Ceiling Mount Propane Garage Heater

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Propane Garage Heaters

Mr. Heater Big Maxx complete installation

If you are looking for a way to heat your garage, you may be considering purchasing a propane garage heater. These heaters are a great option because they are efficient and affordable.

However, there are a few things that you should consider before making your purchase. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for the best propane garage heater!

1. The size of the garage

First and foremost, you will need to determine the size of the garage that you are looking to heat. It is important to choose a heater that is the right size for your space, or it may not be effective in heating it.

2. The type of fuel that the heater uses

Another thing to consider is the type of fuel that the heater uses. Some heaters use propane, while others use natural gas. Make sure to choose a heater that uses the type of fuel that is available in your area.

3. Machine operating costs

You will also need to think about the cost of operating the heater. Some heaters are more expensive to operate than others. Be sure to select a model that is affordable for you to run.

4. Size of your Garage

The size of your garage matters because not all propane garage heaters can effectively warm up bigger spaces. This is why you have to consider the size of your garage so that it can be heated to a comfortable temperature all throughout even in larger spaces.

5. Amount of Heat Required

6. The Budget

How Many Btu Should Your Garage Heater Have

The most important specification to worry about is the heating capacity. You will find garage heaters with as little as 10,000 BTU and as much as 100,000 BTU .

How to know what size of garage heater would be just right for your garage? Without being too pedantic about the garage heater sizing, you can follow this rule of thumb:

1 sq ft = 10 W = 34.1 BTU

In general, to heat 1 sq ft of the garage, youll need a 10 W garage heater . Since 1 W = 3.41 BTU, that means youll need 34.1 BTU for each sq ft. Here is a table of common garage sizes and the corresponding garage heater capacity, based on this rule of thumb:

Garage Size
15,000 W 51,200 BTU

Obviously, this is a very rough estimate. To more precisely size a garage heater, you have to consider climate, ceiling height, and insulation as well.

Nonetheless, using this rule of thumb, you get an excellent idea of how big a garage heater youre looking for.

Some garage heater producers also include 1, 2, 3, and 4 car garage size estimates. For example, King Electric offers 5,000W, 7,500W, 10,000W, 12,5000, and 15,000W units. They have this heater sizing guide to make garage heater sizing easier:

Which Type Of Garage Heater Is The Best

Types of garage heaters differ depending on the power source. We have electric , propane, and natural gas-powered ones. Which type of heater is the best?

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Whats important for you when choosing which type is the best for your garage is to be aware of the pros and cons. Here is a shortlist with the key advantages and disadvantages:

  • Fan-forced garage heaters. Electricity-powered a fan creates an airflow via heated wires, heating indoor garage air. Cheap, small, and simple to install, but electricity is the costliest power source. Nonetheless, they are the most popular garage heaters due to sheer convenience.
  • Infrared garage heaters. Electricity-powered they create a localized heating field around them. Not appropriate for heating the whole garage you have to have them need you at all times.
  • Propane garage heaters. You have to use liquid propane sold at gas stations and vent the heater. However, propane heaters are both very powerful and cost-effective.
  • Natural gas garage heaters. Natural gas extension is needed if you dont already have it in your garage. Natural gas is financially the most viable fuel with minimum running costs.

Most people get electric fan-forced heaters for their garage simply because they are so convenient. No need to worry about fuel you just plug it in , and its up and running. However, electricity is the most expensive energy source.

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How Do I Heat My Garage Gym Cheaply

For the cheapest heating, you need an electric heater, with precisely infrared heating. The best way to heat an area cheaply is by reducing the amount of time it takes to attain your desired temperature level, where the body would actually feel warm.

No one does it better than an infrared heater, which heats by radiation, raising the temperature of objects in the room, rather than the temperature of the air in the room itself.

Purchasing one of these means it would take a far lesser amount of time before you start to feel the warmth, meaning the heater would run for a much shorter period of time and therefore consume lesser energy than other types of electric heaters. Also, insulate the garage properly for a faster impact, and cheaper running cost as a result.

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Heatstar By Enerco Overhead Garage Heater

Modine Hot Dawg 75,000 BTU Propane Gas Garage Ceiling Heater

If you have a 2-car garage or a workshop that measures 500-600-square-feet, the Heatstar By Enerco Overhead Garage Heater gives you an excellent level of radiant heat up to 25,000 BTUs per hour, which can keep you warm and comfortable throughout the coldest months.

As the Heatstar is powered by natural gas, this heater is 99.9 fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, so you can enjoy its clean and safe heating while also saving on power bills. The heater is easy to install. All you need to do is just hook up the included thermostat with the required wiring , mount the heater to the wall, and set up the natural gas connection, and hey presto! Instant heat!

The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the level of warmth, and the radiant/infrared heat can effectively heat the surrounding air, so the Heatstar is a great choice for those buildings that have high ceilings up to 7 or 8-feet. As the heater is built from non-corrosive materials, it is very durable and CSA certified.

The Heatstar comes with the wall-mount bracket and thermostat, but you need to purchase your own wiring. Enerco also offers a propane gas-powered heater that can be attached to a 40lb propane gas cylinder.


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Powerful Garage Heaters Can Also Be Portable

If you want the convenience of moving your heat source around, you dont have to sacrifice heating power. Portable heaters made to plug into a 240 Volt outlet can generate significant amounts of heat. NewAirs portable electric garage heater has a heating capacity of more than 19,000 BTUs — enough for most 2-car garages in a cool climate.

Types Of Indoor Propane Heaters

There are two types of indoor propane heaters:

  • Portable propane heaters
  • Permanent heaters
  • Permanent heaters are wall-mounted appliances and built for regular use. You can carry portable heaters along on a camping trip, but permanent heaters will remain attached to a large fuel tank in your home. Portable heaters can be used as a complementary heating system to heat the house and offer less heating than permanent heaters.

    Permanent heaters provide better and efficient heat in large spaces, while portable heaters are generally designed to heat up small spaces. Permanent heaters require more ventilation as these models are large and produce more exhaust gas, unlike the portable heaters.

    If you are looking for a large and wall-mounted heater that offers better heat, go for a permanent heater. If you want a movable heater with low heating capacity, go for a portable heater.

    Propane heaters offer plenty of benefits over the standard electric heaters. Here are a few benefits.

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    Fahrenheat Electric Heater Best Electric Heater For A Garage Gym

    Another space-saving option for garage gym heaters is a ceiling-mounted heater like the Fahrenheat Electric Heater. You can easily mount it into a corner of your garage so it doesnt take up precious floor space, and you can point it towards whichever direction you want the heat to go.

    This heater prevents the circulation of cold air by delaying the start of the fan until the heating elements have warmed up. If you forget to turn it on before your workout, you wont have to worry about more cold air blowing through your garage until the heat starts working.

    Even though this heater is an excellent product and does a great job of heating up large spaces quickly, there are a couple of drawbacks.

    It has to be hardwired to your electrical system, so you wont be able to hook it up yourself unless you happen to be an electrician.

    And while this product has a built-in thermostat, its not very accurate. You may want to ask your electrician to connect it to an external thermostat, as the heater can make your space quite warm if youre not careful.


    Most Efficient Propane Garage Heater

    How to Install a Garage Heater

    Modine HD30AS0121 Hot Dawg Heater 30,000 BTU

    Simple Design

    There is not a lot that can be said about the design of this 30 000 BTU propane heater. Modine heaters usually have a very simple, industrial design a box metal casing 12 inches high and 26 inches wide. It is covered with baked-on polyester paint to protect it from corrosion.

    Installation And Mounting

    The Modine heater is meant to be an overhead propane heater. The necessary mounting hardware is included with the heater use the two angle brackets to securely attach it to your ceiling and provide a one-inch clearance. This is also very convenient because this large heater would be in the way if it was free-standing. Professional installation is required.

    Silent Operation

    You are not going to even notice the HD30 while it is operating. The unit produces minimal noise but still produces large amounts of heat, which is important if you are using it in a place where you do a lot of your work. You dont have to worry about unnecessary distractions.

    Motor And Heat Exchanger

    This heater is constructed with durable quality components. The heavy-duty motor is permanently lubricated before ever leaving the factory, which means you dont have to oil it additionally. This saves money on maintenance. The steel heat exchanger is aluminized and has a 10-year warranty.

    Power Venting


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    Many Other Heating Options

    Portable electric baseboard heaters can provide an energy-efficient source of warmth for smaller garages, with a convenient low profile. Forced air space heaters are easy to move around between ordinary outlets, and great for bringing comfort to a one-car garage or smaller work space. Combination btu heater / air conditioners provide year-round climate control for your garage, using heat pump technology. If you have a central forced-air furnace, you can talk with a contractor about installing an additional heating duct in your garage.

    The great thing about knowing your BTU requirement is that you can choose any type of fuel and shop with confidence, certain of getting a heater thats exactly the right size for your garage.

    What Type Of Heater Is Best For A Garage Gym

    Talking about raw power, propane heaters would far suit your heating desires than an electric one. However, we also need to consider the fact that a garage is an enclosed space, coupled with the dangers of having propane canisters in the area, as well as the emission waste they produce from combustion.

    We recommend you avoid highly flammable gases in enclosed space and is for this reason that we recommend an electric heater instead of a propane-powered type.

    One can easily get an electric heater with sufficient capacity to serve garages of whatever size, though they might be expensive. For safety reasons, stick to electric heaters, and if at all a propane heater is what you desire, always mount the gas canister outside of the garage. Never leave it in the same enclosed space with the heater regardless of whatever safety protection is in place.

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    Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Garage Heater

    There are a few ways you can improve how well a garage heater performs. For instance, finished, insulated walls retain heat better, leading to lower operating costs and greater efficiency. You should also make sure that the seal around the garage door is functioning efficiently, and if its not enough, think about insulating the garage door. Its super cheap and really easy to install. If you live in a cold climate, theres really no reason why you shouldnt get your hands on a proper garage door insulation kit.

    Mr Heater Mh60qfav 60000 Btu Portable Propane Forced Air Heater

    Mr. Heater Big Maxx Garage Unit Natural Gas/Propane Forced Air Ceiling ...
    • Quiet burner technology

    It is a widely known and accepted fact that propane heaters are pretty noisy, with a standard one audible enough without dedicated listening.

    Special consideration was given to noise in this product manufacture, however, precisely designed with a quiet burner technology, which reduces the noise generated by the burner by 50% lesser than it should be.

    We must admit, however, that this product isnt the quietest around , but it should give you less noise irritation than a regular propane heater.

    • Very impressive capacity

    60,000BTU and 1,250sqft say all about this products capacity. What makes it even more impressive it the small-sized nature, which totally contradicts its capacity. It is a piece of art.

    Propane-powered heaters are well known for their far higher energy consumption and generation than electric heaters, and at 60,000BTU, the capacity can give credible coverage over any garage size you might have. All you have to do is connect the low-pressure gas hose to a small or large tank of gas supply, and thats all.

    Propane heaters generally come with higher fire and explosion risks than electric heaters, and as a result, some safety measures were put in place during this products design.

    It includes a regulator that controls the gas quantity entering the heater, factory installed high limit switches, and thermoelectric safety valves. In a nutshell, these measures prevent any form of overheating and makes it safe to use.



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    Best Heaters For Garage Gyms

    Disclosure: Were supported by our audience, so if you purchase through some links on this post, we may earn a commission at no cost to you.

    In the winter, I find it harder to get motivated to work out in my garage. But by having multiple heating options, it makes working out in a cold space more tolerable.

    Ive gone through multiple heaters since I started training in my garage several years ago, and I found a product that outperforms the others even when the temperatures drop into the single digits.

    So what is the best heater for a garage gym? The best heater for a garage gym is the Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater. It can heat up 400-500 square foot rooms quickly and the temperature is easy to control. It also comes with several safety features and doesnt use a lot of electricity or external sources of fuel, making it a cost-effective option.

    Working out in a cold room makes it harder for your muscles to stay limber, which increases your risk of injury. Dressing in cold-weather apparel can only do so much, and too many layers makes it more difficult to move comfortably.

    In this article, Ill review six of the best heaters for garage gyms so you can stay warm while youre working out in the winter. Ill also discuss everything you should consider before buying a heater for your garage gym and provide tips on how to choose the right heater for you.

    Newair G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

    • High heat capacity

    Since we are talking about heaters, the most important quality of a product would be how much heat it can generate per time. With a power capacity of 5000watts, this product is able to push out 17,060BTU of heat, which we must admit is very impressive.

    This heat generated allows it to easily cover a two-car garage size . Installing one of these, and you can kiss cold goodbye for good without getting your lips frozen.

    The outer body of the heater is made very solid materials, which makes it durable enough to easily survive the harsh atmospheric conditions of a garage. The exterior is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, making it resistant to even rust, and giving an assurance that it is going to hold together for a really long time.

    • Flexibility fan louvers thermostat

    Backed by a fan that runs at 200 CFM, the heater is not only able to generate a high amount of heat, but also distribute it at a fast and even rate. For more flexibility, manufacturers designed adjustable louvers at the outlet of the heater.

    This is for directional purposes, as it allows users to channel the hot air direction for peculiar spot heating. Also, taking a look at the side of the device, there exists a thermostat knob which is used for varying temperature. With this control, you can specifically choose what is most comfortable for you, and then allowing the heater work to maintain that temperature.

    • Optimal safety and mounting options



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    What Temperature Should Your Garage Gym Be

    The ideal temperature for working out is 68-74°F, but it also depends on your personal preferences.

    If youre like me and you dont like being too warm when you work out, you should aim to keep your garages temperature at the lower end of that range. But if you perform best in hotter areas, youll likely keep the temperature at the higher end.

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