift your garage door, consider a stronger version of this Garage Door Opener Chamberlain B550.

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Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B980 Ultra

Chamberlain universal Garage Door Opener B980 is an ultimate security bundle to secure your garage. It incorporates all top quality security features. DC belt drive opener is ultra-quiet in operation and has built-in WiFi as well. automatic garage door lock ensures that the garage door is locked well each time it closes. You can connect to Chamberlain Garage Door Opener via MyQ app to get real time access from your smartphone.

Battery backup ensures that the garage door is operational even during power outages. package includes a WiFi DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener, Garage Door Opener steel reinforced-belt, automatic garage door lock, safety sensors, two 3-button elite remote controls, a wireless keypad, MyQ control panel, mounting hardware, and an instruction manual.

Chamberlain Group C410 Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Universal 2

Durable chain drive Chamberlain Garage Door Opener C410 is designed with a durable chain drive with rugged steel construction to deliver optimum performance. Chamberlain MED lift power system provides a lifting power of ½ HP. Chamberlain universal Garage Door Opener can be upgraded to MyQ smartphone control by purchasing a smart garage hub.

Two 3 button remotes allow you to control openers or interior lighting modules. Trusted safety and security is ensured with Posilock anti-theft system and unmatched security+2.0. 100 billion code encryption. Chamberlain remote Garage Door Opener has a warranty of ten years for motor and one year for chain, parts, and other accessories.

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Chamberlain Group Rjo20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group RLO20 is a direct wall mount Garage Door Opener. It is a space-saving door opener. With its new advanced technology, it reduces vibration, and a smartphone-enabled monitoring system allows customized notification and control through MyQ mobile App. real-time monitoring helps to know whether the door is open or closed.

Also, to ensure maximum security, it has a full encryption technology with security+2.0, which gives an extra layer of protection to prevent hacking. Also, through the automatic door lock feature, it instantly locks after we close the door. Its space-saving design and extra security make this product more unique.

Easy To Program & Compatible With Most Major Brands

The KLIK5U Clicker features clear and simple instructions for programming your remote to match the settings on your old one. Simply remove the front panel and push the Smart/Learn program button. A programming instructional video is available on our official website.

The KLIK5U Clicker is designed to be used with garage door systems that feature photo-eye safety sensors which are compliant with current federal safety regulations.

The Clicker is compatible with Genie, Linear, Stanley, Overhead Door, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and more.

Chamberlain KLIK5U Clicker Universal Remote Control, one coin cell battery, visor clip and instructions.

Operates Two Doors for Added Convenience

The KLIK5U Clicker has two buttons and can be used with two different garage door manufacturers or frequencies. You can also program one or both of the buttons for use with Chamberlain gate operators. With one convenient remote for two operations, you can streamline your garage door operating system.

  • 2 button design allows control of up to 2 garage door openers or gate systems at once.
  • Compatible with almost all brands of garage doors manufactured after 1993.
  • Program remote in seconds.

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Best Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Of 2022

If you want to secure your home very well, you must have this Chamberlain Garage door opener. Thieves can find an easy way to enter your house if you dont have the best Garage Door Opener. Moreover, once you install a door opener, you can also be provided with great comforts as you may not need to open the door manually. Hence, we strongly recommend this Chamberlain Garage Door Opener. Remote controls, keypads, and WiFi technology can all make your garage door system easier to use.

How To Program A Chamberlain Universal Remote

How to Program Chamberlain’s Universal Remote Control Model KLIK3U to a Garage Door Opener

An automated garage door is something we tend to take for granted. We rely on our door openers to help us get safely in and out when it rains, to protect our cars and homes and to provide an added level of convenience in our day-to-day lives.

Chamberlains Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control is designed to work with all major garage door opener brands and can be programmed to operate up to two different branded garage door openers from the same remote. This means no more fumbling around to find the right garage door remote in the morning rush, or in the dark.

The good news is programming the remote can take less than a minute! Here are some instructions that will help you program most garage door openers. If you have an ATA garage door opener, refer to the remotes unique instruction manual.

Its a good idea to read through all steps before commencing and ensure youre familiar with the control buttons. Once youve started programming, its important to continue to the next step reasonably quickly


1. Locate the learn button on your garage door opener. It could also be labelled CODE, CODE SET, DOOR CODE, RADIO SET, S, or something similar.

2. Ensure your garage door is closed and free of obstructions.

3. Press and hold the bottom button on the remote control until the blue LED light stays on solid , then release the button .

4. Press the learn button on your garage door opener for 2-3 seconds, then release it.

Tips if youre programming two doors

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Myq Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain Myq

With Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener, you get real-time alerts and need not have to worry whether the garage door is left open. It enables you to open and close the garage door with your smartphone. You can also set time to complete the garage and receive real-time alerts when the door is opened or closed.

MyQ is compatible with most Garage Door Openers, including Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Stanley, Craftsman Garage Door Opener, and so on. It offers guest access by which you can invite up to three people to operate the garage door. This device helps you to convert your garage into a smart garage and be worry-free.

Programming A Chamberlain Door Opener Keypad

  • 1Find the Learn button on your garage door opener. This button is above the antenna wire that hangs from the garage door openers motorhead. If your button is hidden by a light cover, youll need to remove this cover first. Next to the Learn button is a small LED light, which is used to identify the type of garage door opener you have.XResearch source
  • 2Look at the LED light inside the opener to find your opener ID. The color of the LED light indicates the type of garage door you have, which determines your opener ID. Check the manual of your door opener keypad to figure out what ID corresponds to your garage door.XResearch source
  • Although there are exceptions, a rule of thumb is that doors with a red/orange LED have an ID of 2, doors with a purple LED have an ID of 3, doors with a green LED have an ID of 4, and doors with a yellow LED have an ID of 8.
  • However, your specific garage door brand may have a different ID, so double-check your manual to be sure.
  • 3Press and hold the * and # buttons on your keypad. Your keypad will flash for a bit, then stop, at which point you can let go of the buttons. Its now ready to be programmed.XResearch source
  • 4Program your keypad. Enter a 4-digit PIN, which can be anything you choose, then press the # sign. After this, enter your ID number, and press the # sign again. Your keypad is now programmed.XResearch source
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    Universal Outdoor Keypad For Any Garage Door

    Add convenient outdoor access to any garage door by installing the Chamberlain Original Clicker Universal Wireless Garage Keypad. This easy-to-use, weather-resistant keypad lets you enter a 4-digit pin to open/close your garage door without a remote or key. It’s easy to program and easy to mount onto your wall. When you’re outside and you want to conveniently open/close your garage door, you’ll be happy to have the Original Clicker Keypad.

    • Works with all major brands of garage door openers
    • Supports one permanent 4-digit PIN
    • Backlit buttons for easy nighttime use
    • Sliding cover protects keypad from all weather conditions
    • Quick and easy to program secure encryption helps prevent hacking
    • Rigorous quality testing ensures lasting performance

    As a universal keypad, the Original Clicker Universal Wireless Garage Keypad is compatible with over 90 percent of all garage door openers installed in North America, including major brands such as Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, Craftsman®, Genie® and many more.

    Chamberlain Myq G0201 Garage Door Opener

    Chamberlain Original Clicker Black Universal Garage Door Opener by ...

    Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 Garage Door Controller is enabled with smartphone technology. By using Chamberlain MYQ G0201 Garage Door Controller, you can be able to know whether your garage door is open or shut, even if you are far away from home. The device allows to continuously keep a check on your garage door from anywhere. You can also receive continuous notifications on your phone as and when your garage door opens and shuts. Chamberlain MYQ G0201 Garage Door Controller comes with a WiFi Garage Door Opener kit.

    Moreover, this Chamberlain MyQ-G0201 MYQ-garage can be easily fitted into any garage door made after 1993. MYQ-G0201 Garage Door Controller app is compatible with IPhone 4, IPhone5, and IPhone 5s. It is also compatible with IPad and Android phones. Chamberlain MYQ-g0201 MyQ-garage controls your Garage Door Opener with your smartphone.

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    Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B1381 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

    Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Opener B1381 comprises a precision-engineered LED system that provides corner to corner lighting for your entire garage with illumination of 3100 lumens. You can program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener to get real-time access with built-in WiFi connectivity and MyQ connectivity. Battery backup ensures that the garage door is accessible even during power outages.

    Chamberlain Belt Drive Garage Door Opener offers a greater lifting capacity of 1.25 HPS. It is compatible to be used with garage doors of seven feet in height. It can be used with 8 and 10 feet doors by means of an extension kit. package includes battery backup, wireless keypad, full-function wall control, 2 three-button remotes, and safety sensors.

    Programming A Remote Control With The Garage Door Opener

  • 1Find the Learn button on your garage door opener. The Learn button is how youll be programming your remote. Its located above the antenna wire that hangs from the garage door openers motorhead . It may be covered by a light cover, which youll need to remove to access it. Next to the Learn button is a small LED light, which is used to check the compatibility of the opener with remote controls.XResearch source
  • 2Check the LED light inside the opener for compatibility. The color of the LED light lets you know if your remote is compatible. The LED light next to the learn button tells you which radio frequency the garage door opener uses. You can see what kinds of openers your remote is capable of working with by checking its manual.XResearch source
  • Garage door openers come with a few different colors for their Learn buttonsred, yellow, green, and purple. Keep in mind that over time, red buttons can look orange, and purple buttons may appear brown.XResearch source
  • While current Chamberlain garage door remotes are compatible with nearly all doors produced after 1993, some older remotes may have more limited compatibility.
  • If your garage door opener isnt compatible with your remote, you may want to purchase a newer model.
  • Make sure that the area around the garage door is clear.
  • Check your manual once again to make sure that your opener is compatible with your garage door.
  • Redo the programming process.
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    Programming A Remote Control With The Door Control

  • 1Press the Learn button on your door control, if it has one. Not all door controls will have learn functions, but yours may. If your door control has a plastic cover thats able to be lifted off, it may be located right underneath it. Press this button once to access the door controls pairing mode.XResearch source
  • If your door control looks more like a doorbell, you may be able to access the Learn function by holding the light button on the side of the device while pressing and releasing the front button.XResearch source
  • If you have a smart door control, you can activate pairing mode through its menu. Navigate to the program tab of the menu, then select remote.XResearch source
  • 2Push a programmable button on your remote control. Select and press one of the face buttons on your remote controlit doesnt matter which one. The garage lights will flash, or you might hear 2 clicks. This tells you that youve successfully programmed your remote control.XResearch source
  • Some types of remote controls, like the Chamberlain Universal Remote, may need to be put into pairing mode before they can be programmed. If you press the bottom button for 15 seconds, then release it, the remote will be in pairing mode for 60 seconds.XResearch source
  • Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control

    How To Program A Universal Garage Door Opener Remote


    The Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control that works with most major garage door opener brands*. It can be programmed to operate up to two different branded garage door openers from the same remote.

    Don’t worry about a bulky key ring when going for out for a walk, ride or run simply bring the compact Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Remote Control and get out the door. Its the perfect option for runners, cyclists or anyone who wants quick access on the go.

    • Works with most major garage door opener brands*
    • Operate up to two different branded garage door openers from the same remote.
    • Easy to program
    • Easy setup: universal wireless programming means no cutting into garage wiring or installation of an unsightly receiver.
    • Drop proof design
    • Includes: key-ring attachment, long-life 3V coin-cell lithium CR2032 battery and instruction manual.

    Compatible with products from the following brands*: Chamberlain Avanti

    • For a full list of compatible products, see the compatibility matrix available under the Downloads tab below.
    • For easy-to-follow programming videos, visit the How to Videos page:

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    Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

    • Can be used with 2 different garage door manufacturers or frequencies
    • Garage door opener remote
    • Allows you to program 1 or both of the buttons for use with Chamberlain gate operators
    • Designed to be used with garage door systems that feature photo-eye safety sensors compliant with current federal safety regulations
    • Compatible with Genie, Linear, Stanley, Overhead Door, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, LiftMaster, and more garage door manufacturers
    • Chamberlain clicker universal remote control
    • 1 x coin cell battery

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